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Hyper Casual games are one of the most popular and chosen genres of the gaming community. They are designed to provide gamers with a smooth experience, where users don't need any guidance or tutorial while navigating the whole gaming platform. On top of that, the user interface is designed with a minimalistic approach without any fancy controllers, where users can switch to other games smoothly.

These online games can be played anytime and anywhere whether you are at the office, at a café, watching TV, or traveling. There are innumerable hyper-casual games that have hooked its users to play and get rid of monotonous routines for example corona striker, dunk shot, puzzles, candy crush saga, helix jump, fun race 3D, crowd city, crossroad, and many more. In the last couple of years, hyper-casual games have gained immense popularity across the world, the majority of people have downloaded these games because of the simpler gameplay options.

Feature You Can't-Miss to Explore

Easy to Play and Free to Play

The user interface of a hyper-casual game is simple and minimalist.

They are easy to start without any tutorials.

Simple “tap to play” mechanics

It can easily be monetized

Super Exciting Hyper-Casual Games on Frolic

To give an ultimate experience to the gamers, Frolic has designed multiple thrilling and electrifying games with unique features for the game geeks to play and earn. If you’re also looking for trying these versatile games, then we’ve got you covered. Here we have discussed everything about the hyper-casual games that Frolic has designed for its user. Let’s take a look at it.

Monster Striker

Monster striker is the perfect pastime for many gamers and keeps one’s mind engaged and relaxed. This game lets you strike at coronavirus to prevent the infection from taking over the world.

The gameplay implicates hitting syringes into a virus-shaped monster that keeps on rotating like a flat disc in the game. The syringes have to be aimed very specifically so that if you target to shoot over another syringe bound to the monster, the game will be over.

Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is an entertaining basketball arcade game that anybody can enjoy and have fun. It is known to be a super addictive game in which your goal is to shoot as many baskets as possible without missing. Are you ready to shoot some hoops? Then download the Frolic app, hold a ball and start dunking now.

Helix Jump

Helix jump is indeed a simple game designed with fun mechanics. If you are getting bored and want to check your reflexes, then it's time to play Helix Jump on the Frolic app.

You just need to put your finger on the screen and move it left to right to rotate the helix structure in order to drop a bouncy ball down to the bottom. Your goal is to guide the bouncing ball through a series of circular platforms by avoiding hurdles and spikes along the way.

Block Puzzle

Block puzzle is an addictive brain teaser game and is considered a fun and classic block game. This game requires gamers to drag blocks to fill up the space vertically and horizontally. The participants have to drop blocks around the screen to adjust the puzzle into the shaded area in the middle of the screen.

This game seems simple in the beginning but, as you surpass the different levels, it becomes a complex and challenging game. If you really want to train your brain and check your skills, then you must try this puzzle game.

Space Jump

Space jump is another super exciting hyper-casual game, where you make super jumps and effectively land on a platform. In this cosmos jump space game, you control an alien-like character and help him jump from one platform to another so that he doesn't get stuck in the game.

You just need to keep on jumping from planet to planet until you reach the end goal. Your score will increase when you reach the higher levels in the game itself. If you are eager to play and want to enter the cosmos world, then Frolic gives you the freedom to play your game and reach a higher level of space.

Candy Crusher

Candy crusher is undoubtedly a legendary puzzle game and is loved by millions of people across the globe. It consists of different levels that you can switch and match the candies through hundreds of levels in this divine puzzle adventure.

The goal of the game is to swipe the candies among several on the game board to make a row or column of at least 3 matching-colored candies. It is an interactive online game with a user-friendly interface that lets you play effortlessly while having unlimited fun.

Ninja Run

Ninja Run is a fast-paced and super addictive game that has super-exciting levels. In this ninja runner game, your goal is to run and move quickly in order to avoid any obstacle that comes your way. Want to test your Ninja skills in Ninja Run! Download the Frolic app now and help Ninja through his adventure, gathering treasure and dodging danger.


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