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WWE game is a collection of professional wrestling simulation video games. This genre of games was first released in 2000 and has been a fan favorite ever since. These games are enjoyable to play, and individuals who enjoy this genre believe them to be the most incredible series of wrestling games to play on your phone.

These online video games include the best RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and NXT UK stars and legends, and players can select from a list of these superstars to feature in their game. On their mobile screens, gamers can feel the action and combat and enjoy the excitement that comes with it.

Previously, you could only play WWE games on the PlayStation. However, now anyone can download WWE video games on Android phones. These games have received incredibly positive feedback from their players, so check out the list below of some WWE games for android.

25 WWE Games for Android

When it comes to the WWE games, you can find a lot of options on the internet. But not every game is worth your time. Therefore, we have crafted a list of the best WWE games for android you should try right now to entertain the wrestler in you.  

WWE Undefeated

WWE Undefeated is an online wrestling game with high-end graphics and phenomenal animations that are good for the eyes. This WWE game combines CCG (collectible card game) and a one-on-one fighting game. This brilliant mix of genres gives a professional brawler experience and some tactical decisions.

The aim of such WWE games for Android is quite simple. Perform moves on your opponent until their health bar reaches zero, twice. You can use three types of cards to implement these moves: strike, grapple, and blocks. WWE Undefeated features a roster of 14 different WWE superstars.

This includes John Cena, Roman Reigns, The Rock, HHH, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Drew McIntyre, etc. This RPG multiplayer Android game begins with The Rock or Drew McIntyre as your playable character. You must unlock the rest of the WWE superstars via loot boxes or league progression.

You can earn points and level up your superstar stats by winning every fight. At first, playing with the same WWE star might feel repetitive. However, it can also give you an incentive to keep going. Try out WWE Undefeated. If you love such games, you should definitely try fighting games for android

WWE Mayhem

The first glimpse of this game will make you realize this is the same as the Marvel Contest of Champions. But it's not. It's better than that. WWE Mayhem is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled arcade-style wrestling game with veteran WWE legends and new superstars.

The game developers have done a terrific job of leaning into the larger-than-life personas of the WWE superstars. Although every wrestler is cartoonishly exaggerated, the highly stylized and over-the-top finishing moves make WWE Mayhem one of the perfect Android games for WWE fans. Besides, the game controls are easy to use, and the action feels smooth and fluid.

WWE Champions

WWE Champions

Do you love watching WWE superstars giving finishing moves? If you love them, then WWE Champions is the best choice. This is a combative puzzle game where you have to match three colored gems to perform an attacking move on your opponent. You can either match three vertical or horizontal gems. Yes, it works precisely like Candy crush saga. 

You can choose the basic wrestling moves like punch, kick, or hitting a chair to the back of the head. Moreover, once you make a particular-colored bar pattern, the game activates one of three special attacks. Every move varies according to the WWE superstar. However, these moves are enough to beat your opponent down and pin them to win the match. 

WWE Champions also give away free characters on special occasions like Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble. You can buy WWE events, characters, and character-upgrade points like other games. Try out this #1 downloaded World Wrestling Entertainment mobile game.


When WWE started releasing wrestling games on Google Play and Apple App Store, most of them were either card or basic RPG games. However, when the company announced WWE 2K for iOS and Android, it completely broke the internet.

WWE 2K looked like real wrestling for the first time, with extremely impressive entrances, real lookalike WWE characters, special signature moves, and finishers. This was the start of the famous WWE 2K series of games for Android. Unfortunately, WWE 2K fails when it comes to gameplay controls.

A single tap on your opponent wrestler to walk towards him. Multiple taps on the opponent to start striking and punching. Pinch on the screen to grapple, then swipe in any direction to perform a special move. Swipe toward turnbuckles to climb them and perform an aerial attack.

Swipe in any order to run that way and bounce on the ropes. You can execute various WWE moves such as Irish whip, Camel Clutch, Leg drop, Moonsault, elbow drop, German suplex, Powerbomb, and Spinebuster.

Besides, such WWE games for Android also show famous finishing moves like F5, Chokeslam, GTS, Spear, Pedigree, Powerbomb, DDT, Stunner, and RKO. However, the gameplay controllers lack the originality of the console game. Moreover, with time, the gameplay feels repetitive and boring.

The same moves make it easy to play, and nothing feels like a challenge. This WWE 2K game also offers a career mode that allows you to create your character. You can customize hair, build, outfit, finishing moves, and entrances with Titantron.

Win matches, earn championship belts, and unlock features for your character. Unfortunately, WWE 2K is discontinued from the Google Play Store. However, you can download it from different gaming websites.

