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Time is money, and you are investing your precision time in playing games, so why not monetize this hobby? There are numerous ways to make money by playing games online. Yes, you read it right. It is one of the latest ways to make money, and like other side jobs and side hustles, it can be really fun. 

Dozens of platforms and games pay you a handsome amount to play games. It might sound unbelievable, but there are impressive sites that let you make money or win other compensation online. Continue reading the article to know more about different ways to make money by playing games, and also Check out Frolic.live, India’s leading Play and Win Money app.

How to Make Money by Playing Games?

The remarkable advancement of the gaming industry in the past few years has introduced various opportunities for monetizing the gaming hobby. You don’t need to be a pro gamer for this; your decent experience with gaming is more than enough. Now, if you are ready to start earning by playing games, let’s explore the different ways of making money that gamers rave about.

YouTube Live Streaming

ways to make money by playing games online

How do I get paid from gaming? The best answer to this question is ‘Live Streaming.’ It has rapidly become one of the most popular ways to make money online. You don’t need to be a splendid gamer to make money. A good sense of humor, entertainment, and relatable gaming content are more than enough for this. 

PewDiePie is one of the best examples of this. He is a well-known gamer and YouTuber, popularly known for his game streaming. With a subscriber base of more than 106 million and around 4,000 videos, including game live streaming and reaction videos, he holds a net worth of approximately $40 million. It might take you a long time to reach a great number of subscribers and earn as much money as other live streamers, but it is never too late to start. Most YouTube streamers make money from sponsors and ads. For this, you should:

  • a minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • linked Adsense account
  • 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months

If you really love gaming and are ready to put in some hard work, then start Live Streaming today!

Earn Money on Real-Money Gaming Apps

ways to make money by playing games online

Is  there a game that pays real money? ‘Yes,’ there are various real-money games on the internet. The real-money gaming segment is growing rapidly due to a wide range of gaming options and easy ways to make money. In the year 2021, the value of the Indian real money gaming sector was around 49 billion Indian rupees. There are various real-money gaming apps available online where you can play different games like Poker and Carrom and win exciting cash prizes.

ways to make money by playing games online

Source: Statista

More and more people are now moving towards real-money games to earn money online in a convenient way. There are many apps like Frolic that allow you to instantly transfer your money to your bank account. That’s not it. You can also earn bonus cash here to have a smooth gaming experience. You can find a wide range of categories like action, adventure, and hyper-casual games on these platforms, which makes them a more fun and entertaining way to make a good amount of money.

Host Gaming Podcasts

ways to make money by playing games online

Another amazing way to make money by playing games is podcasting. Your experience and knowledge of games play a vital role in it. The fan following for podcasts is rising remarkably as it has become one of the most popular and lovable digital pastimes in the contemporary age.

You will be surprised to know that in 2021, 15 billion hours were spent listening to pod casts. Sounds interesting, right? Podcasts are not only the hottest marketing tools but also the best way to make money online. You can find various small and large-scale gaming podcasts catching the eyes and ears of gamers.

In order to earn through gaming podcasts, you need to host gaming podcasts and create daily or weekly podcast episodes related to gaming. Make sure to add interesting things and a touch of humor to keep your audience engaged. Once you get enough subscribers, you can monetize your podcasts with sponsorships and ads. 

Make Money by Playing Games and Streaming on Twitch

ways to make money by playing games online

The best answer to the question, ‘How do I make money by playing games is Twitch. Yes, you read it right. Twitch is another popular live-streaming platform like Facebook and YouTube, but it is completely dedicated to gaming and can help you monetize your love for gaming. You can earn thousands of dollars in a year just by streaming on Twitch. To start streaming on this amazing platform, you need to become a Twitch partner. For this, you should have:

  • at least 50 followers
  • an average of around 3 concurrent views
  • 7 days of broadcast for the last 30 days
  • at least 500 broadcasting minutes in the last 30 days

You can make a really good amount of money on Twitch by getting sponsorships and displaying ads in your streaming. Making money on Twitch depends on your ability to engage with your audience and manage a community. 

Test Games and Get Paid

ways to make money by playing games online

If you love trying different types of games, then this one is the best pick for you. The games have to go through numerous phases before they are made live or released. One important phase for any game under development is testing. Video game developers often need input from people about their games and features.

You can be a play tester, which would require you to find and document bugs and other types of issues in games. Usually, a game tester has to play through game designs, modes, levels, and character build and share the experience with developers. Moreover, they also have to report errors, glitches, and bugs, if there are any. Play testers have to play the game multiple times until the game is perfect.

