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Battle royale games conjure a genre that combines the thrill of survival with that of last man standing gameplay. These online video games offer single and multi-player modes, where players can form a group to win against others. 

What more can excite someone other than a battle in command of their fingers? The battle royale games are based on the concept of "thriving and surviving." You are provided with the basic equipment or none to start your journey of survival. The games offer upgradation of devices, equipment, levels, enemies, killing, conquering, surviving, hiding, exploration, etc., ultimately, to crown the only last player standing firm, others being killed.

The main appeal of this genre is that while everyone starts with the same basic pieces of equipment, any one of them can be the champion. Survival instincts play a major role in determining who the champion will be. If you want to check how good your survival instincts are, battle royal is the perfect genre of game for you.

Best Battle Royale Games for Android

Recently, there has been an outbreak of battle royale games when games like PUBG and Fortnite launched their android versions. The craze has only gone up for battle royale games. In due course, many gaming companies used their imagination to create battle royale games with the best graphics and sound and are constantly improving with their new versions. 

In this crowd of excellent games, it might be hard to find the right one for you. There are many aspects to battle royale games that make each game at least a little bit different from the other. So knowing a little bit about all the games before you dive in may help you determine which one you will love playing the most. 

Here are the 15 best battle royale games which have amazed the masses with their gameplay. Learn a little bit about them before you dive into their rich world. They are all available on android, and the best thing is that most of them are free; you can try anyone without any hassle. 

PUBG Mobile


If you know the battle royale, then we are sure you’ve heard about PUBG. The word PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and ever since it was launched as an android app, it has been one of the most popular apps on the app store. 

People who never played battle royale loved it. The simple and intuitive control system invites beginners, which is why it attracts many new fans. It's challenging enough to keep skilled players interested. Being optimized for mobile also helped. 

The premise of the game is pretty standard. Players enter the battlefield in groups or solo and fight until all the other players die. A match can last about 30 minutes. The players don’t have anything when they enter the battleground, but they can quickly find equipment in the nearby houses. 

The game keeps adding new modes and maps that keep it interesting for the players. The winner gets to enjoy a nice chicken dinner which keeps it fun.

Grand Battle Royale

grand battle royale

If you love Minecraft's visuals, then you might love Grand Battle Royale too. We are pretty sure if you’ve played Minecraft, you’ve at least tried this battle royale game out. But in case you haven’t, give it a go.

You’ll see Minecraft's familiar pixelated and blocky environment in the game but with an added battle royale gameplay. The fun of both the games is in this one battle royale game. Get transported to the map along with other players and use your survival tactics to build, find, or even steal weapons.

You have to look for the guns which appear randomly on the map. These weapons and the ammunition you find can then be used to fight other players. Stay inside the big radiation city until the end and kill the other players before they kill you. Survive till the end, and the victory is yours. 

Fortnite Battle Royale


Since it arrived in 2017, Fortnite has been one of those battle royale games everybody’s heard of. The game has added the thrill of battle royale with the obvious yet effective zombie-like apocalypse scenario. To add to the appeal, its building mechanic sets the game apart from the rest.

As a player, you gather things to build forts, hence the name Fortnite. You play among 100 players in a violent fight for survival. Build your fort and destroy the forts built by the other players in the game.

Along with fighting other players and keeping your fort up, you also get to fight zombies to survive. During the game, along with building equipment, you also gather weapons and ammunition. Keep your stack full because you’ll need those weapons later to fight the zombies.

You’ve also got to keep making makeshift walls and ramps, so your fort stays strong. There is also a shrinking and moving invisible barrier to make the gameplay even more exciting and challenging. It’s all fun, silly, and super exciting to play, so you should check it out. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most polished games out there that are made for mobile. The 100-player battle arena game has been popular for quite some time now and is popular for a reason.

Along with having various PVP battle modes, it also has a ton of choices for weapons. You can choose your favorite weapons or challenge yourself by trying out a new weapon. You can also choose multiple characters, although you’ll have to grind a bit if you want to unlock the new characters.

But that’s part of the fun too. The 8th season of the game is going on right now, and they have added a ton of new events, so you should check it out. As long as you have an android 5.1 and up with at least 2 GB RAM, you can try out Call of Duty: Mobile. It is free to play and available on AppStore. 

Garena Free Fire Max

garena free fire

Garena Free Fire Max brings out the ultimate thrill of battle royale by shortening the duration of a match to just 10 minutes. You enter the battlefield with 49 other players, find weapons and supplies, and kill all the other players within 10 minutes.

The shortened time makes the battles even more thrilling. You can get deeply immersed in the game thanks to its fast-paced gameplay. You also go to the battlefield with your friends or solo. Your strategy should be based on what you find most effective.

