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Since many years ago, Cricket has been a highly well-liked sport. People enjoy this sport and play it with enthusiasm and passion. Some people can play Cricket for hours because they are addicted to it.

If you like Cricket, you know it's not always easy to play, especially in the heat or when it's too cold. Those who like this game may now easily play Cricket on their phones. Several cricket video games are available on mobile devices, which can be downloaded without difficulty and enjoyed.

There are currently many different cricket games available for people to play. The ones listed here are the best cricket games for android, and you can play them easily while savoring the game's thrill.

Best 20 Cricket Games for Android

Every Indian has grown up around Cricket in one way or another, be it being a part of the gully cricket team or watching every cricket match with great enthusiasm and celebrating each win like a festival! Gone are those days when we had time to gather around with our friends to play a game of Cricket; these days, we barely have any time. Here's where this article comes into play!

World Cricket Championship 2

world cricket championship 2

WCC 2 is the most downloaded and highly rated cricket game on Google Play Store. This is a good Indian Mobile Cricket Game with the option to play famous shots like dil-scoop, the helicopter shot, and the upper-cut.

World Cricket Championship 2 comes with larger-than-life animations, a wide range of cricketing venues, and newer controls and camera angles, making it the best cricket game for android phones.


  • Play online and offline with local rivals as well as multiplayer
  • Thrilling fielding experience with stunning diving catches & quick throws to catch the opponent off guard
  • Players are given the additional appreciation in case of consistent performances
  • A range of modes to choose from - Test cricket, World Cup, World T20 Cup, and ODI Series
  • Professional cameras and life-like lighting enhance the visual appeal
  • Professional commentary by famous commentators in English as well as Hindi
  • Night mode in all tournaments with LED stumps makes the experience even more enjoyable!

World Cricket Championship 3

world cricket championship 3

An updated version of WCC 2, WCC 3 provides you with advanced features and high graphics. For professional gamers who are looking for the best high-graphics cricket games, this game is for you! 

WCC3 is a realistic mobile cricket game with advanced gameplay features, brand new controls, multiplayer features, professional commentary, exciting animations, and advanced AI.


  • A wide range of brand new cricket actions of batting, Bowling, and fielding
  • Commentary from the Australian cricket icon, Matthew Hayden, and India's top commentator Aakash Chopra
  • Well curated stadiums, lighting, and pitches that will leave you in awe as you play
  • Feel the pressure of competitive Cricket with all International Tournament formats
  • Connect gameplay with live cricket and experience matches in real-time

World Cricket Championship Lt

world cricket championship lt

This game is for you if your device cannot support cumbersome games. Yes, the game is small, but it does not mean that its experience is nothing; you get to see a range of new and unique features.


  • Play a combination of three of the world's most famous cricket games: World cricket championship, World premier league, and Super fantasy cricket league.
  • You get to experience professional commentary and highly curated graphics.
  • The best part? You can create your team with your friends!

Real Cricket 20

real cricket 20

If commentary is something that entertains you, then this is the game for you! In real cricket 20, you get male commentary by Sanjay Manjrekar, but that's not all; you also get female commentary! 


  • 1v1 – Play classic one vs. 1 Multiplayer with your Ranked and Unranked teams
  • 2v2 – Team up and play with your friends
  • Spectate – Stream your friend's live matches in any of the Multiplayer modes
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Authentic stadiums
  • All new pro camera angles
  • Buy and auction off players
  • Unique player faces & jerseys

World Cricket Battle 2 – Play T20 Cricket League

world cricket battle 2

Indian Premier League (IPL) is enjoyed not only in India but worldwide and on a vast scale. This is because the format is concise, and the match results are in front of you in a few hours. Since IPL is so widely loved by all, fans keep searching for a game to play in the comfort of their homes!

World Cricket Battle 2 allows you to become the owner of your cricket team, where you can make your team even better by buying well-known and your favorite players from all over the world.

The game also has the option of My Career Mode, where you can start your international career in this virtual world. In this, you can create your job with street cricket matches and take your cricket journey gradually to the big stage of Cricket.


  • Real-time batting multiplayer
  • Auction mode to buy and sell off players
  • A one of its kind gameplay
  • Range of tournaments to choose from
  • Authentic weather changes
  • Multiple Cameras, including Batting & Bowling pro cams
  • Dressing room for players
  • Drinks to give a boost to the players' batting power
  • Commentary box with commentators
  • Cheerleaders to cheer the team 
  • Practice sessions & Dream XI team with all the icons 

World of Cricket – Real Championship

world of cricket the real championship

The World of Cricket will allow you to fulfill your dream of representing India in the International Cricket Arena. This game will enable you to create your cricket team and compete with international teams worldwide! The stronger your team is, the more chances you will win against your opponents.

