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Games Like Summertime Saga: Relive Your Imagination

Games Like Summertime Saga to Check out in 2022

Summertime Adventure Story is an adult-oriented prime qualitative analysis simulator game presently in development and funded entirely by Patreon backers. The story is set in a very fragile residential district in the city. A young man simply coming into school is struck by his father's death. Mysterious circumstances encompassing his death are solely the start of his troubles, as he learns that his father was in debt to a company of shady criminals.

Games like Summertime Saga feature over sixty-five characters to satisfy and act with, over thirty distinctive locations, and twenty-plus mini-games, with hours of recent content added with each update.

You can transfer the game for free. In addition, you will receive exclusive rewards such as personal transfer servers, bug huntsman and wiki access, voting on approaching content, in-depth development summary, discord rewards, approaching scene spoilers, and more.

Top Games Like Summertime Saga on the Play Store

Here is a list of top games like summertime saga for you to explore

Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode- choose your story

The Episode, a mobile game with interactive storytelling, tops our list of games like Summertime Saga. Create an in-game character and pick your adventure in this role-playing game. You get to decide where you go, how you interact with the other characters, and most crucially, who you become friends with, romantically involved with, or become rivals within the plot.

More than 150,000 riveting tales are available on Episode. Furthermore, new content is added to these articles every week, so there is always something new to discover. Like many other games in the genre, the Episode's central focus is on a romantic relationship of some kind. But those aren't the only kinds of narratives the game has to offer.

Some focus on mysterious events, dramatic situations, or fantastical worlds. However, there is no limitation to the times you can re-experience the tales. This way, you'll learn each story's potential twist and turn.

The Episode also covers you if you want to try creative writing. This game provides a forum for users to share the interactive narratives that they have created. Because of its popularity, you should expect to gain tens of thousands of readers quickly.

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Choices: Stories You Play


Another excellent alternative to Summertime Saga is Choices. It's possible to lose yourself in any one of the game's countless backstories, which number in the hundreds of thousands. You play a role in creating your avatar in this game. It's up to you to decide if your main character should resemble you in appearance or be an entirely fictional creation. 

The game offers a diverse selection of narrative styles. You can find everything from love stories to mysteries, fantasies, dramatic presentations, and outright horror here. In these tales, you can fall in love with the hero or heroine of your choice while solving crimes, battling monsters, or going on grand adventures.

You get to decide at the outset of the game whether the stories will be romantic or hot. Then, as you progress through the game and complete chapters, you'll collect diamonds that you can spend on new items like clothing and hairstyles, as well as more dialogue and story options. In the same way that Episode is updated weekly, Choices also provides you with new content to read weekly.

Maybe: Interactive Stories

maybe- interactive stories

As an alternative to Summertime Saga, perhaps you would enjoy Maybe-Interactive Stories. The creators of this game got some of the top webtoon artists and authors together to make this dating simulator. Therefore, the game can reassure you that it will only provide the most fascinating and engaging interactive stories.

In this game, you can alter your protagonist to fit the narrative you discover. In those narratives, you get to decide on every detail, from the story's path to the conversations you have to who you fall in love with. There are dozens of different genres available in the game, from sweet and sensual romance to fantasy, young adult, drama, and LGBT+ love stories.

And every week, more content, in the form of new chapters and tales, is added to this game. And if you don't like how a narrative concludes, you can change it to whatever you wish. To create your finale, you must rewind the story's beginning and select your options accordingly.

Lovestruck: Choose Your Romance


Lovestruck: Choose Your Romance is an excellent option for those looking for gender-neutral games. Relationships of all gender types, including love triangles, can be formed in this game.

You can start relationships with any of the game's more than 80 playable characters, each of whom has their personality quirks, habits, likes, and dislikes. Since they don't all, share the same values and beliefs, and some of them can be downright unexpected, winning their hearts can be a challenge. It's part of the game's enjoyment to figure out what motivates different characters.

This game offers a plethora of storylines to get lost in, in addition to its intriguing and surprising love prospects—the stories in Lovestruck span many literary categories. Assassins, sirens, werewolves, gangsters, Greek gods and goddesses, and even spacefaring heroes appear in these tales. But, of course, what happens next and who you end up with depends on your decision.

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Romance Club: Stories | Play

romance club

In Romance Club, we follow in the footsteps of dating simulations and visual novels of Yore. When you first launch the program, you'll be able to design the outfit for your avatar. The next step is to decide which of the many stories you want to delve into first. There are hundreds available at the Romance Club. It's one of the greatest games since it has a wide variety of stories and stunning visuals.

You can choose from a variety of storylines in this game. Vampires, geishas, college athletes, devils, intergalactic lords, and countless other fantastical creatures populate the fictional worlds of some books. All of them allow you to have your main character fall in love with anybody you want. 

