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Almost all of us have been Pokemon fans while growing up. We have all fantasized about catching Pokemon, fighting in battles, and managing a collection of unique and mythical Pokemon. And let’s be honest, we all loved Pokemon and enjoyed watching it.

The Pokemon genre has always excited people and is still on peoples’ minds through Pokemon Go. This GPS-based game allows you to fulfill all your pokemon fantasies making it the most exciting and entertaining game. It created an amazing hype when it was launched, and even today, the game is winning peoples’ hearts.

Now, if you are a fan of Pokemon Go, then you must be aware of the value of mythical Pokemon in the game. They can boost your game level and help you win multiple battles. Continue reading to know more about all mythical Pokemon and where you can find them.

Best Mythical Pokemon

Pokemon Go has around 1 million lifetime downloads, according to Statista. The data reflects the popularity of this super-fun GPS game. In this game, you can catch virtual Pokemon, participate in battles, and have fun.

If you are looking for something to enhance your gaming level, then mythical Pokemon is your answer. These Pokemon come under the category of rare Pokemon and are encountered in special ways. They are the most difficult creatures to catch as you need to complete particular tasks in order to catch them. Here is a list of every mythical Pokemon shown in the game so far.



Region - Kanto

Type - Psychic

This popular mythical Pokemon is found in the Kanto region. One of the remarkable points about this Pokemon is that it does not evolve from any Pokemon. In addition to this, it does not evolve into some other Pokemon. You get this Pokemon as a reward after completing different Special Research tasks like All-in-One and A Mythical Discovery.

It is believed that Mew contains the genetic compositions of almost all the Pokemon. That’s not it. Mew has the special capability to make itself invisible, due to which it remains unnoticed whenever people approach it. This Pokemon is perfect for enhancing your level in battles and beating your enemies.



Region - Johto

Type - Grass/Psychic

Celebi is one of the most popular Psychic Pokemon that comes in the game from the future. It is believed that as long as Celebi appears, it brings a bright future for you. Celebi belongs to a one-member family, which means it neither evolves from any Pokemon nor it transforms to any.

Celebi is known as the Guardian of the Forest that nourishes as well as protects the forest while traveling through time. When catching it, always remember that Celebi breaks the first two Poke balls, and you can catch it by the third ball. It is a non-transferable Pokemon with a beautiful shiny release.



Region - Hoenn

Type - Psychic

This Psychic-type Pokemon does not evolve from any other Pokemon and never evolves into another one. However, it has four main forms: Speed, Defense, Attack, and Normal. Deoxys has the ability to change its form, which allows it to alter its characteristics and appearances.

If you are planning to participate in Go Battle League, then Deoxy is a must for you. In its Defense form, Deoxy is one of the most powerful Pokemon. You can get this Pokemon after completing the Special Research Stories. It is the perfect Pokemon if you want to play defense in the battle.



Region - Hoenn

Type - Psychic

This mythical Pokemon is Psychic-type and is among the best in Pokemon Go. It is believed that Jirachi grants any wish that is written on its tags whenever it wakes up; therefore, it is also known as the Wish Pokemon. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, but Jirachi wakes only for seven days, that too once in a thousand years.

In addition to this, If Jirachi finds itself in danger, it fights fiercely without waking up. Jirachi does not evolve and always remains in the same state. When catching Jirachi, keep in mind that it breaks the first two Poke balls, and you can only catch it by the third ball. So, don’t lose hope if you fail to catch it the first time.



Region - Unova

Type - Psychic/Fire

Like most of the mythical Pokemon, Victini also does not evolve from or to another form. In the Pokemon world, it is believed that Victini always brings victory to its trainer, no matter the type of encounter it has. So, if you want to ensure your win, this mythical Pokemon is a must for you.

One of the most amazing things about Victini is that it can create an immense amount of energy in its body. Also, it can share the energy with anyone who touches it. While sharing energy, the entire body of Victini overflows with energy, making it one of the strongest among all mythical Pokemon.



Region - Unova

Type - Normal/Psychic

This mythical Pokemon has two different forms: Aria and Pirouette. The Aria form of Melotte is Normal/Psychic; however, in its Pirouette form, Meloetta is Normal/Fighting-type. In the Pokemon world, it is believed that once Meloetta used to sing songs and dance to fill everyone with joy and happiness. However, this Pokemon lost its melody when the entire world got covered by sorrow.

At the present time also, Meloetta can sing melodies into special vocalization, which can help to control the feelings of anyone and everyone hearing it. Meloetta is an amazing Pokemon and is perfect for diverting others’ minds and feelings, which can help you win the battles.



Region - Unova

Type - Steel

Genesect is known for its hunting ability. It does not evolve from or to other Pokemon. However, it has five different forms, which completely depend on the drive Genesecnt is using. It is among the oldest Pokemon as it existed three hundred million years ago. Techno Blast is the signature move of Genesect, and it makes variations to its move using special drives. Different forms of Genesect include Regular, Shock Drive, Chill Drive, Burn Drive, and Douse Dive.



Region - Kalos

Type - Psychic, Ghost

Hoopa holds an infinite amount of power in its true form. It is believed that Hoopa once carried off a castle to get the treasure present in it. Hoopa does not evolve from or into another form. Nevertheless, it has two main forms: Unbound and Confined. The Unbound form of Hoopa is Dark, Psychic-type.

It is believed that Hoopa can warp space using gold rings. It does so in order to take everything it likes and carry them to a totally different dimension. When it transforms to its Unbound form, it stays like that for three days and then comes back to its confined form. Hoopa is a must in your collection if you want something unique with a huge amount of power.

Meltan & Melmetal

‍Meltan & Melmetal

Region - Unknown

Type - Steel

This mythical Pokemon is popularly known to be expressive and curious. This Pokemon is attracted to metal that it could absorb. Moreover, it is also drawn to other Meltan so that it could combine with them and form Melmetal.

You can get Meltan by completing the series of Special Research tasks. You need to open the Mystery Box in order to catch this mythical Pokemon. Meltan can easily melt iron as well as other metals in order to absorb them in its body made of molten steel. And it requires 400 Meltan Candie to evolve into Melmetal, which is stronger and better.

To Sum Up

Pokemon Game is the perfect pick if you are up for Pokemon leagues and battles. You can catch a wide range of Pokemon in these games, but Mythical Pokemon are the best to take your game to the next level. Some popular mythical Pokemon include Hoopa, Jirachi, Mew, and more. These Pokemon can revolutionize the way you battle in the matches and make the game more engaging.


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