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The God of War sequel released by the famous game developers Santa Monica shattered all its previous box office and critical success records. You play as Kratos, a Spartan, through his journey of becoming the Norse God of War. On his journey of vengeance, Kratos becomes one of the strongest gods of all time, but wearing armor is important. Not only because it protects from enemy attacks but also in the game, it gives many offensive buffs and perks.

Best Armors in God of War

It would be best if you defeated the bosses. The game has a wide diversity of armors, all with different stats and abilities useful for different situations. Choosing the best armor fit for the condition can hugely affect the fight's outcome. Here are the best hand-picked God of War armors to take you through the dangerous adventure with Kratos unharmed!

Nidavellir Armor Set

Nidavellir Armor Set

Even if you are not a fan of Norse mythology, you might have heard about the neutron star Nidavellir. According to Norse mythology, the dwarves of Nidavellir forged the legendary hammer of Thor. The Nidavellir Armor Set made by the same dwarves gives you almost a 'plot armor' in God of War.

Though finding this armor may give you some trouble, once you receive its health restoration bonus, you will find your every effort worth it. Fighting always damages your health, but with this armor, the perk will restore your health whenever you kill an enemy using 'Stun Grab.' Isn't that great?

If this special feature doesn't convince you, the basic stats of this armor is also pretty high. Also, its high synergy will surely make you run after it. Don't worry; you can easily find this super-protective armor by collecting Nidavellir Ores from the side-quest "In Service of Asgard." Just mine those rigs, take the Ores back to Huldra Brothers, and Boom! They will forge this armor for you from the heart of a dying star!

Lunda's Armor set

Lunda's Armor set

Refrain from judging this armor as soon as you find it in three damaged pieces, as Lunda's Armor set will protect your beloved Kratos through the most intense fighting in the game. There are a lot of advantages of this armor apart from its early occurrence in the game.

The huge armor chest piece will act like an invincible jacket protecting you from most unarmed attacks. Apart from its primary objective of protecting, it deals a big amount of bonus damage every time you use poison attacks on your enemies. As you know, poisoning enemies is a hard task in God of War, but with this armor, you will cut through your enemies like a knife through butter just by bear-handed poison attacks. Don't worry if you get emotionally attached to this great armor; you can keep using it throughout the game by adding some upgrades.

You will get all three pieces in Vanaheim only. The first is Lunda's Broken Belt, found in Noatun's Garden. The second one is Lunda's Broken Bracers, located at the Cliffside Ruins, and the final chest piece is near the Veiled Passage. 

Guiding Light Armor Set

Guiding Light Armor Set

You might have heard the famous line, "Offence is the best defense," and the Guiding Light Armor Set is a perfect example. The Guiding Light Armor Set will guide your way through the dark and grim boss fights by giving arbitrary power boosts to your attacks. One random strike with this armor, and bingo!

You will obliterate your god-like enemies in a heartbeat. Not only your chances of hitting a critical blow, but your overall strength will also skyrocket with this armor. Though collecting all the pieces might be tricky, you won't regret doing that labor.

Midway through the story, you will get the Guiding Light Favour. You must explore the Lake of Nine and find the destroyed statue of Tyr. You can get other rewards, too, by carefully reading the secret messages carved at the figure; keep an eye open, and you will easily find this glittering armor there. 

If you enjoy using armours in games, you should try the best sword games. These games are packed with thrill and will take you on an action-packed ride.

Raven Tears Armor Set

Raven Tears Armor Set

Though attacking is the most important aspect of fighting, sometimes defensive abilities can turn the tide. The Raven Tears Armour set, with its almost indestructible defensive capabilities, will surely give your enemies a hard time dealing damage to you during an action-packed boss fight

You can see how good the armor is just by its basic stats. This armor can block special enemy attacks effortlessly with negligible amounts of upgrades. You will not need to worry about changing your armor once you find this, as the armor is versatile and can work effectively until the last boss fight of the game. The greatness of this armor doesn't end here; with its special ability named "Healing Mist," you will get random health boosts while fighting. With this armor, the game will feel easy even in higher-difficulty settings, as this armor soars up your survivability during every fight.

Unlike other games on the list where you find those armors on a particular mission, you will have to work throughout the game to get this one. You will have to keep collecting Odin's Ravens throughout your mystical journey. The armor comes mainly in two pieces; for getting the Girdle, you will have to collect 6 Ravens, and for the Bracers, you will need 12 Ravens.


