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Cats have been man's best friend for centuries. They are gentle, kind, compassionate, and have a barrage of characteristics you would love to know about. These furry animals do not need a lot of care or maintenance.

It would help if you fed them, took them to the vet once a year, and they were on their own. They love to spend time with you, your kids, or your parents. They are an ideal choice for having as pets, especially when you are cramped in space living in apartments or condos. 

Today, you can find a lot of cat video games. That is right. However, they have been plenty of cat games for two decades, and the last two years since the pandemic has seen a drastic demand for cat games. 

Best Cat Video Games

We decided to list the best cat video games just for you. You would love the game features and the characteristics of the cats as they are portrayed in the games. Continue reading to explore. 

1. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is our first game on the list of cat video games. If you have played the original Mario video game, then you would love this game, and the game turns your home into a racing course. 

This game will tickle your racing buds if you like to race around, and we can assure you of that. You can come across items, checkpoints, and physical objects and find some RC vehicles speeding through the race. 

The game is stunning, with numerous characters and items running through you. Sadly, some technical limitations when playing the game may throw your plans. This game is like playing with a remote-controlled toy; you can switch to the control. 

When you switch the control to an actual RC car, the tracks are set up at home. The racecourse is set as you place four included cardboard gates, and you can pass through each of them according to the order. 

The turns and loops that you can take are completely your choices. You can notice that the camera feed can be seen on the switch itself. Though it is abundant in many ways, you should not expect a lot from it, but it is fun to play. 

2. Blinx the Time Sweeper

Blinx the Time Sweeper

Blinx, the Time Sweeper, is another exciting cat video game with its own spills and thrills. After all, the primary purpose of playing a game is to enjoy the pleasures and the surprises. 

Did you know that Microsoft designed this character to promote their Xbox gaming console? Isn't that amazing? Blinx is a cute fellow with several features to make the game quite exciting & fun. 

This futuristic Cheshire cat has its main weapon, a vacuum cleaner; you read that right. Of course, the cat gets to do what you would expect with the product. The 3D character comes infused with several features that make gaming quite fun. 

As a player, you must take the main character across 40 different levels through 10 environments. You may like a few things about this game, just like you may not prefer having some things in it. 

We were not quite happy with the game's frame rate, and you could see that it could move down slowly. The characters have a shine on them that make the visuals look like they are solely based on the 3D effects, which can be off-putting for some of you.

3. Stray

Stary is genuinely a fantastic game with several features that can make your day. The game is about a feline protagonist who has to go through several obstacles, and the starting scene is pretty gripping as she is hanging from the cliff. 

Well, this was just the beginning of the game, and you are taken into a world full of action & entertainment. The moment the cat jumps off the cliff, you wait in an intense breath because cats can land on their legs like they are supposed to. 

There is plenty of narration, puzzles to be solved by you, and of course, ample performance by the hero. It was designed by BlueTwelve Studio, who have done an excellent job with this game and have managed to keep it afloat till the end. 

Though the game may not be a thriller like we felt initially, it provides you with plenty of action & drama. We liked the graphics in the game as you are jumping around on the boxes present inside the cities and the rooftops. 

4. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the most successful game for the developer. You have some reasons for that happening, which could be that the game is based on cats. When you have these lovely animals in the game, it becomes a success.

The best part of the game is that you might play it alone without fretting about it because you don't get bored. Your feline friend does not leave you alone and has your back in challenging situations.

As the name goes, you don't get to hunt monsters like a cat. How boring could that get? You are provided with customizations and specializations. Somewhere, you may be doing time longer than usual.

We liked the visuals provided as they were splendid and impressive. However, as you begin your journey, you notice that some weapons can cause significant damage to your body. 

The game offers you close to 14 weapons to attack your enemies and destroy them. The monsters have their weaknesses and strengths that they delve into themselves. A companion known as Palico for you provides the required help as and when needed. 

5. Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush

Another exciting cat video game is Gravity Rush. The game was released in 2012 on the market Vita. The game can be played on your PlayStation 4 in a remastered version, which gives the game a good appearance. 