But you won't simply get to build romantic attachments here. Instead, you're free to include conflict, rivalries, and whatever else you think will make for a good story.

The game constantly adds new content, such as storylines and chapters.

Love Story ® Romance Games

love story romance games

Like Summertime Saga, Love Story ® Romance Games delves into forbidden romances. But, when it comes to a passionate affair, this game leaves no stone unturned, and you get the starring role in every one of them. In addition, you can relive each tale as often as you choose without experiencing the same result.

What's more, this game features a wide variety of interactive narratives. Retellings of classics like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice are an excellent place to start if you're nervous about diving headfirst. Alternatively, you can skip right to the exciting tales if you want. 

College athletes, billionaires, CEOs, mobsters, boyfriends-for-hire, and many more modern figures populate those stories. Also, there is no need to worry about boredom because fresh content is published daily.

Spotlight: Choose Your Romance

spotlight game

If you've ever wanted to recreate famous love stories from film and literature, then Spotlight: Choose Your Romance is the game for you. Hollywood classics, Netflix romantic comedies, and New York Times bestsellers all contribute to these alternate games. 

You play the role of Lara Jean, the protagonist of the Netflix smash "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," and interact with the other characters in this featured narrative. What happens in your relationship is entirely up to you. Do you plan to stick to the original plan and continue seeing Peter Kavinsky, or switch gears and start dating someone else?

Spotlight features both original stories and adaptations of well-known works. Multiple genres are available for your selection in this game, from the spooky to the fantastic to the young adult. Every single book has more than 60 chapters. Each story has various outcomes, so you can play them repeatedly without becoming tired of them. 

The Spotlight contains several articles likely to satisfy your desire for a more adventurous fare.

Love Island: The Game

love island the game

If you enjoy watching Love Island on ITV, you will enjoy playing the mobile game based on the show. Play Love Island: The Game and immerse yourself in action as one of the females looking for love on the show's titular island. The game is structured similarly to the television series. You play it episode after episode, with the season's end aim being to discover your soul mate.

When picking a partner, you need to be deliberate. Anyone staying in the villa could be a potential romantic interest, but each has unique traits and habits. If you find someone you like, you'll need to act responsibly if you want to keep them in your life. Then, at the end of each show, viewers vote on the couple they think is the most powerful.

In the game, you get to decide how you appear, who you finish up with, and how you end up with them. Furthermore, if you don't like the story's conclusion, you may always replay it and make different decisions.

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx

texting love story

Texting Love Story: ChatLinx is a must-play for any otome game fan. It contains all the elements of a good dating sim, including an in-depth character creation system, engaging love stories, and unexpected plot twists. Your character is a high school junior simply trying to make it through the school year in this romantic text adventure.

In either case, though, a peculiar event occurs. The whereabouts of one of your pals are unknown. As you investigate the disappearance, you encounter a cast of personalities that will make your senior year of high school one of the most memorable of your life. After that, you can choose if you want to become friends, get the hots, or make enemies out of those people.

Each chapter decision you make profoundly impacts the story as a whole. You can restart the game with different options if you don't like the outcome the first time. Even after a few trials, you'll find numerous unexpected turns in the story.

You can make in-app purchases for real money if you want access to more options.

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My Candy Love

my candy love

If you enjoy dating simulations and want something similar to Summertime Saga, My Candy Love is a great option. This game combines three different otome games into one, allowing you to play in either a high school environment (Sweet Amoris), a university setting (Anteros Academy), or a career-focused setting (Love Life). As of this writing, you can play more than sixty separate episodes. 

Furthermore, every month brings fresh additions, guaranteeing that you will never run out of new content to pursue.

Playing this game is like living out your most romantic fantasies, complete with the ability to dress your character in any way you like with virtual diamonds, amass a photo album of your virtual sweetheart, participate in date-themed events, and more. Getting your crush's attention and affection won't be easy, though. 

Your goal should be to increase the number on their Love-o-Meter, which represents the degree to which they are attracted to you. Learn as much as possible about the other person, including their interests and quirks, so you can reach full compatibility and spend your life with the person you've always wanted.

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Moe! Ninja Girls RPG

moe ninja girl

The role-playing game about female ninjas. In this game, you can be a student at a shinobi, or ninja, academy. In addition, there are 15 other ninja students in the game with whom you can flirt and date.

Unlike several of the titles on this list, like Summertime Saga, Moe! Ninja Girls RPG doesn't feature a plethora of short visual novels. There is only one playable interactive storyline in this game. You'll never run out of stories to read, though, because there are already 600 available and more added every week. Like in other dating simulation games, you get to decide who you end up with and where the story goes.

