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Pirate Hunt

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What is Pirate Hunt?

You will be on a quest for an exciting pirate game that is filled with action and adventure. Travel across gigantic Caribbean oceans, hoist the sails, and shoot the bad pirates. Be the captain of your ship and score more by finding treasures.

This is an endless sailing game where you have to sail your ship across the sea and collect the treasures on your way and earn points. You have to dodge the obstacles in your path by moving the ship across the screen. When you come across bad pirates, you have to shoot them before they shoot you. Coming in contact with an obstacle or getting shot by the pirates will cost you a life and you will have 3 lives in total.

Pirate Hunt comes under the category of pirate games and it requires concentration and effective movements to achieve a high score. The game is straightforward and easy to play with simple instructions. Play this game with your friends and win real money.

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How to Play Pirate Hunt?

Rules of Pirate Hunt

  • Sail in the endless ocean.
  • Swipe the ship across the screen and collect treasures while avoiding the obstacles and the bad pirates.
  • When you come across bad pirates, you have to quickly shoot them and destroy their ships.
  • Stop the enemy pirates from shooting you.
  • If you get a shot, you will loose a life.
  • You have 3 lives in total and the game is 3 minutes long.
  • Achieve a high score in this time frame.
  • You can get back the lives you have lost by shooting and destroying the pirate ships.

Tricks to Win Pirate Hunt

Shoot the Pirate ships

Lives are limited and in order to gain back the lives lost due to obstacles you should shoot the bad pirate’s ship and destroy them.

Avoid Obstacles

You only get 3 lives in the game and every time you hit an obstacle, you lose a life so in order to sail for a longer distance make sure to navigate your ship safely.

Keep an eye on the Clock

The game is time-bound and you have to travel a maximum distance in 3 minutes to achieve a high score.