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The gaming industry is increasing and emerging with many opportunities. However, it becomes challenging for the users to find an optimized and gadget-friendly match from the random collection. But you do not need to worry; due to the most trusted, adventurous, iconic, and thrilling games like the android version of GTA. 

This is a super exciting game with highly power-packed action and a blend of many other explosive games. But the concern is the storage of the game. Playing this game on the desktop is common, but this is the era of smartphones and youth. 

Many users want to play this game on their smartphones with a similar experience. Hereafter we have selected games like GTA for the android version. During the selection of games, we have especially paid particular attention to the quality of graphics, animation, visual effects, capability, adventurous, and most importantly, storage-friendly and readily available to download from the official play store of your smartphones.

GTA Vice City

GTA vice city

This game has the best combination of adventure, racing, shooting, and many other thrilling and stunning movements. Playing this game is like creating an incredible story whose lead character is the user.

This game is the storyline of a gangster mafia at the peak of committing a crime. GTA vice city is super power packed and designed with the most attractive graphics, animation, and characters. Playing this game creates an advanced level of thrill.

This is an open-world game, along with a city of endless boundaries and the most iconic places like hotels, golden beaches, parks, widened streets, and ruthless gangsters. The theme and concept of this game are outstanding.

There are many gears to have great fun. It has a significant grouping of activities and the freedom to adjust the game according to your preferences. The game is very trustworthy and exclusive. 

Its uniqueness makes it even better than its peer games. This game has many blessings for any mafia, like decent places, beaches, buildings, guns, cars, and broad streets. This game defines real adventure, pure kick, and the GTA concept.

Gangstar Vegas- World of Crime

gangstar vegas- world of crime

The concept of the game is just super exciting. Fighting with police, stealing cars from parking, and being chased by bad cops insanely make this game an unthinking favorite choice for the users to play. This game is also loaded with solid graphics and decent animation. 

In this game, exploring the big city, targeting the random gang mafia, and breaking their teeth and bones create excitement for the users. The theme is like roaming the city with different TPS missions, boxing the mafia cartel, fighting for the final position, and playing it in a different adventurous level vs. clash of the ruthless mafia is just another level of feeling.

This game is the ultimate dose of adventure, and the buzz of a street fight with extra missions is beyond imagination. Great gangster fights and mafia deals are fascinating parts of the tasks. In this game, every step, one after another, is purely connectable and systematic.

Apart from this, the user can execute many other activities and explore them simply in this game. This game contains escapades like shooting, racing, and attacking others. This game is highly glorified with modern resources and optimization equipment.

Payback 2

Payback 2

This game is beyond unresolved, here all the programs of this game are fully loaded with modern and dangerous weapons. The availability of tanks and helicopters is one of the most appealing features of this game. This game has an overdose of action, thriller, and unlimited entertainment. 

The heat gets to its maximum when there is a fight between all the notorious and ruthless gangsters and mafias. This game has super-animated characters and landscapes that provide an exciting atmosphere to explore the whole city of the game. 

This is an open-world game where players can play with friends and other rivalries. Daily and weekly challenges and missions to complete will ensure the top position among all the mafias and gangsters. 

There are massive battles like fifty campaign events featuring huge gang battles. This game includes big roads, an open sky, a beautiful landscape, and colorful and bright icons. This game enables the users to play in their customization way. This game is just mind-blowing. This game's unique features ensure its top rank in our top favorable games.

Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar new orleans

This game is power packed with some super fights and an open-world facility. Creating gangs and becoming a ruthless mafia is the central theme of this game. This game has many special features, like a big city and a fascinating view of New Orleans. There is a bombardment of great cars, tanks, and bikes in this game. 

There are also some great arsenals, guns, and explosive tools to act in this game. It all helps to make characters into a real gang mafia who sightseers the city adventurously. The concept of this game is defending your gang and looting other mafias. 

The character must also steal items like guns, bombs, and highly customized crafting materials during these. The most prominent part of this game is owning and customizing a private mansion and ruling like a king. Many facilities are available on that remote island, and expanding into the ultimate housing complex is another excellent task. 

