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Stardew Valley is one of the best farming simulator games. The game is trendy and has won many awards since its release on Nintendo Switch, Android, and PlayStation 4. The developer ConcernedApe has always given this game a top priority, even after four years of its release; the game still receives new updates every week. This open-world farming RPG game provides the player with complete control. The gameplay mechanics are very realistic and diverse. You will spend months on the game but still need to learn more about it. 

Stardew Valley Tips

There are many ways to do a straightforward thing. However, you will feel the real difficulties of running a farm. Though the game is simple and easy to grasp, these best tips will give you an extra edge over the others. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner to farming or a pro. These tips will help you bring glory to your farm!! 

Don't Hesitate to Invest In Crops

At the beginning of the game, you will receive 15 turnip seeds for free for beginners to grow your crops. To develop the seeds, you must dig 15 holes in the farm. In every spot, you have to put one source; after planting those seeds, you will have to give them water by regularly using the water can.

You need more than 15 seeds to grow. You have to buy extra seeds from Pierre's shop using in-game money. Though the sources may be much more expensive and take a lot of your fortune, once the plants grow from them, they will make you rich in no time. As a beginner of the game, you can use potatoes; potato plants will get fully grown quickly in just six days and will give you new potatoes. In the beginning, investing in Turnip plants and Cornflowers is also a good plan. You can do that also.

Study The Map Carefully and Find Shortcuts

Study The Map Carefully and Find Shortcuts 

People use maps to find the right direction in real life. Similarly, in the game Stardew Valley, you will receive a map of the whole game area, guiding you throughout your journey.

You will have a limited amount of time in the game. Therefore, you must utilize your time properly and efficiently to succeed in the game. Studying the map will help you a lot about the matter.

You will have to do specific tasks daily in the game, requiring you to get into unknown places. And studying the map properly will help you to find the key locations quickly and accurately because you need to look at the map properly and go to the right place to save money and time management. You can only afford to spend that much in this particular game because of the time limitation, which makes it more realistic. 

To prevent that, you must find the right shortcuts from the map and use them properly to go in the right direction, making your gaming experience much better. Furthermore, with the precious time you will save, you can do many things that will increase your earnings to a large extent.

Make Wood Your First Priority

After you are done with planting your crops, you will get your final rewards after they grow; this will take a variable amount of time, depending upon your crop. After you get your fully grown trees, you must cut them and start stockpiling the wood as soon as possible because it's a critical resource that will give you more money to unlock the other buildings and exclusive new items on your farm.

You will get a good amount for selling the wood if you run out of money and sell it only if necessary. If you can collect the required money by any other means, go for it instead of selling the woods. Always try to save the woods because it is one of the game's most essential and valuable.

You will be able to make something more from those woods. Stop your desperation for cash by selling wood; you can build rare items like wooden chests using those. Buying this wooden chest using money would have cost you a lot which you got from a small amount of wood. This is valid for every other resource that can be made from wood. Not only items, but you can also build entire large buildings and boundaries of your farm using wood. You can also use it as fuel if you get hit with a fuel shortage.

Watching TV Before Bed Is A Necessity

Watching TV Before Bed Is A Necessity 

Well, some people do this in their daily life in the real world, so why are you hesitating to do that in the game, as it is very beneficial for many aspects? As you know, news can give you predictions about the next day's weather; predicting the weather is one of the most important stuff to do as a farmer. After spending a few minutes beside your TV before going to bed, you will be informed whether it will rain the next day.

According to the weather report, you can plan your tasks for the next day. It will benefit you when you know the situation from the previous day. For example, on rainy days, you don't have to water those crops because they have already got water from the rain automatically; instead of doing that, you can spend your time doing other valuable activities. 

There are some more TV channels as well that you can watch. For example, you can visit some tracks before going to bed. Just watch those channels that will help you to gather the necessary information. For example, a cooking medium will teach you how to make healthy and tasty food. Also, a fortune teller channel will tell you about your luck for the next day. From this channel, you can estimate the chance of getting rare items while mining in mines that day.

Be Careful While Placing the Seeds

Placing the seeds in a proper position can make the difference between the good and bad yields of the crop. However, you don't need to worry much about that; you will have to take more care and place them accordingly patiently.

There are a few tricks to do these things; for example, when planting cauliflower, melons, and Pumpkin seeds, make a few 3x3 seeds and grow them there. You may already know that one big one can give you much more money than a few little ones combined.

The big crops need appropriate space to grow; for example, a giant pumpkin will take a 3x3 total of 9 squares. It can only succeed if more space is available. Though you will have to wait for the harvest day to know if this trick worked, there is no harm in increasing your chance of success.

