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Food games can be fun and educational at the same time. You can encourage yourself and your child to cook and prepare for every household task by playing food games. By this, you not only get an education, but you will also get rewards and many benefits and earn cash from it. It's just like doing two things simultaneously, enhancing your multitasking capabilities. If you want to know some best cooking games, we are here to help!

Best Cooking Games to try Right Now

As we are talking about food games, you can do everything in these. Here you can cut vegetables, cook dishes, try new recipes, or garnish cakes! These games usually take place in a kitchen, where you try to develop a formula or prepare tasty dishes for your clients at your cafe.

Burger Shop

best cooking games

Burger Shop is a more complex version of Burger above. You receive various orders and have to prepare them as fast as possible. This game plays up 160 total levels, a challenge mode; a relax mode, 60 food items, and eight restaurants.

The relaxing method is excellent if you want to chill and waste time, while the 80 expert story levels provide a surprisingly good challenge for players. It doesn't blow your mind, but it always plays pretty well. Its latest version, burger shop 2, plays in 4 different game modes with endless fun and creates enthusiasm among players.

A Burger shop could be a time management game where the player serves burgers, fries, and different foods and drinks to customers. It's the primary game within the Burger Look series. Burger shop was initially released for Windows in 2007.

Cafeteria Nipponica

cooking games

It was free in the Gregorian calendar month of 2012 and completely free on the Nintendo Switch in 2017. The sport places the player on top of things of a tower that they need to build up to a prime quality chain. The sport met with mixed reviews, with several reviewers noting that there have been higher Kairosoft simulation games.

First, you need to set up your furnishings and other appointments. Choose a region of the restaurant framed in orange to place tables and increase your clients. As you get further consumers, your staff members will get busier, so you'll need to hire new hands. You can do this beginning in the fifth month of your first year.

You will also want to create new dishes. You can charge more for popular dishes, making it simpler to make ends meet, so try to develop a menu that will attract more customers. As sales increase, your cafeteria can rise in the regional rankings. Open new locations and expand them, and goal for the one hierarchy in all sectors!

Cooking Fever 

cooking games

This is undoubtedly one of the top cookery games of 2022; just on Google Play, it has had over 4.6 million installations. The game offers everything, from delicious New York steaks with asparagus to sushi and other seafood dishes. To put it in another way, if you're searching for a genuinely varied culinary game on your phone, this is the one. 

The variety of foods, the stunning design and brilliant colors, and the problematic game tempo are among the game's top characteristics. You'll get an adrenaline rush as soon as you begin, and the more you play, the more people will visit your restaurants.

A professional chef will lead you through the game's opening moments and show you the location of every restaurant in the city on a map. Players are given a traditional fast food restaurant as their first option, complete with burgers, hotdogs, french fries, and a refreshing Coke. Fast-moving clients want players to be ready to work hard to fulfil their demands.

Perfect Slices

best cooking games of all time

Although we think Perfect Slices is an entertaining game with a lot of promise, our opinions are divided. The primary objective of this straightforward game is to cut veggies as rapidly as possible. Also, avoid anything else on the "chopping board" that might damage your knife.

With the coins you've collected at each level's conclusion, you may buy new goods to enhance your knife or more veggies. It's a lively, enjoyable, simple game suitable for some mindless pleasure before night. Although there are several adverts in the game, you may eliminate them with in-app purchases.


best cooking games

“Sandwich!” is a straightforward yet enjoyable culinary game. To assemble and consume a sandwich is the objective of the game. You can make these sandwiches by folding the layers of the sandwich on top of each other. It's pretty simple to play.

You get points by eating the sandwich once it's completed. This game's design makes failure virtually impossible; there is even an undo option. The game is accessible on iOS and Android.

Restaurant Story

cooking games

One of our personal favorites in the culinary game genre for mobile devices is Restaurant Story. Although Restaurant Story 2 is a sequel, we preferred the original one after playing both of them through.

The most authentic "cooking game" on this list is Restaurant Story since you truly create every aspect of your restaurant from the ground up. This includes elaborate recipes, themed ovens, and floor tiles. This game is fantastic for those who enjoy having complete control over their experience in cooking. Imagine Restaurant Story as The Sims with a stronger emphasis on food.

