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The bus driving simulation game is inextricably linked to memories of simulation games. Some simulation games feature ideas related to travel or motorized vehicles. In addition, bus simulators feature intricate city maps, authentic sound effects, and occasionally amusing honks.

The quality of smartphone gaming is improving daily, and games have become more lifelike. Their primary mode of transportation is public transit. The player controls the bus driver, who has to follow a schedule with a set destination and pick up passengers at bus stops.

You will undoubtedly experience what it's like to operate a real bus while playing this simulator game. Furthermore, you can play a simulation game on Android devices using this big car with many passengers. We have mentioned some thrilling best bus simulator games for android.

Bus Simulator: Original

bus simulator

Bus Simulator: Original is the bus simulation game for you if you want to experience what it's like to operate a bus in major cities such as LA, Rome, Paris, and Alaska. This game will make you addicted to various bus driving activities with its realistic maps and selection of buses.

To create a realistic experience, interior details, passenger animations, and other elements are well packaged. The bus's body will appear severely dented even in an accident. Even though it's only a simulator, you still need to take care not to harm the bus.

There are at least 25 different types of buses available, including double-decker, school, outboard, and many others. For those of you who want to compete for the top ranking, this game, of course, also offers online features.


  • Realistic maps of cities like Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Berlin, etc.
  • 25 buses (double-decker, school, articulated, etc.)
  • Button to Open/Close Doors
  • Animated passengers getting on/off the bus
  • Achievable visual damage
  • Controls on the steering wheel, buttons, or tilt
  • Interiors in detail
  • Automatic Traffic System

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Bus Simulator: Indonesia

bus simulator

Would you like to drive a bus in Indonesia? Try playing this Indonesian bus simulator game to see if you can experience what it's like to go on a bus between cities, provinces, and even islands as a bus driver in Indonesia. Maleo, the game's creator, made this game.

The button controls in Bus Simulator Indonesia, also known as BUSSID, make it simple and easy to operate the simulator bus. Furthermore, you should be aware that the buses in this game are exclusive to Indonesia.


  • Create custom livery
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Genuine cities and locations in Indonesia
  • Buses from Indonesia
  • Fun and stylish honks
  • Superior and in-depth 3D graphics
  • No intrusive advertisements when driving 
  • Leaderboard

Coach Bus Simulator

coach bus simulator

It's difficult to deposit the bus, but you can still operate it efficiently if you only have an Android-style smartphone. You can try driving a bus in this game on the available maps.

You can advance beyond being a bus driver to serving as a coach for other drivers. Additionally, this game includes a mode for managing the bus transportation industry. Finally, of course, the graphics in this game are appealing.


  • Coaches on the Open World Map in Detailed
  • Complex customization of vehicles
  • Aid other coaches in navigating the route
  • Animated passengers getting on/off the bus
  • Button, steering wheel
  • Interiors in detail
  • Automatic Traffic System

Public Transport Simulator

public transport simulator

In contrast to other bus simulator games that feature a variety of bus types, Public Transport Simulator features buses that are frequently used as a mode of transportation. With 3D graphics, this game will let you experience what it's like to drive a bus.

Additionally, you can appreciate the bus's interior design for free or without having to pay for it. So, you know, even the bus's control buttons appear natural. 3D environments and vehicles that are fully modeled.


  • Free-looking interior and exterior views
  • Ragdoll and realistic physics.
  • Replays of accidents with the potential for screenshots.
  • Various options for control.
  • Drive a bus or taxi.
  • Bonus vehicles and competitions.
  • Scoreboards.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate

bus simulator

The creators of Truck Simulator: Europe have released this bus simulator game. More than 100 million Android users have downloaded the game Bus Simulator: Ultimate so far.

It makes sense, given that this game features a lifelike 3D graphic display. In addition, the bus options are also numerous and stylish. Other game features include authentic bus stops, real-world-like traffic laws, radio stations to listen to while riding the bus, and much more.

This game is also relatively simple to play. Simply press the Start button, then drag the on-screen dick to the "D" position. The bus can then be driven directly to your destination after that.


  • Game Online for Free
  • You will be able to set up offices all over the world.
  • The passenger system will provide social and realistic reactions.
  • 250+ radio stations on a fantastic coach bus
  • Highways with tolls
  • An accurate traffic system
  • Bus horns that sound authentic
  • Simple controls (Tilt, Buttons, or steering wheel)
  • Support for more than 25 languages

Bus Driving Games- Bus Games

bus driving games

The next game is Bus Driving Games from Jima Apps. To play this bus simulator game, you must develop your skills as a qualified passenger bus driver.

You are responsible for moving the bus's passengers from one location to another. There are many different buses you can drive, which is fun. Ordinary buses through double-decker buses are available.

In addition to offering a variety of buses, the game has responsive controls. On the phone's screen, icons representing the game's controls are displayed in the appropriate order.