In this game, you can play in the online multiplayer mode with strangers or the local multiplayer mode with your friends in real-time or even with real players worldwide.


  • Realistic Bat & Ball movements for an extraordinary cricket experience
  • Play in different types of modes and leagues
  • Different levels of difficulties to choose from 
  • High-quality graphics
  • Professional audio commentary by professional commentators
  • 25+ types of batting shots
  • Autoplay mode for Bowling and batting
  • Exciting fielding with stunning diving catches & quick throws to surprise the opponent.
  • More than ten international teams
  • Ambient sounds for the ground to make it seem like you're playing
  • Intuitive batting controls & innovative bowling controls; control the speed, line, and length

Epic Cricket – Real 3D World Cup Championship

epic cricket

If you are fond of 3D cricket games, Epic Cricket is the game of your dreams - it provides authentic, high-quality graphics, ultra-high-quality player faces, and game visuals.

Not only does this game offer best-in-class graphics, but it is also a complete package for cricket fans worldwide with all the international formats, including ODI matches, T20 matches, and Test Matches, undoubtedly the best and most popular design in the world.


  • More than 15 international cricket teams
  • Eight plus world cricket championship tournaments
  • Live player auction
  • Stunning stadiums
  • Live commentary in English and Hindi
  • Epic Cash League, a multiplayer gaming contest
  • Life-like animations and movements for batting, Bowling, and fielding
  • Special sound effects to make you feel like you are in the stadium, such as - HOWZAT appeals
  • Players with actual capabilities like cricket superstars
  • Real cricket player's height and looks
  • Well-curated team squad so you can build your own dream 11 team!

Real Cricket 17

real cricket 17

Real Cricket '17 is a game where players can choose from among the 16 best teams in the world - including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal - to participate in the most appealing cricket tournaments. The gameplay is quite intuitive; the best part is that it is explained right before each match. 

Real Cricket 17 offers a multiplayer mode, under which a leaderboard is available; the better you perform in this mode, the better your ranking on the leaderboard.


  • Premier League auctions
  • Modes to choose from including friendly matches to spectacular World Tournaments
  • Test series mode with updated agendas, the classic uniforms, and lunch-tea breaks
  • Unique and novel real cricket challenge mode & daily challenges
  • All major T20 domestic tournaments with multiple teams 
  • Track all your stats and Increase your rank
  • Brilliant 2D motion captured animations
  • Top-of-the-line graphics 

Stick Cricket Super League

stick cricket super league

Take your mobile cricket game career into your own hands, participate in auctions and create your T20 cricket team - feel like an actual top franchise owner. The sequel of Stick Cricket Premier League is offering its fans the chance to: CREATE THEIR PLAYERS!

Stick Cricket Super League allows you to create your team and control your game career - you can customize your players by yourself. You can include well-known players in your group, for which you have to make seasonal contracts, making the game more realistic.


  • Be the sole controller of your cricket career and also your cricket team.
  • Create and customize your character
  • Choose from cities from every part of the world.
  • Support your team with some genuine real cricket star firepower
  • Form seasonal contracts with the world's most renowned cricket players
  • Select your playing 11, win the toss, and decide which of your players bats and bowls
  • You'll have complete control over captaincy decisions.
  • Career and season Performance records will show your progress.
  • Earn trophies and recognition

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

sachin saga cricket championship

Want the best, most surreal cricketing experience? Sachin Tendulkar's Official Mobile Cricket Game is here for you. From fans of Cricket to fans of the legend, players can now be the legendary Master Blaster and play as him in the most rapidly growing mobile cricket game. 

Live through high-performance graphics and realistic animations as you relive some of the most iconic moments from cricket history! Experience top cricket game battles first-hand while recreating master strokes of the Cricket God himself. You can start your cricket journey as a 16-year-old Sachin and live through his glorious cricketing career of 24 years.


  • Compete with real players online or with friends around you
  • Top the league and have your name displayed in the Hall of Fame
  • Play not just classic and domestic but also international tournaments
  • The chance to replay all the fantastic World Cup & IPL journeys in their original settings.
  • Compete in cricket matches to top the time-limited event leaderboards hosted every month
  • Revolutionary batting systems that mimic real-world playing cricket conditions in authentic stadiums result in genuine batting experiences.
  • Play all cricket shots of Sachin the way he does

MSD: World Cricket Bash

MSD world cricket bash

Relive the critical phases of MS Dhoni's cricketing career. Based on the blockbuster movie Dhoni: The Untold Story, starring the Late Sushant Singh Rajput. You will be playing Sushant Singh Rajput. Apart from batting, you must control the field and do wicketkeeping.

