Fair Play

Updated on: September 16th, 2022

At Frolic, we believe in putting our Users first. This means making the safety and well-being of our Users, our number one priority.

To ensure a fun, secure, and fair playing environment for everyone, this Fair Play Policy (“Policy”) outlines the behaviors and actions which we define as disruptive and harmful, and how we define misconduct. The Policy is comprehensive but not exhaustive, meaning that we reserve the right to take action in respect of matters not listed here. We are also open to your thoughts and feedback about how we can make our policies clearer.

This document supplements Frolic’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, collectively called “Frolic Policies”.

Any breach of any of the Frolic Policies will lead to an investigation, and may result in sanctions such as suspension, revocation of in-game resources, or a permanent ban without prior warning or notice.

You can help us to create a safe and fair gaming environment by keeping the following in mind:

I. Offensive or disruptive behavior

Arguments or disagreements happen in all walks of life, we understand that. However, abusive behavior directed towards any other User or Frolic Employee, will not be tolerated.

Offensive and toxic behavior includes, but is not limited to:

1. General misconduct in chat.

2. Hate speech, racism, and other discriminatory language

Do not attack people based on race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion, neurological status, or other factors. This includes using racial slurs or medical diagnosis as insults.

3. Threats or harassment

Do not threaten harm or violence against other Users. Do not create witch hunts or “call-outs” of other Users, and do not approach other Users for personal or romantic reasons if they have indicated that they are not interested. If a User asks you to stop talking to them, respect their wishes.

4. Excessive swearing

5. Bullying

Do not bully other users for their playing ability, level, gender, or anything else. All Users are equal! Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

6. Inappropriate interactions with minors

Do not send inappropriate or vulgar messages or images to any User that you know or suspect is under the age of 18. If you are unsure of a User’s age, assume they are under 18 or ask them first.

7. Doxxing

Do not post personal information of another User, Frolic employee, or anyone else. This includes full names, birthdays, addresses, personal contact info, and any other information that the person has not willingly shared.

If you encounter instances of such behavior, or if you are the victim of abuse, please report it to us by submitting a support ticket at support@frolic.live. Users submitting false reports may also be subject to the above-mentioned sanctions.

II. Cheating & exploiting

Using third-party software or manipulating your connection to our servers to gain unfair advantages or resources is considered to be a very serious offense.

Offensive and toxic behavior includes, but is not limited to:

Examples of cheating/exploits (Note: These are examples but not a comprehensive list):

  • Hacks, “mods”, or programs that alter game functionality
  • Manipulating your connection to our servers for unfair benefits
  • Refund abuse (Repeatedly asking for refunds)
  • Using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location (“spoofing”)

III. Account trading & sharing

While signing up:Your phone when you register for Frolic account or subscribe for our newsletter.While creating your User Profile:Name, Username, profile picture, phone number, gender, age, location, etc.While adding Deposits:Your bank account details when you make use of the Add Money service to add money to your Frolic Wallet, when you wish to play the Pay-to-Play Games, in accordance with the Terms of Use.KYC documents:Your Aadhar Card and Permanent Account Number (PAN) along with a Selfie picture using your phone’s camera, when you use the cash withdrawal option to withdraw Winnings from your Frolic Wallet, in accordance with the Terms of Use.While finding friends on Platform:If using your device's contacts list for this, Frolic will access your contacts list to determine if someone in your contacts is using Frolic.While posting comments:Personally-identifying information, if any, posted during usage of communication feature and other services, posting comments on our communication feature and other services, sending feedback, entering into Pay-to-Play game contests, etc.

IV. Other violations

  • Impersonating any Frolic Employee, their friends or relatives, or any public figure.
  • Phishing other Users’ accounts
  • Knowingly exploiting a bug
  • Encouraging others to break the rules
  • Forming witch hunts or “brigades” against other Users, guilds, clubs, or communities.
  • Misusing in-game chat and community spaces for advertising, spamming, scamming, or pushing a political agenda
  • Asking for, or providing personal contact information


Frolic or its employees, will never ask you for your credit card information, passwords or any other private information that is not related to your game account. If you are in doubt about whether or not you are talking with someone from Frolic, contact our official support channel at

VI. Fairplay Measures

Frolic Security

Frolic uses best in class data security practices and tools to ensure the security and privacy of user data. All our systems are regularly tested using automated and manual processes for security, not just by Frolic, but by external security experts as well. At Frolic, we give data protection the highest priority and ensure there are no gaps in protecting our users’ security and privacy.

Secure Payments

All information is stored in a secure environment and is not shared with any untrusted third party. We work with trusted third party payment gateways to ensure safety and security of all financial transactions. We do not store your credit/debit card details with us. We have additional OTP verifications to prevent fraudulent withdrawals. Prompt response is provided for any issues identified or reported.

Game Fraud Detection

Frolic has automated detection systems to identify fraudulent behaviour in games. Anti-collusion measures are taken in card games during the gameplay.

Responsible Gaming

We notify users in case their accrued spending exceeds a certain limit and ask them to play responsibly. Users are notified when their game sessions are long to take an optional break. When the session exceeds a certain time, Frolic mandates the user to take a non-negotiable break. The user, in this case, cannot use the app.


We notify users in case their accrued spending exceeds a certain limit and ask them to play responsibly. Users are notified when their game sessions are long to take an optional break. When the session exceeds a certain time, Frolic mandates the user to take a non-negotiable break. The user, in this case, cannot use the app.

VII. How do I report suspected violations of these rules?

Our games and community spaces are meant to be fun, fair, and safe for everyone to play in and enjoy. If you witness behavior which is in violation, please report the incident to our support team at support@frolic.live (remember to select the appropriate game from the top) with a clear description of what has happened and any screenshots you may have. We will undertake a thorough review of the issue and take all necessary actions.

Final note:
Not being aware of the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them. Help us make our games, as well as our community platforms, a fair and welcoming space. Respect our Frolic Policies and encourage others to do the same.

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