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Rapid Math

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What is Rapidmath?

Rapidmath is an interactive math quiz game with various fun-to-solve math problems. Put your math skills to the test in this brilliant game. Solve the math problems shown on your screen as fast as possible in a limited amount of time. Be aware the difficulty level increases as you score more! Are you up for a challenge?

The game starts with displaying a problem on the screen, the problem will be in form of a simple equation that has to be solved quickly. The game goes for 3 minutes, your aim is to solve as many questions correctly as possible in the given time. The faster you solve the problem, the more points you earn. If you do not answer correctly, you will lose points.

Why Play Rapidmath on Frolic?

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  • There are live tournaments everyday for different games.
  • There is no waiting time to play the games.
  • The platform ensures smooth gaming experience.
  • Frolic keeps updating anti-cheat technologies to avoid hacking.
  • The platform provide active customer support to all players.

How to Play Rapidmath?

  • Solve the math problem displayed on the screen.
  • The questions are in form of MCQ and you have to choose the correct answer from the given 4 options.
  • Answer the questions with speed and accuracy.
  • If you fail to do so, you will lose points.
  • The game is 3 minutes long and you have to accurately answer as many questions as you can in that time.

Tricks to Win Rapidmath

Keep Your Mind Open

Some questions are straightforward that can be answered easily while some questions can be tricky and require attention.

Play Accurately and Quickly

Keep an eye on the time you spend on each question and try to answer correctly in as minimum time as possible.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

The game is time-bound and you have to solve a maximum number of questions correctly in 3 minutes to achieve a high score.