Become a Pro Gamer on E-Sport

ways to make money by playing games online

One of the most enticing things about being a gamer is that you do not need a degree for it. You can play games if you love them and be a pro at it. Professional gamers participate in worldwide competitions and win millions at different events. It is an amazing way to make money by playing games.

The players on eSports are hardcore gamers, and they usually specialize in specific games. The value of the global eSports market was 1.08 billion USD in 2021, and the largest share of it was derived from advertising and sponsorships.

Trust me, you can earn millions on eSports, but you need to be a master of your game. Additionally, you need to regularly participate in tournaments. You can win money through your team salary, appearing at conventions, getting sponsorships from different brands, and winning the prize money in tournaments.

Participate in Gaming Tournaments for Big Money

ways to make money by playing games online

Though it is not a consistent source to earn money (unless you are a pro gamer), participating in gaming tournaments can help you net some big money. You don’t need to be on eSport to participate in gaming tournaments that are organized online across countries.

This is probably the easiest and best way to make money by playing games. Depending on the popularity of the tournament and your rank in it, you can literally earn a handsome amount. Popular games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Dota 2 organize international tournaments and pay out millions of dollars as prize money. If you are a pro gamer, you can easily win hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by playing the game you love.

Create Video Game Content

ways to make money by playing games online

A fun way to make money is to create video game content. As a content creator, your job will be to create different types of engaging content through writing articles, blogging, or videos. You can focus on different things for creating the content like reviewing games, making game tutorials, live streams, and unboxing gaming equipment.

That’s not it; you can also do full walkthroughs of popular games. RadBrad is known as the King of the Walkthroughs. With a subscriber base of around 13M, he earns millions of dollars through his game walkthroughs.

make money by playing games

Source: Statsmash

As a game content creator, you can earn money through sponsored articles and videos, YouTube ads, selling merchandise, content licensing, video subscriptions, donations, and advertorials. If you love playing games and are good at it, then start creating content around your favorite games, create walkthroughs and tutorials while you are playing, and monetize your content.

Elevate your video game content creation to new heights by harnessing the potential of an online video creator. Unleash your imagination, edit seamless gameplay sequences, and add professional-grade effects, resulting in engaging content that will captivate and entertain your audience.

Video Game Coach

ways to make money by playing games online

If you love gaming and are good at it, then coaching on your favorite game is one of the coolest ways to make money by playing video games. Many people hire coaches privately and are ready to pay a good amount of money to learn to play the game they love. Most people who look for coaches are often eSports professionals or solo players.

Video game coaching is a thriving industry and is opening doors of opportunities for gamers and matching new gamers to pro players. As a coach, your main job will be to help other players improve their game over time and help them win matches.

You can promote your services on different platforms like Gamer Coach, ProGuides, and Fiverr. If you are good at it, you can even make anywhere from $30 to $150 per hour. Getting started as a video game coach means you need to attract a lot of audiences through YouTube and other social media platforms.

Video Game Journalist

ways to make money by playing games online

Still wondering how to make money by playing games? If yes, then another good way is to become a video game journalist. People visit gaming websites to get insights about the industry through blog posts, breaking news, and podcasts. It is a lucrative career for people who are madly in love with gaming.

You can either create your own gaming dedicated website where you can talk about games, the latest gaming news, new launches, upcoming games, and much more. In addition to this, you can also include tutorial videos on your site to make it more appealing. By creating your own website, you can earn through ads and sponsorships.

Apart from this, you can also write for game sites, create new podcasts, write gaming news for game organizations, create documentaries about video games, and talk about games on digital radio. If you do not want to work for someone, you can also work as a freelancer, and make a good amount of money.

In order to get started as a video game journalist, you might need a degree. But if you decide to opt for freelancing, your experience with gaming is more than enough.

Final Words

Remember when your parents and relatives said that you can not make money by playing games? Well, it may not be the case in their time, but today, gaming is the most lucrative industry offering a wide range of ways to monetize your gaming hobby. However, try not to forget that it will require some time and effort to make good money by playing games.

You can consider trying multiple options at a time, like you can do both game coaching and live streaming. Moreover, also pay attention to boosting your reach and promoting your talent to get more audience to increase your earning options through gaming. Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab your controller and start your journey to make money in the gaming world.


There are different ways to earn money by playing games like live streaming, video game coaching, podcasts, and much more.

There are many real-money gaming websites like Frolic, where you can win real money by playing games.

Yes, in today’s world, you can certainly become rich by playing games. There are many rich gamers like PewDiePie, Preston, and Shroud.

To get paid from gaming you can create your YouTube channel, set up a video game coaching business, become a streamer, and create tutorials.

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