The game is an immersive play, and the storyline makes it even more enjoyable. Moreover, if you are a fan of Dhoni, you will love the chance to play his signature shots - Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep, Square Cut, Paddle Shot, and many more.


  • Simple & Easy to understand controls 
  • Unique bowling mechanism 
  • Manual Catching program
  • A well-programmed AI system ensures that no two matches are alike.
  • Semi-realistic art style & complete HD graphics with life-like animations
  • Multiple Modes like Champion, Challenges, Story, Wicketkeeping, etc
  • Achievements: Become the Conqueror by winning the Tournament without losing a match or achieve immortality by winning 25 games in a row. Achievements help you earn the extra buck for your exceptional performance.
  • Complete control over team selection, batting & Bowling orders, fielding presets, etc.

Big Bash Cricket

big bash cricket

Big Bash Cricket allows you to get the most fun and excitement out of a cricket game in the comfort of your home and not in a cricket stadium! 

This game allows you to compete against the best in the Australian cricket league. 

Big Bash Cricket lets you play as actual athletes in the teams they belong to. Fans of Cricket and the Big Bash League, in particular, will be familiar with the format. 


  • Improved gameplay and graphics allow you to enjoy the most realistic mobile cricket experience.
  • Play shots like your favorite players 
  • Larger-than-life animations, intuitive controls, and improved player similarities take you closer to the action than ever before.
  • Authentic visuals mean you'll want to celebrate every six or well-worked wickets.
  • Players can choose between a short play contest, a complete season, or take on the unique challenge of a super Over, all in one app!

Stick Cricket Live 2020

stick cricket live 2020

In search of a multiplayer cricket game? Your search ends here! Stick Cricket Live is an online multiplayer game that matches you with other contestants online; the goal is to outscore your opponent in a live 1v1 game.

Moreover, you can unlock 3D stadiums from all around the globe. You can earn kits that allow you to unlock new bats and big players to strengthen your squad further. Play real-time multiplayer Cricket in breathtaking stadiums around the world. Show off your batting skills in a fast-paced head-on cricket clash.


  • Compete against your Facebook friends
  • Wide variety of shots to choose from in quick-fire over duels
  • Unlock bragging rights by beating your friends
  • Upgrade your bowlers to ensure they reach their full potential.
  • Maximize your chance of victory with strategic bowling changes and team selections.
  • Customize your player names, appearances, and home countries.

Cricket Career 2016

cricket career 2016

In this game, you will get a chance to play alongside Murali Vijay, who will guide you throughout your cricketing career. 

Like the other games mentioned in the list, this, too, has a range of stadiums to choose from. You can choose from different types of leagues: IPL, big bash, and other T-20. Also, you can upgrade your kits, sign sponsorship deals, and buy luxury items like Villas and cars.


  • Play alongside International Batting sensation Murali Vijay
  • Stunning scenes that will make your gaming experience more immersive
  • Of its kind of career mode that will test even the best of players 
  • Perfectly captured shots of Murali Vijay to make your batting as realistic as possible 
  • Participate in the IPL, Big bash, and other T-20 leagues 
  • Impress sponsors and earn money to live the life of a cricket superstar
  • Start from the bottom in league cricket and climb to the top by scoring runs at every level

Cricket Captain 2018

cricket captain 208

One of the best cricket management simulation games for android devices. Cricket Captain 2018 allows you to choose from any domestic leagues of all cricketing countries.

It is a real-time strategy game for cricket lovers to select a country from the list to start their careers. You can purchase players, sign contracts with them, and build your playing 11. Moreover, it has many coaching options like opener training, bowler technique, and fielding training. It has over 6500 players.


  • Option to choose from over leagues: play updated domestic companies in India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, and New Zealand.
  • Receive offers from buyers of other teams within your domestic area
  • Individual, team, and partnership records for over 100 grounds
  • Learn about the historical competition and series player records for the last two competitions/series.
  • Get a chance to replay five historical scenarios for India or Pakistan in England.
  • Newly updated database update with over 6000 players
  • Get trained for a particular skill, such as opener training, one-day bowler technique training, and individual fielding coaching.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 cricket championships 3D

You can participate in live tournaments or play quick matches. It is easy to play and understand the game with straightforward controls for batting and Bowling.