Cook, Serve Delicious

best cooking games

It focuses on a previous, run-down eating establishment in need of repair. The tower building within which the eating house is enclosed has had its business decline, but management has tasked the player with dynamic that fortune. The player is given cash and a selection of twenty foods to position on the menu. However, this will be intensified by buying new accessories for the room. Buyers can stimulate a spread of food, drink, sauces, additions, and toppings.

A line of eight changes of state stations are units accustomed to cooking food simultaneously, celebrated in-game as "prep stations". Prepping food needs navigating through the customer's order at the given school assignment station, following specific steps to complete it, given as keyboard button prompts.

Cooking Mama: Let's Cook

games for cooking lovers

On Cookery Mama: Let's cook! You'll be able to buy vegetables, fry all meals within the pan, heat mentary paste, prepare scores of sweets and pastries, and do many other things wherever you've got to use the touch-screen options. For example, to chop an onion, you've got to try and make the corresponding gestures on the onion.

Cooking Mama: Let's cook! Perhaps an English game that, in this humanoid version, offers standard gameplay and stunning graphics. Some people believe there aren't that many free recipes, but the game is exciting to play.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

games for cooking lovers

Good pizza, excellent pizza; you're the spanking new owner of a pizza shop, attempting to make it massive within the town. Unlock fresh ingredients that satisfy even the pickiest of eaters and get new upgrades to fling out those pies faster!

Good pizza and lovely pizza could be a change of state game where you've got to organize the pizzas that your customer orders. The only way to succeed and keep your business going is to form the pizzas quickly and correctly. Throughout the day, your customers appear to order a specific variety of pizza. 

Various chapters, three different stories, and even different facets of stories during this unique state-change game! A new chapter, additional seasonal events, and limited-time decorations are released annually! 

Gordon Ramsay

games for cooking lovers

Chef blast -Tap matching cubes to send them to accumulation and start cooking! Customize your room as you progress through the sport. Earn game money by finishing levels and use it to renovate your space. Master your cube-crushing skills to impress Gordon Ramsay and become a prime cook through savory stories!

There are presently over four hundred levels to beat and over twenty-two completely different mechanics on the market to use—all with a fitting cookery feel: chopping ingredients, ticking egg timers, and removing steam, to name just a couple.

You can earn trophies as a part of the culinary genius league or trophy team tournament. Every level you win as a part of the Culinary Genius League or Trophy Team Tournament can earn you five trophies. The number of awards you make can verify your position in the event and, therefore, the rewards you earn once the event ends.

Hunt, Cook, Catch and Serve

games for cooking lovers

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve! is a fantastic game. Go searching for a vernal cook with an infatuated canine. Play the Chase game and create yummy dinners for your restaurant guests. The cook, the hero of this game for robots, must pay attention to guests with delicious suppers. However, there isn't any food left in the eatery.

So he chooses to travel, searching. Assist him with shooting fowl, hares, wild pigs, or maybe crows. This young gourmand expert can grill any meat! Open the most unexpected plans. Use the fixings you get, feed shoppers and work on your eatery.

You may finish up at the same time as the gourmand professional and hunter. It contains a tiny restaurant with guests who love new food. The game is designed in the anime style, with hand-drawn characters and environments, so fans of this genre should try it.

Rising Super Chef

games for cooking lovers

Rising Super Cook is the sequel to the enjoyable room game in which you are in charge of a food truck that travels throughout a town. You start the game on the outskirts of the town, where you serve grilled sausages to your customers. As you advance, you catch up in the middle of the city, where the stress becomes more extensive, and you've got to create a lot of elaborate food. 

For this, you would like to acquire the required tools and be able to cook with entirely different ingredients. Also, new recipes can seem overwhelming, and you would like to organize them without facilitation. 

The lower it's, the less patience the client has and, therefore, the less they can offer you in tips. It is essential to serve your customers as quickly as possible, so they do not leave unhappy. On the other hand, if you overcook the food, you will burn it and need to throw it away, losing cash.

SpongeBob Krusty Cook-off

games for cooking lovers

Game of 400 levels. The Switched is called the "Extra Krusty Edition" and offers platform-exclusive options, the specific change of state powers, challenges, and extra downloadable content. The sport has been redesigned for its console debut, although no announcements are made on the far side of the leap to change.

