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Our collection offers card-based fun for every type of player. Enjoy classics like Klondike and Pyramid, along with many other exciting variations.

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Solitaire Games: Classic Fun and Timeless Challenges

Experience the joy of classic card games with our collection of solitaire games. Perfect for moments of relaxation or quick breaks, solitaire games offer a blend of strategy, patience, and skill. Whether you're a seasoned solitaire player or new to the game, our collection provides a variety of solitaire versions that are both entertaining and challenging. Dive into the world of solitaire and enjoy endless hours of fun!

What Are Solitaire Games?

Solitaire games are single-player card games that focus on organizing a deck of cards into a specific order or structure. The most famous variant is Klondike, but there are many others, such as Spider, FreeCell, and Pyramid. Solitaire games require strategic thinking and planning, as players must move cards around according to specific rules to achieve the desired outcome.

How to Play Solitaire Games?

Playing solitaire games is straightforward and engaging. Here's a basic outline for Klondike Solitaire, the most popular version:

  1. Setup: Deal cards into seven columns, with the first column having one card, the second two cards, and so on. Only the top card in each column is face-up.
  2. Objective: Move all cards to the foundation piles, organized by suit in ascending order from Ace to King.
  3. Gameplay:
    • Move cards between columns to uncover hidden cards and create descending sequences of alternating colors.
    • Move cards to the foundation piles as soon as they become available.
    • Draw from the stockpile when no more moves are possible on the tableau.
  4. Win: The game is won when all cards are moved to the foundation piles.

How to Play Solitaire Games on Frolic?

Playing solitaire games on Frolic is easy and convenient. Here's how to get started:

  1. Visit the Frolic Games Website: Open your web browser and navigate to the Frolic Games website (
  2. Browse the Solitaire Games: Explore our collection of solitaire games and choose the version you want to play.
  3. Select a Game: Click on the game to learn more about it and start playing.
  4. Enjoy the Challenge: Use strategic moves and careful planning to organize the cards and win the game.


What makes solitaire games so enjoyable?

Solitaire games are enjoyable due to their blend of strategy, patience, and skill. They offer a satisfying challenge and a sense of accomplishment when the game is won. Additionally, solitaire games are perfect for solo play, providing a relaxing and engaging activity.

What types of solitaire games are available?

Our collection of solitaire games includes various popular versions, such as:

  • Klondike
  • Spider
  • FreeCell
  • Pyramid
  • TriPeaks

Are solitaire games free to play?

Yes, most solitaire games on Frolic are free to play. This allows players to enjoy the game without spending money, although in-game purchases may enhance the gameplay experience.

What are the best Solitaire Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Mahjongg Solitaire
  2. Kings and Queens Solitaire TriPeaks
  3. Magic Towers Solitaire
  4. Spider FRVR
  5. Solitaire FRVR

Are solitaire games suitable for all ages?

Yes, solitaire games are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages.

Dive into our collection of free-to-play solitaire games on Frolic and enjoy the timeless fun and challenge of classic card games. Play now and see how many games you can win!

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