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Superheroes are fascinating, aren't they? We've all seen superheroes and wished to be one at some point in our lives, but that's not realistic, so we can keep our dreams alive by playing video games in which we can control superheroes and be the hero ourselves. So, here is a list of the best games like rope hero so that you can live all your superhero dreams. 

One such video game featuring a superhero is Rope Hero. In this action-packed game, players have complete control over a superhero with special powers. This game series is a lot of fun and is widely liked by many people. This game along with other best games like rope hero is readily available for download on Android phones and Microsoft PCs.

Best Games Like Rope Hero

There are numerous similar video games currently available online for players to enjoy. If you want to play superhero video games on your phone, you can even go to Frolic and easily download these games. The superhero video games on the list below are all entertaining and certainly the best.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Action-adventure, open world, third-person, single-player, and multiplayer video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. The first main game following Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the seventh game in the Grand Theft Auto series. 

The action occurs in the fictitious metropolis of San Andreas, which is based in California and Nevada. Carl Johnson, also known as "CJ," the main character, returns to his native country following the passing of his mother. 

The game's protagonist discovers his friends and family in disarray and spends the entire time trying to put his group back together, battle dishonest police officials, and find the truth behind his mother's murder.

You can drive any vehicle you encounter in your path while playing the game, and there is a massive range of guns, vehicles, and equipment at your disposal. The main character can sprint, scale walls, jump, and operate various cars and bicycles.

You can explore the area on foot or by vehicle and make a lot of money by completing assignments. Use NPCs and items to advance through the game and demonstrate your driving prowess.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best game to play for entertainment, thanks to improved mechanics, compelling gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and excellent controls.

Dexter: The Game 2

Dexter: The Game 2 is an Action-Adventure, Open World, and Single-player video game based on the Dexter original TV series. 

The game's setting is a fictitious version of Miami that crooks and gangsters have overrun. Assuming the character of the protagonist Dexter Morgan, your primary responsibility is to conduct investigations into crimes on behalf of the police as a blood spatter specialist, interview suspects, look around the area, and gather information.

Investigating crime sites, gathering information, solving puzzles, and wrapping up cases are part of the game. It offers gameplay similar to that of the GTA series. It allows you to control an open environment from a third-person perspective while moving around on foot or in a car while finishing your case to earn money. Your character can walk, run, battle, jump, and even operate a vehicle.

The main character is equipped with detective tools, and his job is to identify the murderer quickly. He can use various tools to interact with the dead body. The essential elements of Dexter: The Game 2 include numerous missions, high-quality graphics, the ability to interact with NPCs, and more. 

Gangstar City

Gangstar City

Gameloft created and released the action, isometric, and single-player video game Gangstar City for the Android operating system. According to the tale, your brother has been abducted by a rival gang. Your ultimate goal is to explore the surroundings, carry out your dirty tasks, engage in combat, and assassinate your adversaries. 

There are numerous stages, and each one features challenging gameplay and a list of tasks that you must finish no matter what. Hollywood and Santa Monica are among the up to four different maps included in the game.

You must liberate the entire city from intruders if you want to become a mobster. You can kill a businessman, rob a bank, and engage in combat with any other player to earn or steal money in the game. Gangstar City is a fantastic game for individuals who wish to play as a gangster because of its captivating gameplay, clever mechanics, and stunning graphics.

Real Gangster Crime 2

Real Gangster Crime 2

Action-Adventure, Open World, Single-player Simulation Real Gangster Crime 2 is developed by Good Thoughts for Android and iOS. This is one of the best games like rope hero is set in a made-up universe that includes eateries, a tourist city, and sand beaches.

The main objective of playing as the unnamed protagonist is to explore the lovely surroundings from a third-person perspective, interact with NPCs, and carry out specific tasks for them. You earn money as you complete objectives in the game.