Steinborn Armor Set

The other armors in this article will serve you pretty well, but with the Steinbjorn Armor Set, you will finish the toughest ending boss fights without a hitch. Though you will have to wait till the last phase of the game to get this armor, it is so powerful that if you got it in earlier stages, you would finish it without ado.

This incredibly resilient armor's basic stats clearly show that you will shrug off even the most dangerous attacks. The special ability of this armor, named 'Bloodthirsty Retaliation,' comes from its chest piece. As the name suggests, whenever Kratos gets a critical blow, he will automatically quench the enemy's blood with a counter-attack. Not only that, but with this Bloodborne-style armor, you will get much healing every time your health faints. And if you wear the Gauntlets and the Wristguards, then you will able to do AOE stun damage every time you get hit.

To get this treasure, you will need Draupnir Spear. Use the spear to break the ice at the southern edge of the Lake of Nine. You will find many Slumber Stones; bring them to any blacksmith, and bingo! You will have one of the best God of War armor in milliseconds.

Vidar's Might Armor Set

Vidar's Might Armor Set

Do not judge armor by its looks. Though this armor looks dull and rough, once you wear this, your fighting abilities will shine throughout the game! Finding this armor is a piece of cake, even for beginners. Though not many fancy-looking things are on the armor, the basic stats are decorated with high numbers. 

The basic abilities include a huge increase in strength and defense; even the most powerful attacks from your enemies won't even give you a scratch with this armor on your chest. Three pieces called Vidar's Pauldron of Might, Vidar's Bracers of Might, and Vidar's Belt of Might combine to give you many perks and combos. Once you upgrade the armor a little, you will get its special ability called 'Relentless Might,' using which you can deal considerable combo damages that can turn the tides of the duel.

Though your enemies will get much trouble defeating you with this armor, you have no trouble finding it. After completing the "Surviving Fimbulwinter" quest, you will get the chest piece. And for the others, you will have to collect 500 Hacksilver. Use them to craft this game-changing armor in the armor-building option.

Radiance Armor Set

Radiance Armor Set

You will realize pretty soon that boss fights in God of War are no child's play, but once you wear this armor, you will defeat your enemies effortlessly. Though some of the armor in this list give you the ability to slow down time, this armor will make your playing time worth it!

The basic strength of the armor is slightly lower than the others, but don't worry, why need endurance when you can dodge or reflect almost every attack of your enemies? Yes! This armor's special ability is to avoid enemy attacks. And the best thing is, when you upgrade this armor, the defensive capabilities get many buffs that make this armor better than any other rare or legendary ones. You will also earn another special ability called 'Realm Shift.'

It will activate every time you dodge an attack at the very last moment and slows down time, giving you a chance to strike a critical blow or get out of that unfavorable condition. Not only these, but you will also get many unique evasion perks. Once you use them all, you become almost untouchable! Though to use its capabilities efficiently, you will have to spend some time mastering it. But don't worry; the payoff will outweigh all your efforts. To find this armor, you must explore Alfheim carefully rather than continue with the story. Eventually, you will reach The Barren, located on the northern side of Alfheim. That's all; you will find all the pieces there.


Traveller Armour Set

You should also not judge the armor of God of War only by its stats; this armor will make you understand why. Though the basic stats are not at the peak, the buffs you get with this armor will take your gaming experience to new heights.

Its most iconic perk, called 'The protection, 'will protect you from any attack, irrespective of their power or criticality. If your perk gets activated correctly, do you know how much damage you will receive from a fatal blow in a boss fight? 

The answer is zero. You will be able to tank even the most dangerous attacks without even having a scratch on your health meter. Though this perk will not get activated every second, when it does, it will certainly change the course of the fight. This armor will be particularly useful for completing the mission named 'Muspelheim impossible trials,' where you have to beat 35 enemies single-handedly without taking a single hit on your health meter.

True Warrior Armour Set

True Warrior Armour Set

Not only in stats or abilities, but this armor also dominates the others by its perfect look. The armor looks like it is taken straight out of some Norse legend; it is extremely detailed and well-crafted and fits perfectly on Kratos improving his deadly look even more.

