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Runner games are among the most exciting mobile games to play. Because these runner games like Subway Surfers are endless and have no end, individuals with excellent skills can spend hours playing them.

Even though the basic concept is the same, each of these runner games has a different theme and style. These games induce a rush in the players' heads and a surge of adrenaline, which encourages the players to play such games. There are a few factors that make these games appealing to players.

You are not required to commit to completing specific tasks or levels. In these infinite running games like Subway Surfers, no set amount of time must pass; you can play for a minute or hours. If you wish to play such games, you can make this happen by picking one from the list below. Here are some amazing Android games like Subway Surfers that you will adore.

About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers, created and published by Kiloo & SYBO, has become the world's most downloaded game on Google Play (for the last four years). The game is still among the most popular downloads in over 80 countries. 

The player assumes the role of a typical adolescent who vandalizes a subway train with spray paint and is apprehended by a guard and his dog. The game aims to avoid oncoming trains, barriers, and other objects while outrunning a train inspector. Players gain advantages such as hoverboards and high scores by collecting coins. 

The chosen character gets to race around the world on various race tracks, dodging trains and vehicles while using cool jetpacks and boards. Subway Surfers has gained popularity because it offers hours of free entertainment and is one of the most stress-relieving games. Part of this success can be attributed to the simple yet effective design of the application. 

The game is also straightforward to learn and play and is available for iOS and Android devices. The main feature of Subway Surfers is that you can see the results of other players while running, fostering healthy competition.

Games like Subway Surfers

Here is a list of some famous games like Subway Surfers.

Ninja Run

Ninja Run

When it comes to the list of endless runner games like Subway Surfers, it is incomplete without mentioning Ninja Run on Frolic. This running game features challenging levels, splendid gameplay, and flawless UI. In addition to this, the hypnotic sound effects of the game are the cherry on the game. 

The super exciting levels and complex hurdles make the game highly engaging. In this game, you have to play the role of a ninja. Your goal is to dash as fast as you can while dodging all the obstacles accurately. That's not it. You need to use your quick reflexes to win in this challenging and exhilarating game. Sounds fun, right? Now hurry up, download Frolic, invite your friends and challenge them in this astonishing runner game.

Crossy Road

crossy roads

Crossy Road is one of the most well-known infinite runners. It's similar to the classic game Frogger, where you experience parallel streets on streets and streams. Players must avoid being hit by cars or falling into the water to progress. The game includes a slew of unlockable characters, online and local multiplayer, Android TV support, and cloud saves and achievements via Google Play Games. 

The simple, smooth gameplay combined with the extra features makes it difficult to find any fundamental flaws in this game. It's family-friendly and straightforward to play, and you can play for as little as ten minutes or as long as you want. It's a freemium game with in-app purchases for characters and continuing progress. 

Hipster Whale created the mobile game Crossy Road.  The game's concept is based on the joke, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" In Crossy Road Games, the player's primary goal is to guide the mascot around obstacles such as rivers, trees, rocks, and moving vehicles and keep moving towards the upper right corner of the screen without dying. 

The game is also enjoyable to play because of the simplicity of the graphics. All these things makes it one of the best among the games like Subway Surfers.

Into the Dead 2

into the dead 2

Into the Dead by PikPok, is one of the best liked from the games like Subway Surfers. It is a zombie-themed action video game released on December 6, 2012, for iOS, Android, and Windows 8. Into the Dead 2 is a relatively new in the games like Subway Surfers.

This includes survival factors as well. To survive, you must constantly fight through hordes of zombies. Just like other games like Subway Surfers, this game includes a dog, a variety of weapons to collect and upgrade, multiple endings, daily events, and bonuses.

There are also elements of tower defense and other interesting or exciting games. It's better than the first one on this list from the start. This, like its predecessor, is a freemium game, as are most endless runner-style games like Subway Surfers.