This game also has a tremendous amount of undisclosed: owning personal helicopters and expensive boats. There are many modern resources in this game, which makes this game one of the fairest and most played games by users. 

Downtown Mafia

downtown mafia

The plotting and theme of this game are unique. This game allows users to choose their destiny and music according to customization. This game is a storyline of a great legend who will own all his previous property and is ready to defeat any mafia in the city. 

The topographies of these games are diversified, including fighting, role-playing, and stylized missions. The character has to face many encounters to be a real mafia. The lead character humorously commits crimes to gain experience. There is also a process to recruit your group members. 

This game has very advanced weapons and guns to destroy your enemies. There are also unique and notable achievements for this game for users to grab by completing the mission in specific ways. 

The most exciting part of this game is unlocking skill points, progression of skills, accumulating energy level, stamina, and defense systems. This makes the character more powerful and dangerous to face the opposite gang mafias. There is also a level system in the game that showcases the user's skills and talents.

Car Parking Multiplayer

car parking multiplayer

This game has many advanced tools, like guns, cars, and widened highways. This is an open-world game, and having a vast city, users can play this game online with their friends and enjoy the riding feature of their friend's car.

This game is tuning cars and grabbing the driving experience under challenging blockades. The theme of this game is destroying the city with your driving skills. This game comes with powerful tools and strong animation.

There is also a great collection of cars in this game. A car lover cannot resist being a fan of this game. This game allows users to play this game in multiplayer mode. There are also some great cars, trucks, taxis, and the customization of engines in this game. 

Users can also experience the role of other delivery guys in this game. This game is very realistic and has a decent touch of dynamic rotation of objects. Overall, playing this game is great fun and enjoying the super animated graphics is also a cooling process to blow off the heat during the completion of this game.

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

gangster hero

The theme of this game is chasing dreams and brutally fulfilling them by becoming a real mafia. There are also many real gangsters' mafias, those who try to be the hero of the street, but ultimately there is only the emergence of the hero, the lead character of the game.

Bossing like a superhero and commenting on crime are all fun features of this game. There are also some very dangerous gangster mafias in this game but defeating them in an uncivilized way makes this game more realistic and harder to survive. This game is an open world and contains impressive graphics and animation. 

There is freedom for characters to comment on any crime in the game, great features that undoubtedly put life in danger for others in this game. Exploring the city, roaming, and driving off-road in automobiles and vehicles in the mountains is hilarious. 

This game allows characters to be superheroes, inspiring them to complete all the missions in the city. There are also some responsibilities in this game, saving innocent people's lives and becoming the grand gangster that acts like a hero and crime simulator. 

Grand Gangster 3D

grand gangster 3D

This game is a complete package of adventures and exuberance that binds users every moment throughout the knockouts. This is an open-world action game of motorbikes and car theft.

There is Sun city, where all the missions and tasks are to be performed. Some ruthless gang mafias and gangsters make this game more mysterious and real by not obligating the rule and regulations of the city. 

Grand gangsters commit many crimes and destroy the peace of the town. They also tease the cops by evading them. This game has excellent visual aid and decent and iconic entities like bad cops, cars, guns, and widened streets. 

The game's theme is stealing cars, and doing this in the presence of police makes this game more challenging. Users also like this game for its soft operating tools, futuristic plans, significant car collections, and the cyber world of crime. 

This game also has other beautiful things, like exploring the different perfect locations. Being chased by the police and destroying their vans is another level of feeling in this game. This game has a logical and advanced concept that knacks users to play it more and more.

Los Angeles Stories 4

los angeles stories 4

This game is an ultimate hub of action and pure adventures. Commenting on crime is accepted as a virtue in this game. The story narrates the existence of a vast city that does not take lovers of calmness and measured life! One after another, gangsters attack the town with real gang mafias. 

Surviving a mess creates a massive struggle in this city. The concept of this game is fantastic, befitting the boss of crime and making it more and more common and popular among the public. The graphics are eye-pleasing, and animated scenes seem realistic and close to accurate. 

Los Angeles attracts the attention of many mafias who want to earn money illegally. In this game, users will come to see one after crime scenes and many dangerous mafias. Commenting on crime is a necessary activity of this game. 