The game just launched in 2021, and it is already one of the favorites among players. Its previous counterpart Garena Free Fire no doubt helped add to the hype, but the game itself is quite enough to be as appealing as it is on its own.

The exhilarating gameplay, new mechanics, and fun little details on the map are responsible for its vast appeal. We won’t spoil the fun for you, just jump into the map and check it out yourself.

Happy Zone- Battle Royale

happy zone battle royale

If 100 or even 50-player battle royale games are too much for you, then you can battle among just 12. Happy Zone- BattleRoyale lets you play among 12 players and survive to be the champion. The games only last about 3 minutes, so they are pretty chill and require much less commitment.

So if you are a casual fan and want to try out battle royales that are pretty chill yet immersive, try it out. You can play with your friends in squads or play alone. The concept is pretty standard.

You get into the matches, collect weapons and other equipment, and then shoot the other players while avoiding getting shot. Many weapons and attack styles are available, like airstrikes and grenades.

Dive into the battles and find your favorite weapons by breaking the loot boxes. Then survive among the players to become the champion. Each game you win boosts up your rank on the global leaderboard. Climb to the very top to win special rewards and glory. 

Apex Legends Mobile

apex legend mobile

Experience the iconic gameplay of Apex Legends in this mobile version of the game. You get the same tactical and strategic gameplay as the original game, along with all the exotic weaponry and combat action.

If you like combat-heavy shooting games that offer a wide arsenal of weaponry, then this may be the perfect game for you. Play with your friends or play alone; the game has enough to entertain you. Choose from various guns and shoot your way through the arena to survive till the end.

There are a ton of characters for you to try out. You can master your favorite character to make the game even more fun. You can use squad up in a team of three to compete in the PvP battles.

New legends are constantly introduced to the game to keep it fun for the returning players. So even if you are a veteran player that took a back from battle royale and are looking to get back in, this can be the game you go back to. 

FOG - MOBA Battle Royale Game


If you like fantasy and want to try out the gameplay of battle royale combined with immersive RPG, you should try out FOG - MOBA Battle Royale Game. In this game, dark fantasy from the middle ages meets the exhilarating fun of battle royale. The arena you play in is a magical fantasy world covered with fog that can kill you.

You fight 30 other players in the battleground. Survive till the end by upgrading your skills, hiding and clashing with the enemy, and staying away from the deadly fog. Since the middle ages influence the concept, you get a more creative selection of weapons than just different kinds of guns.

You can pick a spear, a sword, or even a bow and arrows if you like combating from a distance. Collect your weapons and items, upgrade your skills, and play as a mage or a knight. Lose yourself in an immersive, otherworldly experience for the game's duration. 

ZombsRoyale.io- 2D Battle Roy

zombs royale

Do you want to play solo against 99 other players? Or do you want to play in a duo or a squad? Maybe you want to play in a team of 50 against 50 other players? If you answered yes to all of them, try ZombsRoyale.io - 2D Battle Roy. Then have a wide range of gameplay modes that they release as limited-time gameplay modes.

They’ve got weapon race (defeat your opponents to level up your weapon), zombie (fight other teams while surviving hoards of zombies), Superpower (collect different superpowers that allow you to move faster or be stronger when you kill your opponents), and a ton of other exciting gameplays going on at different times. 

Go in at the right time, and you may find your favorite one going on. If not, you can always wait for them to bring it back. Meanwhile, the exciting regular gameplay is enough to keep you entertained. 

Farlight 84

farlight 84

Fight in a dystopian battlefield to be the last to survive in Farlight 84. It is a battle royale set in 2084, and you fight in a wasteland. You’ll be accompanied by your vehicle, or you can fly around using a jetpack. Choose your weaponry and smash around on the battlefield to be the last surviving one. 

Choose among the unique characters and weaponry and be the champion of the wasteland. The gameplay and design of the battlefield and character are very good-looking. It is one of the best-looking battle royales with a unique dystopian concept. 

Being able to fly around on the battlefield makes the gameplay a lot more exciting. The firepower of the weapons is quite impressive too. You feel like you are in a dystopia, and you are surviving. Hey, that’s good practice for when the real dystopia gets here if we are not all dead by then. 

Rules of Survival

rules of survival

Rules of Survival feature pretty standard battle royale gameplay. You go in with other players, find weapons, and kill others while avoiding being killed. But unlike other battle royales where you fight against 100 players, here you fight against 120. 

A bigger player number means the game would be even more challenging now. You need to survive longer and kill more players to be the champion, and the thrill lasts a bit longer. Maybe that’s why over 230 million people have been playing the game and enjoying it quite a bit.

In terms of gameplay, it is quite on par with its counterparts like PUBG mobile, and only the gameplay is a bit longer. Since its beta was launched in 2017, it has been a go-to for many battle royale fans. Join the fun and get into the arena to learn how you compete with the other players. 

