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Are you looking for a guide to the Apex Legends characters? Then our convenient breakdown of each Legend's traits will come in helpful. Each hero in Apex Legends has a distinct personality and playstyle, making each round seem new regardless of who you decide to play as next or who you want to check out first.

There is an Apex Legends character for every play style. For example, the stealth and deception of Wraith and Mirage will appeal to the seasoned flanker looking to deal significant damage to one important target.

At the same time, Gibraltar, the large friendly tank, will need to be ready to put himself in harm's way while protecting his team. Then there is Lifeline, the medic, who will be vital in keeping her squad's health.

Of course, you can only afford to think with someone in Apex Legends because your squad is always three people. If you want to be even a grapple hook's length away from a great win, you'll need to consider how characters complement one another carefully. Here is what you can anticipate from each Apex Legends hero when you're ready.

Apex Legends Characters

Every type of player in Apex Legends can choose from various characters. Several unique legends are available in the hugely popular squad-based battle royale, each with its skills and backstory.

Respawn has also included a new legend for every season to keep the game evolving continuously. Here, we've formed a list of every Legend, information about their lore and a summary of all their skills.

1. Ash


You might want to try Ash if being a master of aggressiveness in Apex Legends appeals to you. Because of her versatility, this attacking Legend is well-suited for hit-and-run strategies, leading her team's attacks or flanking the opposition for swift and merciless kills. 

Ash may have motives other than evil, but even with no deadly intentions, this sharp observer has outstanding skills. We'll go over everything you need to learn about playing as Ash in this guide, from her skills to her advantages and disadvantages.

The Titans from Titanfall 2, particularly Northstar and Ronin, inspired Ash's powers. Both Titans are excellent hit-and-run tacticians due to their poor defence, great mobility, and powerful attacks.

Ash is similar, leaning more towards Ronin to specialize in sneaking up on opposing squads, striking hard at close range, and then exiting the fighting to survey the situation before resuming the attack.

Ash's inactive talent is that she can locate recent death boxes using Marked For Death, and when one is nearby, she can hack it to mark any attackers still alive.

2. Bangalore


In Apex Legends, Anita Williams, also known by the moniker "Bangalore," is one of the playable Legends. She competes in the Apex Games as a "Professional Soldier" and is a former soldier with the I.M.C. Armed Forces.

Bangalore raised in a military household where her parents, four elder brothers, and she all served in the I.M.C. The Armed Forces have always been amazing soldiers. She was the only cadet who, wearing blinders, could disassemble a Peacekeeper and reassemble it in under twenty seconds.

In her class at the I.M.C. Military Academy, she was the best. Even if her profile doesn't specifically indicate breaking off relations with the corporation, Bangalore is referred to as "ex-IMC."

Despite that, the writers clarified that she came from a strong and proud military heritage and was labelled "a decent person." She is specifically mentioned and intended to be the most fundamental, simple-to-understand "army character" possible.

Anita and Jackson were on board the I.M.S. Hestia when unidentified shooters ambushed it months after the Battle at Gridiron. A bomb damaged the ship's outer shell, but not before Jackson guarded her and gave his life to save hers.

Anita could only stare helplessly as Jackson was pulled into space's void. Anita searched for employment, and the brother she refused to accept passed away after crashing on a Syndicate world so they could start the long journey back home.

She is currently competing in the Apex Games to raise money to locate a pilot who will make the arduous journey back to her home country so she can reunite with what's left of her family.

3. Bloodhound


In Apex Legends, Bloodhound is a playable Legend. They compete in the Apex Games as a legendary, enigmatic game hunter known only by their alias, "Technological Tracker." They are Apex Legends' first nonbinary characters to date. 

All information about Bloodhound is that he is regarded as one of the best game hunters the Frontier has ever seen. Their identity is a mystery shrouded in layers of whispers; depending on who is saying, they are luxuriously affluent, a murderous maniac, a Goliath whisperer, a formerly enslaved person, a half-bat, and a dozen other things.

This is Bloodhound's tactical prowess. This can be used to scout out potential threats or determine how people are distributed around a structure. After being scanned, enemies' whereabouts are monitored for about 5 seconds. Your teammates can see scanned enemies as long as you can see them, and scanned foes are warned when they are scanned.

