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Android Games for Money: Play & Win Exciting Cash Prizes

Android Games for Money: Play & Win Exciting Cash Prizes

What if I tell you that you can earn money just by playing games? Yes, you read it right. We have rounded up a list of android games for money. These super-exciting games are fun to play and allow you to win exciting cash prizes. 

For all those who enjoy playing today's Games, many different kinds of android games provide money available right now from a variety of genres, such as first-person shooters, role-playing games, adventure games, vehicle simulation games, etc.

Thanks to technological advancements, games are now more than just entertainment. These top Android games attract players while earning money, and offer opportunities to monetize your hobby, making them highly profitable for users.

Top Android Games for Money

If you think playing games is a waste of time and money then you are wrong. In the modern-day technologically advanced era, you can find a wide range of android games for money. Continue reading to find out the best real money games for yourself. 

Market Glory

android games for money

Market Glory is one of the money-making games. As the name suggests, this game lets players develop a region's economy, society, and security. You will act out the role of a mayor in creating a city. 

This game's exciting feature, where you can win real money in MarketGlory as the mayor, is available.

Your PayPal account can receive the money you have collected later. Following your registration, you must now:

  • Fight 10X: MarketGlory can only be played ten times per day. With an average delay of 10 minutes between each contest. If you wait until FIGHT at 01:00:05, you can obtain referrals for free (server time-at about 5:05 am).
  • Work regularly: You can work here once every 24 hours but must do berturut 2 for three days. MarketGlory offers a super worker bonus that You must earn over three days.
  • Arena: Work Fight's primary goal is to raise money to enter the arena. For arena eligibility, you must have at least 25 IDR. You can enter the arena but gather 25 IDR beforehand.
  • Open a Factory or Company: Your main objective at work, aside from the arena and fights, is to start a factory or business to consistently make money.
  • Fight the War: You can either fight to protect your country or invade other nations, with the latter option contributing significantly to the game's war fund.

Billionaire Board

android games for money

The Billionaire Board is the second game. Players have the chance to obtain money and credit in this game quickly. The secret is to prevail in the Billionaire Board game simply. It is a board game that lets you play and earn money.

You can transfer the cash and credit you receive to your account and phone number. For those who are interested in the Billionaire Board, it is simple and cost-free to download from the Google Play Store. If you love board games, check out the best board games for adults and if you are only two people, you should definitely try the board games for 2 players

The Lucky Time

android games for money

As the name suggests, the Lucky Time game is a lottery-style game in which players must press the decided button and wait for the appropriate number of prizes to be won. This is a lottery-based game in which players must apply their luck in style with a button below.

Most awards are coins they can deposit into your PayPal account later. As for PayPal accounts, the minimum payout threshold is $5, so you must collect at least 5,000,000 coins. The Google Play Store offers Lucky Time for free, and you can use it to increase your audience.


android games for money

Mager follows next. Money is available in this game. Players must take part in a variety of funny and enjoyable games to obtain it. This game allows the player to participate in different parts of funny and entertaining games to earn money. If you successfully get friends to play this game, you may also be eligible for rewards. On the Play Store, you can download the Mager game.

Coin Town

Coin Town

Coin Town is the next profitable game. In this game, players are asked to construct cities in line with the given instructions. Every mission will eventually yield coins that you can later exchange for money.

This game does not pay you direct money. You must collect the coins and subsequently trade them with cash, which will deposit in your wallet. Users of Android smartphones can download Coin Town for free anytime, anywhere, from the Google Play Store.

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GameE Prizes

GameE Prizes

GameE Prizes is yet another profitable game and indeed is among the best android games for money. More than 100 different games are available in this app. Each game offers a currency that can be transferred using a PayPal account.

To play such Android games that provide money, go to the Google Play Store and download them for nothing. They help raise income.

Online Descent: Make Money Free

Online Descent: Make Money Free

Online Descent is the next game on the list of android games for money. In this amazing game, you must position the ball in such a way that it can pass through the barrier wall. The more time you can hold out, the more points you earn.

Once you have a sufficient number of points, you can exchange them for cash. With a PayPal account, money withdrawals are possible. The Google Play Store hosts the online game Descent. 


You can win money by playing games on the Blast app, saving money, and earning money. You connect this free app easily to your checking account and authorize it to make periodic transfers of small amounts into high-yield Blast savings account to get things going.

By participating in a variety of games or completing missions, you can earn a range of rewards. For instance, you can get 25 cents for connecting candies, 5 cents for gathering coins, or 1 dollar for finishing a particularly challenging level.

