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Frolic: Play, Socialize & WIN!

India’s 1st real money social gaming application is here!

Frolic is a newly launched gaming app by technology company Fynd (backed by Reliance) and is packed with incredible features for all the mobile gamers out there. From playing exciting games to winning real money to even socializing with friends & family. Read on!

25+ Exciting Games to Play!

Frolic has currently introduced 27 hyper-casual games that are amongst the most-liked games in India. Games range from action, arcade, puzzle, sports to adventure. Pick a game of your choice, invite your opponent, and win real money every hour. You can play free, paid as well as activity-coins-based games on Frolic. There are no restrictions as to how many games can be played, users can play unlimited games. Download the APK version today by visiting Frolic.

How to Play Games on Frolic?

Frolic provides users with numerous ways to play games and win money. Players can play practice matches, activity coin-based contests, money-based contests, challenge manually, challenge via game & can also schedule matches for later.

Let’s discuss them in detail!

Practice Matches

Practice match is a great feature on the Frolic app. It allows users to practice as many times as they can, and enhance their skills. Once you know how to play a game to win, you can play money-based contests and win effectively. The more you practice the game, the more are your chances to win money.

However, individuals cannot play practice matches with an opponent. Practice matches are also a great way to unwind after a hectic day or to take a quick break in between work. Tap on your favorite game & and you can find ‘Practice Match’ right on the top. It’s really fun. Try out a practice match today!

Activity Coin Contests

Activity coins are in the in-app user reward system in Frolic. Users get 200 Activity Coins on sign-up, and they can use those coins to play Activity Coin-based contests. A great way to increase your activity coins is by referring your friends to Frolic.

Money-based Contests

Players can play various money-based contests on Frolic. Currently, Frolic has ₹2, ₹5, and ₹10 contests for each game. Real thrill lies in the money-based contests as players can make a lot of money in a single day just by using their gaming skills.

How to play money-based contests on the app?

  • Open ‘Frolic’ & tap on a game of your choice from 25+ games.
  • Scroll down and tap on ₹2, ₹5, or ₹10 contest as per your choice.
  • Invite your friend to join the same game & same contest.

Get matched & win real money!

Challenge via Game

You also individually challenge anyone across Frolic. Simply tap on the game of your choice and opt for the ‘Challenge’ option. Select an opponent and select your preferred balance i.e. real-money or activity coin. As of now, the minimum number for both options is 10. Once done, tap on PLAY NOW. And voila! You can now enjoy your match and beat your opponent. You can also schedule a match for later!

Challenge Via Profile

Want to challenge a friend on Frolic? Simply search their username on Frolic, hop onto their profile, and tap on challenge. Pick the game you wish to challenge them add a minimum of ₹10 or 10 activity coins and tap on Play Now. You can also schedule a match for later by clicking on ‘Play Later’.

Free to Play & Bonus Contests

If you wish to play with an opponent without any entry fees or activity coins, Free to Play is the contest you and your friend should choose. Whereas in the case of a bonus contest, both you and the opponent need to provide a minimum entry fee of 10 activity coins to play.

You can see all your challenges in the Arena as well as your Arena history. Frolic gives you an exceptional mobile gaming experience if you are looking forward to playing hyper-casual games!


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