VR Gaming Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction


By completing your account registration, clicking the “connect” button, and making use of the FROLIC Platform, you agree that you understand and accept all the terms and conditions present in this Terms of Use Agreement.


This is a legally binding contract, therefore, you are requested to go through this agreement, read it carefully, and understand all the terms before you start playing any of the FROLIC games.


Our data policy copes up with the Facebook Data Policy, which explains how to collect, share, and use information when you use FROLIC.


Where there is any sort of conflict between the Facebook Terms of Service and the terms of service applicable to FROLIC, these FROLIC Terms of Use shall take precedence.


By accessing, registering, and using the FROLIC Platform, the User agrees to all the terms and conditions set in this agreement.


If any User does not agree with the terms and conditions, The User shall not initiate the account registration process or immediately stop using all the services of the FROLIC Platform.

2. Definitions


In these Terms and Conditions:

“Applicable Law” refers to any rule, law, subordinate legislation, by-law order, regulation, statute, code, protocol, notice, direction or judicial, administrative, arbitral, treaty, ordinance, guideline, policy, department or ministerial judgment, decree, award, directive, or any other guidelines or requirement in force or published at any time which is applicable to or otherwise directed to regulate or govern any property, person (including all the parties in this Terms), transaction, event, activity, or other matter including any judgment, directive, order, rule, or other guidelines or requirement issued by any regulatory authority or government.
In this agreement, “us/our/we” means FROLIC Platform; you/your refers to the User of FROLIC Platform.

3. Eligibility


FROLIC Platform has a solitary and absolute option to allow or disallow a User access to the FROLIC Platform.


By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions here, you represent and affirm that:

i) You are at least 13 years of age
.ii) You hold the full power, authority, and right to agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned here.
iii) You are not subject to any kind of embargoes, financial sanctions, and other restrictive actions imposed by the European Union, UK Treasury, United Nations, any EU country, or US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), or any government authority in any jurisdiction in which the FROLIC Platform is available.
iv) You are not imitating any other person.
v) You will not make use of the FROLIC Platform if any Applicable Laws in your current country restrict you from using it according to these Terms and Conditions.
vi) You are compliant with all Applicable Laws and conditions to which you are subject.
vii) You have carefully read, understood, and agreed to all the points in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Notice.

4. Data Protection Policy


By using the FROLIC Platform, you confirm that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy carefully and understand how we gather, disclose, use, and share amongst ourselves your Personal Data and disclose such Personal Data to relevant third parties and our authorized service providers. We will only use and share your Personal Data to administer and facilitate your use of the FROLIC platform or otherwise if needed by law. Such a data controller will protect and manage your personal data in accordance with all applicable laws for data protection. For full information about why and when we collect personal data about you, the circumstances under which we may disclose it, how we use it, and how we keep it protected, please read our Privacy Policy.

5. Limitation of Services/ Termination/ Account Closure


We reserve all the rights in our sole discretion and without any notice to suspend or terminate your access to or use of the FROLIC and any Content and/or close your Account, for any reason and at any time but in specific, if we suspect in our solitary discretion that;

i) you provided or concealed false information;
ii) your account is getting used for illegal or fraudulent activities;
iii) you are participating in fraudulent activities; and/or
iv) you have participated in an activity in infringement of these Terms.

6. Health and Safety


We advise you to take certain precautions, as mentioned herein in all the cases when playing a video game on FROLIC.


Avoid playing games if you are short of sleep and/or tired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or suffering anxiety or emotional stress.Avoid playing if you are elderly, pregnant, suffer from heart conditions or any other type of medical condition, have psychiatric disorders, or vision abnormalities. In such situations, we recommend you consult a doctor before you start using VR.Make sure to play VR games by setting moderate brightness on your screen and in a well-lit room.When playing a game that requires you to play on screen, make sure to play at an appropriate distance from the screen.While playing games, take breaks of around 10-15 minutes every hour.


Epilepsy Warning: Some people may have certain conditions of epileptic seizures, including, in certain situations, loss of consciousness, especially when they come in touch with strong luminous stimulations (rapid repetition of geometrical figures, images, exposures, or flashes). Such people are at a higher risk of seizures when playing certain video games comprising such luminous stimulations. In such cases, consult your doctor before using VR games.


Parents should pay attention to their kids when they play VR games. In case you or your children have one of the symptoms: vision problems, dizziness, convulsions, involuntary movement, momentary loss of consciousness, muscle disorientation, or contraction of the eyes, you should stop playing the game immediately and consult your doctor.