Into the Dead breathes new life into the never-ending genre and brings an atmospheric, intense, yet free experience to iOS devices. Players must move left or right to run across the zombie-infested landscape and avoid it. Players have no choice but to advance and travel as far as possible before they die. Players can pick up a weapon if they pass by a supply crate.

Sonic Dash 2

sonic dash 2

Sonic Dash, released by SEGA, is an awesome infinite running game. The game uses standard runner mechanics similar to the other games like Subway Surfers. This allows you to change your character on the fly. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score in one run.

This includes boss battles, familiar characters from the series, and, of course, collecting rings. Like other games like Subway Surfers, this game is an endless runner where the player guides the game character through persistent 3D levels, collecting rings and avoiding obstacles, mines, and enemies.

Since the playable character is always moving forward, the player must use the character's skills and movements to avoid or overcome obstacles. Sonic Boom includes enemies and levels/environments from the TV series Sonic Boom.

As for the new features, the game introduces a team play mode where players can race against up to 3 characters who can trade at intersections (which can also store rings) to get higher scores.

Points are awarded to players during the game, and a new record is recorded after each run. A high score during the "Score Chaser" event can increase a player's rank and unlock bigger prizes. This game has paved its way among the top of the games like Subway Surfers



It is a one-of-a-kind virtual endless runner game that is free to play. It has a virtual war zone where you will be treated as a third-party shooter and see your opponents on the battlefield. There are mecha vs. mecha battles. Ying Pei Games created it, and Suba Games published it.

It was first released on October 28, 2021, and has since gained popularity among sci-fi games. A conflict between the League of Nations and UNITA rages globally in this game. You will be a member of the League of Nations, and this League has established the NRC.

These insectoid robots with high intelligence and sensitive consciousness are designed to compete with UNITA's biochemical human modification. Deathmatch, Domination, and Search & Destroy are among the game's many exciting modes. A new way, Headhunter, will be available, in which the player's head will grow with each successive kill.

The Slashy Camp

the slashy camp

Slashy Camp is an endless runner spin-off of the popular horror game, a virtual game released in March 2021 by Blue Wizard Digital. It is playable in a web browser, on Android, or iOS. Your player would have a skull head and would move through the SLASHY camp block by block.

You will face many difficulties along the way and must overcome them all. Then you'll arrive at your destination. A player with a skull on his head is leaving. On his journey, he comes across traps, enemies, weapons, bonuses, and more. Swiping your players block by block is required.

Avoid campfires, bottomless lakes, spike traps, and landmines at all costs, or your player will be killed. You will also find the most recent weapons, such as chainsaws, golden machetes, and many others. These would be useful for scaring the campers, which would be a plus.

Don't expect every move to be a bonus. Like a puzzle piece, you must carefully select each subsequent action. To play well, avoid opponent bullets; gain more XP; avoid traps, and don't drown if you fall in the water.

Super Mario Run

super mario run

It is a vintage game that is very popular among the games like Subway Surfers. It features a red-capped character named Mario. Nintendo creates and publishes it for iOS and then for Android. Takashi Tezuka designed it, and it was released for the first time on iOS on December 15th, 2016.

It has been nominated for the best mobile game award and works on both the Android and iOS systems. Mario is the auto-runner player in this game who is on an endless journey. He received an invitation to Princess Peach's castle. Mario is movable and must jump to cross pipes, gaps, or enemies.

To kill his enemies, he just needs to jump on them. He must repeatedly hit the bricks with his head to get the hidden reward. Mario can also increase its size by acquiring more bonuses. It will increase his jumping height, stamina, and other abilities. This larger size also keeps him from being killed on the first hit by the enemies.

Alto Adventure

alto adventure

A single-player video game published by Noodlecake Studios that Team Alto and Snowman developed. It is a fantastic 2D side-scrolling runner game on various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and others.

