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A true game enthusiast would surely find the area filled with several enormous and captivating games perplexing, which may result in them getting lost in various sweepstakes. The gaming business is flooded with its wonderful battle genre that provides you with countless options. The Play Store has every game genre you could want, starting with action and ending with role-playing.

Animation games are one of them, drawing many young people, game streamers, and children to humor. Cartoon-based games are developed with various unique characteristics that make them seem opulent. No matter what you enjoy or what is relevant to you, many games with distinct and original concepts are available.

There are a lot of generic games available on websites and applications, but this one stands out.



A sandbox video game created by Markus Persson in Java language is one of the top-notch games played by youth. The game explores blocky rough and virtually infinite 3D landscapes. Equipped with cinches and thrilling features, you will never get tired of playing it. 

Mojang Studios cater to several game modes to engage you superbly. Survival mode pushes you to stretch your resources for the development and maintenance of health, whereas the creative way accords you with infinite assets and access to flight. You may wonder about a mode that not only allows you to combat other players in the same world but also permits you to cooperate with others by helping and mutually benefitting each other.

Winning several awards, the game has driven past miles to become the most excellent video game of all time. There is a broad spectrum of user-created content, including customizations, skins, texture packs, servers, and custom packs. So, if it suits you, then go ahead and try it.

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Stumble Guys

stumble guys

Are you a knockout gamer? This game is one of the top 10 grossing in the action genre on the Play Store. It is a multiplayer game giving you a limit of up to 32 online candidates at a time. The mission is to struggle through levels and end the race by becoming a vanquisher. The game's mission is to struggle through levels and end the race by becoming a vanquisher. 

The entire voyage is marked by a sequence of hilarious challenges swaddled with bizarre obstacles which will eventually eradicate your opponents but watch out for yourself, or else if you fall, you have to re-start your journey and run through an endless loop of running fun. Stumble guys comes with comical features such as running, dashing, and sliding past your rivals, dodging over upcoming impediments and customizing your controls which you prefer most. 

The game is packed with vibrant colors and crazy designs, which allures you to play more. A mini pack of size 81 M.B. is full of laughable fails and strenuous hurdles which demand your time and interest.

Clash of Clans

clash of clans

Clash of clans is about establishing your reign and extending its boundaries through raging wars against rivals or forging an alliance to achieve great powers. Either join an existing line or create your own and invite your friends to anticipate as a clan member. A well-versed strategy game where you must exhibit excellent leadership prowess and plan your battles to win. Through unlocking your epic characters like Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Grand Warden, and Royal Champion, you can defend against your enemies, and you will be equipped with troops, spells, siege machines, cannons, bombs, mortars, etc., to achieve victory. Several modes are inbuilt to provide a player with multiple arenas to evolve as a better version. 

From fighting in clan wars against millions of users to competing with the best players to arch on the leaderboard during Legend League. You need to update your weapons, buildings, army, and base for the best outcomes in every field. Collect resources and steal loot from another opponent to upgrade your kingdom. 

Clash of Clans furnishes you with unique attributes, among which is developing your custom PVP, which leads to social challenges, wars, and special events. Hence, this game should top your list if you want to learn excellent tactics and mind-boggling strategies.

Murder in the Alps 

murderer in the alps

Are you looking for a breathtaking crime adventure plot whose characters and gameplay engross you to play more? An animation game that will give you goosebumps but also a chilling vibe of a detective on board. It is a suspense and plot twist-based game where you must find the real delinquent by solving mind-boggling mysteries and puzzles. Collect shreds of evidence and interrogate every person residing there. 

The story starts with the main protagonist, Anna Myers, a journalist by profession who lives in Zurich. During happy holidays, she met with surprising turns of events, leading her to solve secret riddles and catch the real culprit at different times and locations. The enigma of every character will leave you perplexed, and a captivating storyline will allure you to spend more hours putting the pieces in the right place. 

Murder in the Alps is beautifully designed with eye-catching graphics showcasing picturesque regions augmented with appropriate music relatable to every circumstance to enhance the visual experience. Stuffed with unique rewards and mini-games, the game allows you to ace every subject matter. Hidden collectibles will go hand in hand, and the bolt from the blue will keep the boredom at the edge.  