It offers gameplay that is comparable to the GTA series. You can make money by riding a bike, driving any car, or battling pedestrians. In the game, you play a gangster, and your goal is to execute nefarious tasks to earn money by killing people, stealing cars, and other crimes.

The screen's left-hand corner has a map displaying the protagonist's whereabouts. You can travel across the world on foot or in a car. To kill your victim, use various weapons or engage in direct combat. Actual Gangster Crime 2 is the best video game to play and enjoy since it has a 3D setting, unique features, and excellent gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 

Playable on all platforms, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action-adventure, third-person shooter, and single-player video game. The game features an open-world setting in the fictional Miami vice city. After Tommy Vercetti is released from prison, the novel's protagonist centers on him.

It is the sixth game in the Grand Theft Auto series and its first major release since 2001. After being involved in a drug transaction, the main character sets out to track down those responsible while building a criminal empire and gaining support from other organizations. 

The environment is viewed from a third-person perspective in this game, providing a selection of vehicles and weaponry. From a third-person perspective, the player can travel by foot or automobile.

The player's goal is to finish a series of tasks to gain points while fending off attackers with weapons, melee attacks, explosives, and firearms. The player can buy multiple homes, tools, and weapons when they get enough money. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the best video game to play and enjoy since it has top-notch graphics, a rich environment, exciting gameplay, and a fantastic plot.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Action-Adventure, Open World, Third-person Exploration, Single-player video game Gangstar Rio: the City of Saints was created and released by Gameloft. The game is set in the present day in Brazil and focuses on Raul, the main character and an assassin's guild member.

As the main character, you must move around the world in the third person, either on foot or by vehicle, utilize a range of weaponry to kill foes, and finish several tasks to advance the plot.

The left-hand corner of the screen in the game has a map that displays the protagonist's current location and the exact places he needs to go. Similar to the GTA series, the game also has a police element.

When they notice some criminal activity, the police begin to pursue you and eventually capture you. You can buy your character new clothes, weapons, and homes if you have accumulated enough points. City of Saints by Gangstar Rio is a fantastic game to play and enjoy.



Rockstar Games created the open-world RPG action game Bully. Jimmy, the game's protagonist, confronts every bully in Bullworth Academy. He works extremely hard to bring peace and protect everyone weaker from bullies.

Bully features a third-person viewpoint and lets you move around the game's environment, mostly on foot, bicycle, or on a skateboard. Your goal is to take on the character of Jimmy, enroll in Bullworth Academy, identify all bullies, and force them to study the most difficult lessons possible to stop bullying

Your primary goal is to make the academy peaceful and to stand up for all the bullied people as the only real savior. In addition to regular bully-hunting routines, you must attend class, hang out with your pals, and act like a typical student. 

Bully has a multiplayer option where you may compete against other players for higher ranks. If you haven't already, try it out and enjoy kicking bullies.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Action-Adventure, Top-down, and open-world video game Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. The first game on the Nintendo DS is the thirteenth game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

The game uses a top-down perspective to navigate the world rather than the third-person viewpoint. In contrast to earlier games, the player can escape by disabling many police cars rather than leaving the Wanted Zone.

Huang Lee, the title character and pampered son of the dead Triad ruler, arrives by plane in the imaginary Liberty City as the story's fascinating protagonist. The protagonist must complete various challenging missions to advance in the game and earn money. The player can assume this role at the beginning of the game.

On foot or in a vehicle, the player can control the environment. He can communicate with non-player characters and carry out tasks for them to earn money. Many weapons that you can use throughout the game to kill adversaries. It's preferable to play Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III, created by DMA Design and released by Rockstar Games, combines Action-Adventure, open-world, Third-person Shooter, and exploration features. The game, the fifth installment in the well-known GTA series, contains a single-player component. It happens in the made-up city of Liberty, which is modeled in New York City.

The protagonist, Claude, who is left for dead and rises to become the boss of a corrupt and criminal underworld, is at the story's center. You take on the role of the protagonist and can travel on foot or by vehicle while viewing the world from a third-person perspective. 

