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Best Endless Runner Games of 2022 for a Thrilling Gaming Experience

Best Endless Runner Games of 2022 for a Thrilling Gaming Experience

In the modern-day busy lifestyle, commuting to work and following a hectic schedule is an unavoidable reality. But, amidst all this hustle-bustle of life, mobile games can give you moments of happiness and make your life a lot less miserable.

In this regard, endless runner games are the best pick. Endless runner games have gained remarkable popularity in the past few years. With basic rules, smooth gameplay, and appealing graphics, these games are winning hearts. Now, if you are not sure where to start? We have rounded up a list of the best running games to boost your entertainment.

Top Endless Runner Games

If you are new to the gaming world and not sure what endless running games are, then relax, we have got you covered. In these games, you continuously run, and there is no end until any obstacle comes in your way and stops you. You might have surely heard of temple-run. It is an example of this game category.

Endless runner games are not as easy as it sounds. While running, you face several obstacles, and you have to attain the highest score while crossing all the obstacles. Now, let's have a look at the best running games.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Almost all of us have played Subway Surfers. In the year 2019, it was the best android game by worldwide reach, and for good reasons. It is a classic endless runner game in which you run continuously while being chased and dodging all the obstacles. Moreover, you can use power-ups to avoid being hit and caught.

One of the most appealing features of this running game is Leaderboards. Here you can see the scores of your friends and challenge them using better acrobatic mechanics. You need to jump on and off subways, trains, and sometimes even powerlines to collect points. If you are looking for something fun, cool, and entertaining, then this one is definitely for you.

Ninja Run

best endless runner games

The list of best endless runner games for mobile is incomplete without mentioning Ninja Run on Frolic. This running game features challenging levels, splendid gameplay, and flawless UI. In addition to this, the hypnotic sound effects of the game are cherry on the game. The super exciting levels and complex hurdles make the game highly engaging. In this game, you have to play the role of a ninja.

Your goal is to dash as fast as you can while dodging all the obstacles accurately. That's not it. You need to use your quick reflexes to win in this challenging and exhilarating game. Sounds fun, right? Now hurry up, download Frolic, invite your friends and challenge them in this astonishing runner game.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

If you are looking for the best running game of all time, then Crossy Road is for you. In this game, you need to move forward by running continuously and crossing streams and streets. That's not it. You have to avoid falling into the water and being hit by vehicles to proceed successfully.

Some of the primary features include local and online multiplayer, various unlockable characters, and Android TV support. Moreover, the simple gameplay and challenging obstacles make this runner game addictive.


best endless runner games

It was initially a Flash game supported by browsers for different online gaming websites like Kongregate. This game helped in popularizing the genre of endless runner games by making an entry as a mobile game. The game became so popular that it was also ported to PC in 2015 with a wide range of features.

Some primary features of the game include multiple levels set in different parts of a falling city. It has addictively simple, amazing, and one-touch gameplay. This game has been winning hearts for many years and is still peoples' favorite.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Though it is an old running game, it is still the best. The game was updated in 2019, and since then, it has been gamers' favorite. You need to play this game from the perspective of the first person and run towards different glass panels while launching a ball to shatter them.

This running game allows you to go on a surreal journey featuring otherworldly dimensions. It will provide you with learning as well as challenging experiences. Moreover, it will help you test your reflexes as you need to quickly decide when to hit and when to hold the balls.

Sonic Dash 1 and 2

Sonic Dash 1 & 2

These are among the most popular endless runner games and are highly addictive. Both the games by SAGA have basic runner mechanics and feature cutscenes, and different characters with a wide range of hypnotic effects. This game is different from other classic runner games due to its superb gameplay. It is fun even if you do not make any in-game purchases.

Sonic Dash 2 is better and allows you to switch characters. The main aim in both games is to get the highest scores. Other appealing features of these games include ring collecting, wonderful characters, and boss fights, which makes it more fun and entertaining.

Temple Run

best endless runner games

Almost all of us have spent hours playing this game at some point in time, and let's be honest; this running game is highly addictive. It is known as the granddaddy of the runner games for mobiles. A single run of the game through the temple takes around 40 seconds to a few minutes, which makes it easy to achieve a new high score.

In this game, the player needs to control an explorer trying to find his way out of an endless temple full of enemies, traps, and various obstacles. It is a simple game with fun mechanics and exciting gameplay. The game will help you improve your hand-eye coordination. It has won millions of hearts with its addictive gameplay.

Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure

This endless runner game combines adventure, obstacle dodging, and splendid power-ups to provide a unique and thrilling experience to the players. The game features a serene atmosphere which makes it amazing to look at while ensuring fun. You need to make big jumps, ski down mountains, and cross all the obstacles while collecting items.

This game lacks monetization, making it unique among runner games. It does not disturb the players with constant notifications, shop alerts, and ads which makes it peoples' favorite. You should try this truly amazing runner game for a seamless gaming experience.

Jetpack Joyride 2

Jetpack Joyride 2

It is another popular endless runner game with a wide range of features, including splendid shooting mechanics, smooth gameplay, mesmerizing visuals, effective power-ups, magnificent cars, and super-cool jetpacks. This game will take you on an adventurous ride with increasingly difficult obstacles and stronger enemies to defeat. It is a classic running game for sure, and most gaming enthusiasts love it.

Mars: Mars

best endless runner games

When it comes to endless runner games, the list is incomplete without this running game. In this game, you have to run from one platform to another, making sure not to fall. If you miss the platform, it will cause massive unscheduled destruction.

In short, you blow up. The main aim of the game is to run as long as possible and make a long steak. One main feature of the game is that you can take selfies with your character and share it with your friends. Though it's not a big game, it is free to play, making it suitable to kill time while having fun.

To Conclude

Endless runner games are one of the most popular ones in the gaming world. They have simple graphics and gameplay, which makes them popular among kids as well as adults. There are various endless runner games in the market, which can make it difficult to choose the best one. However, with our list, you do not have to worry. Try the runner games mentioned in our list and get the best gaming experience.

Enjoy Exciting Endless Runner Games on Frolic

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