This fairly intriguing talent can help locate foes that are fleeing or that you are already fighting. You can find little hints like blood from a wounded player, the location of a player's death, the weapon used to kill them, gunshot casings, footsteps, recently opened doors and other highly helpful details.

4. Caustic


Caustic is a dangerous Legend with skills based on noxious gasses. His tactical skill Nox Gas Trap positions canisters that shoot off hazardous gas when destroyed or when an attacker approaches them. The foes that are in the gas are highlighted by his passive ability Nox Vision.

His strongest attack, the Nox Gas Grenade, blasts poisonous gas in a wide area around it. Alexander Nox, a scientist who previously worked for the leading producer of pesticide gases in the Frontier, will undergo an irrevocable shift after electing to test a stronger formula on himself.

However, due to this terrible circumstance, Caustic in Apex Legends focuses on poison and gas attacks. Caustic can see through his gas blasts because of his passive ability. A delicate skill, but one that will undoubtedly give you the upper hand over the enemies you intend to confuse.

5. Crypto


In Apex Legends, Tae Joon Park, also called Crypto, is a playable Legend. He was forced to give up his life and identity and become Crypto after being set up for corporate espionage and murder. He participates in the Apex Games as a "Surveillance Expert." 

Crypto specializes in secrets; he is skilled at discovering and guarding them. He covertly uses aerial drones to secretly spot his opponents in the Apex Arena. He is a skilled hacker and an encryption expert. His drones have been compared to those made by sought murderer Tae Joon Park, it has been revealed.

Use an aerial drone to fly over the region and observe it from above. Once the drone is destroyed, there is a forty-second cooldown period before you can deploy another. The Surveillance Drone marks any enemies within 30 metres of your position so that you and your friends can see them.

An E.M.P. explosion released by your surveillance drone damages shields, slows adversaries, and renders traps inoperable. The E.M.P. causes damage to Crypto's shield. Only teammates are slowed.

6. Fuse


With his amazing passive skill, Grenadier, Fuse is the only character who can stack two grenades per inventory slot, freeing up additional space for ammunition, healing, or just a lot more grenades.

But the second part of his passive voice is what deserves your attention. Grenades are a viable alternative for long-range warfare because of Fuse's incredible range and pinpoint accuracy.

Meanwhile, he always has grenades because of his Knuckle Cluster tactical ability. Knuckle Cluster deals ten damage upon direct contact, followed by four additional explosions that each deal ten damage for a combined total of 50 damage. The total damage will depend on how many explosions hit the target if you don't land a direct hit.

Although Fuse's incredible ultimate power, The Motherload, lacks the broad area of influence that Gibraltar and Bangalore have with their abilities, that is a minor compromise, given that this ability is also a vicious trap. 

It will generate a ring of fire around them, forcing everyone inside to stay still or risk being hurt. They will instantly suffer 35 damage and be slowed, taking an additional five ticks of 8 damage, for a total of 75 damage if they attempt to break free of the circle. Additionally, Fuse may fire this power up to 200 metres out.

7. Gibraltar


The gentle giant with a wild side is Gibraltar. He has always been adept at rescuing others from the frequent situations in the Outlands because he is the son of two S.A.R.A.S. (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers. 

But it wasn't until he and his teammate stole his father's bike, drove it for a joyride, and became stuck in a dangerous mudslide that he realized the importance of protecting others. Their rescue by his parents resulted in his father's arm being amputated.

Gibraltar has dedicated his life to serving the underprivileged and has never forgotten his sacrifice. While that remained the same, the Apex Games altered its connotation.

Around the years, various of Gibraltar's friends and coworkers have participated in the Games for more cash, fame, and glory; others have never returned. For the first time, Gibraltar's abilities as a rescuer and his rebellious character came together to keep them safe. 

A dome shield that Gibraltar may deploy for 12 seconds will stop all incoming and outgoing attacks. You heal 15% quicker within the dome. The only Legend having a faster heal at the moment is Gibraltar. A gun shield that deflects approaching fire is activated by aiming below sights. Gibraltar can order a targeted mortar attack on a designated position.

8. Horizon


A Legend called Horizon debuted in Season 7. Through the use of in-game money, she can be unlocked. The Outlands were perilously close to experiencing a catastrophic energy crisis almost a century ago. A charmingly quirky astrophysicist named Dr Mary Somers was brought in to provide a solution. 