It also gives you more details and makes the images stupendous on the monitor. The main character is Kat, who can adjust to the gravity around her and can float, move around, and do a wide range of things defying gravity. 

It is something that ordinary humans like us can't do. You are part of a city called Hekseville, where the gravitational pull is disturbing the way of living, and your enemies are known as Nevi. Besides, the city also has a distinct element of hatred in it. 

Your main character is likable among the citizens, while the enemies are hated to the core. Hekseville's current events keep you busy. You have some friends with superpowers who can help you keep the city safe from enemies. 

The game is almost the same as Mario, and sometimes you feel the storyline is similar too. However, there are immense differences between them. You would surely like to use the strengths & powers that are provided to you to correct a miscalculated trajectory.

6. Alvina (Dark Souls)


Alvina (Dark Souls) is another game that might get you excited. This game comes to mind when you are looking for adventure. The Dark Souls series is a gaming version where cats have been the main center of attraction. 

In Dark Souls, the main character has to go to Alvina. She is a gorgeous-looking cat with supernatural powers, and she looks like a Chesire cat with immense powers and goodwill too. 

However, she is moody and may change her mind about certain things. The game has been designed that way. We appreciate that the developers have some time to develop a stunning game in every form.

The game is sometimes brutal and has a demanding third-person RPG set on it. You have around 60 hours to reach your goal. The game can teach you a thing or two about life and how to face it. Besides, you learn how to survive in the wild with yourself. 

We liked the game as it is an adventurous adrenaline rush that offers you excellent chances to play it as you will. Moreover, the rewards are intense and provide you with nothing else can. Why not download it and give it a try today?

7. Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is our next game and has a barrage of features. When you love to play the game Mario, then you will surely love to play this game. In this game, you are playing Bowser, who is a cat who loves to have plenty of fun. 

Sadly, some elements do not like Bowser to have fun all day and want to poke him in the wrong way. The game is the successor to Mario Galaxy and has some major differences in the design aspects. 

They often come in their theme, where every stage is given to you in a limited degree of Z-axis depth. There is ample variety in the 3D display, which is the most significant difference here. 

You can notice that it has a modeled classic Zelda dungeon with plenty of firepowers. You have simple puzzles to solve, and you may want to light up the lanterns that are present there. 

The moment you play the game, you find that it is the proper marriage between 2D & 3D elements in it. In this version, you also have a quick pace and online play. The game adds to the strange behavior of Bowser, and you may need to finish to begin again. 

8. Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2

We can see why Splatoon 2 is easy to like. The game has a colorful setting, and of course, it also has cats. The game was designed by Nintendo to be played on its elegant console. 

You can bet that the game would have all the elements making it unafraid to be different. Shooters have stupendous shooting mechanics that make most of the moves pretty interesting. 

There are human-squid hybrids that are known as Inklings. The Inklings are filled with several nautical puns; you can pick clothes as you want. You have several options where you can get things of your liking. 

You can use the store Shella Fresh to get fish-themed decor options. Besides, players can also swim to the themed walls as they want. There is a single-player and multiplayer as well. 

In this game, you can use the basic weapon types you want, and that is because these weapons are sturdy and need the right kind of eyes to make & perform the challenges. However, if you can get used to the weapon options, then it becomes more straightforward.

9. A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left

The next game is known as A Little to the Left. While the name does not have any rhythm with the storyline, it is a fun game. The game was designed to be played on your Nintendo. You know that when games are designed for the console, they got to be good. 

Cats love to chase mice and, in the process, knock things off here & there. While it can be messy, you have to get things right. Besides, they do that when there is simply no reason for doing such things. 

When you are stricter about cleanliness, then this game will test your patience to the limits. The game helps you to increase the pleasing experience that comes with when you are playing it. 

You need to arrange the items as they should fit inside. Likewise, you also arrange the books according to their thickness if you want. There are plenty of solutions that you can find there. However, other items require you to place them quite properly.

