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When it comes to board games, Ludo has to be on the list. It is one of the most popular games and is winning people's hearts worldwide. Now, if you are new to the world of Ludo and have no idea about it, then you are at the right place. Here is all about how to play Ludo, offline and online rules, and tips to win the game. 

How to Play Ludo?

how to play Ludo

Ludo is a perfect board game to play with family and friends and has gained remarkable popularity during the lockdown. However, it is not a modern-day game. You will be surprised to know that the roots of Ludo head back to 3300 BC. Yes, you read it right. Ludo originated in India by the name of Pachisi. Moreover, there are various western versions of the game, like Parcheesi from the USA and Parchis from Spain. 

This classic game is easy to learn and is really fun for children as well as adults, and can be enjoyed by two or four players. Here all you need to do is get your pieces around the ludo board to win the game. Easy right? No, it is not as easy as it sounds. Continue reading to understand this fantastic game. 

Ludo Game Equipment 

Ludo rules

Ludo is played using a square board with four different colors located in each corner. The first colored box at each corner is the start position. Here you have to move across the board on a clockwise path following the base of the same color and then finally reach the home column to win. 

There are four paths of different colors, and each player has to choose a path. Each set of colors contains 4 pieces. The starting circle, square, and home column are colored to match the different pieces of players. 

Each player has to pick one of the four colors and place their pieces in their corresponding starting circles. A single dice is used to start and determine the movement. 

Ludo Gameplay

Ludo gameplay rules

The Ludo game is played by 2 to 4 players. One player starts the game by throwing the die, and then the movement continues in clockwise order. On each player's turn, they have to roll the dice in order to decide the movement. The primary goal of the players in the game is to move all of their pieces into the home column.

Ludo Game Movement

Ludo rules

To begin the Ludo game, a player has to roll a dice and get six to move their piece out of the base, and after this, that piece is in play. The players are not allowed to make a move until one or more of their pieces are in the move. 

Each player throws the dice and decides on which piece to move. Players have to move the pieces simply in a clockwise direction around the ludo track and according to the number they get on the dice. 

In case the players are unable to move the piece as per the number received in the dice, they have to pass the turn to the next player. Moreover, if a player gets 6, they get another turn. Now, if a piece of any player lands on the piece of another player, then the other player's piece is returned to the starting point. 

Ludo Rules of the 6's 

Ludo Rules of the 6's 

In order to learn how to play Ludo, a player must understand the ludo rules of the 6's. 

  • If a player rolls six, they can opt to move a piece out of their base to the start position. Moreover, if any piece is already in play, players can also decide to move those pieces in the play. 
  • Every time a player rolls a six, they get another turn. 
  • If a player rolls six three times in a row, they lose their turn.

Landing on a Shared Square

how to play ludo

Now that you are aware of the ludo rules of 6's, it is time to explore the rule of landing on a shared square. This rule is the most important one in your journey to learn how to play Ludo. 

  • If a player arrives on any piece of an opponent, the opponent has to send the piece back to their base. Additionally, they will have to roll a six again to get that piece back into the play. 
  • If a player arrives at a space occupied by their pieces, it gets blocked. When any space is blocked, it can not be landed by any piece of an opponent and can not be passed. 

Winning the Game

ludo rules

When a player moves all their pieces in the home column of their color and finally lands them in their home triangle, the journey is completed, and the player wins the game. Players can move their piece to the home triangle only with the exact roll. 

The player who moves all the pieces first and finishes the journey wins the game. The remaining player has to continue the journey until they land their pieces in the home triangle to decide the runner-ups. 

How to Play Ludo Online?

how to play ludo online

Almost all of us have grown up playing the Ludo game, and let's admit we all enjoyed it. Now the best part is that the craze of Ludo is no longer limited to offline, as there are various websites where you can play Ludo online. Now you must be thinking about how to play Ludo online. Relax! We have got you covered. 

Ludo Rules Online

ludo rules online

Ludo has found its way into the contemporary technology world with the advancement of technology. Now instead of playing just with your friends and family, you can compete with thousands of players out there through online ludo games. 

The best part is that you can play these games on your smartphones, anywhere and anytime you want. The experience of online and offline ludo games is different, but both are definitely amazing. If you are planning to play Ludo online, then here are all the ludo rules you need to know. 

House Rules for Ludo Game

house rules or ludo game

Online Ludo is played between two to four players. They have to sit opposite each other and play the game in clockwise order. Each player gets four tokens of the same color. All the tokens are placed in each player's home square on the board. 

Every player in the game gets a turn to roll the dice and move their token according to the number on the dice. They need to move towards the home column square and finally reach the home triangle to win the game. 

Number of Players

how to play ludo online

Online Ludo is usually played with two to four players. Each player gets tokens of a specific color, and they continue the game using the same color. 