It has received positive feedback on Google Play (4.3/5), the App Store (4.6/5), and uptodown.com (5/5). The Alto adventure background is simple but appealing. Mountains and the sun will be visible in the experience. You will see one runner snowboarding who is constantly running.

It can flip over, which increases its jump gap. During his journey, he will come across cliffs, ditches, mountains, animals, and stars as a bonus, among other things. The player must avoid colliding with any animals.

He must round-flip through the ditches. He must collect all of the stars to upgrade his levels and stunts. It also provides challenges, such as rotating three times before hitting the ground if you encounter a mountain; otherwise, you will fail the challenge.

Your flip must occur at the proper time and angle. Any unusual angle could kill your player, forcing you to finish the challenge. This is the right choice if you want to act like a kung fu player and do stunts.

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run

crash bandicoot

A more modern infinite runner on the list is a virtual world game in which a bandicoot is constantly running on an endless journey. He encounters numerous obstacles, rewards, bonuses, and other benefits on his journey. It was created and published by King and released in 2021.

The game is flexible with both Android and iOS versions. The user can control the crash or his sister Coco. Who is attempting to free the multiverse from the dominance of Doctor Neo Cortex and his minions? Their speed is constant, and they cannot be sped up. Only lane changes would be permitted.

The Bandicoot will perform a spinning attack to kill enemies while switching to a new lane. Players should gather jump fruits to help them level up. At the end of the level, your character must use advanced weapons such as serums, bombs, and rayguns to defeat a mini-boss.

These weapons can be obtained while on the run. The number of steps taken by your player is counted and accumulated. You can exchange these steps and fruits for trophies that will level up the players' positions on the leaderboard by giving them to the tiki statue within Coco's base.

Minion Rush

minion rush

A single-player action video game in which you control a lovely minion who runs in one of three lanes at all times. It is one of the most adorable games among  the games like Subway Surfers. Gameloft created and published it, released on June 10, 2013. The game is flexible with all types of Android, iOS, and Windows versions.

He has only three options: jump, swipe down any lane, or bow down. Throughout the run, he will encounter numerous obstacles and bonuses. The minion must only use permitted moves to avoid these obstacles. Bananas, coins, costume cards, and tokens would be strewn about the lanes. 

The minion must collect them to power up. Players strive to level up to earn better costumes and new titles such as Up-and-Comer, Covert Operator, Clandestine Operative, and many more.

Except for those based on regions, all costumes would be available. You will also receive daily tasks that will award you bonuses and points in your account. You can use them to obtain opulent costumes. Finally, there is little to no competition, allowing the players to play the game however they feel most comfortable.

Run, Sackboy! Run

run, sackboy! run

Run, Sackboy! Run is a single-player, platformer, and endless runner video game set in a hand-made universe. There are numerous challenging levels, and each has goals you must meet. You can alter your character's appearance and try on various clothing with the customization function to make it fantastic.

To escape the Go, you must cross the hand-crafted universe as quickly as you can while rushing, jumping, and overcoming obstacles.

To unlock prizes, you must collect all of the game's stickers. You can use the many power-ups available to improve your skills. Sackboy, flee! Run includes power-ups, collectible stickers, iconic worlds, exclusive costumes, unlockable prizes, competition with friends, and other fascinating features.

Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

You are tasked in Jetpack Joyride with using your jet pack and stolen technology to escape from a top-secret lab. The game is a premium product on the PlayStation platform, even though it is accessible on mobile devices.

In Jetpack Joyride, you play with a jetpack strapped to your back, and the only way to change how high you go with it is by tapping or holding down your finger. Players can also choose to run on the ground, but this isn't nearly as fun, and you'll frequently miss coins. Running along the environment will also prevent you from getting past some obstacles.

In addition to its distinctive gameplay, Jetpack Joyride distinguishes itself by providing a vast array of customization options that enable you to customize the main character (Barry Steakfries) and his gear in numerous ways. This includes many amusing outfits, one-time-use tools, devices that alter gameplay, different jetpacks, and even a selection of cars.