WWE Racing Showdown

WWE Racing Showdown

You might have seen racing games. You might have seen fighting action games. But have you ever seen a WWE racing game with action? No, right? WWE Racing Showdown is the first-ever racing action game that allows you to perform WWE finishing moves while racing on a bike.

It's a unique concept but an interesting one. However, this game will remind you of the 90s. WWE Racing Showdown is a bike racing game where famous WWE fighters are the main characters. How often do you see bike races between John Cena, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Roman Reigns, and The Undertaker? This is a dream come true.

Choose your favorite WWE Superstar, and ride your motorcycle on the incredibly iconic racing tracks. Perform special moves on the opponents and throw them off the track.

The game is pretty simple as you only have to manage the left and proper movement on the track as the bike moves forward automatically. Moreover, you can also execute kicks, punches, and weapon attacks.

Every WWE superstar closely resembles reality, and you can feel the emotion and aggression of an actual WWE match. Perform signature moves, win the race, and level up to unlock more WWE fighters. What are you waiting for? Try out the WWE racing mania now!

WWE Immortals

This game is entirely different from the usual wrestling video games. WWE Immortals takes the word 'Entertainment' too seriously from World Wrestling Entertainment. The main focus of WWE video games for Android is the emphasis on realism. The superstars in every fighting game closely resemble the actual WWE wrestlers.

However, WWE Immortals turns the action into a fictional world where all the superstars have mythical, exaggerated personas. The characters in WWE Immortals have a demonic touch to them. This mobile game for Android gives a feeling of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat with WWE wrestlers.

Everything makes sense when you know that NetherRealm Studios are the developers of WWE Immortals. These are the same guys that developed Mortal Kombat. They have completely transformed the WWE Superstars and Divas into warlords and sorceresses from a different universe.

WWE Immortals starts with a cinematic story. The story begins with Bray Wyatt, whose unique dark lantern gets stolen by The Authority. Yeah, because they always do what's best for business.

The lantern gets activated with uncontrollable power and creates multiple realities (multiverse). Moreover, the lantern also makes the WWE stars fictional superheroes with superpowers.

Besides, you'll also notice that the gameplay controls are similar to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Again, WWE Immortals has different versions of the same character. Giant red monster Kane and the Demon Kane.

WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards

This is the best addictive WWE game of all time. WWE SuperCard combines the mobile-card-game craze with the WWE brand. You'll find it familiar if you've ever played mobile card battle games. WWE SuperCard is the only game with maximum WWE Legends, Hall of Famers, NXT stars, and the new WWE Superstars.

This game is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. In WWE SuperCard, you must collect battle cards, build your deck, and win championships across various PPV matches and real-time events.

There are more than 450 cards available with different modes to play. Every star card has its unique attributes. Besides, you'll also see different versions of the same superstar, divas, and legends. You can go one-on-one with a random person online in the exhibition mode.

There are single matches, tag team, and divas match. Most importantly, what card your opponent owns is total suspense. This is where you can strategically plan and win the match.

This WWE Collectible card game (CCG) features Brock Lesnar, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, John Cena, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan. Collect every superstar card, win matches, and level them up. Do you want to try this epic card game?

WWE Universe

WWE Universe

WWE Universe is the only game where perfect timing is the only way to win a match. This is a turn-based RPG game where each player gets a turn to make a move on the opponent.

Choose and play as your favorite WWE superstars from WWE RAW, Smackdown Live, and NXT. You can also find WWE Legends and Hall of Famers. Perform three basic moves: light, medium, and heavy attack on your opponent. This will charge up your special finishing move.

But here comes the tricky central part of the WWE Universe. When you try to execute specific actions on your opponent, you'll see a meter with a moving slider on your screen. You must perfectly time your tap and stop the slider in the middle of the gauge.

This will help you to execute a perfect signature move. Moreover, this will cause maximum damage to the opponent. When the opponent's health bar reaches zero, you can pin them and wait for the referee to count to 3. This is how you can win the match and say, "The Champ is here." Are you ready to give this game a shot?

Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire brings back the nostalgic WWF Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression Era, Golden Age Era, New Generation Era, PG Era, and the New Era. In the 90s and the early 2000s, the World Wrestling Federation was at its peak.

Wrestlers cut in-ring promos, backstage drama, wrestlers joining a stable, trash talk before and after a match, WWE drafts, and a couple of love story angles; everything was mesmerizing to watch. However, you can relive all these moments by being a part of it with the Wrestling Empire mobile game.

The developer of this app is MDickie, the same person that created Wrestling Revolution, the first-ever wrestling game for Android. Create your superstar and embark on a journey that is worth remembering. You can experience the entire career of your star, right from a newbie to a Hall of Famer. 

