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The popularity of cricket has spread like a fire fanned by the wind, and so has the popularity of Fantasy Cricket, especially in India. There is nothing better than Fantasy Cricket to make a cricket season fun and profitable for you! If you are new to fantasy games, you are in the right place. Here is all about Fantasy Cricket Rules to help you win more. 

Fantasy Cricket Rules

Do you like predicting or placing casual bets with your friends? Fantasy cricket is a land of fantasy for cricket lovers. Here you can use your hardcore cricket knowledge and earn some quick money!

Fantasy Cricket is where your fantasy of creating your dream cricket team comes true. Simply put, you make your predictions about the performances of players participating in a particular real-life cricket match. You compete with other users on the platform and try to earn the most points. Here are the other rules you will need to follow while playing fantasy cricket.

Choosing the Match

Choosing the Match

Most of the Fantasy cricket apps allow you to participate in any tournament happening around the world, international or domestic, from IPL to Caribbean Premier League to Test Championships.

You can easily find the upcoming and currently ongoing matches and participate in as many matches from different tournaments as you want. Not only that, but you can also make multiple teams for one match, which will skyrocket your chances of winning. There will be a lot of tourneys and groups with different entry fees and rewards you can choose for a single match.

You will be able to participate and make your team before the match. No one can know which players will play in the match until the respective team authorities release their team list. But don't worry, your app will give you an estimated player list using which you can make your plans from before. 

Try to make your team as early as possible after participation starts. There are two reasons for that; first, those apps will only give you a limited amount of time to make your team; it usually ends hours before the match.

Secondly, this plays a vital role in breaking ties. Imagine you and one other player have got identical scores. The one who made their team earlier and locked will be given a higher rank, and the one on the top wins all the prizes. The more popular the tournament is, the more people make their teams in fantasy cricket, which increases competition. This also increases the chance of winning and the number of rewards. You can also choose a less crowded group.

Selecting the Players

Selecting the Players

As you know, a cricket team consists of 11 players, including Batsmen, Fielders, Wicket Keepers, Bowlers include fast bowlers and spinners, and all-rounders. Your team will also consist of 11 players. You will have to make your team using the players participating in the match. You can choose from both sides, but you can't choose someone who has retired or injured or kept on the bench.

You cannot make your team consisting of players from one side only; you must choose from both teams. The limit varies from app to app, but on an average, you can choose up to 7 players from a single side. Like in real cricket matches, you cannot make your team consisting of only one type of player; your app will restrict you from doing it.

You must have a minimum of one Wicket Keeper (WK) in your team to take care of things happening behind the stumps, and you can also have a maximum of 4 Wicket Keepers in your team. Batters, if not the most, are a crucial part of your cricket team; you must have a minimum of three batsmen and a maximum of six batsmen in your team. Try to choose the best, as they can shower you with points.

The criteria for bowlers are the same as batsmen, three minimum and six maximum. You must also have one all-rounder on your team. Many cricket fans consider all-rounders the best way of getting points; if you are also one of them, don't worry, you can have a maximum of four all-rounders in your team.

Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain

Many cricket fans argue over who should be the captain of their favorite team. No worries, you can choose the captain of the team. Your captain will get 2x points. Don't mix this with real-life captaincy; in fantasy cricket, the captain will not get points for leadership or making important decisions in the match. A player will only get points according to their performance, and your captain will get double the points he got as an individual player.

So choose your captain accordingly, as this can single-handedly differentiate between winning or losing. The same thing applies to the vice-captain. Your vice-captain will get 1.5x the points he earned as an individual. Most apps provide statistics on how many users have chosen a player as captain or vice-captain; you can get inspiration from that. Remember that you cannot change your team after the participation period ends, so choose your team wisely. 

Credit System

You might get very excited thinking you will choose the best players, and you will win very easily. But there is a catch to that. You will be given 100 credit points, using which you can buy your players. Some players will require more credit points, and some will require less.

For example, Player 'A' has played 50 matches and scored 5000 runs, and Player' B' has played ten matches and scored 100 runs. You can easily guess that their cost may not be the same.

You will have to spend more credit points for Player A and relatively less for Player B. Though there is nothing such as a 'good player' or 'bad player,' these costs are from their previous performance. A player with low credit costs can give you more points than a high-value one.

Remember, the remaining credits will not give you any extra points, so try to use all of them. You will not get more points for high-value players for the same performance. So you cannot choose only high-value or low-value players; you will have to make a perfect mix of both.

Point System

Though this list may seem tedious, you must glimpse it to succeed in fantasy gaming. This is a list of points you will get for the performance of your chosen players. Don't worry; no catch, wicket, run, or your app will miss run-out. Points will also be deducted for lousy performance. The points vary in every format of cricket and platform. 

Other Important Rules

Remember, your player will not get any points for their performances in Super Overs or other tiebreaker schemes. Suppose your player gets injured during the match and gets substituted by another player. You will not receive points for the substitute. However, you will get points according to your player's performance before being substituted. You will also start receiving points as soon as your leading player returns to the field.

If the match gets shortened due to some anomalies like rain, the point system will still be the same. The batsman will receive the runs scored by overthrowing, but if that overthrow hits a boundary, your batsman will not get the boundary bonus points. The batsman will receive the same points for scoring in Free-Hit Balls.

In T20, to receive the Economy Rate bonus, your player must bowl at least two overs, and for the Strike Rate bonus, your batsman will have to play at least ten balls. Remember, there are also negative points for the High Economy Rate and Low Strike rate in all the formats except Test Matches.

Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the fantasy cricket rules, let's explore some tips and tricks to earn more. 

Observe Before You Hit

Before you start playing fantasy cricket, good analytical skills and cricket knowledge are essential. The more skillful you are, the more chances you have for winning and fewer chances of losing money. You will not become a cricket expert overnight for playing fantasy cricket. But it would be best if you listened to the experts in pre-match sessions to get an idea of what will happen in the match.

Suppose the pitch is suitable for fast bowlers. The experts will tell you that before the match, so if you made your bowling lineup out of spinners, you would have a good chance of failing. So always listen to experts before you become one. Try to watch as many cricket matches as possible, doesn't matter domestic or international. It will not be boring if you are a cricket fan, using this way you can use your cricket-craze to earn some quick and easy money.

Do Not Put All Eggs in One Basket 

It would help if you remembered that most Fantasy Cricket apps use actual money transactions for winning or losing. So there always will be a chance of loss. So do not invest all your money in a single match, as every game is uncertain, and even the most potent teams can lose. 

Fantasy cricket is not only a game; it can become a place of investment if you have the wits to do it. So think wisely and carefully, and try to bet small amounts of money on different teams, matches, or tournaments. This way, your chances of having a loss minimizes, and your chances of winning skyrocket.

Do Not Let Your Emotions Play

Sometimes, your favorite team and players don't perform well, and the ones you don't like become the game stars. Try to think logically while building your team, do not let your emotions win over you. You Try to keep players with good chances of performing in that particular circumstance, whether you like them or not.

Choose Your Opponents Wisely

Suppose your team is playing against a weak team. Most of the time, your team will easily score more runs, get more wickets, and thrash the opponent team. Try to find these matches where one team has a massive advantage over the other. In this way, you can earn a lot of points very quickly.

Do Not Judge Players by their Credit Scores

As written earlier in the article, credit scores are based on a player's previous performances. Yes, experience is essential, but form is more important. Suppose Player 'A' has a good record but is not doing well in the last two or three matches, and Player' B' is a player with average statistics but is doing great in the last few matches. Whom would you choose? You don't have to be a hardcore cricket fan to tell that player 'B' will be a better choice. 

Keep an Eye on the News

Sometimes, a player doesn't join the match even after the release of the team list. It can happen for various reasons, injury, change of plan at the last second, or other things. So before finalizing your virtual team, keep an eye on the updates of the match.

Keep a Check on the Weather Conditions

It might have happened to you many times that the match you were excited about for weeks gets canceled or stops in the middle due to rain. The same can happen in fantasy cricket also. And you will not get a refund of your money most of the time. So before investing a large amount of money in one match, check the weather report. So do check the weather report. Though mother nature always keeps changing her mind, it might help you avoid colossal loss.

All Rounders a Key to Success

Some people like batters, and some like bowlers. But there stays a massive role of all-rounders behind your favorite team's win. You might remember some of the iconic moments in cricket history where all-rounders turned the tides of a match. You can understand by reading the former portions of the article that your player gets points for his batting, bowling, and fielding performances. A batter can score huge runs, and a bowler can give you points by taking wickets. But an all-rounder is three-in-one. So try to take as many all-rounders as you can in your team to drastically increase your chances of winning.

Choosing the Right Captains is the Key

Though cricket is a game of collaborative teamwork, the captain plays a huge role in a team's success. If a Captain is the backbone of the team, then the vice-captain is the appendage of that team. As you might have read previously, fantasy cricket bears a remarkable resemblance to real-life cricket. Choosing the correct vice-captain and captain might make your dream a reality, as captains and vice-captains get 2x and 1.5x points, respectively.   

Be Worldwide

Don't just stick to the international high-tension matches. From your experience, you can recall that lex runs are scored in knockout international matches as the players play carefully. So your chances of scoring points also decrease. Play domestic leagues from other countries and learn more about those players.

Choose a Trusted App

There are hundreds of Fantasy Cricket websites and apps available on the internet. But you must be careful, as some of them can be frauds. Fantasy cricket involves actual money transactions, so a fraudulent app or website could cause much trouble. Before investing and playing, do some research about the app you are choosing. Secondly, try to use the most popular one. The more users you have, the more the chance of winning and the bigger the rewards. 


To win a game, you must first learn the rules of it. Fantasy Cricket is no exception. This term, invented overnight, gained immense popularity during the Covid period. Many people play fantasy cricket regularly; for some, it is an excellent way of earning pocket money

No one would have imagined before fantasy cricket that their cricket knowledge and experience could be used to win money. There are hundreds of platforms available on the internet where you can make your dream of having famous players on your team come true. 

Studies have shown that, after the spread of fantasy cricket, the number of cricket fans has doubled in recent years. Though fantasy cricket is fun, it also has some financial risks, so be careful and read the terms and conditions of the platform you will use.

Fantasy cricket is not rocket science; understanding it is straightforward. And with this article, the rules of fantasy cricket will stick in your mind forever! 


Yes. Fantasy Cricket is legal in India and almost all the countries, but you must be at least 18 years of age to play.

Though many people consider it gambling, fantasy cricket is mainly a platform for testing people's cricket knowledge which has rewards.

The rewards vary from platform to platform, tournament to tournament.

Dream 11, MPL, Gamez, etc., are famous Fantasy Cricket Platforms in India.

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