Releasing the Tokens

ludo rules online

Players need a score of 1 or 6 to release their token from the starting point. They can not move their tokens before releasing tokens. After the 1st token is released players can move it, but they still need another 6 or 1 to release other tokens and start moving them in the game. 

Online Ludo Rules of Multiple Sixes 

online ludo rules

In online Ludo, when a player gets six, they get another chance to roll the dice. However, if a player gets three sixes continuously, the turn is passed to the next player. This rule is the same for both online and offline ludo games. 

Eliminating Opponent's Tokens

how to play ludo

The rule for eliminating the opponent's token is also almost similar in online and offline Ludo games. If any piece of a player lands on the same square as occupied by an opponent, then the opponent's token goes back to the starting position, and they would gain need 6 or 1 to release it. 

The player whose token lands on the opponent's token gets one additional roll as a reward. In online Ludo, players also get safe squares present in each quadrant. The fourth square on the board from the top of the rightmost column is considered a safe square.

Moreover, the home color of each color is also considered a safe spot. Players can eliminate the opponent's tokens anywhere on the board but never on the safe squares. Moreover, if any player has their two tokens on the same square, then it is also considered a safe position. 

Enter Your Tokens Home

how to play ludo online

Players need to enter their tokens into the home column after completing the entire track in order to win the game. The colored home area in the ludo game includes size squares in which the last one is the end zone. The objective for each player is to get all of their four tokens in the end zone. 

Players can enter the tokens to the end zone only with the forfeit number on the dice. In case they fail to get that number, they need to pass on the turn to the next player. The player who enters all the tokens first wins the game. The other players have to continue the game in order to decide the runner-ups. 

How to Win Ludo: Tips & Tricks?

Ludo is the best game to have a good time with friends and family. For the love of popular board games, Ludo has been winning hearts for centuries. Now that you know how to play Ludo and the rules of online and offline Ludo, here are some tips and tricks to win the game. 

Open All Your Tokens

ludo rules online

We all know that getting 6's is one of the best things in the game, but no one has control over it. Therefore, whenever you get a 6 try to open all your tokens if you have not already. It allows you to put out all your tokens in play, and you do not have to struggle to reach your home triangle. It is one of the best Ludo winning tricks. Having more tokens in the play helps you gain more options, which is the best strategy to win the game. 

Avoid Racing a Single Tokens

ludo online rules

In order to win the game, your main aim is to move all four tokens to the home triangle. Therefore, it is always a good idea to move all your tokens simultaneously instead of moving just one token only. 

While playing the game, spread all the tokens over the board. It will help you create a block or maybe also help to capture the tokens of other players, which will give you a better chance to win. 

Capture the Opponent's Tokens

ludo tips and tricks

The most fun part of the ludo game is capturing your opponent's tokens. Yes, you read it right. Ludo is not all about taking your tokens to the home triangle but also capturing your opponent's tokens and sending them back to their starting point. So, whenever you get the chance, capture all your opponent's tokens. It is one of the best Ludo winning tricks that will definitely help you win the game. 

Block Your Opponent's Tokens

winning ludo game

In case you are unable to capture the tokens of your opponent, then also no worries. There are many ways to lead in the game. If you can't capture, block all the tokens of your opponent. Trust me; it is fun. In this way, your opponents will not be able to cross your tokens or capture them. Make sure to keep a close eye on your opponent's tokens and their positions on the board. 

Secure All Your Tokens

tips and tricks to win ludo game

Apart from capturing your opponent's tokens or blocking them, another amazing trick to win the game is to secure all your tokens. Make sure not to move any token which is about to reach the home triangle instead, move other tokens. It will help to keep your tokens safe by making them less likely to be captured by the opponent's tokens. Moving your tokens wisely is the key to your gameplay. Moreover, make sure to move your tokens wisely to secure your win in the ludo game. 

Final Words

Everyone has their unique moves and gameplay in the ludo game. Some people play games by capturing others' tokens, while some focus on their tokens. Just ensure to decide your gameplay before starting the game. 

Moreover, it is highly recommended to understand all the Ludo rules before you start playing the game. Now that you know how to play Ludo, what are you waiting for? Start the game and have a good time with your friends and family. If you love Ludo, you should try Ludo Boss on Frolic. It is the best online ludo game and with a twist. Try this game right now and win real money.


In order to play Ludo, all you need to do is download the game, check out the rules, and you are all set to go. 

No, killing an opponent's tokens in Ludo is not compulsory. But using this trick can definitely help you win the game. 

Ludo is not a skill-based game. It is a strategy game in which you do not have any control over dice, but you have all the control over your tokens. 

Yes, it is safe. In fact, it is a good idea to open all your tokens and put them in the play. 

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