Take rivalries with up to 350 opponents across ten different rosters, and win WWF, WWE, WCW, and ECW championships. You can even create backstage fights and drama and retire with pride. Furthermore, you can also roam around in the WWE franchise. If you want to be a part of WWE, don't miss this one!

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D

What was the first WWE game? There are many famous WWE games. But the first-ever game the fans loved was Wrestling Revolution by MDickie. As its name suggests, Wrestling Revolution 3D is the 3D version of the earlier game. The developer took nine months to create this 3D wrestling game.

As per MDickie, Wrestling Revolution 3D combines the Wrestling Mpire series and the original Wrestling Revolution. This game brings the actual wrestling experience to reality. Moreover, it also gives the same Nintendo Switch Console experience on mobile phones.

Yes, it is an Android mobile fighting game. However, it mainly revolves around managing your character and your career. The best thing about Wrestling Revolution 3D is its close resemblance with reality. The app makes your character go through everything that an average wrestler does.

You can explore your career, customize your look, fight your opponents, win matches, and become a champion. You can renegotiate with the WWE Chairman when your wrestling contract is over.

But don't argue with him, or you'll hear his famous quote, "You're fired." Besides, someone might also offer you steroids while backstage. Refusing them or arguing with anyone can spark a fight. The storyline is too genuine and authentic. Make sure you play Wrestling Revolution 3D once.

World Tag Team Wrestling Revolution Championship

Form your team, compete against other groups, and win the world tag team wrestling revolution championship. Bring your wrestlers to the arenas in this Android game, and then wow the crowd from the stands with your excellent battle skills.

Choose from various warriors, each with a distinctive appearance and fighting style. Create an unbeatable team with the top athletes. Utilize devious moves and combos to control your warriors during bouts and destroy rival fighters.

Bring your group to victory! The game features include numerous unique soldiers, an easy-to-use control scheme, dynamic battles, and thrilling levels. The best free WWE game for Android is available; it features new combat techniques and movements that combine wrestlers and boxing champions.

More importantly, other game options are available, including one-on-one, knockout, and more. World Team Game is a good option if you're looking for a game with various characters and fighting techniques because it features authentic sound, making the game more playable.

Wrassling- Wacky Wrestling

If you're looking for a WWE game for Android solely for entertainment purposes, check out "Wrassling," a game with really amusing characters and action that you may play to kill time. A wacky two-player wrestling game called Wrassling has funny stick figures.

Let's start some excellent throwback wrestling matches with these beautiful techniques. Two players can show off their strength as they attempt to throw each other over the top line of the ring. However, the ring helpfully morphs into a shaky platform that is much simpler to be thrown off of if you lack the skill to achieve it.

Try the excellent cooperative mode, where you both get to battle for the same side to defeat dangerous adversaries, before you get weary of simply shoving your pal off the screen. Jump with the arrow keys, then swing your arms about using the X and Y buttons. Additionally, try to keep your hat on.

Topps WWE Slam

In contrast, WWE Slam is one of the more recent WWE mobile games. It is a card-collecting game that features numerous wrestlers from the past and present. Every WWE Pay-Per-View event has new content, and the controls are simple enough.

There is a slight learning curve because the game has so much going on, but you eventually get used to it. You can duel and trade with other players online as well. Even though the game is a total cash grab and freemium, it can be amusing for a time. New content for SLAM has been stopped as of right now. Till March 31, 2022, when Topps

Digital Archive takes over the app, you can still transact with other users within the app and buy collectibles offered in the store. People enjoy this game when they play it offline. After the online option was discovered, it also worked well. 

Real Wrestling 3D

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the most realistic 3D combat wrestling game. Actual Wrestling 3D is real wrestling where you can physically feel the action taking place. You merely need to enter the wrestling ring and show off your skills against the other wrestler.

An extremely appealing wrestling game To strive to win the title of global wrestling champion, we can command our wrestlers to face off against many opponents. We will travel the globe while engaging in various game styles to accomplish this.

The primary purposes of this fighting simulator are as follows: Beginning at level 0, you can advance as you gain experience and triumph in battle. Take on up to 140 opposition. You can improve your user and unlock goods by winning matches several fighting game modes, including boss battles and cage bouts. Android 4.0 is the bare minimum operating system required. 

Bad Game Wrestling

You can take on the role of the most formidable female wrestler in the world in the Bad Girls Wrestling game. The Bad Girls Wrestling Game is action-packed, just like the best wrestling games with male competitors.

