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We've been playing video games for years. The games have shifted from being active to being passive. In recent years, the gaming industry has boomed the market and expanded its region of creativity. It is expected to flourish.

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Best car racing games for android

Through phenomenal surveys, researchers noticed a huge spike in games in the racing genre, especially ones designed for android. Everyone prefers to accelerate their speed on their smartphones. Hence, many excellent alternatives are available in this fiercely competitive genre. One of the first applications to use phone technology was racing games, which used the accelerometer to simulate a steering wheel and control moving objects. 

Although there are various ways to manage the game, spinning the phone is a traditional racing element. This genre offers many free-to-play and paid alternatives and is very diverse and versetile. 

These engaging games aid stress reduction, focus improvement, and hand-eye coordination. They are also in charge of enhancing our decision-making abilities. Here is our list of the best car racing games for android.

Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme

asphalt 9

The Asphalt 9 is the follow-up to the well-known racing game, Asphalt-8, which is the best and highest-grossing racing game for android. It offers a broad selection of vehicles, from Ferrari to W Motors. The game also contains other modes, such as Online Multiplayer and Career Mode.

The visuals in Asphalt 9 are the greatest of the lot and are breathtaking. The roads, terrain, and building textures all seem fantastic. A new driving control called TouchDrive is also included in Asphalt 9 to make racing more accessible and enjoyable.

You may also establish an online community and work with other racers. Overall, this game is one of the best Racing Games For Android. 

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GT Racing 2


Another game from Gameloft, the same company that created Asphalt 9 above, is GT Racing 2, which is far more realistic than its arcade-style sibling. This is among the top mobile racing simulations. Choose from 71 vehicles made by 37 renowned automakers. 

You may compete at more than 1,400 events while driving around 13 circuits, including the actual Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, from four distinct points of view. Twenty-eight new tasks are added to the game each week, and it is continually getting fresh material updated.

This is a terrific game if you like tweaking your car's performance in the garage and seeing how it performs on the track in the most accurate racing simulation on android.

Assoluto Racing


Another decent free-to-play racing game in a crowded and cutthroat gaming market is Assoluto Racing. It emphasizes drifting and track, mainly racing. There are also a lot of events to go through in the game, easy manual controls, and great visuals. Unlike Asphalt 9, the most widely played game in the category, we prefer that this feature a gas pedal.

Online multiplayer and buying, tuning, and personalizing automobiles are two additional game elements. It is a little more complex than many other mobile racing games since you can alter anything, including the weight and gear ratios. It's surprisingly excellent overall, although it's not fantastic on low-end devices.

F1 Mobile Racing

F1 mobile racing

Codemasters Software Company Ltd. launched F1 Mobile Racing, the official game of Formula 1. Playing this game will meet all of your adrenaline demands if you're an F1 lover. The gameplay and visuals are detailed and fluid. You may create and modify your Formula One vehicle or choose one of the ten teams and construct it.

You can observe a normal F1 race weekend by playing the modes in the list of the Best Racing Games for Android. Additionally, you may participate in activities and earn prizes in the real-time multiplayer mode. You have a good time playing the game and may link your social media accounts to share leaderboards with your friends.



The standards established by CSR Racing 2 are too high for drag racing and the top android racing games. The game, on the other hand, offers plenty of entertaining activities. For instance, you may sell your automobile, disassemble it to transfer the components, or even tune it for various game modes. Additionally, you may race and battle against the other players in the in-game challenges and win by eliminating them.

Most of the best android racing games need real money to customize, such as choosing a more expensive skin color or model. However, in this case, purchasing such paints and accessories requires using in-game currency. The fact that this game features an AR Mode is its best feature. It implies that you may understand what it's like to operate it by sitting behind the wheel.

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift

Nitro nation

The name of this high-octane street drag racing game, Nitro Nation, is not misleading; it promises and delivers speed in spades. However, what is more, unexpected is the degree of detail in the off-track component. 

When you explore the plethora of choices available to customize your vehicle to get that essential advantage, Nitro Nation is fiendishly addicting. It is comparable to CSR Racing 2 in its approach to grind-happy advancement. Nitro Nation is a genuine timesuck because of the gradual progress required to fine-tune your car. Races are challenging, and there are a variety of beautifully realized circuits.

Need For Speed: No Limits


The Need for Speed game is credited with establishing the Best Racing Games for Android in the minds of all players. Finally, we have a mobile version of this game that allows us to relive our fond childhood memories. There are 30 automobiles in this game, and each one may be modified and customized. 