You can move throughout the three islands-filled open worlds without restriction. You have to perform various complex tasks in the gameplay, and each mission has a set of objectives. To advance through the game, you can drive, jump, run, walk, and fight through various tasks. 

You can also use a sizable arsenal of weapons to defeat enemies and complete missions so that you can earn money. You engage in combat using melee weapons, bombs, and guns. The third installment of the Grand Theft Auto series is the most compelling and action-packed.

Part-time UFO

A physics-based puzzle video game called Part Time UFO was created and released by HAL Laboratory. On November 14, 2017, it was made available on Android and iOS in Japan, and then on February 26, 2018, it became global.

Each task entails utilizing the claw to pick up and lift objects, carry them and set them down in specific locations. These might entail assisting a museum curator put together a dinosaur skeleton, arranging cheerleaders into a pyramid, or loading a farmer's harvest into his truck.

When a specific object is needed to do the task, it will blink, and an on-screen counter will reveal how many more need to be placed. When adding things to many puzzles, it's essential to distribute the weight evenly because unbalanced constructions can collapse under their weight and need to be rebuilt.

Jobs' flight can also be impacted by an object's weight, making it challenging to carry without dropping it or running into other things. You must finish each task to get bonus points within the allotted time frame; the amount of time increases somewhat when an object is placed in the scoring zone.



In the racing game MouseBot, you take on the role of a mechanical mouse and attempt to navigate your way out of several mazes full of traps. Your goal in this game is to cross the finish line unharmed and intact while acquiring as much cheese as possible. 

MouseBot features basic controls: to turn the mouse, tap on either side of the screen. After the second chapter of the game, a jump button is added, allowing you to jump over ground obstacles like rolling logs.

More than sixty distinct circuits make up MouseBot, and they are all categorized into chapters that you can access as you advance. You'll need to avoid various traps, including axes, spikes, crushing slabs, logs, etc.

Additionally, you may personalize your robotic mouse and unlock a variety of goods by using the cheese you find along the path. Collect and mix skin type, wig, hat, and additional colors.

A fun racing arcade game with excellent visuals and controls that is ideal for touchscreen devices is called MouseBot. In addition, you can play with a gamepad and change the rules in the options menu.

Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight

Stickman Legends is an offline, free-to-play game that combines player vs. player, action, and role-playing games (RPGs) in a shadow battling stickman style (PvP). Enter the heroic shadow battle, and the game transport you to an epic fantasy shadow war where you'll have to battle several nasty foes, monsters, and bosses. 

Get ready to become the following Shadow Legends and the best stickman shadow fighter in Stickman Legends World! Dress up as a dark knight in each shadow combat who must battle a terrifying league of monsters while on a mission to conquer the dark realm.

To rid the fantasy realm of Shadow Battles, crush the foes, and humiliate wicked monsters in fighting games! Lion-Heart Swordsman, Legendary Shadow Warrior, Elite Archer Hunter, and Shadow Hunter are just a few of the many shadow combat warriors available. 

All you have to do is practice martial arts with your formidable stickman shadow fighters and slay every enemy in Shadow of War. To advance your elite shadow warrior, battle wisely and expertly.

Challenge other players' avatars and claim one of the top 100 leaderboard positions in the Arena with these incredible stickman shadow warriors. Stickman Legends' captivating graphics and audio effects will astound you. 

In the epic battle of shadows, assume the role of a dark knight, seize the dark sword, and instantly dispatch the demons! You can play Stickman Legends without an Internet connection whenever and anywhere you choose. Enter the never-ending struggle of the shadows.

TeamFight Tactics

TeamFight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics, a game with auto battles, was produced and released by Riot Games (TFT). Players compete online against seven other opponents by assembling a team to be the last one standing in this League of Legends spinoff game based on Dota Auto Chess.