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off launched on iOS and humanoids in May 2020. On the back of the phonograph series' name recognition, the sport garnered seventeen million pre-registered players within the first week of launch. It landed within the ten most downloaded games across ninety-seven countries on iOS and seventy-nine countries on Google Play.

Diner Dash Adventures

games for cooking lovers

Diner Dash Adventures is another well-liked culinary game where you have to renovate a run-down diner and make it a successful enterprise. Diner Dash is centred on completing time-based missions and improving your financial management skills so you may advance your business.

Diner Dash is fairly story-driven for a culinary game. Additionally, the game has commercials and microtransactions, although they are minimal and not bothersome. If you love adventure games, check out the best adventure games for android

Star Chef

games for cooking lovers

The idea behind Star Chef was to instill three primary feelings within the player. It's sort of a secret sauce—made of multiple ingredients. In this case, it had been to tap into a player's love for food, dabble with the thrill of creation, and garnish proudly of possession. Star Chef, a lovingly crafted cooking and eating house management game, was released for iOS on August twenty-first, 2014. 

A cooking and restaurant management game that combines your passion for food and the exquisite art of cooking, Star Chef is highly addicting. Run your own restaurant, satisfy every patron's voracious appetites with an ever-expanding menu of international cuisines, and create the restaurant of your dreams!

Top 3 Money-making Cooking Games

If you love playing cooking games and looking for something to monetize your hobby, here are three mo0ney-making cooking games for you.

Idle diner

best cooking games

As the owner of the essential Idle Food restaurant, build your power empire now! As an associate journey capitalist, looking for business opportunities in business and money games is necessary. The challenge is to be idle power throughout this idle game [Idle Cook Power Food Bistro Game].

Become the most effective journey, capitalist, and manager. Your opponent is usually your target. Teach them to prepare fantastic food in the idle food restaurant and serve it to passengers on the idle facility or Idle Harbour.

Don't squander the opportunity to share marketing strategies with idle food bistro tycoons; instead, develop distinct totally distinct| utterly different marketing strategies to build particular potential customers.

If you like good games, you will get pleasure from Idle Cook. Idle cook is an idle game that you can play anytime. Come and luxuriate in the methodology of making alternatives. Build your idle empire now!

Cooking Clash

Cooking Clash is a game where you're employed within the room and serve meals to virtual customers in an exceedingly different dining establishment environment. Whether or not it's a burger bar, pizzeria, or eating house, you'll cook for customers and vie against online players. Not only will it give you an avenue for learning about new dishes and cuisines of the world and the way the eating place business works, but you'll also vie against one or multiple players to win rewards and real money.

With bracket-style tournaments, head-to-head competitions, and multiplayer choices, the sport provides many ways to win prizes, receive rewards, and win tickets within the app. There are no ads, which makes for seamless gameplay. 

Numerous prize pools offer a variety of stakes to choose from as well as alternative ways to test your abilities. You'll play for top or low stakes to reduce your risk, no matter which combination you feel comfortable with. Either way, several strategies exist to win real money and alternative prizes.

Cooking Clash provides many ways to win prizes and mini-games like Lucky Cards and Accident Wheel that leave jewels up to likelihood. Not only can you use tickets to play Cookery Clash at no cost, but there's the potential to earn free tokens by participating in in-game events.

Cooking Master Life: Fever Chef Restaurant Game

best cooking games

The premise of the sport is kind of straightforward. You must pass each level and upgrade the food, equipment, and eating house. Once you have enough cash (and diamonds), you'll be able to progress to a different location. 

At first, Cookery Fever seems pretty straightforward, but do not let it fool you. Cooking Fever may be a cookery simulation mobile game developed by a Lithuanian game developer and publisher. Within the game, players manage numerous restaurants by creating food and drinks, serving customers, and earning cash.

This is an excellent game. I like to recommend it to individuals as a result of the fact that it kills time and it's fun and habit-forming. The maths is pretty simple, as long as you've got smart instrumentality, like in every different eating house game. The casino is fun, and obtaining new restaurants with profits may be a terrible fun idea!


These were some of the best cooking games for you to enjoy. It's reasonable to say that everyone enjoys a good dinner, but sadly, not everyone is a talented cook. To address this issue, there are now mobile games. There are tons of cooking simulation games available, and you can try them all out to see which one was the most fun. The top cooking games for you are listed above.


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