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Frequently asked questions ?

Frolic is 100% legal, safe and secure.

Yes, you can make real money by playing games, completing certain tasks or activities, and participating in various contests

Frolic has partnered with trusted payment gateways like Paytm, UPI or Bank Transfer. You can quickly withdraw winnings with simple steps.

As of now Frolic is available only for android. However, we will release the IOS version soon. Stay tuned.

There are 25+ exciting and thrilling games that you can choose from.

Yes, Frolic enables you to make friends, interact with them, share photos, and compete in exciting challenges!

Activity coins are bonus coins given as user-rewards at Frolic. Gamers are awarded with activity coins on completion of certain activities or tasks, and participation in contests

In order to refer and earn activity coins, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap on the Games button.

  • Tap on the wallet button located at the top right.

  • Tap on the 'Refer Now' button.

  • Copy the referral code on the screen below.

  • Share the link to your contacts and other social channels.

  • Please ask the receiver to apply the code by tapping on my Wallet >> 'Refer Now' to get referral coins.

  • Tap on the ‘Games’ option.

  • Tap on Create a new Challenge.

  • Enter the user id of the person in the search box or select an opponent from the online users.

  • Copy the referral code on the screen below.

  • Select pay by Activity coins.

  • Enter amount & Tap Play Now

No, you can play games for Free by using Activity coins. We have the different games, like “Free-to-Play” games. So, you can also play games for free on our app.

Activity coins are virtual forms of bonus coins given as user rewards at Frolic to play more games. Players are awarded activity coins on completion of certain activities or tasks,
and for participation in contests.

No worries, as sometimes meeting an opponent is a little wait as players are available at different time intervals, and it's up to them to accept the game request.

If you leave the game before it starts, your opponent is declared the winner and receives the entire winnings. Please note that a refund request is not applicable if you
disconnect your game or it becomes disconnected due to low connectivity. Therefore, we request you and all our users stay in a strong network area when playing games.

Currently, Frolic-generated Tournaments are available for users - Users can participate in a Tournament with other users without any restriction on participation.

After joining a Frolic-generated tournament you will get attempts as decided by the Frolic App.There are rejoin attempts also available in some of the tournaments where a user can rejoin the tournament by paying the entry fee of that particular tournament and will have another chance to beat the existing score.

There is no limit on the number of Tournaments that a user can enter (including both Frolic-generated Tournaments and User-generated Tournaments).

The minimum amount that you can deposit to your Frolic wallet is Rs. 5 and it will be depend on your current badge conditions.

It's possible that the transaction might have failed. Please re-confirm the transaction status with your bank. If money is deducted from your account, it will be refunded back
into your account within 24-72 hours.

The maximum amount that you can deposit to your Frolic wallet is Rs. 2500.

  • Tap on the wallet icon.

  • Tap on 'Add Money.'

  • Enter the amount you want to deposit (minimum Rs.50).

  • Tap on the 'Proceed' button.

  • Add money using the payment mode of your choice.

  • Money will be added to your Frolic wallet.

Depending on your badge, the daily maximum withdrawal range can be from Rs.5/- to Rs.3000/- per day.

Depending on your badge, the daily minimum withdrawal limit can range from Rs.5/- to Rs.3000/- per day.

No, you cannot withdraw bonus cash as they are virtual bonus coins. However, you can use these coins to play more games on the Frolic App.

No, Bonus cash is only a virtual representation of token coins used in games and cannot be converted or withdrawn as real money.

You cannot transfer any amount from your Frolic Wallet to another registered user.

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