You can choose from power-ups like unleash spring bats, vampire bats, or deliver superfast balls, fireballs, and much more. 


  • Participate in new live event modes and play in sync with real-world cricket tours 
  • Find the fate of your matches and win fabulous rewards.
  • Choose from a wide variety of famous shots to play, heightened or on the ground.
  • Judge the direction of the delivery and time your shot through the gaps on the field or over the boundary lines with precision.
  • Unlock power-ups. 
  • Deliver super fastball, fireball, and more when bowling.
  • Exciting Quick Match and Tournament Modes
  • Thrilling Matchups with popular World Cup Teams
  • Complete HD graphics, realistic animations, and player motions

Beach Cricket

beach cricket

For the fans of Cricket who have dreamt of playing Cricket at the beach under the sunlight, beach cricket is one of the best cricket games. You can play matches starting from five overs to relatively longer matches. It is a lightweight game with simple controls.

A list of random players is available; there are no well-known players. You have to select the batting and bowling lineups and play simply! For cricket enthusiasts, the game can be adapted to suit any surroundings!


  • The usual 11 players comprise your team
  • Win the toss to choose from batting or bowling first
  • Start another game as soon as one is finished
  • Play 5-30 over matches

Smashing Cricket

smashing cricket

Smashing Cricket is a free cricket game. It is one of the best offline cricket games for android, with a single-player and infinite batting mode. It has several great cricketing methods and tournaments like the world cricket championships and world cup.

It is an easy and simple-to-comprehend game with nice motion animations and realistic graphics. The infinite batting mode lets you bat for an unlimited time; you could play it for hours.


  • A very realistic feel for all shots, making you feel like you are part of an actual cricket match.
  • Watch your photos in super slow motion
  • The most accurate DRS on the app
  • Choose your home country from an extensive list of 30+ cricket-playing nations.
  • Play comfortably on your phone with ease
  • Tease your friends and challenge them to beat your high scores
  • Climb up the levels of the game without having to spend any real money

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

CSK battle of Chepauk 2

Battle of Chepauk 2 is a cricket game where you can play as the Chennai Super Kings, one of the best teams in the Indian Premier League. Most excitingly, the game comes with the teams' official approval, so you can choose real players like Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, and Dwayne Bravo to join your team!

The controls in Battle of Chepauk 2 are simple: when you see the ball coming towards you, just slide your finger in the direction you want to hit the ball. If you do it at the right moment, you'll launch the ball out of the field and strike a six!


  • Simple gameplay
  • Good graphics and animation
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Four modes to choose from
  • Public as well as private lobbies

Cricket League

cricket league

Cricket League features quick multiplayer matches played in stadiums ranging from Mumbai, Karachi, Adelaide, Dubai, Johannesburg, Dhaka, Melbourne, and London. The game is suitable for players who want to play a quick match on the go. It also features over 25 unlockable characters throughout the game. 


  • Play quick matches in under 3-5 minutes each
  • Learn cricket controls with tutorials in under a minute
  • Play with your friends anywhere in the world
  • Create your dream team and fight to reach the highest level
  • Level up your players to unlock new ways to play
  • Compete in leagues and become the master of Cricket
  • Unlock recent locations to win even more coins!
  • The game has recently added the Cricket Mania season pass, and players can purchase the Elite Pass for more rewards.

If you are looking for simple and casual cricket games, you should play Super Shots and Cricket on Frolic. With simple gameplay and fun graphics these games will win your heart. Play these games and win real money.


All the games listed above are entertaining and maintain the same basic rules with minor tweaks to the theme. Each of the above listed are equally popular and some best cricket games for android, and if you enjoy cricket, you should try them.


For Android and iPhone smartphones, numerous developers have produced cricket games that provide a realistic cricket experience. Tournaments like World Cricket Championship 3, Real Cricket 20, Sachin Saga Cricket, and others put you in a stadium to compete against some of the top teams and players.

Real Cricket 20 can be played both online as well as offline. Some game modes, such as the online multiplayer option, are unavailable when playing the game offline. You won't be able to play a one-on-one match against your buddies.

An internet connection is necessary for signing in. You can log in with your Facebook or Google Play Games accounts, which grants you a one-time Platinum bonus. You can also use a Guest account, but you won't be eligible for the Platinum bonus until you sign up for a Google Play Games or Facebook account.

Cricket fans cannot miss this sports game made by the Nextwave Multimedia studio. Enjoy exciting matches created with realistic physics and real-time commentary in either the male (KFC BBL) or female (Rebel WBBL) leagues of your choice.

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