Even though there is a lot of content in Jetpack Joyride, it will take a fair amount of time to unlock all of them. Compared to other games in the genre, the time required is also a little longer.

Agent Dash

agent dash

You can play the adventure and endless runner video game Agent Dash on mobile devices. The game will lead you through hidden bases, gorgeous outdoor settings, and more as you manage your character.

Agent Dash is the infinite running game with the best-looking visuals to date since it combines stunning graphics with the gameplay. The remaining portions of the game mostly follow the norm for the genre in terms of characters, dangers, tools, and leaderboards.

To become the master, you must avoid obstacles, explore the world from a third-person perspective, and collect as many coins as possible. Agent Dash achieves its goal of becoming one of the top games in the endless running genre.

Angry Grandma

angry grandma

The action, arcade, endless running, and single-player video game Angry Gran Run was created and released by Ace Viral. In the game, the agent has imprisoned Angry Granny in the Angry Asylum (Fred). She is now preparing to flee, and once she does, she will need your assistance to get through the congested streets.

You must offer Granny directions and guide her to a safe location because the game's metropolis is crowded with people and other items. The grandmother can sprint, leap, and swipe to overcome numerous obstacles. You are given instructions on how to play the game at the beginning of the game.

In the game, you assist your grandmother in gathering coins and other items so she can use them later to unlock different things. Angry Gran Run's video is similar to games like Subway Surfers. 

One Magnificent Knight

one magnificent knight

In the arcade, endless runner and single-player video games One Epic Knight. You can control a knight from a third-person perspective.

The game's objective, played in a cave, is to run as quickly as possible while dodging obstacles and other challenges to get plenty of points. Prepare to enter a set of eternal dungeons filled with dangerous traps, monsters, and chasms.

Numerous objects are hidden throughout the stages, but you must exercise caution because they are loaded with lethal enemies. You can use the sword with your character to defeat foes and their bosses while collecting money. 

It has straightforward controls and straightforward gameplay that is challenging to master. Numerous achievements, upgraded characters, unique power-ups, innumerable outfits, and other features are part of One Epic Knight. 

Rail Rush

rail rush

Miniclip developed and released the video game Rail Rush, which combines action, arcade, 3D, endless running, and single-player gameplay. With the help of Rail Rush, you can experience immersive gameplay and immerse yourself in a fantastical world full of fun. 

You can start exploring the world while you are inside a cart. You must collect coins and other items to purchase upgrades and many other things for your character in the game. To dodge the obstacles during the game, you had to move your cart to the left or right, slide under them, or jump over them.

The main objective of the game is to gather rare stones. Ten distinct game settings offer a variety of fascinating and strange environments in the game. Throughout your travels, you must combat zombies.

The 18 distinct characters, cool power-ups, the ten most gorgeous gaming settings, and many other elements make up the core of Rail Rush. Rail Rush includes the best mechanics, action-packed gameplay, and stunning visual features. Rail Rush is a fun game for those who enjoy endless running games.

Rayman, Jungle Run

rayman, jungle run

The video game Rayman: Jungle Run, created by Ubisoft Entertainment, is an endless running, action-adventure, and platform title with a legendary platform hero as the protagonist who runs, jumps, and slides to go over and under different obstacles in the jungle, including cannon balls, falling rocks, huge man-eating plants, etc.

The game comes with stunning graphics, masterfully designed game environments, a tonne of power-ups and upgrades, intuitive touch controls, and 20 thrilling levels. With the player's assistance, the main character can purchase various upgrades from the in-game store and gather coins and power-ups. 

A thrilling Action-Adventure, Endless Running, and Platform video game to play and enjoy is Rayman: Jungle Run. You can play this game on Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android.

Monster Dash

monster dash

Monster Dash, a blazing infinite runner game by Halfbrick Studios, is amusing. Running along the typical Arabian rooftops is possible in the side-scrolling game. Before being hit three times by an enemy, jump to avoid falls and spiky obstacles while taking out any foes you come across. 