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG is more than just a romantic comedy. Challenges for your ninja prowess are also available. In addition, in-game events offer rewards like diamonds that can be used to access new dialogue options and plot arcs.

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Moments: Choose Your Story


Moments: Choose Your Story has a mountain of love stories waiting to be devoured by you. There are a wide variety of plots, some of which feature drama, horror, mystery, crime, etc. The first step is to decide who you want to be in the game. The player has complete freedom to customize the protagonist's appearance; however, fewer clothing options will be available early in the game. 

You can earn cash and re-customize your avatar with new clothes as you play and unlock new stories. In addition, you'll have the chance to showcase your wardrobe at a variety of events.

As you progress through the stories, you'll meet new people and have opportunities to determine the nature of your interactions with them. Make friends, fall in love, or establish rivalries with them to increase the tension and complexity of the plot. The game's multiple endings are only one of the many reasons it's so well regarded as a top alternative to Summertime Saga. 

This indicates that experiencing the same conclusion twice is highly improbable. Thus, even if you hear the same narrative repeatedly, you'll still find new and exciting details each time.

Passion Puzzle

passion puzzle

Like most dating simulators, Summertime Saga has you tap on a response or action and see where it goes from there. Download Passion Puzzle if you want to try something different from the norm. The puzzle-solving portion of the game is a welcome addition. You'll need to complete match-three challenges to acquire gems, which you can use to upgrade your wardrobe.

However, the game's interactive story remains its central focus. However, like Moe, Ninja Girls RPG has just one tale to experience throughout the game. For example, you could be a traveler who has just landed in a seaside metropolis. Five girls, each with their distinct personalities, will be introduced to you. 

Meet everyone and choose who you want to spend the summer with, flirt with, and spend time with.

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The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

the arcana

The following entry is for those interested in gender-neutral games, which were developed by an all-female crew. However, if you're looking for a dating simulator/visual novel that doesn't assume a specific gender, go no further than The Arcana: A Mystic Romance. One of the top games, Summertime Saga, has excellent graphics and storytelling and welcomes players of gender identities. 

You can customize your character, but you can also select your gender identity and pronouns of choice. The game tells a continuous story spread across multiple chapters, all of which takes place in the fantastical land of Vesuvian The player takes on the role of a teenage tarot card reader who finds themselves at a magic store with no memory of how they got there. 

The next thing you see, you're looking at a shadowy figure who needs your help unraveling the truth behind your partner's death.

As you get closer to the truth, you'll meet a slew of tempting love interests who can either aid you in your quest or divert you from it. There are six of them, and depending on your decisions, you'll learn various tidbits of information about each.

Scripts: Romance Chapters

scripts- romance chapters

If you like anime-style games, you might also enjoy Scripts: Romance Chapters. In the game, you're free to have romantic connections with characters of any gender, or race. In addition, there are a plethora of LGBTQ+ narratives in the game beyond the individuals themselves.

If you find that LGBTQ+ stories aren't your thing, you can always try dating someone of the opposite gender. You can get lost in a story of horror, adventure, mystery, fantasy, or crime on Scripts: Romance Chapters. This game is for you if you're sick of generic dating sims.

In addition to reading and playing interactive stories, players may also create their own love stories and have them published on the site. There is always something new to look forward to in the game because new storylines and chapters are added daily.

What's Your Story

what's your story

Give Us the Backstory is a top alternative to Episode for developing your creative skills. Using this software, you can decide how the story unfolds. Your decisions can shape the plot. Remember that the story's ending will change depending on your decision.

This narrative game, like Episode, allows you to design your character. Create a unique look for your character by picking out their clothes, haircut, and other accessories. You can also locate your ideal partner with the help of this game.

The software is fantastic for anyone interested in writing their own story, whether they prefer romance or drama. This app's unique story has been downloaded millions of times. If you wish to join the crowd, Players may find this software in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Linda Brown

linda brown

Gameloft has done it again with this grand interactive narrative. Here you can find a steamy love story and decide how it ends. Your decisions have consequences, so make them carefully. You take on the role of a lonely girl who relocates to a new city, hoping to find love.

Linda Brown has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The show's success can be attributed to the weekly release of fresh episodes written by a famous TV writer. There are also more than 600 playable episodes in a unique storyline for players to explore.

Linda Brown has a lot to offer as a feature. You can customize your character's outfit in this top free game similar to Episode. So put on the clothes and hairdo that best represent your creative vision. It has stunning visuals that make for a truly immersive gaming experience.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

the simpsons- tapped out

The Simpsons is an excellent option if you're looking for a game with a similar feel to Episode but a somewhat different premise. It's based on the popular cartoon so that you can learn all about Springfield in a new way. Due to the game's seemingly infinite depth.

