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If you are a football fan looking for the best football games for android, we have you covered. Here is an article with some of the most amazing games to help you have an immersive football experience. These are widely popular with decent graphic quality. We have covered both online and offline categories of games for you. 

14 Best Football Games For Android

Mobile gaming has advanced far more quickly than any other technology in the past. Every year, Android gaming seems to progress to new levels. Even free-to-play games available in the market are growing better and better, with more premium game releases pushing the limits of what mobile devices can do. These are some of the best Football games for Android.

Dream League Soccer

dream league soccer

The British firm First Touch Games created the Association Football Video Game series Dream League Soccer, which was created for Android and iOS.

First Touch Soccer was the game's name when it first launched; however, FTG has since replaced it with the DLS series. The game has several sequels, and a new version is produced yearly. The most recent sequel is DLS 2022 as of December 2021.

The game has an offline exhibition mode in addition to a career mode where players may compete in matches to advance to higher divisions and tiers in both modes. There is also a local multiplayer option where LAN is used to host 1v1 games.

Be a Pro-Football

be a pro-football

Studio Trois Private Limited made a free sports game called Be a Pro - Football for mobile devices. It is a soccer game that gives gamers a rich and streamlined online PvP experience, enabling 11v11 team matches in real time.

Soccer video games have long been well-liked choices because of their accessibility, engaging gameplay, and overall appeal to followers of the sport throughout the world. The game Be a Pro Football offers a multiplayer experience for individuals who enjoy playing with friends and other players online.

For your dream squad, you may pick from thousands of licensed players. In addition to its cutting-edge visuals, the game has simple controls that enable you to dribble, tackle, and shoot your way to success.

Additionally, you may join the champion league, where you can play against other gamers, exchange players, and advance. Before you start you'll need to request access because the game is still in closed beta and it is only offered in a few areas. Ensure your location is listed first.

PES Club Manager

pes club manager

Konami's free-to-play entry into the football management genre is PES Club Manager. Although at first, it might appear as PES Club Manager has borrowed a bit too much from Football Manager 2015, it provides enough of a spin on the idea to amuse and amaze.

The most prominent change is that PES Club Manager boasts a potent graphics engine that offers an in-depth simulation of the action on the field, allowing you to see your labors in magnificent 3D.

Additionally, you can still watch things from a more conventional 2D view if the 3D is too much for your device (or just not to your taste). PES Club Manager keeps the PES spirit, the second key distinction between it and its rivals.

It is a series renowned for its unexpected games; you are seldom pitted against a team with an equal talent level, which drives you to adjust. This unpredictability remains in PES's new life as a management game, necessitating quick strategy changes if you want to increase your chance to win.

Vive le Football

vive le football

The sports game app Vive le Football is made by NetEase. This video game lets you take charge of a professional soccer squad while they compete in a professional league, as the name would imply. Real-life footballers and teams are included in the app, which is available for free download and use.

Vive le Football provides a highly realistic football universe. It allows you to manage a team while it competes in a professional tournament, similar to other football gaming applications. The game attracts the most well-known soccer teams and athletes. 

The players' physical characteristics, well-known gestures, and facial emotions are faithfully replicated using a self-developed engine. The AI players behave like real players since the movements are recorded by live motion.

The game is optimized for smartphones, as was already indicated. After designing the Manager's appearance, you may begin working on anything about your club. You may lead your players by using the directional joystick on the left. You may pass, push, and take free kicks at the goal with the action buttons on the right.

First Touch Soccer

first touch soccer

In the football manager simulation First Touch Soccer 2015, you may manage from both the bench and the field. First Touch Soccer 2015, often known as FTS 2015, is a fantastic soccer game for everyone who likes sports administration.

Its primary mode, Manager, gives you control of a coach, so you advance toward your objective with your preferred squad, much as in Football Manager. First Touch Soccer 2015 offers the typical club management choices (including lineups and tactics) and transfers, much like any football manager worth their salt (both purchase and sale or assignment).