The game has several play modes, including Normal, Ranked, HyperRoll, and Double Up, which was just released. While most of these modes pit players against seven other opponents, the unique game option Double Up pits players against six other players who make up three different teams.

In March 2020, the game's League of Legends game mode for Android was introduced, allowing for cross-platform play. There are stages and rounds in the game. Except for stage 1, each step consists of seven rounds.

Three rounds of adversaries controlled by a computer make up Stage 1. The "Carousel" feature allows players to choose from a free rotation of units with randomly equipped items during the fourth round of each stage. 

The two players with the lowest health during these shared rounds get to pick their units first, the following two players, and so on. The game will randomly select the order of players if their health points are close to one another.

Players will come up against foes controlled by a computer in the final round of each round. Because Teamfight Tactics is a League of Legends game mode, its patch numbering is consistent with its parent game rather than being marked differently.

Russian Driver

Experience an adventure in the 90s-inspired setting of the racing game Russian Driver. You will have several possibilities to show your driving prowess as a professional racer when you play this game.

Players will have the chance to purchase various cars, each of which has unique features and applications. Utilize your expertise in driving to fulfill multiple tasks. Earn money and keep your vehicles upgraded. You can satisfy your racing prowess in those incredibly thrilling races.

You have the chance to own more than 20 different types of uncommon automobiles by playing this game. It might include pickup trucks, vehicles, motorcycles, and more. Each variety will have various traits and functions.

Select the appropriate vehicle for you based on the mission, fighting area, and task you are undertaking. Follow it during the race; you can unlock more cars if you win. In Russian Driver, you must complete various objectives with varying difficulty.

Of course, there are different obstacles and problems with every challenge. But one thing is sure players will devote all their attention to our present difficulties. In particular, the story mode has intriguing challenges that will gradually get harder. 

Put your best effort into the task to ensure you can prevail at any cost. Players won't be able to receive or use much-different capital until after that.

Bloody Harry

Bloody Harry

Bloody Harry is a game developed by Lopens and was released on July 11, 2013. This chef takes his organic food recipes seriously. There is an endless supply of weapons, ammunition, and justifications for chopping, smashing, and shooting them to pieces.

You'll eventually move up the career ladder on the global high score list as you battle through the hordes of vile creatures. Along the way, you'll encounter enormous boss zombies who might devour all of your ammunition before coming back as dessert. Do you say it sounds good? It is!


  • Continual Amusement
  • 15 upgraded weapons
  • Cool Power-Ups and more - Support for Games and Game Centers (depending on platform)
  • Awesome music and SFX 
  • Objectives and Rewards
  • Upgrades and benefits

Crime City

Crime City

The list of games like Rope Hero is incomplete without mentioning Crime City. Action-adventure and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing video game developer Funzio Games created and released Crime City.

The player assumes the character of a criminal in this game, and his primary goal is to amass enough cash by engaging in various criminal actions to establish his criminal empire. 

In the game, the player can join the most deadly mafia organization in the world and carry out various tasks, like robbing banks, killing innocent people, and battling his neighbor. The game has a real-time warfare system that enables players to compete against one another throughout the globe and rise to the position of the global mafia king.

A wide variety of weapons, including machine guns, shotguns, and other melee weapons, are available in the game. This allows the player to freely go throughout the game world on foot or in a car. 

The critical elements of Crime City include:

  • Many modes, monthly events, and numerous achievements to earn.
  • Different types of vehicles.
  • Great gameplay.
  • A compelling plot.
  • Engrossing background music and stunning visual details.

One of the top mobile role-playing games is called Crime City. 

Mafia Rush

Mafia Rush

Gamey has unveiled Mafia Rush, an action-adventure, role-playing, third-person shooter, and single-player video game. The goal of the player in this game, which lets them assume the position of a Mafia boss, is to become the most powerful Don in the world. 