The game's controls are easy to use; you must touch the screen to accelerate or stop. Although it is the oldest racing game ever created, it has nonetheless done a great job of upholding its tradition.

The inclusion of many race types makes this game even more addicting. The races, though, are just a few minutes long and will be over quickly.

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MarioKart Tour


Mario Kart is the most well-known brand in racing games, and Mario Kart Tour has finally found its footing after a few years of questionable design decisions. With several unique features, it's the traditional Mario Kart experience adapted for mobile devices. For instance, classes based on actual locales are called "Tour" courses.

Mario Kart Tour is a multiplayer game; you may compete against friends or random players online or locally. This is worth trying the game, and you won't be disappointed.

Top Speed 2

top speed 2

Top Speed 2, a racing game that received over ten million downloads, is the follow-up to Top Speed. The second game in the series is rather fantastic as well. The game offers a surprising depth of tuning options, a wide range of single-player and online game types, leaderboards, many customization options, and more. It also has over 70 unlockable vehicles. 

The visuals are fantastic for vehicle enthusiasts, with plenty of little details. However, the gameplay and game mechanics aren't that challenging, and like many free-to-play games, the grind intensifies with time. There is a sizable range of racing games from the developer, T-Bull, and they are all rather good.

Real Racing 3

real racing 3

All the significant motorsports, including the most well-known Formula 1 racing, are included in Real Racing 3. It offers gorgeous aesthetics and incredibly high-quality graphics to provide an immersive gaming experience. With the introduction of the Real Racing range, EA Sports' Real Racing has long since pushed the boundaries of mobile gaming. 

The game has 40 circuits of authorized courses located in 19 actual locations. You may compete in real-time multiplayer with up to 43 automobiles at once. There are more than 250 automobiles with sleek designs from different automakers, including Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, and Audi. 

The game offers a variety of racing options, including events, time trials, night races, and more. It is a demanding game and needs enough storage for smooth gameplay.

Traffic Racer

traffic racer

It's a never-ending arcade racing game that keeps you glued to your smartphone until you cover more ground. You will travel quickly across congested highways to make money, update your automobile, and purchase new vehicles.

Traffic Racer boasts gorgeous, understated visuals that give the game a sophisticated appearance without being overdone. You may pick from more than 40 automobiles and trucks, and the control is pretty straightforward. The good news is that you may use your earned money to enhance these cars.

You may register for an account, enter the leaderboard to compete with the top players globally, and choose from five game types—leaderboard for international competition.

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Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing 3D

top speed

T-Bull created the thrilling game Top Speed, where you may choose from 69 different automobile models. The game's goal requires you to defeat many bosses and take control of the gaming city. Additionally, this game features unique districts, each with its gang crew. As a result, having fun while defeating all of the bosses is limitless.

Top Speed's drag racing subgenre now has a new gold standard. You may drag race in the game in five stunning settings, ranging from quiet suburbia to a high-life Downtown. So if you've ever wanted to enjoy sightseeing and be an underdog racing mafia, this game will provide it most finely.

It would help if you outplayed your opponents to win the game. It implies that nothing prevents you from joining gangster crews and the mafia, burning the rubber from your driving tires, and burning tires. Additionally, the game is only suggested for use by those at least 12 years old since it is classified as 12+. In addition, the game offers an offline mode and a single-player story in which you begin as a mafia underdog and advance through its ranks.

Hill Climb Racing

hill climb racing

The car races through uneven terrain in the physics-based game Hill Climb Racing. Jumping and completing flips will get you extra points. Although it features hand-drawn visuals, generic sound effects, and corny song loops, the gameplay makes up for these flaws. Its controls are straightforward, with only a gas pedal and a brake pedal to operate your automobile.

Don't worry because the developers designed the game in such a way that you can enjoy it in offline mode as well. Additionally, you may create and operate your car using unique components. You may choose from a variety of venues for races, including the city, the desert, the highway, and many more.

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Dirt Trackin 2

dirt tracking 2

The distinct attractions of Ratbag Games' Dirt Trackin 2 demonstrate that you don't need a huge budget to provide an excellent racing experience and that bigger isn't necessarily better. 

Dirt Trackin 2 may not be the main game compared to others like Asphalt and NFS, but its flashy graphics and features will allure you to jest more. It features racing on tiny tracks with potent cars. 

