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If this is your first time joining the battle royale on Fortnite, it would be in your best interest to get some suggestions from more experienced players before you jump in. Of course, at this point, everyone is familiar with the basic premise of this kind of game, in which the objective is to play as long as possible and eliminate the other players until only you are left standing. 

In case you've never played before, it's natural to feel intimidated by the idea of signing up. After all, you'll join a community of millions of players who have spent months or even years getting better. But they say, "Don't sweat the small stuff" and "Just do it; you might be pleasantly surprised!" So here’s how to play Fortnite.

How To Play Fortnite For Beginners 

To ensure you have firm footing once you get on the island, here’s a compiled helpful Fortnite beginner's tutorial to provide you with the fundamentals. Our team have put in hundreds of hours playing the game, and they've pooled their knowledge to bring you what people think is the most useful information about how to play Fortnite. When you hop on the battle bus with 99 other players, you'll be ready to go in with all guns blazing.

Even though the island has changed a lot over the years, the game's basic rules haven't changed much. This beginner's guide to Fortnite will help you get started and on your way to your first Victory Royale as the game continues to grow with Season 3. So take your seat on the combat bus, thank the driver, and get ready to jump into action as you read on to learn a ton of helpful Fortnite strategies that will show you how to play the game to your abilities. Keep reading to know all about how to play Fortnite.

The Items You Find on Spawn Island are not Yours to Keep

The Items You Find on Spawn Island are not Yours to Keep

All sorts of weapons, ammunition, and construction supplies lie around Spawn Island, just waiting to be plucked up. Of course, you can pick them up, but they won't be able to travel with you once you enter the Fortnite game world. 

Though you might just spend a minute or so before the game reaches 100 players, think of Spawn Island as your training ground for Fortnite. If you're feeling very pacifistic, you might always try your hand at constructing a temporary sniping shack, from which you can fire harmlessly at anyone in the area.

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Hold off on Jumping from the Battle Bus for as Long as Possible

The horn will honk as soon as you can exit the Battle Bus onto the playing field below, but you should fight the impulse to jump in with the other players. Instead, hold your breath until There are just three seconds left until the Battle Bus lands. 

There will be less competition for landing spots, making it less likely that you'll get shot in the first two minutes of the fight and easier to find useful items. You should direct your glide towards a building if you're hoping to find a chest or at least some common items, as there's a good possibility they'll be inside. You can enter by smashing the ceiling with a pickaxe.

Your Glider will Deploy Mechanically 

You can't force your glider to open later when falling from the Battle Bus; it opens automatically once you reach a particular height above the ground. To sum up, that's the whole deal. It won't unfold until you've touched down, so you should hurry to the nearest building once you do.

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Down Some Smaller Shield Potions, and then Chug a Big One

There are both little blue bottles (providing 25 shields) and giant blue bottles (granting 50 shields) strewn over the map (the same button you use for firing your gun). If your shield is already at level 50 or higher, don't waste a valuable inventory slot by holding on to those small bottles any longer than necessary; drink them up! 

You can drink huge shield potions regardless of your current shield level, so if you only have one, go ahead and open it and consume it as quickly as possible.

A Decent First Weapon is an Assault Rifle or Submachine Gun

When first starting in Fortnite, it's best to use basic weapons like assault rifles and SMGs. Although you should keep a sniper rifle on hand, you should avoid using it in close quarters unless necessary. 

When learning to play Fortnite, it's also important to remember that the shotgun should be your primary weapon when engaging an opponent from close range. In addition, keep a shotgun handy when investigating houses, basements, or any other enclosed areas since, surprise, shotguns deal a lot of damage and can kill in a single blast.

Keep an Eye on the Rarity Index

The most prevalent colour for firearms is grey, blue, purple, and gold. So don't pass up a chance to pick up a gold gun if you find one lying around. When you press Up on the D-pad, your inventory will appear, and if you move the cursor over the weapons, you'll get their damage ratings.

Listen while Playing Games on Headphones

Listen while Playing Games on Headphones 

The difference between staying alive and getting respawned in Fortnite often comes down to a player's ability to hear footsteps (or, more frequently, gunfire) and pinpoint their location. Knowing which way the enemy is coming from can buy you valuable seconds, giving you time to switch to a shotgun or build a quick cover. 