The four challenging game modes are Attack, Robbery, Survival, and Defend. There are several tasks in each game mode. In the endless waves of adversaries encountered in the Survival mode, the player is given the option to use their weapons to survive as long as they can.

In robbery mode, the player can get to his location by stealing money from the bank. But it's not so simple because the moment the player may steal money, various opponents and the cops come after them to murder them. Each completed operation offers a sizable reward that will aid the player in building his criminal empire. 

Mafia Rush includes essential features like unlocking new weapons, improving your character, gathering power-ups, exploring various locations, engaging in exciting activities, and enjoying gorgeous graphic aspects.

Edge of Tomorrow's Game

Edge of Tomorrow's Game

Warner Bros. has released a single-player, arcade, action-adventure, sci-fi, shooter, and combat video game, Edge of Tomorrow. The game is set in a dystopian future where an extraterrestrial entity strikes the Earth and exterminates humanity to rule over it. 

In this game, the player assumes the character of a military force member who is the game's protagonist. The player can begin their quest to save Earth from the alien invasion. When trying games like Rope Hero, you should definitely try Edge of Tomorrow’s game.

According to the gameplay, the player must kill every enemy creature to win the game. To do this, they must freely explore the game's virtual world, interact with it, and utilize a variety of modern weaponry. The game includes several missions, and the player may encounter stronger foes in each task than in the previous one. 

A wide variety of weaponry, power-ups, upgrades, simple controls, outstanding graphic elements, ease of play, fantastic game mechanics, and dynamic music are just a few of the essential characteristics of the Edge of Tomorrow Game. Edge of Tomorrow is among the top compared to other games in the same genre. 

Guerrilla Bob

Guerrilla Bob

Anger Mob Games created Guerrilla Bob for several operating systems, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, etc. It is a cooperative, single-player, shooter, arcade, action-adventure, and multiplayer video game.

It is a challenging, action-packed shooting game where the player controls Guerrilla Bob, a protagonist who can traverse several game worlds and obliterate every opponent monster.

According to the gameplay, the player can adopt a third-person perspective, move about the game area at will, gather power-ups, employ weapons, and finish tasks to advance.

Several game modes are available in Guerrilla Bob, including Survival Mode, Story Campaign, Attack, Arcade, and Defense. Different game modes offer various settings with increasingly potent adversaries. 

Additionally, the game has a multiplayer co-op option that enables a player to play with a friend and have fun together. The amazing graphics, impressive gameplay, and fantastic game mechanics of Guerrilla Bob are all featured.

Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies is a single-player, adventure-based, isometric shooter video game developed and released by Halfbrick Studios. The protagonist of this game is Commando Barry Steakfries, who sets off on an expedition to save his home planet.

The planet has allegedly been attacked by an unidentified virus that has turned everyone into bloodthirsty zombies. 

The player's ultimate goal is to use his weaponry to destroy every hostile creature while rescuing other players. It offers a variety of challenges, and each problematic plan will bring a more significant wave of zombies, making the game harder. The player can proceed by gathering a power shield, weapons, and power-ups during gameplay. 

Age of Zombies is a thrilling game with action-packed gameplay that fully immerses players in an excellent gaming environment. The game features fun gameplay, a compelling plot, upbeat background music, and stunning visual details, and is one of the best games like rope hero. For more horror games for android, click here

Anger of Stick 5

Anger of Stick 5

J-Park created the single-player, combat, and side-scrolling video game Anger of Stick 5. The game's plot states that an unidentified enemy group has entered the city and is using its residents as test subjects for experiments that will convert them into vicious zombies. 

This game allows a player as the hero character and embarks on an adventure to protect the weak and eliminate all the hostile animals. To advance, the player can go from left to right, demolish everything, gather yellow coins, engage in combat, and eliminate every enemy monster.