Characters in the game are capable of unique combos, whether they are a novice or legendary wrestlers. Thanks to the game's straightforward approach and mechanism, you may start playing Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble with just a few intermediate steps.

Three alternative modes and formats have been developed for this game. Players will pick an evil female character to represent themselves to begin the game. The feeling they choose will rely on their tastes.

Every selectable fighter ought to have a fascinating backstory, right? If you concur, you'll appreciate the story mode in Bad Girls Wrestling Game's absence of merely knockout competitions. As you progress through the story and battle for more victories, your female wrestler's abilities can be improved. 

Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling

Due to the success of classic beat-them-up games, today's top 3D wrestling games have advanced. So, let's play the mobile wrestling game Rowdy Wrestling to transport ourselves to the glorious past of the genre above.

The game's rules are simple to understand. You must beat up and expel your opponents from the wrestling ring as the wrestler of your choice. You need to use kicking, smashing, and pummeling skills, as well as chairs and other props, to defeat your opponents. Three thrilling modes are available in Rowdy Wrestling: Solo, Tag Team, and Rumble.

Tag Team Wrestling Superstars Fight

Let's be prepared to compete in the upcoming combat activities' world tag team wrestling title and enjoy one of the most exciting WWE games for android. Because this is an action and adventure sports game, don't be afraid to take on your opponents.

In a single 3D game, wrestling champions mix with action fights and the realistic recreation of a tag team. With the 3D HD gameplay of Tag Team Superstars Fighting, you will have access to all the superstars in the significant events of the world's wrestling champions.

In this global battle, defeat every tag team champion to claim the title of wrestling sports federation champion. Win the competition for international champions' fight in spectacular contests. Tag Team Wrestling Superstars Fight is a beautiful place to start if you've never watched a two-versus-two match.

Compared to other multiplayer alternatives, it is more straightforward but engaging. Additionally, you experience various fighting styles because the in-game teams you wrestle against are made up of stars from different nations. Take the upper hand over your rivals to earn the world champion title.

Pro Wrestling Stars Revolution

World championship wrestling and ring fighting frenzy have created a trend of revolution in wrestling fights and various kung fu and karate fights in freestyle wrestling. The spectacular world championship wrestling tag team martial arts league and tag team wrestling game of 2021 are anticipated by ultimate fighters, legends, and fantasy wrestling superstars.

Do not be scared to take on your team wrestling challenges as an action and adventure game. You can choose and modify your preferred world champion wrestlers, martial arts champions, action battles, and authentic tag team fight scenarios in a single wrestling game.

Bodybuilder Ring Fighting Club: Wrestling Game

The impact wrestling cage match between the tag team wrestling stars of the pro wrestling game in the gym training fight club is the most daring real-wrestling 3D fighting action game in which bodybuilder fighting games drag you.

This pro wrestling fight of the bodybuilding gym game is a brand-new concept created by the Super World Wrestling Alliance: tag team pro wrestling game 2020 with a variety of martial arts like judo, boxing, karate, and muay Thai.

PRO Wrestling: Super Fight 3D

PRO Wrestling: Super Fight 3D

Fighting Games 3D allows you to master entertaining fighting game moves such as grappling, chokeslam, surprise, and piledriver. In the impact TNA wrestling game of 2021, professional wrestling conflict never makes you wait to ring the bell, enter the ring, and hit like a champion.

The undefeated Mayhem wrestling champion and the real wrestling 3d bodybuilder ring fighting club: free wrestling games are exceptionally well known to fans of wrestling fights. Your opponents in this match are the world's best wrestlers and ring fighters.

Earn points by competing against and defeating strong wrestling opponents. The pro wrestling superstars are the focus of the bodybuilding ring fighting club champions' match-winning action mania games. 

The basic gameplay in "PRO Wrestling," the ultimate ring combat game of 2020, will keep you interested as you go through the stages and collect money. As your opponents' strength and power increase, you must also increase your hero abilities.

More wrestlers mean more fun. A partner can make wrestling more enjoyable as a game or a genuine sport. You may see that through PRO Wrestling: Super Fight 3D. The game, which focuses on tag teams, lets you switch out your leading player if he becomes fatigued for a different player of your choosing. You can watch and participate in two exciting matches in a single fight.

80s Mania Wrestling Returns

80s Mania Wrestling Returns is another wrestling game from the past. It combines a wrestling management sim and a collectible card game. The game's graphics are its most outstanding features; they recall comic books and the beloved pixel-style retro games of the 1980s and early 1990s.

The genuinely innovative pro wrestling manager and booker game, 80s Mania Wrestling Returns, is available as a collectible card game. Moreover, it takes place in the 1980s and 1990s! This classic wrestling universe is filled with hundreds of incredible characters, including wrestlers, tag teams, managers, commissioners, interviewers, and more! 

