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Space Jump

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What is Space Jump?

Space jump is a platform jumping game on Frolic, and it belongs to the category of adventure games. Be an alien, jump through the exciting infinite space, go from one place to another, finally land on a platform, and earn rewards; however, always remember to avoid obstacles.

In this hyper-casual game, your task is to make the alien jump and land it on a platform. The platforms keep stacking, and you need to jump over them as high as possible. The gameplay is endless and freely available, so jump for as long as you can to achieve the highest score.

Why Play Space Jump on Frolic?

  • Frolic offers secure and safe transactions.
  • Space Jump includes a practice match option so that you can enhance your gaming skills before entering the tournaments.
  • The matchmaking process on Frolic for Space Jump is flawless and quick.
  • You can be a part of amazing tournaments and win coins.
  • You can organize customized Space Jump tournaments, invite your friends, and enjoy it.
  • The game features splendid graphics, exciting soundtracks, and smooth gameplay.
  • Frolic offers 24x7 active customer support.

How to Play Space Jump on Frolic?

  • Tap the screen to jump.
  • Avoid collision with platforms, or else the game ends.
  • Jump perfectly for bonus points.
  • Single tap for the normal platform.
  • Double tap for the slimy platform.

Tricks to Win Space Jump

  • Manage quick reflexes and hand movements.
  • Take breaks.
  • Avoid jumping pointlessly.
  • Aim for the edge of the platform to jump.
  • Jump by aiming properly.
  • Avoid falling.
  • Be patient throughout the game.