Mary relocated her family to the Olympus research facility and got to work. Dr Reid, her apprentice, assisted Mary in finding Branthium, which she believed might hold the key to endless energy. Because Branthium can only be found on a black hole's accretion disk, Mary and Dr Reid set out on a dangerous mission to confirm her theory.

Mary assured her son Newton that she would come back unscathed. She was betrayed by Dr Reid, who took the Branthium and launched her shuttle into the orbit of the black hole. Mary upgraded her robotic vacuum friend N.E.W.T. to help her get away using her cunning. She was 87 years too late since time behaves differently on the fringes of a black hole.

Mary is now committed to raising the money necessary to support her research into time travel so she can be with her son. She enters the Apex Games as Horizon, a terrific master of gravity, just in time for the start of the new season on Olympus, the location of her former existence and the place to which she had pledged to return.

9. Lifeline


In Apex Legends, Ajay Che, known as Lifeline, is a playable Legend. Her alias is "Combat Medic", and she is an Apex Games participant and field paramedic. You wouldn't anticipate encountering Ajay Che, a.k.a. Lifeline, in the Apex Games. 

She was formerly the daughter of affluent war profiteers, but when she saw the harm her family had done, she fled home and joined the Frontier Corps, a nonprofit that assists struggling Frontier settlements.

She entered the Apex Games to use her earnings to support the Frontier Corps and has since dedicated her life to helping others. Lifeline has no difficulty participating in the well-known bloodsport because no one in the Games is innocent they all know what they signed up for.

Additionally, every one of her triumphs implies aid for those in need. She tells herself this. She may be sarcastic and cold, but she wants to assist people and improve the world. If doing so requires eliminating a few people, so be it.

10. Loba


You will have little success with Loba if you aim to fill up your squad with offensive players. She serves as a mobile item shop and scouts instead, which makes her immensely useful for getting stocked up. This is especially important in difficult situations when you might need additional ammunition or healing supplies.

Burglar's Best Friend, Loba's tactical ability, allows her to teleport and throw her bracelet. When the teleportation reaches its maximum distance, you can initiate it immediately or wait for it to teleport you.

As a result, Loba is the ideal scout for the best loot thanks to her passive skill, Eye for Quality, which enables her to see purple (epic) objects despite barriers, even surrounding loot bins. Even farther out and through the same barriers, she can ping those objects for other people.

The squad can all instantly acquire up to two adjacent items and infinite ammo thanks to her Black Market Boutique ultimate ability, which also drops a portable shop. With a range of 112.5 metres, it may be utilized to rapidly and effectively resupply while denying opposing teams crucial supplies. It also covers a vast region.

11. Mirage


Elliot Witt, another character from the diverse group of Apex Legends heroes, stands out by prioritizing stealth strategies above pure physical prowess. A person who enjoys outwitting their adversaries, if you will.

When an enemy hits Mirage, his passive causes him to deploy a decoy and disguise himself for five seconds instantly. Additionally, Mirage hides himself and his team from nearby attackers when using Respawn Beacons and reviving comrades.

Are you stuck in a tense confrontation where nobody has the guts to initiate contact? When Mirage sends another one of his decoys sprinting off in a predetermined direction to confuse the enemy, Psyche Out may come in helpful for psyching out your opponent. You may adjust the decoy's direction by using the utility action button.

What is superior to one decoy? If the answer is yes, Mirage's Vanishing Act might be fun for you. With this ultimate, you are hidden, and a squad of spies is sent out to divert foes.

12. Octane


In Apex Legends, Octavio Silva, popularly known by the moniker Octane, is an attainable Legend. He competes in the Apex Games under the alias "The Adrenaline Junkie," a well-known daredevil. Octavio Silva was disinterested one day. 

He was bored most of the time. He was the heir to the busy C.E.O. of Silva Pharmaceuticals and had everything he needed. To pass the time, he entertained himself by pulling off risky stunts and posting holovids of them online for his fans to marvel at. So, on this particular day, he used a grenade to launch himself across the finish line to break the course record for a Pilot Gauntlet.

Hours later, as he lay in triage, the medical staff informed him that his days as a daredevil were over because of the harm done to his legs. That didn't sit well with Octavio, so he sought the assistance of a trusted friend: Ajay Che, whom he coerced into fabricating a request to have his bionic legs replaced. 

