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Endless running games are set up in an environment with an endless path for the player to run. On the path, they may encounter some obstacles which they have to dodge and collect the rewards. Frolic brings Outrun-G, an online runner game you can play with your friends and earn money.

What is Outrun-G?

Outrun-G is an endless runner game. Your character is equipped with a gravity suit that lets you reverse gravity with a single tap. The goal is to avoid all the platform edges and the gruesome spiders trying to attack you by jumping or reversing gravity instantly. 

Your character will have to run on a thin path and collect coins on the way. The character may encounter obstacles like spider robots on the way. You have to either jump above them to avoid them or you have to reverse the gravity and run upside down to dodge them. The running path is irregular, with many ridges that have to be crossed by jumping. Every time the character encounters an obstacle or falls in the gaps of the path, he loses 1 life. Once he loses 3 lives, the game gets over. The game duration is 3 minutes, and you have to collect the maximum of coins in that time to get a high score. 

Outrun-G comes under the category of endless running games, and it requires concentration and effective finger movement to excel. The game is straightforward to play with simple instructions. Play this game with your friends and win real money.

How to Download Online



Frolic presents Outrun-G, an online endless running game. Play this amazing game with us, meet new people, participate in tournaments, and earn real money. The game is free to play and is supported by Android and iOS.

Follow the steps below to download and play
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Open on your mobile device.

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Download and install the Frolic app.
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Signup and start playing the game.

Why Play Outrun-G on Frolic?

Frolic is a brand-new gaming platform by Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited that provides amazing games in various categories. We provide our gamers with the safest atmosphere to stimulate their gaming skills and earn awesome cash rewards. Users can enjoy many interactive gaming experiences. Frolic offers a smooth online gaming experience where you can make real money every time you win.

Still, confused about why you should play Outrun-G? Take a look at these features:

  • Outrun-G has a practice match option for improving your skills before entering the cash lobby and playing for real money.
  • The matchmaking process is quick and flawless.
  • You can take part in tournaments to win many cash prizes.
  • You can organise customised tournaments, select the winning amount and invite your friends.
  • The prize money is directly transferred to your account.
  • The game has attractive graphics and a user-friendly interface.
  • Frolic ensures an extremely safe and secure gaming experience for all of its users.
  • We offer 24x7 active customer service where the players can submit their queries and get them resolved. 

How to Play Outrun-G?


  • You need to help the guy jump over the spider robot.
  • The guy should not touch the spider robot.
  • Click on the jump button to jump over the spider.
  • Click on the swap button to flip vertically. 

Tricks to Win Outrun-G

  • Focus on avoiding touching the spider robot. 
  • Make sure to jump smartly to cross the robot. 
  • Do not keep jumping, as it can make you fall on the spider.
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Features of Outrun-G on Frolic
  • Outrun-G is free to play on Android and iOS.
  • The game has no ads, and your gameplay is never interrupted.
  • You can win real money by playing Outrun-G on Frolic.
  • There are customized tournaments that you can play with your friends.
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Play Outrun-G on Frolic and Win Real Money Instantly

Frolic offers you the most-played runner game Outrun-G. Play the game online with your friends and family for free. Compete with your opponents and win real money with instant transactions. 

With a wide range of games available for different categories, Frolic is a one-stop destination for people who love hyper-casual games and love to make money by playing light-hearted games.

So, download Frolic right now, play super-fun games, and win money. 

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What is the minimum age to play games on Frolic?

To play games on Frolic, the user must be above 18 years of age.

Is Frolic secure?

All the information the user provides is secure, confidential, and never shared with third parties. For all financial transactions, we have trusted and secure payment gateways. We also keep upgrading the anti-cheat technology to avoid hacking.

Can people earn money by playing Outrun-G?

You can play Outrun-G on Frolic and earn real money.

How many players can play Outrun-G?

Outrun-g on Frolic can be played by 1 player.

How many games are available on Frolic?
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