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Don't Invest In Livestock Early

Don't Invest In Livestock Early

If you want to get a financially stable system on your farm that grows reasonably and makes large profits, you must be reassured about animals at the appropriate time. Raising livestock requires hard work, resources, and care, which a starting farm typically lacks. Yes, they are profitable and promising but don't focus on them early, do it when you have an abundance of gold in your pocket.

Many people make this mistake and get surrounded by hundreds of farm animals that they cannot feed or take proper care of. To raise livestock, you will have to build many things for them. For example, you will have to make large buildings which will take up a lot of wood, selling those you could have earned more profits.

Moreover, you will have to feed them every day using your crops. For example, if you plant a seed, you have to water it daily, which is free of cost. But to get the same amount of money from animals, you will have to spend a lot of money, making the net profit significantly lower. You will also have to pay a reasonable amount of time with them.

But the main thing with winter is that you will get stuck if your small farm has a large livestock population. In winter, the game will not give you enough grass to feed your cute little animals, and if you don't provide them, they will die, making your loss even more. To avoid that, you will have no choice than buying hay from the in-game character Marnie which costs 50g a pop.

Imagine you have worked throughout the year earning that money for doing other things, and all your livestock drains all of your funds. However, breeding livestock can be pretty profitable if you own a large farm. So, yes, risk-taking is necessary, but a risk you can avoid in the early days of your game. 

Unlock The Beach Bridge First

Unlock The Beach Bridge First

The game Stardew Valley gives you hundreds of buildings and architectures you can build on your farm. Every building has its special functions; nothing is useless. But to get a good start in the game, you must make the buildings in a tacticacreateked-out manner.

Tactical worked-outside outside increases your income and gives you more valuable items. By doing that, your whole circle in the game will grow; doing this is the most crucial thing. You may have seen that there is a bridge off the beach; it is broken. You will need around 300 pieces of wood to repair it. Don't waste time once you get that; the bridge is like a hidden staircase to heaven.

After you build the bridge, you get unlimited access to the Tidal Pools, where valuable items like coral, sea urchins, and other shells will pop up daily. You can collect them and earn a lot of money. Don't worry. You can fill these valuable items in your shipping box or sell them directly to the fisherman for a high price, Willy, who has a shop at the pier.

Fish! Fish! And Fish!

Fish! Fish! And Fish!

Fishing is something you should put all the extra energy and time you get; it is not just a hobby but can be an excellent method to earn some money without much investment. Remember Willy? He will give you a fishing rod as a gift. Though fishing in real life may seem tedious, some people consider it relaxing. And if you put some time into fishing in the game, you will find it comfortable and productive.

Yes, most players find fishing quite tricky to master; that is why they don't fish. But l; that, you are reading this article. There are many types of fish in this game, and which one you choose depends on where your line lands.

Go to a body of water; you can use the sea and then carefully let go of the control until the cursor hits the top of the meter. If you do that, your ne will be cast as far as it can go, and chances of getting a higher value to catch fish will increase to a large extent. After you have mastered fishing, try to land your line at various positions to experiment and learn.

Picking up the fish can be tricky, too; you must wait for a fish to bite your line correctly and tap the action button as soon as the exclamation point appears.Mastering this is a matter of experience; the more experience you get, the better your skill becomes smooth, and the bigger your green window will be. And it will become easier for you to catch them next time.

Don't worry. It may seem very complicated, but you master the concept soon enough, and once you do, fishing will be your way to earn some quick money. Another tip, try finding the bubbling spots in the water as fish tend to bite more quickly there, and the ones you get from there will be of higher value.

Willy will be accommodating in a helpful journey; save time buying the fiberglass fishing rod from him, which will be available once you reach fishing level two. This upgraded fishing rod will allow you to add bait to your line. Your friend Willy also sells crab pots you should buy after reaching fishing level three; these are perfect bait and catch large fish. Just put the trick and wait for your fish to bite. You must spend one or two minutes daily restocking the baits and checking for fish. Extra earnings help a lot in real life and also help you in the game.

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Mine the Mines

The game Stardew Valley is very realistic. As you know, Mining for valuable things can be a great source of income in real life. This also applies in the game.

Before the Spring of your first year, you cannot access the mines. Still, on the fifth day of Spring in your first year, you will receive a letter that will let you know that all the stones or obstacles have been removed. Thanks to the magical removal, you can now go to the mines northeast of the Carpenter's Shop and just west of the Adventurer's Guild. 

These mines are not ordinary; these happen to be gold mines. You can go into the mines and forage in them to get lots of unique items that can earn you considerable money. You can also get pure gold from them!

The mines are vast, consisting of 120 unique levels filled with different rewards, with a save point accessed after every five. And just like in reality, the deeper you go, the better rewards you can get.

There are some tools you must use inside mines, like your home, which you will use to dig in the dirt, and remember your pickaxe, which you can use to smash rocks to find rare items and the ladder to the next level.

