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Jungle Solitaire

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What is Jungle Solitaire Game?

Jungle Solitaire, like traditional Solitaire, requires a combination of strategy, planning, and luck to successfully clear the tableau and win the game. The jungle theme adds an aesthetic flair to the game, providing players with a visually appealing and immersive experience as they play.

The ultimate goal is to build foundation piles of cards, starting with the Ace and ending with the King, for each suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades). 

Why to Play Jungle Solitaire Game on Frolic?

  • Classic fusion of Breakout and Tetris gameplay.
  • Drop blocks from the top to strategically break through layers below.
  • Clear horizontal lines to prevent the stack from reaching the top.
  • Discover power-ups and bonuses by breaking through layers of blocks.
  • Simple and intuitive controls for easy gameplay.
  • Endless entertainment with addictive gameplay.

How to Play Jungle Solitaire Game Online?


  1. Clear lines and break through a barrier at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Move falling Tetriminos left or right, rotate them, and speed up their descent.
  3. Fill horizontal lines with blocks to make them disappear.
  4. Clear lines adjacent to cracked lines to break through.
  5. Break through the barrier and reach the top of the screen to win.
  6. Control arrow keys for movement and rotation, down arrow to speed up descent.
  7. Balance clearing lines with breaking the barrier efficiently.

Tricks to Win Jungle Solitaire

  • Aim to clear lines quickly to prevent the stack from reaching the top of the screen.
  • Take advantage of any power-ups or bonuses to help you clear lines faster or earn extra points.
  • Think ahead and plan your block placements to create opportunities for clearing multiple lines at once.
  • Maintain composure, especially as the speed increases, to make accurate and strategic moves.
  • Be mindful of special blocks that may appear, such as bombs or blocks with special abilities, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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