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We've got you covered if you've been looking for a decent shooter for Android that works offline. 

Never waste your data plan as we bring you Android's best offline shooting games. These aren't just cartoon games. They're also part of amazing graphic games. So without further ado, check out 25 great offline shooters for Android.

All free games on this list offer in-app purchases, but they don't prevent you from progressing. In addition, you can buy stuff to improve and customize your weapons, but it's not required. Click on the table of contents below to see the complete list.

N.O.V.A. Legacy


Nova is one of the most popular offline shooter franchises for Android. The game N.O.V.A. Legacy continues to solidify as one of the top offline shooters on the Play Store. When playing as N.O.V.A., the game picks up where the last game left off. Veteran Kal Wardin is on a mission to defeat the Colonial Administration forces. In addition to the regular game modes, N.Legacy also introduces a "Deathmatch" mode where you battle other online players worldwide.

You will also like the new "death camera" feature. This will allow you to see all the kills you've done in the third person. The gameplay is the same and doesn't feel old. Finally, the new game is still under 40 M.B., and this is still N.O.V.A. only. Nevertheless, the franchise was able to win.

Cover Fire

cover fire

One of the most stunning Android offline shooters is Cover Fire is a good option for an explosive, action-packed shooter on Android. You can select from a wide range of playable characters and a large selection of potent weaponry. The game appears to be a console game and has outstanding visuals.

Multiple soldiers can be used in battle, each with unique skills and abilities that are useful during combat. Lead your army to victory and revolutionize evil organizations in this exciting game. Although the game is advertised as a shooter, it most likely resembles a shooting range where you aim and destroy targets. 

The project turns into a convenient training for a more serious game. But let's talk about everything in order. The game is the easiest to manage. You have to master your eyesight (selecting enemies quickly) and shooting. Here you don't need to choose a shelter, as the hero moves alone. However, some missions require the ability to move quickly between natural obstacles.

Max Payne Mobile

max payne

If you're a shooter fan, it's unlikely that you haven't heard of Max Payne. One of his favorite classic games from his time spent on an old Pentium 3 P.C. Max Payne, is now available on his Android. So you can enjoy story development and adrenaline-pumping action on your smartphone.

The game's storyline is still one of his best, featuring numerous missions, customizable controls, and cheat codes in the fashion of classic P.C. games. That's right. There's a lot of fun with Max Payne Mobile on your smartphone.

Players take on the characters of well-known characters in gameplay revolving around the use of bullet time mechanics during gunfights—the naked eye. Max moves slower, but players can move and react in real-time, giving them more time to plan and respond to enemies.

Major Mayhem 2

major mayhem

Major Mayhem 2 is an action game that puts you in the role of a real American hero named Sergeant, single-handedly thwarting the evil plans of the Evil Villains Corporation.

Major Mayhem 2's control system is straightforward. Tap the screen to fire your weapon. That's it. Use this simple control system to defeat the enemies on your screen. Remember that your character hides whenever you don't shoot. When your hero runs, you can jump by swiping up on the screen. Major Mayhem 2 has over 50 levels, each filled with enemies and explosions. 

He has a vast arsenal of over 20 weapons he can use when fighting enemies, including multiple pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and assault rifles. He plays the game, as usual, unlocking weapons one by one.

A superb action game with entertaining and addicting gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals is Major Mayhem 2. While you might have no trouble completing his 50 levels of the game, it's an incredible challenge for him to earn all three medals on each level.

Mad Bullets

mad bullets

Mad Bullets await you in The Wildest of Wild West with hilarious yet exciting gameplay. Dive into the fast-paced action and start taking photos from the beginning. The game is packed with fun content, and you will laugh out loud with its quirky characters and hilarious playstyle.

Fight different characters, from ninjas to cowboys, and defeat those who try to outwit you. Get ready for some serious shooting action with Mad Bullets. If you like light action and exciting gameplay, Mad Bullets is the game for you.

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Lone Wolf

lone wolf

Lone Wolf is a very intense game and a real test of morale. It features excellent sniper gameplay and a fantastic story that unfolds between games through comic strips.

Prepare yourself for the most difficult decisions of your life that will test your resolve at every turn in Lone Wolf as you prepare to immerse yourself in realistic sniper combat.

Lone Wolf is for you if you're looking for a serious, downright brutal offline shooter for Android. 

Lone Wolf is a beautiful story-driven game developed by Tom Black. Tom Black is your average 16-year-old who wants to know where he's going. Players control a stunning wolf, born without a pack, trying to find a place to fit in. Players will encounter other animals and mysteries to reveal their true selves.

Doom and Doom II


Check out the Doom series of first-person shooters. Playing Doom is fun and nostalgic, and the gameplay is just as good as the original title. On the other hand, it may take some time to get familiar with the controls. Both Doom and Doom 2 are titles you should check out. Doom III is also available on smartphones but requires an internet connection. 