Angry Birds 2

angry birds 2

Angry birds two games are depicted in the angry bird movie. Its foundation is in the fable of pigs who have embezzled eggs. The game revolves around the salvation of eggs back from the pigs. Diverse birds are brought into play as catapult shots to demolish the configuration of the pig's towers and bring them down and rescue the eggs. 

The game has a variety of specifications, like daily challenges mode, where you can play for a short time and earn some quick rewards. Level up your characters and build an invincible flock against the assortments. To play with your friends against a common enemy, players can join a clan and bring them down altogether. 

This game by Rovio entertainment corporation has a 4.3* rating on the Google play store along with 5 million reviews and 100 million downloads. Well-liked among unlike age groups, it has gained a mass audience over a while. 

Tank stars

tank stars

Are you into tank shooting games? If yes, the tank stars are the best you can get in it. It's an action-packed 2D tank warfare game. It can be accessed both online and offline. Distinctive guns and rocket launchers in your inventory give you an edge over your foes. All the available weapons and ammunitions like nukes, freezing bombs, lasers, rail guns, and plasma cannons can be utilized to eliminate the targets efficiently. 

Modifying tanks according to the player's preference can efficiently function after collecting tons of gold in tank battles. Not limited to offline players or close-range players, you can get in a war with players all around the globe. Players can join the vast tank community by registering in worldwide tournaments and challenging the other players around them. Great graphics and intelligent A.I. enhance the gameplay and provide a realistic playing experience.

Hill climb racing 2 

hill climb racing 2

 Besides racing on a straight and aligned track, racers and players want to indulge in a much more adventurous race. Players want to fulfill their thriller racing appetite through different games. Soft finger production launched the Hill climb racing game to formulate this escapade. Twenty diverse vehicles like cars, trucks, bikes, and even a tank can be accessed on this platform. Vehicles can be upgraded, concurring with the player's fantasy.

Furthermore, along with racing, cool stunt tricks can be performed inside the game and show cast skills. Evolved perfectly from its predecessor, it now has stunning tracks to race on and compete against the best players available. Enhancing your mountain driving skills virtually and getting into epic multiplayer battle, hill climb racing 2 has it all. With extravagant graphics and wonderful attributes, get on with your gears and experience hill racing with your peers in your leisure time.

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Genshin Impact – Sumeru Debut

genshin impact

The adventurous world of this anime-themed game starts in Tevyat. Two siblings from another planet arrive in this place. They are estranged from each other by an anonymous god, deprived of their powers, and cast into a deep slumber. The splendid voyage begins when players wake up to seek answers from the gods. Over time players can join ally forces with a diversified range of characters and explore the uncountable secrets and mysteries Tevyat holds. It's not limited to just a few resources.

You can get over any mountain, swim across rivers to unravel the cover of Tevyat, and who knows what you get in this journey. This game's combat system is equipped with different elements, and players will have the advantage of turning on their powers. Boastful background music enhances the positive experience of the game and allows users to play effectively and efficiently. If the alluring animations of the game captivates you, then you must give it a shot.

House flipper-home design 

house flipper

Developed by Frozen District and published by Play Way S.A., House flipper includes renovating properties and selling them for a higher margin inside the game to earn a profit. Several home design tasks such as painting, laying down tiles, demolition and installation are performed by the player inside the game. These interior and exterior design jobs can be performed on diverse houses. 

This game is quite interesting as players involve effectively, and users design their homes according to their preferences. Over an extended period, it develops the thinking power of the player, which can result in growth in the children's mental stage. This game enhances the artist's side inside the player and lets them showcase their creative skills through the game. House flipper upgrades the creative sense of being in the players, which can be beneficial long-term in real life. Players who adore embellished interiors and houses can try it, as trying will not go in vain.

SimCity buildit

simcity buildit

Players in today's generation much fantasized about creating their city of dreams, where you can construct the building according to your preference. So, here you go with SimCity Buildit, where citizens of the metropolitan city are your very own people. You make every effort to make them happy and live accordingly by erecting monumental buildings and complexes. Allowing you the opportunity of trading and chat with other city owners or mayors to compete against each other and show whose city is best.

SimCity is not just limited to design; it also deals with constructing skyscrapers, bridges, and parks across the city. The financial aspect of the game includes the introduction of the task to keep your city growing. Protect your city from monsters and win the club wars to run your city effectively. Compete online with other players and show them who the best is.

