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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has taken the gaming community by storm since its return to India. With regular updates and exciting new features, BGMI has become a favourite among battle royale enthusiasts. One of the highlights of the game is the availability of redeem codes that allow players to unlock amazing rewards and freebies, including weapon skins, outfits, emotes, in-game credits, and much more. In this blog, we'll walk you through the latest BGMI redeem codes for July 15, 2023, and guide you on how to redeem them for a cosmetic makeover and other goodies.

BGMI Redeem Codes for July 15

  1. TQIZBZ76F: Use this code to get an exclusive Motor Vehicle Skin for free. Stand out on the battleground with a stunning vehicle skin!
  2. BMTFZBZQNC: Redeem this code to receive a stylish outfit, giving your character a unique and fashionable appearance.
  3. FENKYU5ATPD: Unlock the legendary Falcon emote with this code and show off your dance moves after a triumphant victory.
  4. LEVKIN1QPCZ: This code grants you the Racer Set (Gold), perfect for those who want to race through the battleground in style.
  5. GPHZDBTFZM24U: Grab the exclusive Gun Skin (UMP9) with this redeem code and give your weapon a striking new look.
  6. KARZBZYTR: Get your hands on a cool KAR98 Sniper Skin and take down your opponents with precision and style.
  7. SD14G84FCC: Unleash the power of a stunning AKM Skin with this code, and dominate the battleground with your weapon.
  8. VETREL2IMHX: Dress to impress with the Bumble Bee Set, a permanent and free reward outfit for your character.
  9. ZADROT5QLHP: Join the Stealth Brigade with this code and equip your character with an exclusive outfit.
  10. SIWEST4YLXR: Embrace the spirit of an assassin with the Assassin Suit and Assassin Bottom, ready to take down enemies silently.
  11. BDNKUPRMF4: Obtain a free companion to accompany you on your adventurous journey in BGMI.
  12. BOBR3IBMTO: Equip your character with the Desert Ranger Set and look ruggedly stylish on the battleground.

How to Redeem BGMI Codes and Claim Rewards

  1. Visit the official BGMI website and log in using your BGMI character ID.

  2. Once you are logged in, locate the "Redeem Code" section on the website.

  3. Enter the unique BGMI redeem code that you want to use for unlocking the reward and click on submit.

  4. Complete the captcha/verification code as shown on the screen for security purposes.

  5. After successfully submitting the code, the in-game mail will deliver the redeemable prizes to your account.


Now that you are armed with the latest BGMI redeem codes for July 15, 2023, it's time to give your character a free cosmetic makeover and unlock exciting rewards. Whether you want a trendy outfit, stylish weapon skins, or cool emotes, these redeem codes have got you covered. Just follow the simple steps to redeem the codes and collect your rewards through the in-game mail. Get ready to stand out on the battleground and show off your unique style with these amazing BGMI redeem codes! Happy gaming!


BGMI redeem codes are a special feature that enables players to obtain in-game items for free by using specific codes. With these codes, gamers can access various items without having to spend any money on the in-game currency called "Unknown Cash" (UC).

In order to redeem a BGMI gift code, visit the official BGMI website and enter the gift code there.

Below are some ways through which you can get free dress in BGMI:

  1. Tier Rewards. Every season has tier rewards from Bronze to Conquer tier rewards, so open the season that is going on and go to the rewards section.
  2. Crates. Opening crates can also provide you with free outfits in BGMI.
  3. Achievement Rewards.
  4. Events.
  5. Check Redeem Section.

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