Octavio decided that minor internet antics weren't enough because he could instantly mend his limbs. The Apex Games, the source of the world's greatest rush, was beckoning. He is about to become an Apex Champion while performing the most amazing, life-defying manoeuvres ever. He might not be as bored in the Arena.

13. Pathfinder


Pathfinder is a Legend that is excellent for rotation and movement. While his Insider Knowledge and insane zipline Gun abilities enable him to help your team by letting them know the location of the next ring and provide a zipline on the fly to allow fast movement and to reposition, respectively, their grappling hook ability helps you to reach higher places and tactically reposition.

You'll discover that a strong recon player frequently paves the way for a squad to succeed. A role like that is handled superbly by Pathfinder thanks to their skills that offer useful intelligence.

As a result of his talents, you, as a Pathfinder, must serve your squadmates and keep them informed about what is happening on the battlefield. His abilities might boost mobility and awareness of adjacent adversaries.

Grappling Hook, a tactical skill available to Pathfinder, can swiftly access difficult locations. It's your go-to technique for getting the lay of the land and can quickly get you out of tight spots.

The recharge time of his ultimate ability is slashed by 10 seconds thanks to his passive ability, Insider Knowledge, which also lets you scan a survey beacon to learn where the ring will appear next.

14. Rampart


Rampart, also known as Ramya Parekh, is a playable Legend who debuted in the sixth season of the Apex Games. Rampart is a blue-collar, independent company owner who only needs a big rifle and a bag full of scrap metal to survive in the Outlands' deadly, lawless Frontier. 

Ramya Parekh (a.k.a. Rampart), a well-known modder on Gaea, first gained notoriety in the clandestine gauntlet scene. Parekh ascended to the top using her specially modified gear, demonstrating her unmatched prowess.

She started working for everyone, including Syndicate members and drug dealers. Some claim that anything isn't great unless "Rampart" is inscribed. Construct a crouch-cover wall to block incoming fire and increase outgoing shots by 20% while providing full coverage.

You may place up to 5 of these at once and have up to 3 charges. You receive a chargeback if you take it home unharmed. It might be destroyed as the shield was being built. Faster reloads with the Minigun and L.M.G.s and an increase in magazine/heat capacity.

Install a universally accessible mounted machine gun. This has an infinite ammo reserve capacity in exchange for a lengthy reload time and a restricted range of motion. You can set down three of these at once, and each time you pick one up, 50% of your ultimate is recharged.

15. Revenant


The offensively oriented character Revenant plays in the well-known battle royale Apex Legends. Revenant is probably not the best choice for beginners because it is best suited for players who are willing and confident enough to move forward despite the lack of a clear game plan. However, he may be a monster in the righteous hands and when utilized to his fullest extent. 

With two stories instead of one, Revenant can climb two times as high as the other legends, thanks to his passive ability, Stalker. He can also move just as quickly while crouching as the other legends can while walking.

His strategic nous, a projectile thrown by Silence, causes adversaries to absorb ten damage, be stunned, and temporarily lose the use of their tactical and ultimate abilities. Like Octane's Stim, Silence can be used with other actions. As a result, you can use it as you heal, reload, aim, shoot, or throw a grenade.

16. Seer


Obi Seer Edolasim was labelled a cursed child by his tribe from the moment he opened his eyes due to his unfortunate birth. Obi's parents watched him grow up to become a nice and caring guy while being viewed as an outsider by everyone around him.

Obi experienced his first moment of creative freedom when he entered the Arena, allowing him to express himself as he amassed many triumphs. Seer's fan following has expanded due to his rapid ascension to the status of the world's misfits.

Although Seer's recon skills have been toned down since his Season 9 debut, he remains a continuous menace on the battlefield. Send a conical cone of micro drones toward your adversaries to temporarily halt their cooldowns and abilities.

Seer can detect the location of nearby enemy players within 75m while aiming down sights. Microdrones can penetrate walls and locate opponents. Using millions of micro-drones, Seer constructs a dome that pinpoints the whereabouts of all adversaries inside its radius who sprint or fire their weapons.

17. Valkyrie


In Titanfall 2, Viper, one of Kuben Blisk's Apex Predator pilots, is the father of Kairi "Valkyrie" Imahara. Blisk jeopardizes Valkyrie's father, ultimately leading to his death, and Valkyrie wishes to murder him for it.