The game enables the user to acquire weapons and improve skills to aid them while playing after completing a certain number of missions. The fundamental components of Anger of Stick 5 include:

  • Two distinct gaming modes.
  • Intense fighting, simple controls.
  • A variety of weaponry.
  • Outstanding gameplay.
  • A compelling narrative.
  • Improved game mechanics and stunning visual elements. 

Anger of Stick 5 is a fantastic game to play and enjoy!

Armed and Dangerous

The list of games like Rope Hero is incomplete without mentioning Armed and Dangerour. This action-adventure, first-person and third-person shooter, single-player, and multiplayer computer games Armed and Dangerous were created by Planet Moon Studios and released by LucasArts. 

The game stars well-known actors and voice actors, including Toney Jay as the villain King Forge; John Mariano, Jeff Bennett, and Pat Fraley as Jonesy and Q; and Brain George as the main protagonist, Roman.

The user can select a character and enter the hostile game world according to the gameplay. The player must locate and destroy all aggressive monsters to save the innocent. The player can freely walk around the game globe while playing, gather weapons, and eliminate every hostile monster to advance.

RopeFrog Ninja Hero- Strange Gangster Vegas

RopeFrog Ninja Hero- Strange Gangster Vegas

Action, City Simulator, Third-person perspective, and single-player video game Rope Frog Ninja Hero-Strange Gangster Vegas are created by Assassin Games. The FPS version is set in Las Vegas, and you take on the role of a protagonist who does whatever he pleases, including beating and shooting people when necessary. 

You can work as a professional, a hairdresser, a fashion designer, a bus driver, or a firefighter to make money. You can also help the police department.

Offer your assistance to others to open new levels, take on new challenges to win points and lives, and perform several tasks to finish various missions. Fly through the air while sneaking through the city to apprehend thugs and goons while using your money to aid the underprivileged. 

Updated vehicles, new trucks, and bikes are among the new features. You may also compete in drift racing events and discover the highlights of this trip. Alter the Eskimo's color to better match the character's armor, among other options.

Retro City Rampage

The Action-Adventure, Open-World, Single-Player video game Retro City Rampage was created and released by Vblank Entertainment. The Grand Theft Auto video game by Rockstar Games, in which the player can complete several tasks throughout a sizable metropolis, served as the inspiration for the gameplay.

Choose one of the many playable characters, then venture into the world to make money. The player can freely move around the game world, follow the map, and travel to the designated place to complete the assignment. Retro City Rampage contains more than 50 tasks that you may complete and 30 levels, each with its challenges and foes.

The player can unlock new vehicles, guns, and other items if they have amassed sufficient money. The game has essential components, including numerous modes, a top-down view, various regions to explore, easy controls, and outstanding 2D graphics. The game was fantastic to play, and the participants loved it.

Gangstar Rio: The City of Saints

Action-adventure, open-world, third-person shooter, and single-player video game Gangstar Rio: the City of Saints was created and released by Gameloft. The fourth significant game in the Gangstar franchise is set in contemporary Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Raul, a member of the Assassin's gang, is the focus of the game's plot. He tries to escape the group in a car with his lover Ana, but a bomb gravely hurts them. The player's primary objective in this game is to track down Ana's murderer.

The game offers comparable gameplay to the Grand Theft Auto series, allowing the user to adopt a third-person perspective while exploring an expansive open world. There are several objectives in the game.

To complete each one, the player must travel to the necessary locations on foot or by vehicle, engage with other game characters, use weapons, and kill numerous hostile animals. The prize for each mission accomplished is money, which the player can use to acquire new weapons and develop his character. 

The player can also acquire new missions as the game progresses, adding to the intrigue of the experience. A stunning gaming backdrop, improved gameplay, and captivating gameplay are all features of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.

Final Words

These best games like rope hero are fun to play and include a variety of modes and features, which makes them appealing to players. Players become addicted to this game as a result of its distinctive features. Many elements of these games are similar. Download these games right away, play them, and have the time of your life!


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