This armor perfectly deserves the 'legendary' classification of the game. The dwarves also make it of Nidavellir. This armor comes in three parts: Pauldron of the True Warrior, Gauntlets of the True Warrior, and Waist Guard of the True Warrior. These parts are attached using one of the strongest materials of the Norse universe named ogre's teeth.

Once you upgrade the armor, you will get some amazing offensive buffs that will make you more agile and increase Kratos's damage-dealing abilities. The armor is a two-way win, as there are also some huge defensive buffs. Crafting this armor is easy; you must go to Brok or Sindri. Though the prices are pretty high, your chance of winning against a legendary enemy with this armor is higher. You will need Svartalfheim Steel. But don't worry if you can't find much in the game; you can easily purchase them using Hacksilver. You will need around 75k hack silvers to buy and upgrade the armor.

Sindri's Royal Dwarven Set

Sindri's Royal Dwarven Set

This armor might be one of the best-looking armor in the God of War franchise; not only with fancy colors but the stats and abilities of Sindri's Royal Dwarven Set are also very well decorated. This armor's high defensive and offensive abilities are perfectly balanced, making it deadly for Kratos's enemies.

All the pieces of this armor have unique perks and buffs, along with high defensive basic stats. The components include the Royal Dwarven Breastplate, Sindri's Royal Dwarven Gauntlets, and Sindri's Royal Dwarven Waist Guard, all made by the dwarves of Nidavellir.

The Royal Dwarven Breastplate gives Arcane Protective Barrier perk using which you can easily dodge or deflect every runic attack, no matter how powerful. The gauntlets give you 'Fire Mastery', using which you can easily turn your enemies into ash as it increases the power of fire attacks by 15% and, after full upgrading, 50%. And with the Dwarven Waist Guard, your frost damage will increase by 15% at first and 50% after upgrading.

You can buy this armor from Brok and Sindri, but if you want to save some hack silver, then you will get this armor once you complete the mission Hail to the King. You must choose one from Sindri's Royal Dwarven Set or Brok's Royal Dwarven Armor set.

Ares Armor Set

Ares Armor Set

There is no armor as perfect as Ares Armour Set in the whole God of War franchise, not only by its basic stats but also its great buffs and special rage abilities, and this armor looks like it has been handcrafted for Kratos as he looks awesome wearing it. Like other ones in this article, this one also contains three pieces. One for the wrist, One for the chest, and one for the waist. To unlock this armor, you must pass levels 8 and 9 in story mode.

You don't need to look at the basic stats because they are pretty solid, like every other one on this list. If you still feel insecure about its capabilities, you should try its Rage Field ability once! And you will see the magic unfold before your eyes as the enemy attacks on you go in vain. You must be familiar with the perk Rage, which can make you win a battle in just seconds. But before, it was hard to get the rage bar filled, don't worry if you wear this armor; your rage bar will feel so fast that you can use it multiple times in a single boss fight.

If all the information above has influenced you to get the Ares armor set for your Kratos, then don't waste time and try to defeat Hræzlyr in the new game-plus mode. Fighting and beating him can be difficult with your rusty old armor, but don't worry, once you defeat him and acquire this one, you will never get hardships in boss fights again. 

Fallen Ash Armour Set

Just as the name suggests, wearing this armor can easily turn your enemies to ashes effortlessly! Not only that, this armor looks insanely great on Kratos. This armor skyrockets the burn damages. This one comprises a Breastplate of Fallen Ash and Gauntlets of Fallen Ash. Though armor is usually just for the protection of the character in-game, there is no denying that this armor becomes a necessity for Kratos in the early boss fights.

The main function of this armor is to buff to usual abilities. It gives you a good amount of defense boost and 24 Stat points boost every level, which increases your strength drastically. By upgrading the armor, you can get the best out of it, as the special abilities are only available for the fully upgraded version. But the best part is that you can upgrade this armor twice, saving your pocket.

To gift Kratos this armor, you have to get your hands on some Smoldering Embers, which you can find in the optional realm of Muspelheim. You can also cash it. You will need 12,800 Hacksilver to get the 18 Smoldering Embers required.


Ancient Armor Set

Ancient Armor Set

This armor will work as a perfect Kickstarter for your mystical journey through the early stages of the game 'God of War, as you will get this armor at level 5 or 6. To get your hands on this Ancient armor set, you will have to kill an Ancient. You will need to collect the heart of the Ancient after defeating it because that is the key to getting the Ancient armor set.