The game revolves around a cat who loves to mess things around for you. So, as you clean them up, the cat with a cute smile comes to rearrange things for you. If you are into cleaning, why not download the game and find out for yourself?

10. Red XIII (Final Fantasy VII)


In Final Fantasy VIII, a beautiful creature looks very much like a lion but is a large cat. Red XIII could be a character that Cloud and company wanted to experiment with in this new game. 

We all love to play Final Fantasy, don't we? It would be almost a lie if we said that we do not like playing the game. The new one, Final Fantasy 7, provides you with more firepower and less remake, which is a good sign from the developer. 

The game happens in Midgar, where Cloud Strife and his allies are battling with the Shinra corporation. There has been much debate that Red XIII did not get more screen time in the version, but Naoki Hamaguchi, the game's coordinator, has claimed that the character will get more time in part 2. 

If you have played the earlier versions, you would know that Red XIII is a prominent member of the original group. However, there should be a notable presence because he adds value. 

You can find that the lineage to Nanaki and the game of the Final Fantasy 7 are crucial. When you have played this game and are wondering why it was so, we hope you have your answer, so his character will have a major share in the second version of the game.

11. Rain World

Rain World

Rain World is a fantastic game that involves cats, and it stars a slugcat, which is a slug and a cat that is combined. You are put in front of monsters and demons who are out there to destroy you, and you need to win over them. 

The game's difficulty levels were on the higher side, which is understandable for professional gamers. But when you are out there looking for fun, you may need to play a few times to get used to it. 

The plot is straightforward because you have been separated from your family. Besides, it would help if you found them. You will learn many new techniques and methods to move and escape from your enemies as you play.

A tutorial explains how to go about things, and then you have to figure out how to move around. When you are somebody who loves cats & suspense, then there is no stopping you in this game. 

12. Night in the woods

Night in the woods is a phenomenal story about a cat and her thoughts on life. You are the college dropout cat and decide to visit your town, only to find things are different. If you felt the same when you left for college, this story would resonate with you. 

The cat can do many things in this game, which is the most loveable part. It does have some spooky stuff that might give you sleepless nights. There are cool things to do, like having a late dinner with friends on the terrace, stargazing with friends, and chatting about ghosts with those who hang around in town. 

The game sometimes feels like you are relaying things happening in your life, which may be happening in somebody else's life. You sit and view the happenings in somebody's home and wonder about life. 

The game has been able to capture the anxieties of the rural American folks and the challenges that the men & women of this great country are facing at the moment. The game designers have produced this game for that sole purpose.

Those who are particular about the answers to your questions in life may find this game a little intriguing. You are better off playing it today and learning about those small moments of happiness that can bring immense joy to your hearts. 

13. Kitt.io

 13. Kitt.io

When you love playing games that are mostly solo, calm, and without much excitement, then you may want to play Kitt.io. Yes, it comes with a cat as its main character, and the developers have done an excellent job with the game. 

Though it might be an acquired taste for some of you to play the game, once you get the hang of it, there is no looking back. This colorful game comes with fun & excitement, besides being concise. 

You are a single cat who wants other cats in your street to follow your lead. In this sense, you want to become their leader. The whole concept of the game is to collect as many cats as you can as your followers and then take the lead in the street. 

We liked the hats that the game provides you with. Moreover, the hat collection was pretty splendid and came with different colors & designs. The games offer controller support. Why not try out this game today itself and see for yourself? 

14. The Purring Quest

The Purring Quest

Sometimes, you may prefer to play cat games with basic visuals. In that case, you should play the purring quest. This is a simple hand-drawn game. 

That is correct. It comes with intense artistry that can blow your mind. There is some amazing storyline for you to make use of. It is a simple game where you play a cat, and its name is Kimchi. 

The designer initially worked with Disney and Warner Bros. So, you know that the game has some interesting stuff in it. Otherwise, we would not have it on our list of cat video games. As you play, you notice that it pays tribute to some of the popular cats on the internet. 

