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FyndCoupons is a website that provides coupons and discounts for a variety of products and services. Frolic is a mobile gaming platform that offers play-to-earn games. The two companies have recently partnered to integrate Frolic's games into the FyndCoupons website. The goal of this partnership is to increase user engagement, distribute coupons based on achievements, and build loyalty.What is Gamification?Gamification is the process of using game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts. It is a popular way to engage users and motivate them to complete tasks.Frolic uses gamification to keep users engaged and coming back for more. Players can earn rewards, such as discount coupons and exclusive discounts, by playing games and achieving goals.

What is FyndCoupons?

Whether you're engaged in online shopping or exploring physical stores in person, FyndCoupons is dedicated to providing limitless savings opportunities with big and exclusive discount coupons. FyndCoupons is a website that furnishes a wide array of coupons and discount codes for a vast range of products and services. It stands as a popular hub for shoppers seeking to economize on their purchases. FyndCoupons provides an extensive selection of coupons, encompassing those for online retailers, restaurants, travel, and more. The website boasts user-friendliness, offering easy navigation and allowing users to search for coupons by category, keywords, brand, or store name.FyndCoupons offers a diverse assortment of coupons, deals, and discounts from various retailers, guaranteeing that you'll always encounter the finest and most up-to-date offers. At Fynd Coupons, we cater to a variety of needs, including coupons and deals for:

  • Luxury Brands
  • Nearby Stores
  • Online Retailers
  • Personalized Deals and much more

FyndCoupons provides a selection of highly sought-after discount coupons, including the likes of Myntra Discount Coupon, Swiggy Coupons, Zomato Discount Coupon, Tira Coupon, Dominos Coupon, redBus Coupon Code, Ajio Discount Coupons etc.

How Frolic Helps FyndCoupons?

Frolic’s integration with FyndCoupons is advantageous in a number of ways:

  • Increase user engagement: Gamification is a proven way to increase user engagement. Players are more likely to visit and interact with a website that offers them the chance to earn rewards.
  • Distribute coupons based on achievements: Frolic can be used to distribute coupons to users based on their achievements in games. This is a great way to encourage users to play games and complete tasks.
  • Build loyalty: By rewarding users for their engagement, Frolic can help FyndCoupons build loyalty. Users are more likely to continue using a website that rewards them for their time and effort.

Goals of Gamification of FyndCoupons

  • Targeted coupons: FyndCoupons uses Frolic to target different users with different coupons based on their gameplay history and interests.
  • Exclusive experiences: FyndCoupons uses Frolic to offer exclusive experiences to users, such as early access to new products or discounts on popular items. This helps to make FyndCoupons a more attractive destination for users.
  • Community building: FyndCoupons uses Frolic to build a community around its brand. For example, FyndCoupons hosts tournaments and events where users can compete against each other and earn rewards. This helps to create a sense of belonging and community among users.

Latest Trends in Gamification

There are a number of the latest trends in gamification that FyndCoupons considers using in partnership with Frolic. For example:

  • Social gaming: Social gaming is a type of gaming that allows players to interact and compete with each other. FyndCoupons uses social gaming to encourage users to compete with each other to earn rewards.
  • Leaderboards: Leaderboards are a great way to motivate users to play games and complete tasks. FyndCoupons uses leaderboards to display the top players and encourage other users to play more.
  • Virtual goods: Virtual goods are digital items that players receive by games. FyndCoupons offers virtual goods as rewards for users who achieve certain goals in games.


The partnership between Frolic and FyndCoupons is a great example of how gamification can be used to achieve business goals. By integrating Frolic's games into its website, FyndCoupons can increase user engagement, distribute coupons based on achievements, and build loyalty.


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