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You Need to Find Someplace Safe to Heal

You Need to Find Someplace Safe to Heal 

And while you're on the topic of construction, it’s highly recommended to erect some protective barriers before beginning the healing process. The time it takes to use a healing or shield potion is precious, and it can be up to ten seconds for a large healing kit, during which you can't move, shoot, or do much of anything besides spin the camera around. 

Therefore, you are extremely defenceless, and those walls will prevent gunshots from striking your face. No need to choose a level area because you can easily clip walls into cliffs and slopes.

You can Expect Damage from Drops Above Three Stories

Building ramps downward or sliding down hills or cliffs is preferable to jumping from great heights, as falling from above three stories (three of the normal walls, one above the other) will take a significant portion of your health.

Get the Upper Hand Whenever Possible in a Confrontation

When things get dicey, and you find yourself in a gunfight with one of the hundred people scurrying across the map, you'll want to be as high up as possible. Not in that sense. Make sure you're in the air by building ramps up to the sky or by jumping over and over again to go above your opponent (which has the added bonus of making you harder to hit). 

To defend yourself effectively, you should construct a square of walls around you and a ramp leading up to the wall that faces your foe. With this, you'll have a sturdy perch from which to snipe and a convenient place to take cover while you reload. Next, use the same building method (jump to build below your feet) to build a tower that gets higher and higher until you are on top of the situation and can wipe out your enemies with your better firepower. 

Stock Your Bag with Grenades, Bandages, and Shield Potions

Stock Your Bag with Grenades, Bandages, and Shield Potions 

You should include one of the tools mentioned above in your arsenal. For example, if you throw a grenade near the base of your enemy's cover, you can blow a hole in it and expose your troops. The rest will collapse when you take away the foundation, exposing them to your gunfire. 

In a tight spot, having extra healing and shields can help you keep fighting, and you can always give them to a friend in the team who needs immediate medical attention.

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Leave Some Trees Standing

Cutting down trees with a pickaxe is necessary to obtain wood for use in construction, but you shouldn't go crazy. Instead, stop when the tree's hit bar has 50 health remaining, making it easier for other players to monitor your movements and find you.

No longer can One Purchase a Bomb that isn't Like Any Other

No longer can One Purchase a Bomb that isn't Like Any Other 

Smoke bombs, boogie bombs, stink bombs, and shadow bombs are a few examples of the many experimental explosives we've tried in the past, and they can be hard to keep straight. In Chapter 3, however, the situation is greatly simplified because people know how regular grenades function. 

At the moment, your only option for throwing bombs is the trusty ol' grenade, but only time will tell if other types of bombs come back.

Activate the Correct Mode in the Lobby

Every time you start up the game, it will attempt to place you in a random squad already in progress. You can easily switch between solo and pair play by toggling the mode. No matter your mode, "Play!" will appear above the main menu.

When you crouch, your feet create less of a sound

When you crouch, your feet create less of a sound

Being stealthy is a wonderful way to get the upper hand in a Battle Royale game, and those who master the art of sneaking usually come out on top. But, Of course, staying out of sight is part of the challenge.

However, you can make far less noise when moving crouching than when running. If you can detect an attacker's presence, you'll have more time to move to a safer location.

You can Only Obtain the Most Benefits by Purchasing the Battle Pass

You can Only Obtain the Most Benefits by Purchasing the Battle Pass 

You can obtain some benefits without spending money, but the Battle Pass is required to unlock the greatest skins and other things. You'll need to purchase the cheapest V-Bucks bundle ($9.99/£7.99) to pay for it, as it costs 950 V-Bucks. Then, when you're ready to start earning some cash, all you have to do is play the game and complete as many tasks as possible.

A Pickaxe can Smash (nearly) Everything 

A Pickaxe can Smash (nearly) Everything 

Don't worry if you find yourself within a structure or believe you've become trapped inside one. With your trusty pickaxe, you can bash your way through (nearly) anything. However, take your time getting out of your predicament; the red circle warning icon indicates you're generating noise that can be heard by anyone close.

You can Customize Your Appearance in the Locker with Skins, Stickers, and Emojis 

You can Customize Your Appearance in the Locker with Skins, Stickers, and Emojis 

Your Locker is where you keep all of your custom content, including skins, banner icons, gliders, harvesting tools, loading screens, contrails, emotes, dances, sprays, and more. You can modify them here before every encounter, but once you drop in, you won't be able to adjust your appearance or equipment.