7. Ownership of the Service and Intellectual Property


The Service contains copyrighted technology, trade secrets, material, trademarks, and other types of proprietary information, which may include but are not limited to computer text, codes, data, images, video, animations, illustrations, musical compositions, sounds, and recordings, audiovisual effects, designs, slogans, dialogues, characters, places, diagram choreographic, concepts, business methods of operations, color schemes, ideas, concepts, know-how moral rights, and other related documents. All the intellectual property rights of the material available on the platform, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trade secret rights, and trademark, are licensed or owned by FROLIC.


FROLIC is a registered trademark or trademark of FROLIC. The service marks, trade dress, trademarks, trade names, button icons, logos, custom graphics, page headers, and scribes described or present on FROLIC and any Marks related to our products are the sole property of FROLIC, and/or our licensors may not be imitated, copied, or used in part or in whole, without the written authorization of our licensors and/or us.


You agree not to download, copy, republish, reproduce, upload, perform, transmit, post, distribute or sell, display, or in any other way exploit the Proprietary Material. Moreover, you agree not to encourage others or participate with others in such acts without prior written consent from FROLIC. In addition to this, you may not disassemble, reverse engineer, translate, or decompile any computer software programs that include Proprietary Material or otherwise try to derive the source code of any programs, except to the extent allowed to the users under any applicable law. If any applicable law provides permission for such activities, any information discovered regarding the same should be disclosed to FROLIC. Moreover, it shall be considered to be the confidential, proprietary information of FROLIC. Any Proprietary Material, or any part thereof, may not be used or modified for any purpose other than authorized in these Terms. The Proprietary Material may include but is not limited to materials licensed by FROLIC from third parties, and the licensors of those third-party materials may enforce their rights in case of violation of these terms and conditions.



8. License


Subject to your compliance with the terms mentioned here, FROLIC provides you a non-transferable, limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable license to install, download, and use one copy of the game on a device that you control or own and to use or run that copy solely for non-commercial and your personal entertainment purposes. Notwithstanding the first sentence present in this Section, with respect to any game downloaded or gained access from the Oculus Store or any other store from where you can buy virtual reality products, you may hold additional license rights relating to the use of the Game on the basis of sharing within your designated group. The Services are licensed to you, as opposed to assigned or being sold to you. Your continued use of the Services is dependent upon your compliance with the terms mentioned here. This license does not provide you with the right for redistribution; therefore, in case you redistribute the Services or Game, you are violating the license.


Updates: FROLIC is evolving. Therefore, Frolic may require you to accept the updates to FROLIC services that you have installed in your system, mobile device, computer, or virtual reality equipment. You agree and acknowledge that FROLIC may update FROLIC Services with or without sending prior notice to you. You may require to update third-party software from time to time to appropriately use the FROLIC services.

9. Beta Tests


We may, in our sole discretion, permit or allow you to evaluate, test, or comment on our Services before they are launched or marketed to identify the errors and bugs in the program and/or to enhance their functioning (”Beta Test”). You acknowledge and agree that the content for Beta Test which is supplied to you under the test is confidential information and belongs to us, and you shall not use or disclose such confidential information unless permitted by FROLIC. You may be needed to sign a confidentiality agreement or any other type of agreement for Beta Test personally. All feedback, criticism, comment, ideas, and other data disclosed, passed on, or offered to us during Beta Test shall include FROLIC’s confidential information and will be the sole property of FROLIC. You, therefore, agree to maintain the confidentiality of your comments and not to make your comments accessible to any outside party other than FROLIC by any process or means. You acknowledge and agree that, unless restricted from doing so under the applicable rule or law. We may sell, promote, exploit, or use the Comments without any restriction or any sort of compensation to you.


You acknowledge and agree that we may protect some Beta Test content by including appropriate technical measures in them to protect them from unlawful modification or reproduction of such content. Beta Test content is provided to you “ as is” and “according to availability” without any sort of implicit or explicit guarantee. You use the best version at your risk. You acknowledge and accept that (i) your data and progress in the game may be erased at any time, and (ii) the Beta Version may comprise unknown or known bugs.

At any point in time or end of the Beta Test period when we ask you to do so, you need to return immediately all sorts of the content we provided you. You acknowledge and agree that violation of the obligations mentioned under this Section would lead to irreparable damage and that We would be entitled to take the required action to prevent any type of risk of breach or any breach of your obligations or to get the adequate compensation for the damage. We have the right to terminate your account according to these Terms. Nothing present in these Terms may be interpreted as providing any type of privilege or right relating to the content of the Beta Test.

10. Ownership of UGC, Feedback, and Inventions


Our Services may comprise interactive areas and features where you may be needed to submit, upload, publish, post, send, transmit, otherwise email, or interact with the content, including but not limited to images, photos, text, sounds, videos, features, virtual reality environments, software, and other types of materials (collectively UGC). Unless otherwise agreed and acknowledged to, we do not claim any sort of ownership right.