Moreover, the amazing aspect of things is that they want to donate the profits of the game to several organizations that work towards the development of animals. So, if you're going to play a game that adores cats and does their bit for society, you know what to do today. 

15. Cat Meat

Cat Meat

No, the game has nothing to do with cat meat. Don't worry. You get to play a cat that has to defend itself from the meteorites that fall on you. This happens as you find your way through different levels in the game. 

Sometimes, you may feel like you are playing Super Mario Bros. But this game has unique features that make it slightly different. There are two cats that you can choose according to your liking. 

You have a pink one and a blue one as well. Like cats, you also have nine lives when playing the game. Don't forget those nasty meteorites that will fall around you. Be careful cause if they land on you, then you may die.

The game can be downloaded from Steam and provides you with excellent features of cat play. So, why don't you find out what cats can do as a cat? The best way would be to download the game and start playing.

16. Play With Gilbert

Play With Gilbert

If you are looking for a game involving cats for 3-year-olds, then Play With Gilbert is a suitable game, and it comes with all the features you may want to embed in your kid about cats. 

This is a fantastic game that is ideal for small kids who can learn more about cats in a fun way. So, you are Gilbert, who is learning how to make his way in this world. As a cat, you can meet others on an adventure and have a fantastic time.

Moreover, this could be your kid's first 3D game. It teaches them how to move around and educates them on the environment. The game can be played by older kids & adults, of course. Give it a try today and find out why it can be fun walking around like a cat.

17. Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing

You would like Cat Goes Fishing when searching for a game that allows you to play in peace. The game basically does not have much action and has some fantastic quality features. 

There isn't much action in this game, except that you are fishing and sit patiently for the fish to take your bait when fishing. You can find these kinds of games, including Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

Quite a sight, if you ask us, sitting as a cat, waiting for your fish to come so that you have a meal. The fish can be large or small. The more fish you catch and sell, the more progress you can make in the game. 

The game has a beautiful & pure soundtrack that you are sure to enjoy. It allows you to relax and chill as you wait for your fish. Why not download this game that only takes up a little space and enjoy your fishing?

18. Cat Quest I & II

Cat Quest I & II is an exciting game that comes with an RPG infused with some interesting artwork. The gaming world was really thrilled to have this game around them. This awarding winning game comes with the right features that can make any gamer delighted. 

The game is about a male cat who is finding his lost sister. Unfortunately, his sister has been kidnapped by a bad person. As you are traveling in search of your sister, you get to meet some interesting people on your journey. 

Besides, you also kill dragons; how cool is that? Likewise, you also show your kind self by helping people in need of help. The part II is where Gentlebros lets you play a cat or a dog, where you can also enjoy the multiplayer gaming option.

It is a simple game that has some beautiful visuals that make any gamer feel happy about it. We liked that you could play the game in the multi-gamer choice and invite your friends along too.

19. A Street Cat's Tale

A Street Cat's Tale

When you love cats and RPGs, then you should play a game that comes with both of these, is not it? Welcome to A Street Cat's Tale. This game is relatively mild, entertaining, and an amazing way to learn about the life of a stray cat. 

You learn how they live in the streets alone. You may make friends in the street and become injured also. You may also persuade a stranger to feel bad for you and adopt you in the end.

You are going through an emotional rollercoaster, and as a cat, you come across different individuals in town. While some are kind & friendly, some are not so generous & helpful to you. You will be amazed to know the game has totally ten different endings. 

You need to be alive for 12 days to unlock the endings that are solely based on the kind of decisions that you make. You do not want your health to get to zero and must find food daily. 

Of course, you need to consume healthy food, and you want to avoid eating food that can harm your health. Apart from the meals, you need to learn how to meet people and get to know if they are helpful or not for your cause. 

20. Cattails


Cattails is a simple but exciting RPG life simulation of a stray cat's life. Players get to decide how they want to play the game. You become a cat and learn how it lives in the city. How it can make friends, find love, fight in the streets to get food, and so on. 