  • Stunning 3d graphics
  • Bus controls that are realistic and fluid
  • Bus horns that sound authentic
  • Numerous controls for the coach city bus, including the steering wheel, buttons, and tilt
  • A fantastic assortment of buses
  • Finished interiors
  • Logical traffic regulations
  • Various camera angles

Bus Simulator 17

bus simulator 17

You can operate a bus by using the video game Bus Simulator 17. Driving a bus is not only possible in real life. Players can choose from various backgrounds in this game, including urban, suburban, industrial, and even rural settings.

You can operate buses in various environments, including cities, deserts, and mountains. In addition, players can select from multiple bus variations, such as the double-decker bus available in Bus Simulator 17. So invite them over and enjoy multiplayer gaming!


  • Realistic zones separating cities (Central, Suburban, Industrial, and Countryside)
  • Driving on a highway, in a desert, or on a mountain
  • Button to Open/Close Doors
  • AI traffic: new, smooth vehicles with realistic brakes, blinkers, and physics
  • Multiple Player
  • Free-Roaming Mode
  • There are countless options for your route!
  • Achievable visual damage
  • Controls on the steering wheel, buttons, or tilt
  • Interiors in detail
  • Use online rankings to compete against friends.

Mobile Bus Simulator

mobile bus simulator

Mobile Bus Simulator is one of Android's top bus simulator games. You will be a bus driver transporting passengers between cities in the game.

Of course, you will also be expected to abide by any current traffic signs as a driver. However, the unique aspect of this Mobile Bus Simulator is that the drivers will profit from each passenger you carry.


  • Buses with detailed, realistic maps (super high decker, double-decker, and more to come.)
  • Practical experience operating a bus
  • Push-button door opener
  • Animated boarding and departure of passengers
  • Day-night cycles and weather (sunny and rainy with thunder)
  • Controls on the steering wheel, buttons, or tilt
  • Different camera positions (cabin cam, outer cam, free moving cam)
  • Detailed bus interiors
  • Achievements and Leaderboards for Intelligent AI and Traffic Systems
  • Use online rankings to compete against friends.

World Bus Driving Simulator

world bus driving simulator

High-quality graphics are one of the World Bus Driving Simulator game's main draws. This game offers elements similar to those found on a real bus, including the ability to move the driver into different positions and simulate changing weather and physical laws.

If your mobile device is a bit of a potato, you can also change the graphics settings to make the game run more smoothly. There are numerous buses of various types, each of which has its features. As a result, you won't get tired of riding the same bus because each one offers a unique driving experience.


  • Steering sensitivity and various control types can be adjusted.
  • Manual and automatic gearboxes
  • Positioning the driver differently in the cab
  • Realistic graphics with settings to run on less powerful phones!
  • Take on the difficulties and demonstrate your driving prowess on dangerous roads, rough terrain, and other obstacles!
  • A sizable, open-world map with several cities (the map of the game will also be expanded in the following updates)
  • Cycle between day and night with lovely visuals!
  • Rain and global warming!
  • Leaderboards!
  • GPS on the dashboard

Telolet Bus Driving 3D

telolet bus driving 3D

The details of the archipelago are rich in this bus simulator game. You can also honk a typical Indonesian bus horn that says "Telolet!" each time you pass a group of kids while playing Telolet Bus Driving 3D. The frequency with which you make these kids smile will also be noted and count toward your score.

Telolet Bus Driving Simulator is one of the top bus simulation games thanks to its realistic setting, bus driving mechanics, and inclusion of numerous well-known Indonesian locations.

This game also includes a variety of unique NPCs in the traffic, including Kopaja, metro mini, microlite, and other names.


  • Stunning 3D graphics.
  • Effortless and realistic vehicle handling (button or tilt).
  • Numerous buses are available.
  • Indonesia has three well-known locations: Pantura, Kampoeng, and Cipali.
  • One Way, Rush Hour, and Two Wat are the three game modes.
  • There are many types of NPC Indonesia traffic, such as trucks, Kopaja, microlite, and metro mini.
  • Upgrades to attributes.
  • A daily mission that is challenging.
  • Achievements and leaderboards on the internet.

ES Bus Simulator ID Tourism

ES bus simulator

ES Bus Simulator ID Tourism might interest you if you enjoy bus simulation games with extensive customization options. You can customize various things in the garage feature, including adding interior cabin accessories and changing the bus's color, among other things.

You can now explore several Indonesian cities, including Pati, Kudus, and Semarang. In addition, you are responsible for driving tourists to various tourist destinations throughout Indonesia.

This bus simulator game will get you hooked thanks to the rich national atmosphere and extensive customizability.


