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Craps is the world's most familiar dice game and is played in every land-based casino and online. This one is a game of pure chance and is well-loved by players since it has a low house benefit, and even total novices can win if they are lucky enough. If you are new to the craps world, here is an article with all about how to play craps, rules, and strategies. 

Craps is a dice pastime in which players bet on a pair of dice outcomes. Players can risk money against each other (playing "street craps") or against a jackpot ("casino craps"). You can play "Street craps" in informal settings, requiring little equipment. While playing craps, players may use slang or jargon to place bets and take action. Its other name is Seven Eleven. Continue reading to know all about the game rules. 

Why Should You Play Craps: Beginner?

how to play craps

There are long, profitable streaks in craps. A shooter will hold the dice for an associate's degree hour, and everybody at the table cleans up. Once you discover how to acknowledge these streaks by charting the tables, you'll be able to suspend on and gamble with black chips before you know it!

Craps is a people-oriented game. You'll be able to check with the gamblers next to you and also with the dealers. Check with everyone if they are sensible shooters. Where else can you make friends and cash at a similar time?

The player controls the sport. You'll get different dice, set them up the way you want before shooting, bargain with the dealers for better odds than the public, get the table limit suspended, and make unadvertised "call" bets!

Craps permit dozens of various bets at a similar time. Unlike a static game like blackjack which revolves around one ante bet and presumably a facet bet or two on each deal—craps could be a four-dimensional affair.

Along with the fundamental pass, players will place any number of "single-roll" bets before the shooter tosses the dice. Single-roll chances like "snake eyes (2)," "boxcars" (12), and any seven area units are all long shots. And if you're feeling up to the challenge, you'll place chips on all of them quickly.

You can increase your cash by 900% in just two rolls. Bet only one dollar on the two or twelve. If it wins, you get $20. Let the $20 ride; if it wins, you get $900. In a minute, you've turned $1 into $900! It isn't definite. However, where else can you probably win this type of cash in such a brief amount of time?

Basic Rules

how to play craps

In order to understand how to play craps, it is essential to understand the basic rules. 

  • All craps games begin with a pass-line bet. A craps player must decide whether they believe the dice will land on a total of seven or eleven to win ('pass the line') or lose by landing on a pair of three, four, or twelve.
  • The base dealers take all passed bets and add them to the craps table as it is one of the essential parts of it.
  • The shooter starts the craps game with the primary roll of the dice, referred to as the "come out roll."
  • If the dice land on seven or eleven, pass line bettors win their wager. Alternately, if the dice land on a combined pair of 3, or 12, do not pass; bettors win. The dice land on the other numbers, establishing a "point" on the craps table, and the game continues.
  • Once a degree (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) is about on the craps table, the craps players will stake the dice, either landing on purpose, landing on entirely different numbers, or losing utterly by landing on seven.
  • The shooter rolls the dice till they land a seven, or the purpose. If the shooter lands the goal, they continue to be the shooter in the next craps game. If they roll a seven, the shooter's sevens out, and a brand new craps player becomes the shooter.

How to Play Craps

Craps rules

Now, when you are almost aware of the rules of craps, we will lead you on with how to play craps. Craps have a lot of exciting aspects to them. Craps are played by rolling a number (a point) with two dice and then rolling that same number again before a seven is rolled.

The person who rolls the dice at the craps table is called "the shooter." When a number is denoted by "pucks," it indicates that the number is the "point" of the game. The shooter is attempting to make this number before seven rolls.

If a point is scored, the puck is turned "off," and the shooter attempts another shot. It is now referred to as a "come out roll." A "come out roll" indicates that the game has just begun and no point has been established.

The point of the game is reached if the next number rolled is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. The shooter attempts another point before seven. We call it a "seven out" if seven rolls come before the point. When the shooter loses control of the dice, we pass it to the next shooter. A new shooter makes a point and then attempts to make it before a seven, just like the previous shooter.

Strategies for Craps 

Strategies for Craps 

Now that you know the rules and how to play craps, let’s have a look at some strategies. The best plans are those that you can easily understand and use in your play to win.

Iron Cross

Strategies for Craps 

The Craps Iron Cross strategy relies on a Pass Line bet, Place bets, and a Field bet.

The Iron Cross works best if the purpose is five, six, or eight. The explanation is that it's the most affordable setup.

The result of the mistreatment of Iron Cross is that you can't win on ANY range except seven. The field bet covers two, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12, whereas your house bets cover the missing two, and the purpose (your Pass bet) covers the last range.