Dirt Trackin 2 offers a stern test to those accustomed to more conventional racing. Its excellent career mode and fiercely competitive multiplayer make this a no-brainer for anyone eager to get down and filthy. It is similar to rally but on really narrow courses.

Horizon Chase: World Tour

horizon chase

For gamers of a particular age, the most refined racing games were about dodging oncoming traffic and drifting to catchy chiptunes while frantically attempting to reach the next checkpoint before the timer ran out. 

They weren't about realism, lap times, or pixel-perfect recreations of renowned circuits. With approximately 100 courses to race across, Horizon Chase: World Tour is an accurate reproduction of the genre popularised by Sega's iconic OutRun for mobile devices. 

It's not a free-to-play game like many other mobile games with in-app purchases, but you can still listen to the first five tunes for free to decide whether it is worth the money.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

beach buggy racing 2

Mario Kart and Beach Buggy Racing 2 are pretty similar. A variety of unique powers will give you an advantage in this kart racing game. Players compete in races throughout several courses in various places, each with tremendous challenges. 

Forty-five power-ups, more than 40 collectible karts, online PvP, multiple modifications, and a few distinct game types are all features of the game. A few tertiary features, such as offline play and Google Play Games achievements, would be excellent. 

After all, the creators of the Riptide GP series, Vector Unit, are behind this game. These types of characteristics are included in the Riptide series. It's a decent game overall.

Reckless Racing 3

reckless racing 3

It's not necessary to limit racing on the tarmac. Reckless Racing 3 savors the slipperiness that results from taking friction out of the picture. The gorgeous game takes pride in many aspects, including flawless controls and well-placed genre references.

It will keep you wanting more, even if it differs from other first-person automobile sliding games. That is more speed. You can smash a truck into a beach buggy, there are several movable control schemes, and it just about manages to strike the perfect mix between accuracy and madness.

Reckless Racing 3 may not significantly alter the formula that the series has followed, but it is a highly-polished and groomed little beast that is worth a look if you have a burning need for speed.

Rebel Racing

rebel racing

With delightfully flawless results, Hutch Games switches its focus to Rebel Racing, a pure 3D arcade racer. Despite being quite similar to many other games on the list, this title shines on mobile thanks to gorgeous visuals and considerably simplified controls.

Make a collection of stunning vehicles and call them your own. Set them up and challenge other players with mind-bending drifts and jaw-dropping overtakes. It's unique and feels fantastic. Don't forget to give it a go.

Top Drives

top drives

The mobile racer Top Drives is a little unique. Its gameplay relies more on strategies than your rapid reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You'll be using cards to play! Believe again if you think that's a dull idea. There's a solid reason this is now one of the best racing games on android!

It's a terrific motorsport management experience with over 1900 collectible vehicles that look amazing since the pictures were taken from one of the top automotive publications. Different racing styles, courses, and roads are available, and PVP is undoubtedly an essential game component.

Rush Rally 3

rush rally 3

The most accurate rally simulation for mobile devices is Rush Rally 3. 60 fps racing in the rain, snow, or any time of day! There are over 72 original levels, each with a distinct surface type like snow, gravel, asphalt, or mud. The race uses one of the most accurate automobile dynamics models, including real-time vehicle deformation and damage developed over 15 years.

One may participate in Rally Cross, race A-B stages over a Single Rally, or take on the new Career option. In a separate mode, you may engage in weekly competitions with gamers from across the globe on a diverse range of tracks! You may race any person at any time and compare your performance to the greatest players in the world, thanks to real-time multiplayer, social leaderboards, and ghost racing.

Racing is more enjoyable and reliable with an utterly customizable control system created especially for touch and tilt devices. Put the controls in the desired location!


Here, we put a stop to this endless list. We sincerely hope you like them.  The finest racing video games are entertaining to play and contain unique elements that set them apart from other games. Look no further than these top-rated racing games for the most enjoyable and thrilling vehicle racing.


It may be used with any compatible device that has adequate storage. Some games may seem sluggish and lag a little on low-end smartphones. However, one may reduce the visuals to ensure a fluid game rendering. A solid CPU and 4-6 GBs of RAM are ideal for the gadget.

It's challenging to make money in games. However, other online competitions are periodically established where one may demonstrate their abilities and earn substantial sums of money.

These games don't pose any hazards, but if you play them for a long time, they may negatively impact your health. While playing these games, one must take frequent rests.

Yes, one can use controllers to play these games on their android device, which will depend more on the controller's compatibility with their device. Nowadays, almost all android phones support controllers. So it should not be an issue.

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