Additionally, you gain experience points (eXP) within the app for each mission you complete and each dollar you save. Climb the leaderboard as you earn more points for a chance to win one of three prizes.

First place receives a prize of $1,000, second place receives $50, and third place receives $25.

Keep in mind that Blast is currently only accessible via Android mobile devices. When the iOS version becomes available, there is a waiting list.



There is a wide range of free and paid game options on the Pogo app. There are numerous options, ranging from arcade games to well-known card games. You can participate in drawings and play a variety of games in the free version to earn points.

You can participate in competitions and compete for more points with the paid version. Additionally, it offers access to additional games and a playing experience free of advertisements.

You can enter a daily drawing for a chance to win $50 with either version. Furthermore, by merely playing games, you could win a $500 jackpot. If you love making money online, check out the best ways to make money by playing games


Publishers Clearing House, or PCH for short, is the company that runs this app. For access to scratch cards and instant win games where you could win up to $2,500, visit PCHGames.

Mahjong, solitaire, slots, and other games are some of those that are accessible through the app. In exchange for participating in prize drawings, you can earn tokens. You might be extremely fortunate and win awards worth up to $1 million. Along with the chance to win a grand prize, you can also use your points to get fun prizes like merchandise and gift cards.



Givling app offers free trivia games where you can compete for four- and five-digit cash prizes. You get only 10 seconds to quickly answer each question, so there’s no option to cheat.

If you play the free trivia game continuously at least 10 times every 30 days, you’ll be included in the list of $10,000 random drawing. Another way to get cash by this app is to join the funding queue for either student loans or mortgage payouts.

Your goal should be to get to the top of the queue by completing specific actions such as interacting with ads, participating in sponsorship offers, and so on.

If you get to the top, you have a shot at winning $50,000 to use toward your student loans or mortgage.

Poker Pulsa: Texas Poker Online

Poker Pulsa: Texas Poker Online

Poker Pulse: Texas Poker Online can make players earn money. For players to continue using the internet and communicating effectively, You can convert this money into telephone credit.

You can play poker with family, friends, or people worldwide by downloading the Poker Pulsa app from the Google Play Store. If you want to be the master of the poker game, check out the best poker tricks to boost your gameplay

Cash Game Play & Earn

Cash Game Play & Earn

This game offers three different types of games: Jigsaw Puzzles, Word Searches, and Lucky Spins, each of which awards prizes in the form of points.

Your chances of winning a sum of real money increase as you amass more points. This is because money can exchange these points for cash that They can pay through PayPal.

The Google Play Store has a game called Cash Game Play & Earn for those interested in learning more about these profitable games.

Cash 'Em All!

Cash 'Em All!

Users can register and play games on Cash'em All to earn virtual coins. You can exchange your coins for gift cards or PayPal transfers. The Android-only app Cash'em All is available for free to use.

To determine how long you play for and how much money to give you, the app will need access to your phone's app usage tracking, but with over 10 million downloads, it's worth a shot. On Google's Play Store, you can download Cash’em All.


Free gaming is one of the many ways you can earn Swagbucks on the great rewards site Swagbucks. By completing surveys, watching videos, and engaging in other online activities, you can also earn Swagbucks. With the new Swagbucks mobile app, you can earn rewards wherever you go and exchange them for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Another fantastic way to benefit from tips is to shop online. Grab your smartphone and start by looking at Swagbucks' cashback offers. Click on them to start earning Swagbucks before you start shopping in the form of a portion of your purchase order.

Gift cards are available for almost any interest, including those from Visa, Walmart, and Target. In addition, you get a $5 bonus when you sign up.

This is best for anyone who wants to play games to earn free cards or money through PayPal. There are many games available online that you can download and play to earn points that You can redeem for rewards. You accrue more points as you play more games.


With AppStation, you can earn rewards for playing mobile games for free with no in-app purchases or required deposits.

Pick your favorite game from our selection, play it, and earn coins for each minute you spend doing so. You can exchange your coins for free gift cards to well-known stores like Amazon, Target, and PlayStation. On the Play Store, you can download the App station. This app has the best android games for money, so all you need to do is play your favorite games, win, earn, and repeat. 

myKONAMI Slots

myKONAMI Slots

Any person who enjoys casinos will quickly find MyKONAMI Slots a favorite. This free app will assist you in advancing to VIP status by offering some of the most well-liked machines straight from the casino floor.

Enjoy features like progressive jackpots, free spins, big bonuses, and daily challenges. Users of Android smartphones can download myKONAMI for free anytime, anywhere, from the Google Play Store. If you are a fan of slots, give a try to the best online slots for real money

Zynga Poker

Join one of the world's most well-liked online poker games where there are more tables, cash tournaments, jackpots, and opponents than ever!