Run through corridors and rooms and use different weapons to smash demons completely. Please note that the game contains a lot of blood. So please do not give this game to young children.

Doom II wasn't dramatically different from its predecessor. There were no significant technical developments, graphics improvements, or major gameplay changes. Instead, the development team made use of improvements in computer power since the initial release of the game to give the game engine new capabilities, resulting in considerably higher and more intricate levels.

The game still requires players to move through many non-linear levels, though. Demons are present on every level and can be eliminated using various tools acquired while playing the game.

Dead Effect 2

dead effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a great Android shooter that continues the legacy of its predecessor. The first Dead Effect was his first capable shooter for Android. You'll enjoy great graphics, a story, and instantly engaging, high-octane gameplay. This horror shooting game is perfect for killing time.

The plethora of weapons and gadgets and nearly 20 hours of single-player campaign that is both intriguing and highly suspenseful will keep you hooked. If you're looking for an offline shooter for Android that offers a great story, try Dead Effect 2.

Hitman: Sniper


Agent 47 finds his way on Android and kills all enemies with his sniper. Hitman: Sniper focuses on assassinations with a sniper his rifle. You cannot get close to someone and suffocate them in this game. Instead, it would help if you focused on eliminating enemies through your sniper.

Set up a business outside the estate and take down enemies through his scope. If you are a Hitman fan, you will love this game. In this exciting game, you must become the ultimate assassin.

Since this shooting gallery game is played in first-person with a sniper scope, Agent 47 is not vulnerable to counterattacks, but the mission can fail if the target notices the scheme and leaves the facility. The game becomes a puzzle that isolates the target so that others in the vicinity are not alerted, and others are on the premises. 

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Overkill 3

overkill 3

Overkill 3 is a fast-paced third-person shooter that takes you through different levels where all you have to do is find and shoot bad guys. This approach to guided levels is known as on-rails. However, it just sounds simple. When you start the game, the difficulty level is displayed, and the greater the difficulty, the more complex the game.

Especially when facing bosses, you can feel the heat. Boss fights are significant and require a lot of quick reflexes to beat them. The graphics are adorable, and Overkill 3 offers the best shooting experience on Android. 

Overkill 3 is a third-person shooter with interactive cutscenes, unique boss fights, weapon customization, and cinematics. It offers ever-evolving gameplay, presenting new challenges at every stage of your journey, and a vast arsenal of fully customizable weapons, from classic shotguns, rifles, and machine guns to super-powered futuristic firearms correspond using the

Dead Trigger

dead trigger

Unlike its sequel, Dead Trigger 2, the first game Dead Trigger is an offline zombie shooter. Get powerful weapons like the Colt 1911, Scorpion, Striker, Enfield, and Minigun to shoot down any zombies you find. Additionally, the game offers 13 character upgrades for him to keep the excitement going. 

The game hasn't been actively developed lately, but the current version is stable enough to keep you busy. So if you've always wanted to kill zombies, give Dead Trigger a try. Believe me. You won't regret it.

Dead Trigger has two currencies, cash, and gold. Earn money in missions by tearing zombies to pieces, collecting briefcases with cash, and completing objectives. Gold is earned through daily bonus missions, and players receive a small amount each time they level up. However, making gold this way takes a long time and mainly involves microtransactions and promotional elements. Players can buy gold with real money or download other video games to earn gold.

Into the Dead 2

into the dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is not a traditional shooter but an endless runner game with plenty of F.P.S. elements to offer a unique and fun experience. You play as a survivor in a zombie-infested world, and your goal is to save your family.

In quests, you must collect and upgrade weapons and befriend loyal dogs. Then you can complete your journey and save your family. The game has seven different endings for him, and your choices will change the outcome. If you like shooting games and endless running games, this is one of the best games you can play offline on Android.

Blazing Sniper

blazing sniper

Blazing Sniper Game is one of the best and most famous offline shooters you can play on your Android device. In this game, you must fight zombies and enemies to protect your land. There are over 50 shooter quests and enough content for months.

You would love the selection of weapons and gear in this game. There are many weapons to choose from, and using them all is exciting. In addition, loot drops frequently, so you'll never run out of new ammo. Finally, there are no in-game ads, and you can enjoy uninterrupted.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2


If you are a shooting or war-action game lover and haven't played COD MWII till now, you should be ashamed of yourself. Released in 2009, this is the most excellent offline shooting game of all time. Not only you but gamers worldwide will also agree to this! This game makes you realize that video games are not just for entertainment but also contain deep emotions and life lessons.

You will not do the sin of spoiling the story, which is the most incredible story ever told in modern entertainment. You will get attached to your partner soldiers while you go on many different adventures. This game has some of the most iconic places, from Chornobyl to the Arctic.