But it would help if you also stayed careful as some beasts will come to attack you. So you will also be given a sword to fend them off and stop them from draining your health. Using blades to fight those beasties does not consume energy, but you must carry some snacks emergency.

Stardew Valley Tips to Make Money

Yes, making money should be your priority when playing Stardew valley, but everything you do to make your farm whatever you want it to be. However, the game is very diverse and gives you the opportunity so you can choose to ignore all that and become a professional miner or fisherman. In your first year, you must try everything in the game and gain some experience and progress, and here's how to make the most of it.

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Harvest The Onion Harvest The Onions

Harvest The Onion Harvest The Onions

The game is gratifying, and the best snacks come for free. The world of Stardew Valley is filled with many free rewards you can get quickly without any effort just by taking a stroll around the town and its surroundings.

Also, you can collect many valuable things from the wild such as horseradishes, dandelions, and daffodils growing in the wild. They all have unique functions; for example, Dandelions and leeks restore energy and health when eaten, while daffodils are sold for 30g a pop. You can also get a reliable amount of money by selling them. For example, wild horseradishes are worth 50g each and only restore a small amount of health and energy. So if you find some of them, try to sell them instead of using them.

The rewards you get vary every season. Remember, inspiring; you must take a daily detour to the southeast corner of the map. You must have seen that little farm. This farm spawns spring onions every day. The amount varies from day to day, but you will get enough.

Onions are a fantastic snack that restores a nice chunk of health. You can sell them for 8g. But it will be better for you to use them as you can use the power to get items that bring you more money. Taking a walk in Stardew Valley is very beneficial.

Use The Shipping Boxes

Use The Shipping Boxes

The game gives you a wide variety of choices for the things you have earned. For example, you can sell your fish, crops, and other collected items to the ordinary folks in town to get money. But there is another direction in which you can just put them inside the shipping box next to your house. The package works like magic. You will wake up and see a mysterious spousal already you put there. 

This incredibly goosaveaves you the time to sell those things in the market. You can spend extra time the next day doing something other than walking between stores to sell your items. Buy The Upgraded Version of The bag. 

Buy the Upgraded Version of the Bag Asap

You might want to spend only some of the cash you have earned by doing a lot of hard work, but if you're going to be successful in Stardew, you will need more oversized pockets. You can buy a bag from Pierre s that increases your inventory slots from 12 to 24. Twenty-four places are perfect for storing everything you collect on your walks and want to sell. The cost of the bag is high, and It might feel like spending this money at the start is risky. But you will soon realize that 12 slots fill up super fast, and you will lose many valuable items.

Use Explosives

Mining in a usual way seems very slow and hardworking also. Digging in mint using hoes will take a lot of time and effort. To make the procedure fast, you can use Explosives for Mining. You might have seen on TV that, in real life, people use explosives for Mining.

You can do that in Stardew Valley, also. There is a limited amount of energy you will receive. You must maintain that energy for this kind of work that already has an alternative way. 

So to use your time well, you can use Mega Bombs and Explosive Ammo for Mining. Avoid using cherry bombs because it is not practical that much. It only provides a little of a radius to help you in Mining. Instead, you can use Mega Bombs.

It will save a lot of time of yours because it has a radius on a larger scale. You have to fight with enemies also. Keeping that in mind, you can use Explosive Ammo. Because it is more convenient to use, Choose your favorite Explosivesand boom! You will save a lot of time by using this.

Use Energy Efficiently

You will receive only 28 days for one season. So you must make the most out of it if you are looking for the long run. The energy you get for one day, makes sure to use that properly. 

Do not think that that extra energy will help you the next day. So use all the power in the right way possible. Here all you have to do is not get into bed while still having control. Yohannes, go to your farm, fish, etcetera. 

By doing this, you can get some extra elements for your farm. So you will receive more resources than before. And whenever you use your energy, make sure that it will be beneficial for your farm or not. Because sometimes what happens is you do something optional for your farm. But if the poem is the, you will need more power to do something. And also, avoid accidental use of any items because it will cost a good amount of energy.

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The world of the game Stardew Valley is vibrant and will take a lot of time to explore fully. Like any other role-play simulation game, this game also requires a lot of patience, strategy, and plans. It will take time to grasp the game and build an enormous farm filled with livestock crops, gold, and other things. The tips in this article will work as a catalyst and help you master the game in less time.


The most profitable crops of stardew valley are Strawberries - 500g, Cauliflowers - 190g, Kale - 110g or more, Melons - 250g or more, Rare Seeds - 3000g or more, Rare Seeds - 3000g or more.

Yes, the game is one of the best farming simulators. Millions of players play this game every day.

No, you can download the game free from Google Play Store for one month as a free trial game, but you will have to pay more.

Yes, you can play the game on your Windows PC and Android device.  

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