Your home for authentic gameplay is Zynga Poker, whether you prefer social Texas Holdem Poker or competitive tournaments. Play hands for a chance to win enormous payouts with weekly new jackpots. On the Google Play Store, you can download Zynga Poker.

Brain Battle

Brain Battle

Playing maths-based video games can help you earn real money while stretching your mental limits. To make tickets, play the games on this free app. Entry into cash prize drawings only requires one access, but your odds of winning the grand prize increase as you accumulate more tickets.

Brain Battle has already distributed tens of thousands of dollars to players by allocating a portion of its advertising revenue to one lucky winner. If you want to play then you don't need to pay anything to play or win; winnings are paid via PayPal transfer. On the Google Play Store, Brain Battle can be downloaded for nothing and helps to raise income.



With the free Cashyy app, you can select missions and then play and complete those missions to earn in-app coins. Then you can deposit your cash into your PayPal account using this Android-only app. Additionally, you can purchase Amazon and other gift cards with your earnings.

According to the Google Play summary, there are numerous missions to choose from in the app, and coins are earned quickly.

The app includes puzzle games, strategy games, arcade games, adventure games, action games, casual games, and more, the summary claims. You pick the games you want to play, and you get paid when you win. Cashyy does not support in-app purchases, according to the developer description.


With the Android app Mistplay, you can play new games and gain points. Redemption points for gift cards at well-known stores like

  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • Xbox
  • Starbucks
  • Google Play
  • and iTunes 

on Mistplay; the games you see are selected based on your gaming preferences and routines. This indicates that Mistplay makes an effort to choose games you'll enjoy playing.

According to a Google Play review, this is about as generous as what has been seen in "apps that give you real money." You can easily make $5 per week by playing casually for a few hours here and there.

If you want to make money while playing Android games and stop feeling like you're wasting time playing video games, you should opt for using Mistplay because you can earn more money by playing more. This one is one of the few apps that allows you to play various games for genuine rewards rather than just one you'll get tired of.

Big Time Cash

The Big Time Cash app has more than 600 entertaining games, so it has something for everyone. Playing any of the games will allow you to amass tickets. Use them to enter the ongoing drawings for cash prizes. Your chances of winning are increased by purchasing more tickets.

No in-app purchases or upgrades are available. There is no fee to participate in any of the drawings; everything is free. The more users who sign up, the bigger the payouts are because the app uses some of its advertising revenue to fund the prizes. Apple's iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store offer the Big Time Cash app.

Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash

With the skill-based game Solitaire Cash, you can play solitaire on your phone and have the chance to win cash rewards. Both the Apple Store and the Samsung Store have the game.

Starting is relatively simple, and the game will pair you up in tournaments with players with comparable skill levels in real time. Freeroll competitions are a feature of Solitaire Cash, but you can also win real money if you make a deposit. I was most interested in that. You can compete in cash tournaments against other players if you make a deposit.

There are no problems with money withdrawals or guarantees, and the minimum cash out via PayPal or Apple Pay is $5. It is available in the Samsung store, where you can download it for free.


In conclusion, there are many options if you're looking for Android games for money and can also help you kill time. Every game app is a little different and provides an extraordinary chance to gather points, coins, etc., which you can use to purchase rewards, money, or gift cards.

Some apps also allow you to win large sums of money, which could pay off debt like a mortgage or student loan or boost your savings. There are options available that are free and can help you win real money if there is a specific game genre you enjoy playing, such as trivia or game-show format.


What gaming app rewards users with real money?

Frolic is an Android-only app that rewards you with real money when you use it to play various games on your phone. A list of the multiple games that are playable will be presented to you when you download and launch Frolic. You can select any of the games present in the list, download them, and begin playing to receive rewards.

Can I get paid to play Android games?

Players can play real-money games on Frolic, one of the most popular paid-to-play game apps. 

Do you offer games for real money?

Frolic is a fantastic website for real-money games. 

Can I get paid to play games?

Yes, there are different ways to earn money by playing games. 

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Play Fun Games and Win Real Cash with Frolic


With a wide range of games available online, it might be difficult for you to pick the best ones. So, what if I tell you that you can play all your favorite games on a single platform? Yes, you read it right. Frolic is your one-stop destination for a wide range of games in different categories. And that’s not it. You can play games and win real cash immediately. It is one of the most secure and the best real-money gaming apps. Now, what are you waiting for? Download Frolic right now, play super-exciting games, and win money.

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