Play Around with the Map in Battle Lab Mode

Play Around with the Map in Battle Lab Mode 

Learning the map is a crucial step toward becoming a better Fortnite player. Jumping, However, jumpingblic games and fighting against 99 other players might grow tiresome if you're not winning, so if you'd rather explore the area at your own pace, switch to Battle Lab mode and select Create A Custom Game. Custom game. Custom game. Custom game. 

Battle Lab You are free to roam the entire Battle Royale island, from Slurpy Swamp to Steamy Stacks and beyond. The Battle Lab is the only place where you can reliably find every chest and vehicle in the game, so you can prepare for real-world play by learning the most likely areas to find each type of chest and establishing your favorites.

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Train Yourself to Gather Resources while You're on the Move

Train Yourself to Gather Resources while You're on the Move 

While the more accurate player will usually win a gunfight, it's crucial to construct advantageous structures. However, you can't start constructing until you have the materials; you can only get those by gathering resources. 

The most prevalent material is wood, which can be used to make anything from furniture to trees and plants. Try different buildings to see which ones yield the most resources, and then harvest those buildings en route to other locations.

Tips And Tricks to Win Fortnite

Tips And Tricks to Win Fortnite

Now that you know how to play Fortnite, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks to win the game. 

Reduce the Amount of Noise You Make

Reduce the Amount of Noise You Make

Keeping the volume down is one of the most crucial pieces of advice for Fortnite. Even if you're loaded with amazing gear, a neighboring player with halfway decent headphones has a huge edge.

Running is significantly noisier than walking or crouching and releases obvious puffs of smoke into your trail, so do your best to avoid doing so and keep your surroundings secure when you're using your pickaxe for construction or resource gathering. It's important to remember that other players can hear you swapping weapons.

Prepare to be Paranoid

Prepare to be Paranoid

Honestly, though, you need to be on the lookout constantly. No one with a weak stomach should play this. Important advice for Fortnite includes never letting your guard down because you never know when another player is lurking around the corner with a pump-action shotgun just waiting to make dinner plans with you. 

If there's a very soft sound, be patient. Afterward, there will be more waiting. If you let your guard down for even a moment, you'll be mercilessly murdered and sent back to the lobby screen, where your pain and frustration will only increase.

Games like Fortnite Battle Royale aren't only about your shooting skills but also a mental challenge. You can infer that someone else has had the same idea if you find a nice piece of cover to peer out over the circle's border. If you have only just barely made it there yourself, know that there are many more players who are also desperately trying to make their way into the safe zone.

Even while the Fortnite map is quite sizable, it is not infinite. Fights between you and another player tend to draw in more opportunistic players. Use walls to seal off your sides and focus on taking out the opponents who pose the greatest threat to you.

Don't Go in Unless You're 100% Sure You can Win

The goal of Fortnite Battle Royale is survival, not killing other players like in most multiplayer games. So one of the most crucial pieces of advice about Fortnite is that you can rack up 98 kills and still come up on the losing end of the match.

Instead, you must avoid death at all costs, which requires you to constantly weigh the pros and cons of engaging in any given situation. If you make the mistake of acting aggressively, the target and other players will quickly find your location, which will end your game quickly and effectively.

However, the payoff for taking calculated risks can be substantial. For example, if you manage to kill your opponent, you can take their gear, which could prove decisive in the endgame.

Don't Go Rifling through Corpses Right Away

Don't Go Rifling through Corpses Right Away 

It's hard to resist the urge to rush over to a dead enemy and pick through the goods that have fallen from their bodies after a successful kill. Don't succumb to this temptation, though.

Players tend to congregate around firefights, so there's no telling if your bloody one-on-one has drawn the attention of others. When you're busy looting, you're a sitting duck for your enemy, who may easily blast you to bits. So don't go rifling through anything right away. Instead, hold your breath and watch for other people to bite.

When changing out equipment, it's a good idea to construct a shelter for oneself. Also, since you can't tell if an enemy is watching the action through a scope and waiting for an easy headshot, you should be especially careful when using healing or shield potions. 

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Since the Cover will Always be Blown to Bits, You Need to be Prepared to Switch Tactics Constantly

Since the Cover will Always be Blown to Bits, You Need to be Prepared to Switch Tactics Constantly 

You can destroy all covers in Fortnite, a major difference from PUBG's gameplay. It's important to have a plan B or an easily accessible exit whenever complacency and arrogance arise because you never know when things will go south.

On the other hand, if you can acquire a grenade or rocket launcher, you will be able to destroy the fortifications and hiding places of your enemies. Therefore, an important advice when playing Fortnite is to "smoke 'em out" at the first sign of movement or sound.