The gameplay is also quite elegant. And the graphics!! Please don't get started on that.

The game takes place in the 2000s, with modern weapons and equipment. You will mainly play as a US SEAL soldier. Try out this game.

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Call of Duty 1


You can hardly find any gamer who hasn't played Call of Duty. This game, released in 2001, marked the start of the legendary Call Of Duty franchise. This game was a huge critical and financial success for the developer tech-giant Activision, who then released 18 Call of Duty games after the first one. All Call of Duty games is considered the 'Greatest of all time' by gamers worldwide.

The story of this game takes place during WWII. You get to play as many characters. You will defend Stalingrad and mother Russia, work as a British special force officer, make the D-DAY landing in Normandy, conquer Berlin, and many more.

The historical lore of this game is so rich. The weapons design, the landscapes, the premises, the uniforms, trucks, ammo, and the reloading style are all almost historically perfect!

The gameplay and the graphics are pretty simple but elegant. You will know the emotions of being a soldier during the war; you will cry after losing your dear comrades. Call of Duty 1 is not just a game; it is like a time machine that takes us to the devastating era.

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Battlefield 1


If you thought the dominance of offline shooting games was limited only to the Call of Duty franchise, here is another Battlefield series to change your opinion.

Battlefield 1 was released in 2014 and immediately caught the attention of geeks worldwide. The famous gaming company Electronic Arts (E.A.), seeing the enormous critical and market success of Battlefield 1, released numerous other games soon after. 

The battlefield games also got the same appreciation as Call of Duty games. With an engaging story and brilliant graphics, some say Battlefield 1 is better than Call of Duty 1. It doesn't end here; the gameplay is so slick! The controls are straightforward to grasp. The gameplay has an extra depth, with realistic battle animations and damage reflexes. The background music will stay in your mind after you finish the game.

The weapons of the game are designed pretty well! Kudos to the team! The vehicles, fighter jets, and battleships look great! Don't waste your time deciding whether you will play this game!

Battlefield V

battlefield v

What better game to review than Battlefield V. Released in 2018? This game has made its predecessors and creators proud. The game has an immersive premise; you can easily spend hours roaming around the map and appreciating the effort the creators have put into creating the virtual world. 

Though it has a multiplayer option, the offline campaign mode of the game is the best part. Like most of its predecessors, this game also takes place during WWII. 

You can barely differentiate the game graphics from the real world, yes! It is that good. The explosions, reload animations, bloody rooms, and landscapes will all treat your eyes. Your ears will not feel jealous, though. The effects of the game are so satisfying. And you can easily make an action movie using brilliant background music. The weapons, the vehicles, and overall gameplay will amaze you!  

Far Cry 3


This game will be a treat if you want an awesome offline shooting game with fantastic world-building and other realistic gameplay features!

The series' first game was released in 2004, though it didn't get revolutionary success. But U.B.I.S.O.F.T. healed all the wounds of previous games in the franchise with Far Cry 3. Simply put, this game is damn beautiful!! The oceans and the wild landscapes look so good that you would rather play this game than go outside!

You will have an entire world; you can do anything you want. You can hunt, fish, build, expand or simply relax! The shooting and battle mechanisms of the game are one of a kind. Are you tired of shooting with guns? Don't worry. You can also use a simple bow made of bamboo to hunt down animals and your enemies. The game became so famous that the main character of the game became everybody's icon.

Titanfall 2

titanfall 2

It becomes boring playing an offline shooting game and always fighting in WWII. Released in 2016, the company E.A. successfully converted this game into a masterpiece.

This F.P.S. game is set in the future, where conventional fighting methods don't work. It is the era of robots and war machines. The game has got so much variety in its gameplay. The variety of cosmetics, gun colors, and gameplay styles will astound you. Your all-time favorite is the well-made weapons, titans, pilot abilities maps, factions, banner cards, and animations within combat.

The game's fun and rewarding plot system will undoubtedly devour hours of your time. The list doesn't end with that; an incredible story with profound lore and great character arcs act like a cherry on the cake. You must keep tissue at your side when you finish this game because the emotional ending of your beloved heroes and villains will undoubtedly make you cry.

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Resident Evil 4

resident evil 4

Resident Evil 4 adds contextual controls. Depending on the situation, the player can interact with the environment. Climb ladders, jump from windows, dodge attacks, and finish weakened enemies. QuickTime events also require the player to activate a button on the screen. It's like dodging falling rocks or fighting enemies to survive. These are often incorporated into many of the game's boss fights, requiring players to avoid instant death attacks.

Your main enemies are violent villagers called Los Ganados (Spanish for "cow"). Unlike the franchise's traditional zombies, Los Ganados can be dodged, use chainsaws and projectile weapons, and communicate cooperatively. Villager leaders can transform into grotesque monsters to fight the player when encountered.