Genuine fear: forsaken souls 

genuine fear

Genuine fear is a horror and adventurous game which can be played on a mobile phone. It has a story mode gameplay through which you must find your sister, unsheathe the mysteries of your mother's death and escape the grim darkness. Just keep one thing in mind before you start playing it. This game commences as a demo for about an hour, after which you have to make subtle purchases to access the rest of the game and later play it. 

Talking about its gameplay, you have to go through the map provided inside the game, and then you must solve over 20 puzzles and watch over 25 uncut scenes to pass on in the game. To dive into the chilling thriller, players must fully read over a hundred notes to understand the story and get better in-game over time. Horrendous graphics and an engaging yet dreadful theme will give you goosebumps while playing.

Plants VS Zombies 

plants vs zombies

Players across the globe might have played several games featuring humans vs. zombies. But have you ever heard of the fight between plants and zombies? Yes, it is happening in this game. The players have to combat monstrous and greedy zombies while strategizing the gameplay. Zombies like pole vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads, and 26 other dreadful walking dead carry specific traits which can be treated through the definite weapon. 

So, you need to think fast and act accordingly. Players must charge their plants by providing food inside the game to make them stand firm against their foes. You can select from a broad spectrum of flower plants like sunflower, peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, and numerous other plants. 

Several different enthralling game modes, including 50 adventurous levels surrounding the day, night, and fog, engage the gamers to jest more. Please enter the arena and test your strategies against other players across the globe; plant your flowers and fight against them in the hall to test your game strength.

Mini Militia: Doodle army 2

mini militia

The mini militia was launched back in 2001. Since then, it has been one of the most prominent fightings with weapons games on the Google play store. It can be played on mobile using an internet connection. Considering its gameplay, players can team up with their friends and play against each other. Various weapons and ammunitions make the fight in a bunker more realistic and adventurous. Little characters of rookie and pro can give you a chilling thriller fight inside the game. 

Players can fight in different maps available inside the game. Users can respawn several times inside the game. You can use grenades and rocket launchers along with other weapons in your arsenal and snatch victory from the hand of your foes. Offline mode is also available to make it accessible in case of players don't have an active internet connection. It's been 20+ years since it launched; still, it has a massive fan base. Players across the globe play this game very effectively. Evolving over the years, it succeeded in maintaining an impressive position in fighting games. 

Daddy was a thief 

daddy was a thief

Robbing the banks and planning heists over other financial institutions can be witnessed in movies and web series like Money Heist. Daddy is an animated game based on the same concept of robbing a bank. It has some twist; you must grab as much money as possible while inside the bank. 

Everyone will try to catch players and arrest them. Players must use their wits and escape their hunt. They can use shortcuts and other powers to speed up and survive longer. Players can destroy the game by smashing objects at walls and furniture. It's a one-finger gameplay. Unlike other games having multiple finger controls, it has just one finger control which deals with scrolling up and down. 

Every time different location and diverse game interaction makes the player interested continuously. Play more to earn achievements and increase your level in the game.

Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold and Cash

idle miner tycoon

To begin with, the game Idle Miner Tycoon enables players entitled to work as a miner for a factory. A comprehensive and explicitly mentioned entrepreneurship bout where you earn some good money, build an empire to start investing, and be a miner tycoon inside the game—exploring how to strategize the management of your kingdom to build more miners and invest more money to earn excessive returns. After reaching a certain level, you can start digging for gold and be a hero in this epic adventure. 

You can be a billionaire miner in the game and automate your mining works. It includes managing more than 15 elements, such as coal, gold, and jade. This game is different from other mining and tycoon games. Get into it and fulfill your appetite for being a millionaire and billionaire. 

WWE Undefeated 

wwe underfeated

In an era youngsters struck the cafe and played WWE in a nearby cyber cafe for hours. A large queue awaits their chance to show off their moves in-game. Now you don't have to struggle hard for fair play as an android version has been incorporated into the Play Store. Close physical combat inside a ring is the signature of this WWE undefeated game. Level up yourself with enormous physical power and build up some physique to stand as tough competition among other players inside the ring. Play with your favorite character from WWE, like Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Undertaker. Experience the blood bath inside a circle with massive kicks and incredulous moves. Fight with other players across the globe in PvP action. Create your community, connect to your teammates, and share some unique skills and fighting moves to gain an edge over other players.  