  • Three actual bus models
  • The upcoming update will include three new cities (Pati, Kudus, and Semarang).
  • 44 passenger delivery missions
  • Air Suspension on Bus
  • Open the doors, hood, and trunk. 
  • There is heavy traffic in Indonesia. 
  • Create your skin and customize Indonesian cities' day and nighttime atmosphere, clouds, and shadows to replicate the real-world bus.

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Bus Simulator Pro: Buses

bus simulator pro

In 2022, Sir Studios released Bus Simulator PRO: Buses. This game offers a high-quality visual presentation for a simulator game in its class.

Additionally, the buses in this location are accurate. A sizable portion of the map is also available for exploration. Finally, you can get feedback from the passengers of the bus you are driving while traveling.


  • The experience of operating a large public vehicle.
  • Cutting-edge graphics provide the most realistic experience.
  • AI system that simulates virtual travelers. While taking them to their destination, they will converse with the driver as passengers do.
  • Genuine passenger feedback helps raise the standard. Positive reviews highlight your driving abilities at every stage.
  • Through quests, traverse the globe. For example, you can travel to a city if you accept a search there.
  • Create your full bus. Customized impressive accent pieces like vinyl, rims, and platings are available.
  • To create the newest bus model, many different customers were involved.

Bus Simulator: Offroad Bus

bus simulator: offroad bus

It might be typical to operate a long-distance bus in a city. Try Bus Simulator - Offroad Bus if you want to feel the rush of "driving" an eight-wheeled bus on rough terrain.

You can try to pass some challenging tracks in this game. Different game levels with varying degrees of difficulty are available for you to play. Additionally, this game's graphic presentation will put you at ease because it is so lifelike.


  • Taking the Road Less Traveled
  • Realistic Setting
  • Realistic Bus Simulator Physics
  • With coins, you can skip any level.
  • There are 36 distinct levels.
  • Five buses, including one from Turkey or Ukraine, are 8-wheeled heavy-duty buses with high power for rugged mountains.
  • HD animations and graphics
  • Authentic accelerator silage Bus sound in a 3D off-road and mountain environment.
  • There are many challenging levels.

Trans Java Bus Simulator (Indonesia)

trans java bus simulator

A bus simulator game with maps of East Java and Central Java was created and published locally by Tissu Inc. This game is indeed a Cross Java Bus Simulator.

You can experience what it's like to operate a bus in the setting of this game. The Trans Java Bus Simulator (Indonesia) is a video game with graphics and gameplay on par with those produced by foreign developers.


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Maps of East Java and Central Java
  • Straightforward controls
  • A game that's also played offline

Heavy Bus Simulator

heavy bus simulator

From the same developers as Heavy Truck Simulator comes Heavy Bus Simulator, a simulation game of road buses! 

You are driving through Brazil's mountainous regions, off-roading, and more while always attempting to provide your passengers with a comfortable journey. All of that, along with regular updates, add numerous new features and improve the game.


  • The new physics system makes for a very realistic gaming experience, and the skins system lets you customize the color of your bus.
  • Several cities
  • Several buses with lifelike interiors (more buses will be added in the upcoming updates);
  • Many new features are added with each update, including dust, radar, traffic tickets, fuel consumption, and traffic lights.

Indian Bus Simulator

Indian bus simulator

The eagerly anticipated Indian Bus Simulator is yet another intricate and rich offering from Highbrow Interactive. 

After years of dominating the mobile train simulation market, Highbrow has turned its attention to the bus driving game genre, bringing all the little details that helped the Indian Train Simulator garner millions of fans.

An open-world, driver-based game called Indian Bus Simulator, or IBS, will soon be available with a route linking the South Indian cities of Chennai and Bangalore. Along with a fleet of buses from Private Operators designed to look like them, the game includes buses from the state-run transport companies of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The actual cars that are currently on the market served as inspiration for the bus's design.


  • Air conditioning, 
  • A blanket
  • A pillow
  • A charging port 
  • A film 
  • A personal television 
  • Snacks and location tracking via GPS

Euro Bus Simulator Games

euro bus

Join the Eurobus simulator and start driving to complete all routes! You'll enjoy bus driving with brand-new levels and controls. The city bus driver can be completed in a variety of ways.

Ride in the most spectacular setting, especially for pulling off insane tricks. Travel through the lovely cities, but take turns carefully. Your game will be over if you collide with another car! Show off your skills as the best bus driver. 

This game has sophisticated power brakes and quick pace control: effortless controls, accurate vehicle physics, and challenging gameplay in Bus Driver. Take pleasure in the very appealing and exquisitely designed bus simulation and tracks.


  • Many detailed buses.
  • Various buses are available.
  • To switch views, click the camera.
  • Controls for the steering wheel and tilting
  • Interior details.
  • Chilly conditions outside.
  • System for Intelligent Traffic.

Drive Bus Parking: Bus Games

drive bus parking

Utilize our bus simulator to begin your adventure! This bus parking game is the most enjoyable ever.