Medal of Honor 2010

medal of honor 2010

Multiplayer in Medal of Honor is class-based, with three classes available: Rifleman, Special Ops, and Sniper. Players gain experience and level up to unlock additional weapons and weapon accessories. For example, the Sniper class does not have a suitable scope available at the start of the game, requiring the player to reach level 3 to unlock his range in combat. 

Once the player has earned a certain number of points, called the streak of moments, before dying, they can choose between offensive support actions such as mortars and rocket attacks or defensive support actions such as intel and ammunition. A player is not limited to one support for his efforts per life and can be earned continuously. Gameplay typically consists of two opposing sides, the Coalition, referred to in-game chatter as "Python 1", and the Opposing Forces.


halo 2

Halo 2 is a shooting game. Players experience gameplay primarily from a first-person perspective, with vehicle segments transitioning to a third-person perspective. Players combine human and allied weapons and vehicles to progress through the game's levels. 

Certain weapons can be dual-wielded, allowing players to trade accuracy, grenade use, and melee attacks for raw firepower. Players can wield two weapons at once (or), and each gun offers strengths in different combat situations. 

For example, most Covenant weapons abandon disposable ammo magazines in favor of attached batteries that cannot be replaced when depleted. However, these weapons overheat when fired continuously. Human weapons require ammo reloading, are less effective at piercing shields, and do not overheat when fired continuously. Players can hijack enemy vehicles and take immediate control. Players are equipped with damage-absorbing shields that regenerate when not being shot. No health bar is displayed.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

to Clancy's ghost recon

Here is another excellent game to show off your shooting skills, but this game will take you on a grand adventure!!. This game is a continuation of the Tom Clancy action-shooting series, which was first released in 1998 but later rebooted in 2011 by the tech-giant U.B.I.S.O.F.T. The game reboot was a huge success, and the franchise has more than a dozen games now.

You will never find this many realistic graphics in any other open-world shooting game. The game occurs in a wild forest, where urban elements are absent. But the creators did a great job animating the movement of the leaves due to air, the rustling sound of the wind, and the overall ambiance of the world.

Look for the tiny details they have added. The gameplay is relatively straightforward but excellent. The weapons are so satisfying to use. The sound effects help you imagine yourself inside the main character's shoes.

Wolfenstein: The New Order


The list of great offline shooting games seems nowhere near the end. Here is another masterpiece. Remember the famous developer, Bethesda software? They released it in 2014, and it took no time to become a worldwide hit. This game is equally fun from start to finish; you will be surprised to see the depth of the characters. With themes of friendship, love, and betrayal, the narrative sends you on an emotional rollercoaster.

The most badass weapon in this game is the pipe you get as the primary weapon at the beginning. Overall the story, the cutscenes, the acting, everything is top-notch. The fun part is this game tests your shooting skills. It is hard at the beginning; the Nazi soldiers are hard to kill. But as you progress, you feel the difficulty getting lower because your skills would have improved.

Deus Ex

deus ex

Here is another excellent offline shooting game developed by the company called Eldos. It was released in 2016 but did not get the appreciation it deserved; it remains a hugely underrated game till now. As expected from a Deus Ex game, it excellently gives you many options for achieving your goals, engaging characters, and thrilling situations. In the story, you own the central city hub, which has many interactions, side and main quests, and frequent visits to other places.

The hub world is astoundingly well designed. Rather than having an overly huge, sparse map filled with pointless busy work like most open-world games today, it is small yet packed with content and things to discover. Every building has a story to tell. Every shred of life leads somewhere. You can go exploring and stumble upon something that you weren't even meant to discover then, and then you can later use the item or information you acquired to finish a side quest that you hadn't even started yet.

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Video games have become a significant way of entertainment worldwide. Games are more engaging than films because you can choose what to do in games, and the story will progress as per your choice. If you don't have a good internet connection, you can play these best offline shooting games and still get the most out of them. That is the specialty of this article. There is so much to learn from these shooting games; you can learn about weapon mechanics, history, the military, and many more. 


You can play Overkill 3 offline. Get your friend to join you in the game or make new connections in the CHAT room. Join forces and take control of the leaderboards.

The absence of entertainment need not equate to boredom. Thankfully, some games can keep you engaged without Wi-Fi or data usage. The next time you're stuck in traffic or on a lengthy flight with terrible connectivity, check out this favorite game list.

LifeAfter can overcome the divide between online and offline because of the constantly improving "Doomsday" experience and the incredibly active player community.

An active internet connection is necessary for COD Mobile to function. However, not everyone can easily access an internet connection. The list of titles below is for players looking for offline games similar to COD Mobile.

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