Choose your life in the form of hearts and fire the upgrade-filled boxes to receive additional surprises—battle hordes of creatures spread over six locales while jumping between portals and firing your weapons.

The calming Sufi music playing in the background is one noticeably different aspect. This increases my interest in the game. Halfbrick constantly updates the game to keep it fresh. Even if it's no longer one of the most popular games on Google Play, this game will undoubtedly be a lot of fun if you give it a shot.

Ski Safari

ski safari

Defiant Development developed and released the video game Ski Safari, which combines action, arcade, endless running, and single-player gameplay. The game's combination of animals, avalanches, and action creates a brand-new gameplay experience.

A mountainside avalanche slowly approaches you, forcing you to tumble down the slope. To protect your character from the avalanche, you must run faster and avoid obstacles. To increase your point total, you must collect coins, objects, and many other things. 

You can purchase new improvements and many different items using these accumulated points. You can achieve several goals while playing the game to level up. Your character can jump and advance quickly to dodge numerous hazards. You will encounter a brand-new kind of gameplay that combines three genres.

The best gaming mechanics, breathtaking sights, and an immersive experience are all provided by Ski Safari. Compared to many other games in this particular genre, Ski Safari is among the best.

Adventure Beaks

adventure beaks

Begin your adventure with Adventure Beaks, the only platformer that allows you to assemble an expedition party of elite Penguin adventurers. Explore ancient ruins and exotic lands in search of the artifacts' secrets. You can run, jump, slide, and dive through tricky traps, enemy hoards, and cavernous mazes with simple, responsive touch controls.

You must control a penguin to collect various artifacts and coins and explore ancient ruins and exotic lands. In the game, you can use swipe gestures to run, jump, slide, and dive through mazes, traps, and enemy hoards.

While it appears to be simple on the surface, there is much more to it than that. You must collect eight cunningly concealed pieces of an artifact in each level, completing one for each group. Completing enough of these unlocks new levels.

If guiding your team of renewable waddling penguins past the intermittent threats of jumping scorpions and unyielding seals isn't enough to endear them to you. 

You can also buy power-ups, such as a magnet, which attracts artifact pieces from a distance, a power beak, and a radar, which shows the location of all uncollected items. Adventure Beaks includes 50 levels, 16 challenges, 150 side missions, and 198 outfits for your penguin.

Temple Run

temple run

Temple Run is a simple high-score survival game. Gathering coins will earn you points, and you will continue to earn points as long as you live. As you run, you can collect power-ups that will aid you in your quest for a high score.

There's a magnet power-up that allows you to pick up all nearby coins (which will boost your score, especially when you're far enough to have double and triple value coins), another that propels you hundreds of meters ahead, and so on. 

Everything is generated at random as you go, so the paths will never seem to repeat themselves (though I'm sure more experienced players will be able to spot patterns). It is simply up to you to react to the circumstances in front of you to stay alive.

You must avoid obstacles while avoiding falling over the edge while being pursued by a guerrilla. Imangi Studios' game, downloaded over a billion times, is based on a plot that leads to the unlocking of more and more characters. You race in mine carts and zip lines, jumping over and under environmental obstacles.


Many runner games like Subway Surfers are available on the market, so it may be difficult for you to choose the best ones. Therefore, you can use the list we have provided as a reference. 


They can increase focus, sharpen cognitive abilities, and keep you physically fit. So if you love Subway Surfer and like to play it on the way home from work, during lunch, or just before bed, it might benefit you.

If you try to indulge in hacking, your account may be permanently suspended.


The player who currently holds the record for Subway Surfers' highest score, 2,000,001,660, is Karim Mayur.

The Subway Surfers World Tour is arguably one of the main reasons players keep playing the game. Like theme changes, the world tour lets you travel to new places.

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