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Best Action Games for Android You Must Play to Get Your Blood Pumping

Best Action Games for Android You Must Play to Get Your Blood Pumping

We all are weird in one way or another, and so is our idea of fun. Action games allow us to fulfill our weird fantasies of adventure and fun by creating an emotional thrill. They offer unique gameplay that makes the players think harder in a variety of ways.

If you love the feeling of achievement, success, and victory, then the best action games for Android are the best pick for you. Action games are the best combination of adventure, fun, thrill, and simulation. These games are highly popular on almost all platforms. They get your fingers moving, blood pumping, while testing your wits and reflexes, making you want more.

Best Action Games for Android

Almost everyone loves action-packed, fascinating action games. They throw a lot of challenges while combining them with an engaging storyline to ensure a unique experience for the players. There are various categories of action games like fighting games, adventure games, shooter games, and many more.

The availability of a gamut of categories in the action genre makes it difficult to pick one. There are tons of action games on the web to choose from, so here are ten of the best action games for Android.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most successful and best-selling video gaming franchises across the globe. Yes, you read it right. Featuring all the vital elements of an amazing shooter game, the COD franchise has sold 400 million worldwide. You can expect action-packed shooting adventure, military jargon, and lots of blood-curdling gore in this game.

It features various PvP modes combined with excellent graphics and gameplay, making it gamers’ favorite. It is a free-to-play game with a wide range of free unlockable that you can win just by playing the game. Moreover, COD has a 100-player battle mode combined with standard deathmatch style.

Into the Dead 2

Best Action Games for Android

Your search for the best action games ends here. Into the Dead 2 is a unique game packed with action, shooting, and battles. In this game, you run through a field full of zombies. You need to protect yourself against the zombies using different, highly-advanced weapons.

The second part of the game includes a lot from the first part. It has impressive weapons, various endings, and splendid defense elements. That’s not it. You also get a cute dog companion who will be at your side throughout your journey. In addition to this, the game also features special events that are conducted every day. Into the Dead 2 combines two super-exciting gaming genres: shooting and endless runner, to provide a unique experience into a single game.

Galaxy Fighter

Best Action Games for Android

One of the best things about the action genre is that it can combine multiple categories, and so does Galaxy Fighter. This action game combines adventure, action, and shooting. It will take you on an action-packed trip to the cosmos. You need to fly in a futuristic jet, participate in powerful battles, and kill as many enemies as possible.

In this action-packed adventure game, your goal is to destroy the enemy spaceships by moving right and left. You can buy more spaceships by scoring more and becoming the ultimate galaxy fighter. This game features colorful graphics, simple control, amazing gameplay, and family-friendly content. It is a free-to-play game, and trust me; you will love playing it. That’s not it. Galaxy Fighter on Frolic is a real money game. It allows you to earn real money just by playing the game and competing with other players.

Dead Cells

Best Action Games for Android

It is one of the latest games on the list of best action games on Android. You have to play this game multiple times and go through various failed experiments in order to reach the final destination and win the game. Dead Cells features a hack-and-slash mechanic, numerous obstacles, and a highly-engaging environment to keep you engaged in the game while tapping your fingers on the screen.

The whole map of the game is connected so that you can easily travel to different places. What we like most about this game is its splendid hardware controller support, customizable controls, and no-app purchases. Moreover, you can also play this game offline.

PUBG Mobile

Best Action Games for Android

If you are into mobile gaming, then you must have definitely played this game or else heard this name. It is one popular game in the world of action games. All you have to do in PUBG is to land in an abandoned zone alongside other players, collect powerful weapons, kill other players, and be the last man. Sounds easy, right? But it is not.

The game features clear objectives, a sheer variety of advanced weapons, a huge open world, and vehicles. You are surrounded by a live-or-die setting to ensure a thrilling gaming experience. If you don’t have 3o minutes to play the classic PUBG match, then you can opt for Arcade mode, which includes quick matches to make it more exciting. There is always something new to discover in PUBG, which makes it gamers’ favorite.

Among Us

Among Us

This action game has been around for more than two years now, but it has won millions of hearts in the past few months. You can play it on both mobile and desktop. Moreover, it has crossplay, which allows you to play it with friends playing the same game from different platforms. Your primary goal in this action game is to find the impostor.

You have to play as a part of a small group of strangers present on a spaceship and are all set to explore the depths of space. Here the role of the impostor is to kill everyone, and you need to work as a team to find out the impostor to ensure victory. However, if you are the impostor, then, in this case, your goal is to cause trouble and kill all the members of the crew. And remember, you have to do all this without being discovered. Now play this game and discover more.

Evoland 2

Best Action Games for Android

This action game for Android is full of adventures and hack-and-slash, 3D fighters, trading cards, arcade mechanics, and 2D RPG, making it profoundly appealing. Being the protagonist of the story, you need to traverse through the alluring story of this game. As you move forward in this game, the mechanics and graphics also change.

You might have to play in hack and slash style one moment, and in the next moment, you might have to participate in a combat game. It is an action-adventure game filled with surprising elements, different gaming modes, and an engaging storyline that is based on time travel.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

It is a new action-adventure game developed by the developers of the popular game series Clash of Clans. It puts players in a place where they have to fight each other in order to win. The primary feature of this game is its three versus-three player battle. It allows you to form a team of three players with your friends and fight a war against the other team.

The game lets you take certain players and capture their loot. One of the best things in this game is that you might find a game mode easy one moment, and the next, it gets intense. Moreover, it has quick games and easy mechanics, so you play it anytime and anywhere to have some fun.

Major Zero

Major Zero

This one on Frolic is a combination of action and run-and-shooter game which allows you to enjoy two genres in a single game. In this game, your character is equipped with a rifle and an unlimited supply of ammunition.

The goal is to kill your enemies and save yourself. You are allowed to jump, move and fire in eight different directions. Also, make sure to collect the coins and hearts you find along the way. Sounds interesting, right? Trust me, it is fun to play and will surely get your blood pumping. Download Frolic right and challenge your friends in this action-packed game.

Final Words

Action games are one of the most popular genres in the gaming world. People love games filled with action, adventure, thrill, gore, and fights. These games allow you to take a break from your busy schedule and have some fun. We have picked out the best action games for Android with decent gameplay and striking graphics. Try these games with your friends and create some good memories.

Explore the World of Thrilling Action Games on Frolic

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