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Wondering who still plays puzzle games on android? When we think about puzzle games, things that come to our minds are boring graphics, a simple genre, and a straightforward idea. But trust me, gone are the days when puzzle games were played for time-killing fun. The genre has ballooned in an astonishing way on androids. Here is an article with the most exciting puzzle games for android you will fall in love with.

Best Puzzle Games for Android

In the contemporary technically-advanced era, you can find some seriously amazing puzzle games on androids in terms of gameplay as well as graphics. The craze of puzzle games is continuously increasing among people across the globe.

There is a wide variety of puzzle games in the market featuring mesmerizing graphics, hypnotic sound effects, and an engaging storyline. Continue exploring the blog to know more about some exciting puzzle games.

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle 

If you are looking for puzzle games that can leave you scratching your head, then Block Puzzle on Frolic is the best pick for you. It is among the best free puzzle and hyper-casual games for android. Block Puzzle is an addicting brain teaser game with simple but challenging levels designed to enhance your cognitive skills. You don’t have to pay anything to play this amazing game.

Block Puzzle is a classic tile-matching game and is highly popular in the gaming world. It will refresh your childhood memories of block video games. Your main goal in the game is to drag and drop blocks to finish the different rows and columns. You are required to clear up the entire line as soon as possible due to the limited space. In short, you need to make quick decisions in this thought-provoking game to be a winner.

This game is not only for fun but will also help to boost your brain fitness. The smooth gameplay, user-friendly UI, and beautiful graphics will make you fall in love with this one. It is the best free puzzle game for android if you want to spend your time doing something smart and beneficial.

The platform features many other amazing puzzle games like Tic Tac Toe, Color Switch, Zig Zag, and Aqua Bubble Shooter. Frolic is heaven for people who love puzzle games.

Blue Wizard

Blue wizard

It is among the best brain games to tease your brain and boost your problem solving skills. Blue Wizard Digital has two outstanding puzzle games for android. The first one is Slayaway Camp. In this strategy game, you have to play the role of a psycho serial killer named Skullface and slaughter people successfully while avoiding the cops. The atmosphere created in the game is highly engaging and provides you with the perfect terror feeling.

Trust me, you will fall in love with the adorable violence and cheerful gore combined with comedy in the game. The second puzzle game on Blue Wizard is Friday the 13th. It is almost similar to the Slayaway Camp but has over 100 alluring levels of gore goodness.

This one might not be a perfectly polished game, but trust me, you will have great fun while playing it. The game will take you on a crazy puzzle trip while tickling your funny bones.

The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara

This one is among the latest in the list of puzzle games for android. It is a puzzle as well as a point-and-click adventure game and will remind you of the classic games. The features of this game include 3D puzzles, decent graphics, support for different languages, and surprisingly good sound effects.

In this game, as a protagonist of the story, you have to explore a new perplexing world, looking for different clues, unlocking secrets, and collecting the story from snippets present in the game world.

The only drawback of this game is that its controls are sometimes wonky, which can make it a little bit confusing. But don’t let that stop you from exploring this amazing puzzle game for android. The graphics and 3D puzzles are worth your time.

Baba is You

Baba is You

When it comes to the most interesting puzzle games, Baba is You is a must on the list. The graphics are not that special, but the low-fi style of the game allows you to do all types of wonky things, making it fun and exciting.

The best part of this game is that it lets you change the rules by moving around some developing blocks. You need to use the programming blocks to change different rules in a manner that you solve the brain-scratching puzzles successfully. Each change affects the other changes and creates different types of unexpected reactions. It is indeed one of the unique puzzle games, and you will definitely love it.

The open nature of the game is great, and it has simple controls. Once you understand this game adequately, you will find yourself creating as well as solving inventive puzzles. If you love to challenge yourself, you must try the best NDS games for a challenging and brain-teasing experience.

Amanita Design

Amanita Design

Amanita Design is a popular publisher on Google Play and has three splendid puzzle games. The first one is Samorost 3, which is a point-and-click puzzle game. In this game, you have to play the role of a curious space gnome who travels the cosmos by using the powers of a beautiful, magical flute. The aim is to find different mysterious origins present across the cosmos.

The second one is Botanicula, which will take you on a heartwarming adventure. It is an exploration game featuring a wonderful tale, real puzzles, decent visuals, and engaging sound effects. This humor-filled game will take you on a fun adventure and will make you scratch your head while laughing out loud.

The last puzzle game of this publisher is Chuchel. It is a funny puzzle game featuring a hairy hero named Chuchel who has to solve different puzzles to retrieve a highly-valuable cherry. The game includes complex but funny puzzles, making it one of the most popular puzzle games for android.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

If you love spy stories and movies, then one is a must-try for you. In this unique puzzle game, your neighbor is involved in some weird stuff, and you need to find out what he is doing. Therefore, you have to carefully break into his house, again and again, to find out the truth.

After each break-in, your neighbor establishes defenses on your entry as well as exit strategies. Therefore, you need to create smart strategies accordingly. The game also features thriller and horror elements making it more engaging and interesting. You might find this game quite expensive, but the fun is worth every penny.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal

This one is a crossover game between two exciting games named Bridge Constructor and Portal. Mainly it has the mechanics of Bridge Constructor. You need to build a strong bridge from one end of the game’s levels to the other one using smart strategies and parts.

Sounds easy, right? But it is not. The Portal mechanics boosts the difficulty and fun level. This puzzle game comprises 60 levels, Google Play game achievements, and a wide range of Portal references. It is a rich, challenging puzzle game with various brain-twister which will leave you wanting more.

Candy Crusher

Candy Crusher

If you are looking for a simple but profoundly engaging puzzle game for android, then this one on Frolic is a must-try for you. In this game, your goal is to score points by switching and matching different colorful candies. You need to meticulously plan your moves by matching three candies or more in a row in order to score.

The best thing about this game is that it will definitely increase your dopamine levels while enhancing your cognitive behavior. Once you start playing it, you will fall in love with the thrill of beating different levels.

You get exciting rewards when you progress in the game, which will make you crave for more. Another great advantage of this game is that you do not have to pay anything to play it. This one is among the free puzzle games on Frolic. Click here to learn how to play games on Frolic.

To Sum Up

The puzzle games are no longer defined by goofy ideas, complex apps, and simple mechanics. In the modern-day world, our smartphones and their touch screen controls have led to the development of clever, technically advanced, and exciting puzzle games. The games mentioned in the list will not only entertain but also challenge your brain and get into a higher gear.


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