Create the stations of your dreams using the updated bus parking tools in our games' improved graphics. In addition, new game features are available in contemporary bus parking games. Create your video games and gaming environments to create parking scenarios.

One of our most played games, the city bus simulator, recently went off-road. In these offline games, navigate your passenger bus through the crazy off-road tracks. In our bus simulator game, over uneven ravines and muddy trails. In our new games, drive like a pro-off-road bus driver and leave that dirt in your wake. With our well-liked games, off-road game adventures are more enjoyable.


  • Realistic City Bus Parking
  • New Challenges
  • Ultimate Driving Experience
  • Different Types of Fun Mission and a variety of buses
  • Challenging Obstacles
  • Offline Adventure

Bus Driver 3D

bus driver 3D

Take a bus through treacherous mountain roads in one of the bus driving games with the most realistic graphics—transport passengers up the hills and to their destinations.

Bus Driver 3D is one of the most realistic driving simulators you can play on your phone. It is exquisitely designed with breathtaking backdrops and fluid-running graphics.

Beautiful scenery can quickly draw your attention, but focusing on the road in front of you is crucial. With some of the most accurate bus physics and driving recreations you'll find in a mobile sim, this game will give you the most precise understanding of what it takes to drive one of these enormous vehicles through challenging terrain.


  • An accurate bus simulation
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Risky roads 
  • 20 levels

Proton Bus Simulator Road

proton bus simulator

Proton Bus Road is a coach bus simulator developed by the same team behind Proton Bus Simulator. Its primary goal is the driving simulation with passengers boarding and disembarking at support points or cities.

The main objective of Proton Bus Simulator Road is to simulate driving and a driver's daily life!

They are putting you in the position of a road driver to deal with various difficulties, including boarding and disembarking passengers, rain, dirt roads, and many other things!


  • Support for maps and mods for buses!
  • Adaptable skins! Both playable and traffic buses in this version support custom skins.
  • Constant loading of the map! Say goodbye to the game's loading screens.
  • There are numerous animated playable models, including doors, windows, wipers, and rain (new models will come in future updates)
  • Adaptable signs!
  • Boarding and disembarking passengers in the middle of a highway or city.
  • Bus models were created specifically for Android to seek a level of detail and performance.

Bus Simulator Vietnam

bus simulator Vietnam

With the village road map, motorcycles on the road, the same bus, and real life in Vietnam, Bus Simulator Vietnam (also known as BUSSVN) will let you experience what it's like to be a real bus driver in that country. The first and only game created and distributed by Web3o Technology in Vietnam is BUSSVN.


  • Vietnam's most widely used mode of transportation is the bus.
  • Four intuitive and straightforward modes include a steering wheel, keyboard, and tilt sensor.
  • Vietnam locations and cities
  • Leaving the door open, revealing the trunk, the machine, and the windshield wipers
  • The license plate change is convenient and adaptable.
  • Detailed 3D graphics of the highest caliber
  • The weather can be sunny, rainy, or dark as you please.

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Impossible Bus Simulator Track

impossible bus simulator

For those with less bus simulator driving experience, Impossible Bus on Dangerous Tracks is too challenging. This game, which features stunning sound effects, is only for experienced drivers and professionals. So join this risky race, show off your insane driving skills, and finish the missions.

Perform the wild, exhilarating, fast bus or tech coach fantasy stunts while playing driving games on complex, hazardous expert or master-level tracks. Extreme bus driving skills are required to navigate challenging and curved roads safely.

On brand-new racing tracks, you must avoid falling while climbing. This racing adventure is a dangerous experience that never ends. However, this game is luxurious due to its incredible sound effects and fantastic tech that teaches safe driving, and this game is elegant.


  • Sky-high tech coach driving tracks and aerial stunts
  • Realistic bus simulator physics for authentic track driving.
  • Extreme bus stunts with original audio effects and accurate driving simulation
  • 2021's newest accessible technology coach driving game features exhilarating new high tracks
  • Incredible tracks with risky sharp turns, jumps, and obstacles


Find a game with good graphics and controls if you enjoy playing bus simulators. You need to play these simulator games, then. Therefore, the following is a list of the Best Bus Simulator Games for Android.


Mobile Bus Simulator, Telolet Bus Driving 3D, ES Bus Simulator ID Tourism, IDBS Bus Simulator, and Bus Simulator PRO: Buses are some games that feature the best real bus simulator.

The online game Bus Simulator Ultimate doesn't require registration. 

Bus Simulator Indonesia can be played without an internet connection. However, even without an Internet connection, you can play the game's offline modes and operate buses throughout Indonesia.

In the incredibly entertaining game Coach Bus Simulator, you take the wheel of a bus and travel the predetermined route. It is available on Google Play, and you can download it there.

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