After that, you can unlock a quest named hearts of stone. You will need three Ancient hearts for this armor. Don't want to fight? No need to worry; you can buy them using hack silver which will cost you 12,800 Hacksilver. You can give the hearts to brok or Sindri, and they will do the rest. They will craft the three pieces of armor for you: The Pauldron of the Ancients, the Gauntlet of the Ancients, and the Belt of the Ancients. What Makes this armor unique is its Ancient Proficiency, which provides 15% resistance against Frost, Burn, and Poison attacks.

At the beginning of level 3, it will also provide 18 strength points and 36 defense points. It would be best if you keep upgrading your armor, giving you 22 force points and 42 defense points.

Blazing Magma Set

Blazing Magma Set

The Blazing Magma Armour Set looks cool as the flowing magma over Kratos makes it look like he came out of a volcano, defeating some scary monster. Not only looks, but this armor will also provide a great amount of physical protection! The basic stats of this armor are more than enough to convince you that it is one of the best armor in the God of War franchise.

To get this armor, you must collect all three pieces and craft them accordingly. The pieces are named Blazing Magma Pauldrons, Magma War Belt, and Magma Wrappings. The fully upgraded Magma pauldrons can increase the strength of Kratos by up to 25 points, defenses up to 74 points, and cooldown up to 40points.

To unlock this armor's maximum potential, you will have to upgrade it to the full extent; then, you will see the real magic it does while fighting. The creators gave a proper name for this armor as it leaves burn damage to the enemies and prevents interruptions. You can buy it from a Bork or Sindri, which will cost you 12,800 Hacksilver and 28 Smoldering Ember.


Armor of Zeus

Armor of Zeus

You don't need to be a hardcore Norse fan to know how powerful Zeus, the God of lightning and thunder, is, and by reading this article, you will understand that the Armour of Zeus in God of War does true justice to its name. The armor has pretty solid basic stats that will drastically increase Kratos's defensive and offensive capabilities. You will get a special ability to dodge or reflect runic attacks. Though Kratos is very strong, this armor will make him almost invincible with its strength buffs once you fully upgrade it.

The armor of Zeus is perfect for crossing the 8th and 9th levels. Like other armor in the list, this armor is divided into three pieces: the Cuirass of Zeus (the most powerful piece), the Gauntlets of Zeus, and the War Belt of Zeus. Getting this armor might seem a little difficult as you have to defeat some of the most powerful enemies to get this, but once you acquire the armor, dominating you will be harder. 

You can get the Cuirass of Zeus after defeating Sigrun in Midgard. Gauntlets of Zeus require defeating Gondul in Muspelheim and the War Belt of Zeus by defeating Hildr in Niflheim.

Valkyrie Armour Set

Valkyries are the legendary female warriors in Norse Mythology, and this legendary armor will make Kratos more powerful than any God of all realms.

There is nothing better than bonus stat points. And there is no better armor than this, which will give more bonus points than Valkyrie. It gives buffs and perks to every ability, such as Runic, Strength, Defense, and Cooldown.

Additionally, once you upgrade to level 8, you will get nine enhancement sockets for each component. Isn't that overpowered? The main treat of this armor is its special skill named Gauntlet's Refreshing Light which will erase all the cooldown of Runic Attacks.

You can easily guess only this can change the fate of the fight in an instant. You will have to collect the three pieces named. You will get Cuirass of the Valkyrie by defeating Hildr in Niflheim, Gauntlets of the Valkyrie by defeating Gondul in Muspelheim, and finally, Waist Guard of the Valkyrie by defeating Olrun in Alfheim.



The RPG elements of the new Norse-mythological widely popular game God of War is considered the most realistic and engaging game in the gaming industry. The game puts you on an adrenaline rush as you journey through the mystical world. The game is very practical, so you must constantly upgrade your weapons, abilities, skills, and, most importantly, your armor. Despite skills and powers, armor can turn the tides of an intense boss fight. But choosing the perfect armor from the large options might be difficult, so this article will protect and improve Kratos's abilities and make him a more powerful God of War.


Yes, the reboot of God of War is now available on PC. The new God of War Ragnarok will also soon be released on PC.

Yes, if you want a Hardcore experience, you can play the game without any armor, but it would be very difficult to beat the game's bosses.

Yes, the armors in this article are all available on both versions of the game. However, their basic stats might change a little, but they are almost the same.

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