The intensity of such high-level corruption turns the city into a city of sin and vice. Features like passing story missions in new city areas and immersing the character in that atmosphere are huge deals. Dealing with all the competitors and becoming the lenders in a criminal city makes this game innovative and different from others.

Mad City Crime 2

mad city crime 2

This game is fully loaded and organized with many unique features that realistically reproduce the virtual city's characters in a dynamic mode. The main character fights and does offer unbeatable challenges for others to be the ultimate boss of this game. 

This character is designed and developed so that he has a great appetite and desire to earn a name, fame, and fortune in this game. This game has solid graphics and animation, like golden beaches, trees and big roads, winding streets, picturesque seascapes, beautiful girls, luxurious hotels, and rich villas. 

Here users will also face beatifical challenges like shooting, racing, and fighting. The real struggle starts with the implementation of unavoidable risky missions. There is also the availability of an extensive arsenal in this game; to grab those leading characters, one has to earn the virtual money and use that in upgrading that in various customization actions. 

This game contains very colorful locations and luxury buildings. To complete all the missions, what kind of activities are being performed by the characters would be very interesting to know after playing it.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

vegas crime simulator 2

This is purely based upon the story of real gangster mafias. All the mafia in this game try to be the local hero, and they challenge each other to be the king. Users will come to see many adventures and thrilling moments to survive in this game. The characters are ready to face any challenge in this game. 

The game is fully loaded with high-level fights and street challenges. There is also a great collection of customized and boomed cars, weapons, and military bases. Dressing up and changing the outfit of the characters brings more attraction to this game. This game provides a decent look and collection of equipment to impress your enemy. 

The salient features of this game are the customization of characters into a natural look of a gangster mafia. There is also a facility to dress up according to the different situations. It helps the users to create their gang of dangerous and brutal squad members. There are many attractive interfaces in this game. Playing this game is worthwhile because it brings one another to the excitement of completing the missions.



This game provides users the joy of royally riding a great collection of cars and planes. According to the map, this game has a vast and developed city and free sky to move here and there. There is also a facility to buy cars and planes from storage and shops. 

There are some big houses and buildings in this game. This game is designed with a great combination of graphics that every user would like to play repeatedly. This game has many diversities and always lets you feel the real closeness to the GTA. It includes many character-based performances and gives many missions to complete. 

Users can also buy new weapons and can upgrade them too. The graphics are excellent and attractive. The game is power packed with different features of cars, which always accelerate the game in a mysterious direction.

Crazy Miami Online

crazy miami

This game is an open-world game with multiplayer facilities. You can invite your contenders and friends to showcase your skill and talents in this game. This game has a complete collection of racing action, voyage, stylized graphics, and attractive pieces. 

This game includes three huge cities and provides the facility to take a tour of them. There are many unique concepts in this game, like creating a gang in this game. The most exciting part of this game is robbing the bank and snatching the equipment of the police, and then being chased by the police. 

Many advanced and modern weapons make every scene very adventurous in this game. This game also has a military base and an apartment to rob many things. This game is a complete package of racing, adventure, and action accomplishments.

Gangs Town Story

gangs town story

This is also an open-world game with modern upgraded features like shooting, theft, commenting on crime, and being chased by the bad cops. There is also a crime city in this game, where surviving, among many other mafias, is a challenging task to perform. 

If users perform better in this game, they can lead the whole mafia gang and destroy the bad cops. This game also provides you with personal weapons and allows you to be the master of hazardous equipment to be the real hero of your gang. 

Many gangsters and cons will attack the users but taking them as a challenge make these games more exciting and mysterious. In fuji's game, every mafia has its own story, and they are very decent people committing crimes. Shooting, racing, doing street rights, and robbing people are other things you can explore.

Go to the Car, Driving 4 

go to the car, driving 4

This game is an upgraded and developed version of an open-world game about a person whose life is full of countless thrillers and critical conditions because he tries to save pets and animals in this game, like cats, dogs, and many others.

There is also the facility of buying cars and upgrading them with modern and advanced tools. Users can also enjoy flying jets and planes in this game. The central theme of this game is helping the leading characters, from police and bad cops.

