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The world of corporate is awash with various wonderful and weird words, and most of these titles are usually given by ‘thought leaders’ who love to motivate their employees to reconcile personal and work life. One such word “Workweek“ was introduced by our leaders at Frolic.

Maintaining collaboration and connection with the team members during remote work seems like an easy task through virtual meetings, but it always lacks personal connection. Yes, remote work is good to bring out the best in you, but when it comes to team collaboration and knowing each other, it is not easy.

In order to establish a better connection and communication between all the team members, our leaders decided to take us on a workweek to Delhi. When we heard ‘workweek’ we thought it might be all about tiresome meetings and extended work hours. But Delhi's workweek proved us all wrong with its fun hours, crazy team outings, enlightening brainstorming sessions, and Frolic Weekend Party.

How did it Go

The workweek was a new word and concept for all of us. So, our journey for this workweek started with - ‘Let the Workweek begin’ and everyone said ‘Yes’ to this experiment. Since all of the team members were supposed to come from different parts of the country, we decided to meet at our hotel Savoy Suites, Noida, and from there it all started.

How did it go

Team Bonding

True said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. One of the core reasons to organize this work week was to boost team bonding and it went really well. Apart from knowing the team members on a work basis, this workweek provided us the opportunity to know each other better on a professional as well as a personal level and it helped us form different kinds of equations. This work week worked like an ice-breaking event for all of us.

Team Bonding

Fun Hours

Delhi workweek was an amazing experience for all of us and the fun hours made a major contribution to it. We had a VR headset in the office and it made a great addition to the workweek. During the fun hours, we played different games on VR and challenged each other on scores. That’s not it. We played different hyper-casual games on Frolic and organized small fun tournaments. The games allowed us to explore our competitive sides while having a delightful experience.

Fun Hours

Energetic Brainstorming Sessions

Frolic is already an amazing gaming platform and is gaining remarkable popularity, but there is always room for improvement. The brainstorming sessions during the workweek not only allowed us to have a better understanding of Frolic but also helped us to get various ideas about how we can improve and be the best in the market.

Frolic is a team of talented minds with heads full of innovation and creativity. The sessions with Mr. Jigar Dafda and other team leads were really enlightening. These sessions helped us have a better understanding of how different teams and people with different mindsets, ideas, and talents are working together as one to take Frolic to new heights.

Energetic Brainstorming Sessions
Frolic Workweek

Team Outings

The Delhi workweek was not limited to the ‘We Work Office.’ To get to know each other better and have an enjoyable time, we all went on team outings after office hours. We explored different parts of Delhi: explored Delhi 6 to taste some of the best local recipes, visited Connaught Place for some shopping time, and went to Jama Masjid to get some blessings and peacetime.

Team Outings

Food + Drinks + Dance: Frolic Party

How could we end the workweek without a bash? So, on the last day of the workweek, we had a splendid party at the Time Machine, Noida, where we let our spirits go wild. We had a whale of a time with upbeat music, drinks, food, and lots of dance.

Frolic Workweek
Frolic Workweek

What We Took Back?

Delhi Workweek went really well, and we took back with us a lot of memories, better work experience, and a clear picture of our goals, mission, and vision for Frolic. Now during the virtual calls when the cameras are off, we can better understand the other person as we know each other. I am writing about the workweek with a smile on my face and I am sure, the memories of this workweek will definitely hearten every team member.

What We Took Back

Frolic Workweek


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