She was persuaded to join the Apex Games after a brief encounter with the man. Rampart assisted Valkyrie in constructing a jetpack that pays tribute to her father's heritage out of the remnants of Viper's Northstar Titan.

Valkyrie is the first character with two passive powers and the only one who can fly around the map. She may hack survey beacons as a Recon character to learn the location of the next ring.

Because of her special equipment, Valkyrie is a challenging character to control; however, we have a character guide to simplify things. Hold jump for a brief moment to use VTOL jets to hover in the air. The fuel reserves last roughly 10 seconds while flying continuously. More than 10 seconds can be spent in the air by Valkyrie, but she must remain still.

Valkyrie and her comrades can spot any foes within 250 metres when skydiving. The scanning skills of Bloodhound and Crypto indicate to foes that they are being tracked, but the Jet-Fighter H.U.D. doesn't.

18. Wattson


Natalie "Wattson" Paquette, a Wattson Perky engineer who worked with her father, the chief electrical engineer for the Apex Games, on the Modified Containment Ring, is no stranger to the event. Like Caustic, Wattson is a defensive character who focuses on perimeter defence.

Her electrified traps can slow and weaken your enemies so you can zap in for the kill and be excellent for shielding your squad. When you play as Wattson, you no longer have to worry about waiting for your ultimate to charge because her passive allows Ultimate Accelerants to charge her ultimate ability fully.

After calling it in, standing close to the Interception Pylon will speed up your tactical ability to recharge. You can use Wattson's tactics to lay down connecting nodes to build electrified barriers that can harm sluggish foes.

The fences are excellent for hiding out and fending off an opposing assault, much like Caustic's gas traps, or for getting temporary protection if you think an attacker is on your tail. The electric field will cause enemies to move more slowly, giving you and your colleagues a chance to score quick kills.

You can summon the Interception Pylon, an electric tool that annihilates incoming ordnance and heals damaged shields as long as it stands once your ultimate is charged. This is tremendously helpful for surviving an enemy like Gibraltar's bombardment. Running out of shield batteries in the middle of a gunfight can also save your life.

19. Wraith


Apart from the fact that she woke up in a prison institution years ago with voices in her brain, we don't know much about the enigmatic Wraith. She could leap between realms once she began to listen to them.

This interdimensional skirmisher is a D.P.S. Apex Legends character, similar to Mirage, except she prefers to play stealthily rather than opening fire. The friendly voice in Wraith's brain will alert you if an enemy team is ready to get the upper hand on you. However, it can be challenging to tell this apart from your team's communications.

You can go across the void without taking any damage thanks to Wraith's tactical ability, which effectively lets you disappear temporarily while avoiding damage. If you've found a nice shotgun while looting, it's a useful tool for closing the gap on the opposing squad.

Or perhaps you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation and need to flee quickly. Wraith can build a gateway across the map with Dimensional Rift, providing your party members and enemy squads a speedier method to move together.

20. Catalyst


Tressa Crystal Smith, an exquisite and aloof woman who prefers crystals to most people, isn't everyone's cup of tea. She was raised on the ailing planet Boreas, which also had a failing moon. There, efficiency and conformity were requirements, but Tressa never felt comfortable. 

She felt more at home with other misfits who also spent their time doing personal witchcraft, moon rituals, and crystal readings; they helped her through self-discovery and transition, making her difficult adolescence easier and less lonely.

Tressa was caught in the middle when her best friend took great measures to protect their moon from corporate intrusion. Ultimately, she fled her house and found comfort in what her friend loved most: their moon, Cleo.

She joined the terraforming teams contracted to restore and revitalize the celestial body there. She mastered the usage of ferrofluid with a certain witchy flare. When the pressure on Boreas subsided, she brought some former pals back into the fold because she had grown connected to her new group. 

Just at the moment for the Apex Games to start and wash her new family out from under them, she found a spot to call her own. However, Catalyst will only go away slowly. She will use the Games to her advantage if they stand in the way of her goals and use the prize money to support her family. She expects to succeed and will rise to the challenge.

21. Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie

Margaret There, who would later become known as Mad Maggie, was raised alone in one of Salvo's most desolate and dusty neighbourhoods. She then had the good fortune to meet Walter Fitzroy, an energetic little boy who shared her love of chaos. The two couldn't be separated, and when they were teenagers, they turned into mercenaries. 