Besides, you can also find your communities to make your life easier and simpler for getting food. As time goes by, you can get married, have your own kids, and then become old, to die, in this simulation game.

This light RPG game is funny and fearsome and provides you with an insight into a cat's life. The storyline is straightforward but funny; however, it can become monotonous after a while. 

The game comes with its own set of surprises and fun. You may find some minor details very satisfying, and the mechanics are pretty solid too. Though it comes with some flaws, we can recommend this game to you. 

21. Blacksad: Under The Skin


Blacksad: Under The Skin is an exciting game that revolves around detectives. When you prefer having a game that is more about thieves and catching them, this one suits you. 

You are Sherlock Holmes dressed as a cat in New York City. With crimes running high, the city needs somebody who can put an end to these theft and other crimes. The game provides you with a wealth of cases that involve lust, love, and others forms of crimes. 

The game is based on the comic book series by Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Díaz Canales. You are a cat named John. You are wearing a Columbo coat and have your own detective agency. The game is based on the 1950s New York times, and you can notice the visuals provided accordingly. 

The game can go on for more than 8 hours, which is a full working day. So, you can play the game when you are free on the weekend with no plans with friends or family members. The game can be very addictive once you begin playing it. 

The animals portrayed in this game are pretty decently dressed, but none as sophisticated as you are. Some of your tasks would include interviewing animals who are the victims and finding out the crime doers. 

The storyline is sometimes somewhat weird, which is what we, along with some users, felt. You can notice that it deals with the racial problems that are still plaguing the great nation of America. However, the game does have its own fun & excitement. 

22. Mushroom Cats

Mushroom Cats is short & sweet game that deals with point-and-click. The game is all about cats that can live on the giant toadstool. As players, you can wander off to your wonderland. 

It will help if you put on different hats for the cats. Yes, that is the game. You can play the game for a good 10 minutes or more. The music is soothing and relaxing. We liked the visuals provided in the game. 

The cats live on extensive mushroom-shaped kind of plants. For the first 5 minutes, you are playing on some barely hidden red hats. You can click on the large, enormously cute cats, and the game is over when the cat wears a hat. 

The artwork was done by a Russian named Anatoliy Loginovskikh. Some of his outstanding works include Call Of Fries, Geese Vs. Cthulhu and Mister Burnhouse. The animation may not be to everybody's liking, but it sure does get the job done. 

You have five levels to play the game & enjoy. The fifth level lasts only for 30 seconds. Once you place the hats on the cats, they become happy with the words, "the cat is happy." If you like this game, then you would be delighted to know there is a sequel known as Mushroom Cats 2.


There you go. We hope that you enjoyed reading about the list of cat video games. Now, you may want to download and play them. As you can see, cats are fierce, fun, and curious of the lot. 

They make exceptional heroes in games, and we are not surprised by the number of shows & movies coming out that are based on cats. They are also fun to own, and we won't be surprised if you play these games and think of owning one or two of them at home. 

However, you don't have to be a cat lover to download and play these games because they are immense fun to have & play with. These games can bring out the best in you. You can find several video games based on cats. 


Yes,  plenty of cat video games are available. You can find cat video games on the internet, but we have provided you with only the best. These games are exciting & fun to play. 

Cat games are usually 16+ because younger children may need to learn what some of the adult content about the cats are going to be. Hence, some cat video games have this clause in there. Otherwise, most cat games can be played or viewed by people of all ages. 

Not necessarily. Cat video games can be good or bad for cats. But they might love the action that is happening in front of you. Like we said at the beginning of this post, cats are inquisitive and love to know what is happening around them. 

They will love to sit around you when you are playing the game to know what is happening. It is a common sight to see cats sitting in front of the television, PC monitor, and even your laptop when you are playing a game, watching a movie, or working. 

When you are really a fan of cat video games, then the cat simulator can be ideal for your needs when you are a fan of cat video games. It is pretty fun, and you feel as if you are a cat who gets to chase the mouse, break things and do plenty of stuff.

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