It also has My Club, where you may view the team's personnel and finances (representatives, assistant coaches). For First Touch Soccer 2015 to maintain a good account balance, daily money management is crucial.

Even with wise financial management (hiring coaches, etc.), it is difficult to assemble a squad with the most significant players. However, some microtransactions could be helpful strategies for increasing game wins.

The touchscreen in First Touch Manager 2015 allows for excellent control, and the players accurately comprehend your instructions. Additionally, it is assumed that your teammates would act artificially intelligently (e.g., separate themselves when touched). While the opponents are not as challenging as in other types of games, at least they make sense.

FIFA Mobile

fifa mobile

FIFA Mobile is an iOS and Android association football simulation game created by EA Mobile and EA Canada and distributed by EA Sports. As a substitute for the FIFA Ultimate Team mobile games for iOS and Android, it was published on October 11, 2016. Up until 2017, Microsoft Windows was also featured. On August 16, 2016, during Gamescom 2016, it was unveiled.

The "VS Attack" mode of the game allows participants to play the attacking phases of a match primarily. They also had to fight off opponent counterattacks (until before the 6th season). The multiplayer in the VS Attack mode is turn-based and asynchronous. 

The game also includes minigames focused on athletic abilities, including shooting, passing, dribbling, and goalkeeping, as well as Live Events inspired by current real-world events. Events based on the Champions League and other international leagues are also included.

The gameplay is engaging and can be customized to meet the demands of each player, thanks to the many control schemes. The tutorials are also quite well done and assist you in understanding the mechanics of the game.

Football 2020 PES

football 2020 pes

A football simulation game called Football PES 2020 (eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020) was created by PES Productions and released by Konami for Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.

The game, the 19th in the football Pro Evolution Soccer series, was released globally on September 10, 2019, and on September 12, 2019, in Japan. A new game mode called Matchday Mode is present in the PES series for the first time.

In the new Matchday mode, players worldwide will assist their side in winning victories one match at a time. Players can represent the side of their choice on Matchday after Konami selects a vital game or derby each week.

Master League has also undergone some revisions, most notably adding a progression that feels more like a story, with brand-new cutscenes taking place in staff meetings, training sessions, or press conferences, as well as goals that must be obtained based on the player's responses to those cutscenes.

Real Football

real football

Real Football is an app-based football game created to showcase all facets of the game. Players are tasked with building and developing their ideal squad, giving them the abilities and qualities to compete at the league's highest levels, bring home a trophy, and achieve the most significant level of glory.

Real Football has the beautiful feature of not requiring internet access for participation, even if players are urged to share their success online. Anyone who wants to be a great sports promoter will enjoy dealing with athlete negotiations and competing with other quick talkers to get an advantage.

At the same time, the actual on-field action is realistic and exciting. Real Football should be seriously considered by those who enjoy sports simulation games and are seeking a novel approach to the game of Football.

Although managing the various squad members and imparting new abilities to them takes up a more significant portion of the game than actually playing Football, there is still much enjoyment, thanks to the game's 3D visuals.

Soccer Stars

soccer stars

You must give Soccer Stars a go if you are starting online Football. The goal in this game is to kick the ball into the other team's goal! Its controls and gameplay are pretty simple; all you have to do to make a goal is flick the ball to the right or left.

Offline, online, and multiplayer modes are all available in Soccer Stars. You may compete against the greatest teams and invite your friends to a one-on-one match. You could even win the World Cup if you hone your abilities to the point where you can compete against the very best.

One thing to remark on is how basic and straightforward the images are. However, they are decent enough to allow you to enjoy yourself! Soccer Stars is easy to learn and enjoyable to play because of its basic gameplay and excellent mechanics.

You must give Soccer Stars a go if you are starting online Football. The main aim of this amazing game is to kick the ball into the other team's goal! Its controls and gameplay are pretty simple; all you have to do to make a goal is flick the ball to the right or left.

Offline, online, and multiplayer modes are all available in Soccer Stars. You may compete against the greatest teams and invite your friends to a one-on-one match. 