This group eventually developed into the Cracked Talon, a formidable mercenary organization. Here she acquired the moniker "Mad Maggie." Maggie's ambitions for a self-sufficient Salvo were dashed when rival warlord Sandringham Kelly made a pact with the Syndicate, and Fuse left her for the Games, driving Maggie insane.

Margaret Khere, who would later become Mad Maggie, was raised alone in one of Salvo's most desolate and dusty neighbourhoods. She then had the good fortune to meet Walter Fitzroy, an energetic little boy who shared her love of chaos. The two couldn't be separated, and when they were teenagers, they turned into mercenaries. 

This group eventually developed into the Cracked Talon, a formidable mercenary organization. Here she acquired the moniker "Mad Maggie." Maggie's ambitions for a self-sufficient Salvo were dashed when rival warlord Sandringham Kelly made a pact with the Syndicate, and Fuse left her for the Games, driving Maggie insane.

22. Newcastle


Lamont Craig was different from the other fathers in the area. Sure, he sent the kids to school and read stories to his toddler every night in various voices. The first of Lamont's secrets was that he went by the name Jackson Williams.

Jackson, a senior soldier for the I.M.C., went AWOL after disobeying orders to fight what he perceived as a losing battle. As long as his sister Anita remained with him, he knew neither he nor she would ever be safe from the I.M.C.'s remnants.

He took advantage of the opportunity to leave his life behind when he thought he had died in a ship explosion, even though it meant also leaving her behind.

Years later, "Lamont" relocated to the charming small hamlet of Harris Valley, where he married his wife. There was no need for police enforcement in Harris Valley because it was so tranquil. All they required was Newcastle, their knight. 

Newcastle had sold off the town to settle his obligations, and when thugs from a group known as the Forgotten Families came to collect, the knight had his secrets. They killed him when Newcastle couldn't pay without realising Lamont was around.

Despite the Forgotten Families having several reinforcements, he defeated them utilising his military prowess. Lamont then devised a potentially harmful solution. He could assume Newcastle's identity and enter the Apex Games, something Newcastle could not achieve.

23. Vantage


Mother Xenia, a survivor, gave birth to and reared Xiomara "Mara" Contreras alone on the untamed ice planet Págos. From the moment she was tall enough to look through the scope and simultaneously pull the trigger on a sniper rifle, Mara showed exceptional skill with one.

Only after handing her chatty daughter Mara a discarded copy of Encyclopedia Outlandica, which she had memorised from cover to cover, was the tight-lipped Xenia able to silence her.

Mara found the G.D.S. Vantage crashed when she was 18 years old. Mara sneaked in, defying her mother's wishes, only to discover that she had been misled. Her mother was transported to Págos as a prisoner on the G.D.S. Vantage. Thus she had not grown up there. 

As a result of the intrusion, the ship disintegrated and fell into a chasm, trapping a hurt Mara. Her mother didn't discover her until a baby bat that Mara had saved circled the crevice while carrying her distinctive whistle.

The injuries on her daughter were too severe for Xenia to treat by the time she arrived. Xenia activated the prison ship's S.O.S. beacon to save her daughter's life, but in doing so, she was taken prisoner once more.


There is a tonne of unique characters in Apex Legends Mobile. Each has unique special powers that fall into three categories: tactical, passive, or ultimate. During games, both you and the other players will choose one of these characters.

Knowing about all the Legends is crucial because your performance in the match depends on the exact heroes you select. Please take note that not every Legend will be unveiled at once. More will become available as you advance in the game and raise your rank. Make sure to choose the right character to win the game. 



Wild Frontier, the first season of Apex Legends, began on March 19 and ran until June 18, 2019. It introduced Octane, the Battle Pass, and the first new Legend for the game.

Bloodhound is unquestionably the best Legend in Apex Legends and a regular at the top levels of play. He is the best scout on the game's roster because of his broad skill set, which is geared toward spotting and pursuing prey.

Vantage, played by 18-year-old Xiomara "Mara" Contreras, is the youngest Apex Legend as of Season 14. Her Echo Relocation can be a great option to get away from tense gunfights and to somewhere safer.

Lifeline resides in Psamathe alongside Horizon and Octane. She is only approximately five feet five inches tall. She can at least claim to be taller than Wattson and Wraith.

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