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Brawl Stars

brawl stars

In the game Brawl Stars, brawlers used to fight with their foes in the Quest to collect gems and build up their power and skills. Players can unlock more brawlers, choose from different avatars, and unlock their superpower-fighting abilities. Users can manage unique skin and stand on a battlefield to show off to their enemies. To win on a battlefield, players must collect ten gems before their enemy does the same. 

Enhance your gameplay over time and climb up the leaderboard to get a respected rank among other players in your region. It provides a platform to be outstanding players by proving their worth by being at the top of the leaderboard. Special events and championship challenges are also happening from time to time inside the game, where players can register themselves and prove themselves as being the best in the region. 

One Piece Treasure Cruise 

one piece treasure cruise

The Quest for treasure in the game starts on the cruise after selecting the favorite character. Users can pick one from Luffy, Zoro, and Nami according to their preference. Players can construct their ultimate team by mixing up over 2000 characters in one piece story. Recruit villains from arc, island, and season like the chopper, Princess Shirahoshi, and Vivi. Bring your crew on the cruise and sail from East Blue to the grand line. This anime game takes you through the story of ONE PIECE from the beginning. 

Follow Luffy on his quest to become King of the Pirates. Players can battle around pirates and marines in the game to mark their territory and collect various available resources. This game unravels the adventure of an unpredictable and diverse world. It's a 2D game where players can level up and assemble the most powerful crew of pirates and mariners. It has over 100 million downloads and established a reputed image among anime games present in the category. 

Tales of Erin

tales of erin

This game is based on an original Japanese orthodox story. Loaded with action, drama, and tactics, it comprises the war between God and the human world. Splendid uncut scenes and powerful background music contributes to the high-quality content and thriller gameplay interaction among the players. The player can choose from over 80 heroes inside the game to register their character and alter the world's fate. With HD quality graphics in a game, it makes a more realistic experience and fun to play. 

Players can strategize their battles to grab a win against monsters and bosses. Team up with your peers in a multiplayer match and fight against different villains to unlock numerous achievements and ace the leaderboard. Various high-level Japanese actors gave their voices inside the game to enhance the visuals and interaction of players across the globe. Many youngsters liked the game by emphasizing more breathtaking animations and mesmerizing features.

Azur lane 

azur lane

The game is based on ideal naval warfare, as every player imagines it once in a while. It's a 2D game with tactical genres and unique anime characters. Intuitive gameplay based on the concept of a side scroller consists of the main specification of the game. Furthermore, players can organize battleships to fight against their enemies and win a war against them. Battles can be AI-based and manual, where players can choose a mode according to their preference.

Along with creating ships, players can build up their fleet with players and warships worldwide. More than 300 ships, each bombarded with their specifications, facts, and figures, are accessible. Different stunning anime characters represent each ship. Players can interact more efficiently with their chosen characters as a live 2D interaction is also present within the game. The game's developers have established a well-versed user interface to capture more anime lovers. So, if you are one of them, grab this opportunity to showcase your prowess.

Dragon Balls Legends

dragon balls legends

Let's talk about the most prominent game in this category worldwide. Based on the Dragon Ball series, this game depicts the series perfectly and goes thoroughly with it. It has more than 1cr downloads on the Google play store. 3D visuals and animations help to dictate the story of a brand-new character Akira Toriyama, the unknown Saiyan known as Shallot. Players can align with Shallot and the rest of the dragon ball characters to fight against the worst enemies and save the world. It has intelligent gameplay controls with a card-based attacking system. 

Players can also select 1v1 mode against their friends and rivals from across the globe. This mode helps the players to enhance their skills against different players and perform better in a team. Smoother character moves increase the interaction of players with their characters. Anyone who wants to become a dragon ball legend can access this game online, showcase their skills among all the players, and become a LEGEND.  

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

harry potter

A game solely dedicated to Potterheads of our generation who are dying fans of the Harry Potter series took the worldwide people by storm. The commendable storyline, theme, and animation made the strain of every age go crazy. Every being desired to be a part of it or manifested to bring it into reality. Though rationally, it is impossible in the virtual dimension you can experience as a student of Hogwarts and dictate your life according to your terms. Learn magical spells and create powerful potions to ace among witches and wizards. 