The police will try to chase the characters in every mission and will not allow it to destroy the city's peace. This game has many beautiful scenarios, like widened streamers and a great collection of cars, and the structure of attractive buildings, plants, and other articles.

This game also allows users to modify the complete music system according to their taste. This game also has many unique counters, which are rare and uncommon in others.

Cyber World Online

cyber world online

This game reflects users as a king, and there is no extensive interrogation about the king's legacy. This game includes features like developing user-friendly characters and upgrading futuristic tools and weapons.

This game is also open-world and allows users to play with their friends to ruin them ruthlessly. This game has many unique concepts, like becoming the night terror of the city by defeating cyberpunk enemies and completing the missions.

In this game, users have to fight with other mafias, and breaking their bones ensures the game's winning. Users can also collect equipment, weapons, and tackles from their rivals, automatons, and other gang members.

The most significant advances of this game are its visuals in 3D and clear graphics. This game also has very high pixelated objects and exciting background music. Users can create their fancy getups by customizing their clothes and color combination.

GTA Chinatown Wars

GTA Chinatown wars

This game is a natural stimulus for characters ready to avenge their father's murder at any cost. The intense revenge intensity in a very adventurous manner makes these games more mysterious and focused. 

This game has a decent screen playing of the story for searching for a sword that ensures thereanent of gear shifts of the Triad gangs of liberty city by a family. There are also many adversary characters in these games, those who want to spoil the mission but overcount them, and defeating them is the most significant encounter in this game. 

It is an epic storyline with thrilling, dangerous missions and the characters' struggles. This game comes with widescreen resolution support and is also supportable on Android TV devices. This game has lovely graphics, and the distribution of lighting effects makes this game more eye-catching.

Madtown Online

madtown online

This game is an open-source multiplayer shooting and exploratory play. This game has a huge city and an exhibition of a great collection of automobiles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and helicopters.

The most important part of this game is the transformation of characters into characters like cleaners, gang mafia, gangsters, drivers, thieves, tourists, and police officers. There is also the facility of creating a storyline in this game of characters named Sonny, who works as a pizza driver.

They perform a task to be richer; whether they become rich or not is known by the users after playing it. The game's theme is earning money by winning the different challenging missions and using those rewards to upgrade the vans and apartments. 

This game contains a large real estate portion, which makes this game more attractive. These games also allow users to treat their gangs and preside over the area like a kingdom.

This game also has a facility to upgrade your followers' weapons. The unique part of this game is robbing the bank with the best weapons and helmets, and the user can be a billionaire in the game of virtual worlds.

Grand Action Simulator New York Car Gang

grand action simulator

This game is a simulator in a world where characters have to drive a car or motorbike. The way the lead character drives his motorbike astonishes the whole city, and they term the surface as the God of fear. All this happens in the world of one of the safest cities, named New York. 

The character wants to be the real gang mafia and performs every activity like a boss. The graphics are fantastic and attractive to stay in the game. During all this, the character becomes a hero as he commits more and more crimes. Other gag mafias try to challenge the characters, but they badly beat them. 

There are excellent exhibitions of street fights and gang wars in this game. The game also includes a big city and also has mountains. This game's theme is very close to the supercars' theft and ruthlessly completing the missions. 

This game is fully loaded with modern weapons, advanced tools, and power-packed fights. This is also a unique feature called the box feature in this game. Looting boxes and taking down their gang's mafia is another level of unpredictability in this game.


Games similar to GTA are arguably the most common searches, and GTA is well-known for its incredibly popular realistic gameplay, unrivaled graphics, and flawless fluid gameplay. For your convenience, we've put together a list of games like GTA for android. We hope you like it. 


Get your teeth into the top games like GTA, including Saints Row, Red Dead Redemption 2, Watch Dogs, and Lego City Undercover.

Grand Theft Auto V, which comes in first place on the list, represents the pinnacle of the franchise in terms of design, story, and technical skill. Thanks partly to its GTA Online function, the 2013 game has withstood the test of time and is still incredibly popular today.

Free Android software in the "Role Playing" subcategory is GTA: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas.

The State of San Andreas is shown on the GTA San Andreas map. Before the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the map was the largest in the whole series and the largest in the 3D Universe.

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