Iron Cross in small stages:

  1. You bet on the pass line.
  2. Roll a dice square measure until a degree is reached.
  3. You place a field bet.
  4. You place bets on the numbers not lined up by the sphere or the purpose.
  5. Dice are rolled, and you'll win if they show anything other than a seven.

Three-Purpose Molly

Strategies for Craps 

This craps-indulgent strategy uses the Pass Line bet and the Come Back bet.

The "purpose" of this strategy is to secure your Pass Line bet, as a comeback bet is paid on a seven or eleven, numbers that a Pass Line bet can lose when the purpose is established.

The comeback bets ought to be competitive with a similar bet as the pass line bet. For instance, if you've got one unit on the Pass Line and double odds behind that, that's what every purpose ought to have.

Three-purpose bet bit-by-bit:

  1. You bet on the pass line.
  2. Roll a dice square measure until a degree is reached.
  3. You place a comeback bet.
  4. Your comeback bet is placed on variety.
  5. Make another comeback wager.
  6. The second comeback bet is placed on variety.
  7. If one of your comeback bets wins, place a replacement one.
  8. The sphere is competing until a seven is hit.


Strategies for Craps 

The name of this strategy gives a hint as to how to use it. It's based on placing a Pass Line bet and then betting on the inside place bets (5, 6, 8, and 9) to cover all of them. If your point is on an inside number, there's no need to put a bet. The bet amount on these bets adds up to $22, hence the name. 

Inside 22, step-by-step:

  1. You bet on the pass line. 
  2. Dice are tossed until a point is hit. 
  3. Put one unit on all inside place bets (5, 6, 8, 9). 
  4. Dice are rolled, and you'll win on any of these numbers. 

Bonus Strategy: Pass Line Stacking!

This is a lot more of a tip than a technique per se. However, it would help if you remembered that in the "come out roll," rolling a seven can pay even cash. Since you're simply trying to get a degree, you essentially got free cash from the casino! Stack that cash right on top of your pass line bet, and you've doubled it!

If you win, you'll get a far higher payout, whereas if you lose, you'll solely lose your pass line bet from your bankroll. The opposite is simply cash that came from the house and went back to the house. No harm, no foul.

Tips to Play Craps

How to Play craps

After knowing the basic rules, and strategies, you might be well equipped with the knowledge of how to play craps. Here are some effective tips to help you win the game. 

Always Take the Percentage Bet

This kind has a zero house edge, which implies that a casino has no advantage over you. As you will have patterned, it's a relatively rare occasion, and you'd better profit from it as frequently as possible.

Don't Take Proposition Bets

Props mean wagering on the results of the next roll. They add excitement to the sport but don't seem to be profitable because the house edge rises to thirteen, 98%. It's strongly suggested not to take these bets while being a novice at craps.

Don't take massive six and large eight bets. These wagers imply that you will roll five or eight before seven. Compared to the place bets on vi and eight, massive eight and large eight have a far worse payout: 7:6 and 1:1, severally.

Look for an Expert Player

While you may be new to craps, most players at the table will be older. You will spot the most intimate player because of an enormous pile of chips nearby. You'll be able to mimic such customers for a moment and use their expertise to your advantage. Doing this for an extended time could also be considered rude, so prepare to think when noticing some patterns.

Do Not Mention the Number Seven

It's thought-about ill luck. If somebody says "7," it's not uncommon for several players to walk away from a table. If you wish to discuss it with seven, say "it." Some players like to say "devil."

Set a Loss Limit

Before you start having fun with it, unless you've got unlimited cash, which may be a rare occasion, it's essential to stay within your budget. If you're set to pay $200 in a very high casino nowadays, go forth after you reach your all-time low and don't reminisce.

Divide Your Balance into Components

This way, it'll be easier to research. It's simply a mind trick that enables you to ascertain whether or not you're at risk of exhausting your funds.

Quit the Sport While You're Ahead

Since the casino has the advantage over players in the long term, you increase the likelihood of losing by enjoying additional. If you were lucky enough to win a large sum of cash, consider quitting the casino. If it's not your enjoyment method, you'll play solely with your winnings, which might also be affordable.

Learn the table before playing the sport. Observe, however, how completely different players throw the dice. Some of them might need a lot more dice management than others.


Craps is a fascinating game and is the best pick if you love playing casino games. With adequate knowledge of the craps rules, strategies, and tips, you can be a master of the game. We hope you have enjoyed being with us for this and learned how to play craps and also ace it. If you do not want to directly start it from casinos, you can practice the game online at home, and when comfortable enough you can hit the casino tables. Now start the game and let the fun begin. 


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