Products and Weapons to Use in Fortnite 

From the reliable handgun to the blistering rocket launcher, Fortnite has a weapon for every situation. While PUBG lacks a rarity system for its weapons, Fortnite Battle Royale does, as explained below.

  • Assumed Normalcy 
  • It's green, which means it's extremely rare. 
  • The Color Blue Indicates a Limited Supply 
  • Purple means "epic." 
  • Gold: Legendary 

When looking for weapons in Fortnite, where do you go? Urban areas are a common place to find them, although that is not the case everywhere. The booty is in the smaller buildings and neighborhoods.

Long-range weaponry, like snipers and scoped assault rifles, is often regarded as the finest choice in Fortnite. Of course, having those and some short-range shotguns on hand is always a good idea to ensure your safety, but on a map this size, you will likely be far from the enemy.

Why Do People Enjoy Playing Fortnite? 

Since Fortnite Battle Royale is a game of survival, the only way to win is by coming out on top against the other 99 players competing online simultaneously. This competitive element gives the game a sense of urgency, and players need to avoid getting caught in the eye of the storm to stay in the game. Therefore, constant countdowns indicate when the storm is getting closer.

The vibrant animations and eye-catching graphics in this game will appeal to users in the younger demographic. Players are teased by Epic Games with fresh updates, new deals, and new gameplay options. The smartphone version of Fortnite will be available to download shortly. Players can unlock new things if they keep playing the game without spending any money.

Can fact that players can buy festive and prehistoric-themed outfits add an extra layer of play value to the whole experience. When employing the 'Emote' feature, avatars can also perform dancing steps; these can be engaged while the game is being played, which can be rather funny. Many of these dances take their cues from well-known dances from other cultures, allowing players to enjoy them in the game and in the real world.

The users can play in groups of two or more and communicate with each other using text chat or headphones. Fortnite has surpassed all other games to become the most popular on YouTube. Many influential people on social media platforms or well-known personalities are players in the game.

What Kind of Dangers Exist in Fortnite? 

In this game, parents are most concerned about the time their children spend staring at screens. In addition, because of the game's immersive quality, some children will have trouble putting the controller down. Completing a game can take only a few seconds, but if the player is progressing rapidly toward a higher level, it may feel necessary to keep playing. 

The PEGI rating is for users aged 12 and up; however, users' ages are not verified when an account is created. Because you can access the platform through Facebook and Google, there is a possibility that players may invite other gamers to use these services. Have a conversation with your kid about the dangers of becoming online friends with individuals they don't know. 

The default configuration gives other users on the website permission to add you as a 'Friend.' If you add them as friends, you'll be able to have a private conversation with them in the future. 


So, that’s how to play Fortnite. Fortnite is a battle royale-style survival game in which 100 people compete in a death match to see who can emerge victorious. Like in The Hunger Games, this is an intense, high-stakes competition where quick thinking and planning are essential to success. 

The sensation of imminence is heightened by the constant barrage of on-screen updates describing how another player has been eliminated (e.g., "X killed Y with a grenade"). While the game is free to play, you do need to register an account with Epic Games.


The video game Fortnite is a battle royale in which 100 players compete against one another in player-on-player combat to see who can stay alive the longest. It is a game with a lot of action and a quick pace, similar to The Hunger Games, to survive. Therefore, you need to be able to think strategically.

To party up with friends or earn your next Victory Royale in Fortnite, go to Xbox.com/play in your web browser. After that, sign in with your Microsoft Account. There are no installation or membership requirements; all you need to do to get started is go to Xbox.com/play in your web browser.

Fortnite has been given a "T" rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, which indicates that players must be at least 13 years old to play. However, because of the game's action violence and open chat, Common Sense Media, one of Understood's original partners, recommends that children over the age of 13 play it. This is a solid foundation on which to build. Nevertheless, you know your child better than anyone else.

It's Possible That You Are Not Competing Against Real Players. 

This approach, in conjunction with the MMR system, helps to create an environment focused on equity within the gaming community. In addition, the bots are designed to act in a manner comparable to that of a normal player, albeit with a lower overall skill cap. As a result, they are less difficult to read and can make it simpler for you to eliminate them.

People can obtain this information by consulting a website such as PlayerCounter. Fortnite has between 2.5 and 4 million concurrent players at any given moment, according to their data (just under 3 million at the time of writing), which indicates that there are still millions of gamers logging in every day in 2023.

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