Collecting your favorite Simpsons characters is a must if you want to win at The Simpsons. To repopulate Springfield, you must first assist Homer in locating his extended relatives. Then, like in Episode, you get to customize your favorite TV show's cast and reenact memorable moments from the show. But, of course, Springfield, Illinois, residents will also need to be kept under control.

Furthermore, you'll need to act like a playwright and construct Springfield to succeed in this game. Players can customize it to your specifications. The sky's the limit when developing a company or a community. The game's humorous animation is a big part of why I enjoy playing it.

Journey: Interactive Stories

Journey- interactive tories

Journey, created by the same team behind Linda Brown, is a fantastic interactive storytelling game. In this interactive fiction collection, you'll find various stores where you can influence the course of events to suit your tastes. So select a player character and dive into the action!

Players can outfit avatars in this game with several accessories. You can shape your story by forming one-of-a-kind bonds with eligible bachelors and making other decisions. Dive into a world of intrigue, conflict, and passion. Incredible realism in the graphics allows for an authentic experience.

New episodes of Journey are released every week. The endings of these stories, written by some of television's best writers, depend on your input.

My Story: Choose Your Path

My story

This interactive story game app is a great way to test your imagination. It's up to you to forge your destiny; the last chapter is anyone's guess. You can have a great time for quite a while if you download this game to your mobile device. My story is worth your time if you enjoy comedic drama, unbelievable stories, or both.

You play the role of a rising fashion icon in this game, charged with making choices that may affect your future success. Also, go to acting school and acquire a romantic interest. There's a wide selection of humorous tales in several different styles, so you can relax in your preferred manner.

The best authors' works are included in My Story and are updated often. It will be a great reading experience to add your own creative story. This software has already been downloaded millions of times, so it's time to join the masses.

Tips and Tricks

summertime saga

  • Remember It’s in Alpha- Summertime Saga is still being developed and worked on, which means that some quest lines are unfinished or simply unavailable. If you're stuck, it's a good idea to check in and make sure what you're doing is even finished in the version of the game you're currently running.

Additionally, some bugs are present when attempting to complete multiple girls' routes at once. It's advised to approach only one route at a time if possible. This wiki is written based on v0.17.5 of the game, so if your version doesn't match, some information may be inaccurate.

  • If you are stuck, sleep! - Progression on certain stories will often be locked behind the passing of time. If you can't seem to get the story, you're working on moving, then try something else for a while and make sure to sleep.

Sometimes things may require the passing of a full day or even the weekend to pass. Don't assume the game is broken before letting sufficient time pass to find out.

  • Listen to the characters- More often than not, the answer to your question may be hidden in the dialogue. If you're stuck on what to do, go back and talk to the character again, and they may give you a hint of where you should be looking or what you have to do.
  • Don’t sleep until you have to - Summertime Saga is segregated into days that contain three-time slots - morning, daytime, and evening. All of these periods will allow you to do different things, and most goals need to be completed within a time limit, so sleeping unnecessarily can skip your whole day and waste a bunch of time.

Even in the evening, when it can be hard to find something to do, you can participate in rap battles or play on your computer to help raise your stats. 

  • Make money- Not only is one of your main overarching goals to save money for college, but you also need to make money to complete tons of quest lines within the game. Often you'll need to have a spare few hundred dollars to buy a gift for a friend or an item you might need to move the story further. As a bonus, playing the mini-games to make money can help you further quest lines with the characters you work for.
  • Increase your stats- Your stats are essential for progressing questlines as well as doing well at school, and leveling them up as soon as possible will mean you don't have to backtrack as much throughout the game. If a quest has read a check in the text like [STR], This means you need to improve that start more before you can continue. To find out how to increase all of your stats have a look at our stats page. 


Here we come to the end of the article in which we learned about the Summertime Saga, what kind of game it is, and how to play it. Here you will find all the detailed and analyzed information about it in the simplest way possible, along with the best platform for playing online games. So, go to the website and spice up your free time with your friends and family while earning rewards and real cash directly in your Paytm and phone pay accounts. 


What kind of video game is Summertime?

The male protagonist of Summertime Saga, an explicit dating simulator and visual novel-style game, struggles to unravel the mystery surrounding his father's recent passing while balancing school, his finances, and his quest for love. This game contains explicit sexual content and acts.

Does Summertime Saga fit the bill?

The answer is straightforward: the game is made for mature audiences. Its plot and graphical elements are inappropriate for people younger than 18.

What kind of novel is Summertime Saga?

The adventure game Summertime Saga is presented as a visual novel.

Is Summertime Saga available for offline play?

The offline version of the game features quests connected to Eve, Jenny, Diane, Roxxy, Teachers, Debbie, Mrs. Johnson, Aqua, and Daisy, while this app contains all of the answers to the summertime saga.

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