Build meaningful relationships through embarking on quests with your peers and dwelling in a romantic relationship for a better understanding of the world. As you move forward every successive year, you will unlock different potions, spells, and locations to access. Get a chance to be a part of any four houses: brave Gryffindor, cunning Slytherin, witty Ravenclaw, and a loyal Hufflepuff. 

The game's primary missions include exploring puzzling truths behind the cursed vaults and the mystery behind your brother's disappearance through investigating. Play Quidditch, and anticipate various events to win the House Cup with your classmates. So, defeat dementors and befriend magical creatures through your unique wand. So, Potterheads, don't let a moment go waste and try this amusing bout.

FIFA Football

FIFA football

If you are fond of football, then FIFA Football is your must-try shot. Customize your football players and train them to compete against rivals. Build your dream team by boosting their offense and defense moves. Major game modes include head-to-head, VS attack, PVP modes, and the brand-new manager mode, where you can set up strategic tactics for your ultimate team to significantly surge in the FIFA Champions' ranking. 

Creators have developed realistic football stadiums by leveling up fps to 60, live on-field audio commentary, and massive fans screaming players' names in the SFX stadium. Exhibit your soccer expertise in the game via winning premium leagues, including the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World cup, and taking part in playable live events where you get a chance to play with one of the finest football players. 

For a better life experience, day/night and weather simulations are taught in the mobile version. Hence, what are you waiting for when real-time 11v11 gameplay is at your doors with its thrilling challenges?

Pokémon GO

pokemon go

Marking its position as 3rd in the top-grossing games in the adventure genre on Play Store, Pokémon G.O. is one of the prominent A.R. bouts where you participate in raid battles and combat against other Pokémon masters in PvP. Turning the fantasy world of Pokémon into reality, you can explore for more Pokémon to complete your Pokedex. 

You need to increase your trainer level through training your Pokémon. Hatching eggs as you walk by is one of the efficient ways to collect Pokémon. Choose one Pokémon character from your assortments which will be your sidekick and best partner through your entire journey of RPG adventure. 

Head towards upcoming levels to gain more Pokémon and rewards. The game is restrained to accumulating powerful Pokémon and challenging other trainers online in G.O. Battle League. You can compete against your opponents, compete with them to catch illustrious Pokémon, or even trade with other gamers. Watch out for this game if you have seen every admirable episode of Pokémon and desire to acquire your remarkable Pokémon buddies.

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Granny 3

granny 3

A horrific, tremendous game for horror fiction lovers launched by DVloper. Granny 3 is an updated sequel to Granny and Granny 2. This dreadful bout has been played worldwide by many gamers and even streamed live on you-tubers, which led to a significant surge in popularity. The game is about eluding from a house within five days which is deliberately guided by Granny and Grandpa so that no outsider can enter their territory. They usually do nothing special but walk around the house to shield the home. 

You are a prisoner who needs to escape from this horrible mess within a limited period before you die. Beware of dropping things on the floor or walking on a creaking floorboard which will invite granny to get behind you, whereas grandpa is a great shooter who carries a shotgun every time, so stay away from him. 

Another menace-adding character is granny's granddaughter Slendrina who unexpectedly shows up anytime and tries to hinder your stay during these days. So, if you see her, run as fast as you can or hide in the bed, sofa, or closet. A nerve-wracking game is thrilling and must be given a try once in a lifetime.


These were significant jaw-dropping games imbibed with every genre and emotion you yearn for. Websites and apps are stuffed with plenty of animated fun, but the bouts mentioned above are pre-eminent ones that you must play once in a while. Their appealing storylines, vivid graphics, and unique features will eventually let you spend more of your luxury time on them. So, do check the best-animated games for android.


Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), also referred to as 3D, is the only type of animation used in various content, such as animation games, short films, and live-action films.

Thirty fps and most suitably 60 fps are preferred in animation games which modifies the gameplay to work smoothly and efficiently. Some games have now started by inculcating 120 fps for clearer views and more significant insights, but it's just in the beginning phase.

Call of Duty, Clash of Clans, and Free Fire are one of the most played animation games on android. These games show swift functioning without a lag and expose numerous fascinating attributes, which are top chartbusters of all time.

We can't judge both games as better or best because both are the finest in them. At the same time, Minecraft is excellent for solo play, whereas Roblox is best for mini-games and grants players multiplayer options. You can choose according to your suitability. 

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