Each character is unique while drawing inspiration from the two most significant historical pop-cultural eras! The pinnacle of pile driving satire! Fans of wrestling video games will like 80s Mania Wrestling Returns if they're looking for a pro wrestling GM mode or booker game!

WWE Super Card

WWE Super Card

The list of WWE games for android is incomplete without including this game. A mobile entry in the WWE video game series, WWE SuperCard, was released in 2014 for iOS and Android devices. It was created by Cat Daddy Games and distributed by Rigged Games.

One such well-known WWE video game is WWE SuperCard. This is a game for card collectors. You can amass up to 150 WWE stars. You pick a handful, and they square off in the ring. Online PvP, a royal rumble with up to 15 of your cards, a wild mode, and more are some of its additional features.

Of the games we've listed thus far, it has little action. Some people still find it pretty enjoyable, though. The average rating for this game is 4.0 out of 5 stars, and users genuinely like it and become addicted to it. We lovers will definitely like this game.

WWE Tap Mania

SEGA's WWE game is titled WWE Tap Mania. It has cartoon graphics and card-collecting gameplay. Learning the mechanics won't be that difficult. Characters that can be unlocked can also be upgraded. Even Michael Cole and Corey Graves voiceovers are included. Above all else, it is a sim. The fights continue even when the phone is turned off.

Consequently, it doesn't require much to play this game. Additionally, as it's a freemium game, be prepared for the usual difficulties. You command and control a whole squad of WWE combatants in the entertaining clicker WWE Tap Mania. You may assemble a champion-caliber club here using the league's most well-known and well-liked players.

The game's gameplay is pretty straightforward; all you have to do to strike your adversary is tap the screen. You'll only have one wrestler in the beginning, and they will have to take on the most vigorous opponents.

As you advance in level, you can find new allies and gain strength and power to assist you in taking on the most obstinate foes. However, you must defeat each opponent who enters the ring to get that far. Remember that your wrestlers will fall to the ground if you stop pressing the screen.

You'll level up and unlock new moves as you land punches and destroy the other wrestlers to gain an edge. Put together a strong team of five and compete against the legendary WWE stars. WWE Tap Mania allows you to build and personalize your wrestling moves, compete against friends, and prove who's the boss.

WWE 2K20

The Four Horsewomen of WWE are the focus of the 2K Showcase mode in WWE 2K20. In 15 matches, players control various unique versions of Bayley, Banks, Lynch, and Flair. In WWE 2K19, the 2K Towers mode was reintroduced to the franchise. For the first time, WWE 2K20 includes a female MyCareer story alongside its male tale. 

The story takes place in 2029, 11 years after the conclusion of the WWE 2K19 MyCareer storyline when Red and Tre were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as members of the Class of 2029. The matches in that game follow the perspectives of their careers, and this induction took place before Wrestlemania 45 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wrestling Towers Mode returned to Stomping Grounds in 2019 as a part of The Shield, with one of the towers being themed around Roman Reigns and matches featuring original commentary from Extreme Rules in 2013. It is indeed one of the best WWE games for android.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Adding a new physics system, which enables objects to be used more realistically, such as those used in the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match is one of the game's major innovations. The way tables break now varies depending on the force applied to them.

The ability to toss chairs at the other players' opponents returns for the first time since the first WWE SmackDown! Vs a Raw game. Expanded cell walls, weaponry beneath the ring, steel steps close to the poles, and the removal of the cell door were added to the Hell in a Cell match.

New escape routes, such as barreling through the cage wall, were also made available. Before the release of subsequent games, this game was also the last to include Batista and Shawn Michaels as unlockables or non-legends. The game receives an overall rating of 3.5 stars, has various engaging game types, and draws players in with its fun mode.


All of the WWE games for android mentioned above are readily available on smartphones. If you're one of the gamers into playing WWE games, be sure to check out each of the games we've listed above because they're all excellent and entertaining to play.


Free mobile wrestling game from WWE. Free wrestling game for Android users, WWE 2K, is based on the console original. The intense combat suit perfectly on a tiny screen. The Android version of WWE stands out as a strong companion due to the variety of gameplay, portability, and high-quality graphics.

Browse or look up WWE in the Google Play Store. Choose the WWE app, approve it, and download it.

The game was created by Phosphor Game Studios and NetherRealm Studios, and it was released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. On both app stores, the game was free. The game was terminated on February 28, 2019, and as of December 31, 2018, no in-app purchases were available.

You may compete against famous WWE wrestlers in the free-action mobile game WWE Mayhem.

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