Knives Out

knives out

Knives Out’s gameplay is simple yet effective. It is a first-person shooter letting the player compete against 100 other players to be the last one standing, pretty standard battle royale gameplay. 

In their description, they openly say that Player Unknown Battlegrounds inspire them, and you can see the influence. Like PUBG, it features clean, optimized gameplay and a mix of easy-to-play yet immersive experiences. 

Check out the variety of gameplay offered by the game to find your favorite one. The modes range from pretty casual to quite immersive 50 vs. 50 gameplays. The game will have something for you no matter what gameplay you prefer. 

Get into the arena and get transported into the immersive world of battle royale for the next 20-25 minutes. Be the champion and improve your rank on the leaderboard. Who knows, you can be the top player the next season.

Battlelands Royale 

battlelands royale

The simple cartoonish look of Battlelands Royale makes the game look quite charming. Don’t be deceived by its looks; the game itself is quite immersive. The game is quite popular among casual fans of battle royales, who want the thrill of battle royales but not so much that they can’t multitask.

If that describes you, then check the game out. You’ll play with or against 31 other players, and each match will last about five minutes. So pick this one up if you want to play a match while waiting for the last ten minutes of your online class to be over. 

You’ll get all the classic attractions of other battle royales, a huge range of weapons and characters you can pick from, a fun, immersive survival experience, and more. Check the game out to find an enjoyable and low-commitment experience of battle royale.  


fight night

Jump out of the helicopter into the battlefield of FightNight. Fight against other players while collecting weapons to be the last man standing. You can pick from a to of different skins to show off what kind of a player you are.

There is an assassin skin, a noob skin, and a player no 1 skin. Wear any of these skins, pick your favorite weapons, and join the battle. You can pick from 20 weapon types, so the game has something for everyone. 

You can still play this one if you have a phone that doesn’t support heavy-duty games. Now you won’t have to opt-out of the fun of battle royale just because you have a weak phone. Roam around on the huge map to find your opponents and kill them. Look out, though your opponents are trying to do the same thing. 

If you are new to battle royale, try out the zombie mode; it is fun. You can get cool rewards if you show up to the game regularly. And if you do well, you can be among the top players in the game. Improve your skills to join them at the top of the leaderboard. 

Pixel’s Unknown Battleground

pixel's unknown battleground

Love Player Unknown Battle Ground and Minecraft? Then try out Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground. As you can probably tell from the name, the game is a mashup between the famous PUBG and the equally famous Minecraft.

You get the battle royale gameplay of PUBG with the fun pixelated visuals of Minecraft. That is not all, though; you also get a wide range of weapons to choose from, a huge map you can explore, and a ton of skins to show off.

Aim your pixel guns at your enemy, and the gun will take care of the rest. Auto is available, so you won’t have to worry amount missing; just find your enemy, and they are done for. Don’t forget to hunt for loot, and they are what will help you survive and kill your opponents.

You also get to choose from a range of cool vehicles, and they are scattered through the map. Find them and ride around to kill your enemies without mercy. Join the madness island and prove your superior surviving skills by being the last man standing. 


With the wide range of available options, it is not hard to see why Battle Royale games are so popular. There is something for everyone. Though the traditional battle royale games mostly feature guns, as you’ve seen, more creative choices are also available in different games.

So even fans of other genres like fantasy and dystopia can find what they like in these games. Whether you like a bit more fantasy approach to the genre or you like the classic old battle royale, if you like battle royale, it means you enjoy the thrill of surviving among many.

Being the best at something sure is a good feeling. If you enjoy the feeling, you may also enjoy survival horror games. Maybe try out Hello Neighbour the next time you are in the AppStore; you may like it. 


Battle Royales refers to the genre of game that lets players enter into an arena and fight each other till death until only one player or one group of players survives. These kinds of games mash elements of survival, exploration, shooting, and many other mechanics. 

While most feature guns and other modern weaponry, more creative weapons options can also be found. Battle royale is a confrontation among multiple players where they kill other players while avoiding being killed. Being the last man standing is the winning factor in a battle royale. 

Answer: The name comes from a Japanese cult movie with the same name. On the other hand, the movie was based on a novel by Koushun Takami. Called Battle Royale, the movie's plot is about characters who get into a situation where they have to fight to the death.

The plot is similar to the gameplay concept, so it’s not hard to see why the name battle royale is chosen for this genre of video games. 

Battle Royales are fun to play, but at the same time, it is really easy for the game developer to make and improve. Devs can launch a battle royale game and keep adding or removing content according to player feedback. The PvP gameplay and the survival aspect make battle royales exciting for the players. 

The gameplay forces the players to be on their toes, making it quite immersive. The games also offer a wide range of weaponry and different playing mode, which help them appeal to many different game-playing audiences. 

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