Mini Football

mini football

With this innovative and simple-to-play football game, you can experience soccer like never before. Mini Football has a relaxed vibe, but that doesn't imply it's boring! You may acquire players in this game and enhance them to make your squad the most dreaded foe on any field. 

You may not only create your squad, but you can also personalize it with more than 100 configurable features. Mini Football has five venues that guarantee that your gaming will be accurate. Additionally, it has players with bobbleheads, good visuals, and more than 30 different styles of national uniforms.

Football Strike

football strike

Football Strike is unlike any other football game on the Play Store since it offers a unique perspective on virtual Football. Its singularity stems from the fact that free kicks are its exclusive emphasis. You may compete against your friends in online free-kick matches or establish your reputation in the Career Mode. 

As the game progresses, you'll uncover items that allow you to give your striker and goalie their team's colors! If you want to concentrate on the Career option, you will compete against opponents from other nations while playing in various venues. 

You had total control over your game since you could choose to play as the keeper or the kicker. Additionally, it has top-notch visuals that improve the whole game experience. So, Football Strike should be your first destination if you're seeking a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Score! World Goals

score! worl goals

Score! World Goals is a unique game that reinvents the traditional game of Football. The setup for some of the most well-known historical goals from all around the world is shown to players in the game, and they have the opportunity to duplicate those historical goals with a simple finger flick easily.

Score! World Goals will be a genuine joy for those familiar with the history of Football. Famous goals scored as long ago as fifty years ago in various nations have been painstakingly and impressively reproduced.

Although the actual goal scoring is finished relatively fast after the setup, the realistic visuals heighten the wow effect by giving gamers the impression that they could practically reach out and touch the other football heroes on the pitch.

Football fans who find most games too tricky should ensure they take the time to test out Score! World Goals. Although the game brings back many memories for ardent football fans, spending hours attempting to defeat the enemy is unnecessary.

Soccer Superstar

soccer superstars

Soccer Super Star is the perfect football game for those who like action-packed arcade games. You must sweep your fingertips over the ball to drive, curve, and push it past the defenders in its simple flick-to-pass-and-kick action. Realistic flexibility, potent simulation, and precise ball physics are made possible by its sophisticated AI. 

The game is also playable offline, so the pleasure and amusement are never-ending! The game also hosts weekly offline tournaments to help you hone your abilities before playing in the main leagues. The gameplay may seem straightforward initially, but it will become more challenging.

Score! Hero

score! hero

Score! Hero has long put out a concept for a soccer game that differs significantly from the hard-core simulators we've seen in some of the top Android games inspired by this sport, like FIFA, PES, or First Touch Soccer.

The game simulates specific scenarios that might happen in any match. Still, it emphasizes the player's talent more than the need to move quickly under pressure from the opponent. Score! Hero 2022, the sequel to this game, is a promising entry in a series with enhanced visuals and more gameplay choices.

The strategy is the same as it was back then: we begin with an unproven soccer player trying to build a career towards greatness in this sport, and we will assist him in doing so by watching him display his talent on the grass.

It is a progressive story in which players encounter increasingly tricky tests on a soccer field: shooting at goal, passing the ball, dribbling opponents, taking free kicks, placing balls over a barrier, first touch shots, and all while adhering to the same gameplay mechanic as in the first part, which involves dragging the finger to direct the trajectory of the ball or our players.


These were some of the best football games for Android. We sincerely hope you like them. These games are the greatest ones you can play if you want to have real-time fun while playing football games on your Android device. Whether you like offline or online action, you'll be thoroughly entertained in both settings once you install one of these games on your Android device.


Any suitable device having sufficient storage is enough for it. On low-end devices, some games may feel sloppy, and they may lag a bit. Although, one can lower the graphics so that the game renders smoothly. The device should preferably have RAM of 4-6 GBs and a sound processor.

It isn't easy to earn money in-game. However, various online tournaments are being organized now and then, where one can show his skills and win large amounts of money.

There are no risks involved in these games; however, they can start harming your health when played for a long time. One needs to take continuous breaks while playing these games.

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