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Gaming experiences that resemble real life are essentially what simulation games provide to players. These games mimic real-world activities, making them much more exciting and fun. These games are simple to download on your computers, laptops, and even mobile devices running on iOS or Android.

Due to the popular demand for these games, several have been developed and are available in the market. This game genre is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling; you can experience driving a fast car, flying on a lengthy flight, or even fighting on a battlefield. 

30 Best Simulation Games for Android

If you are excited to play some of the best simulation games for Android, check out the list below.



Bitlife is one of the best simulation games for Android. It lets you create a customized character and give birth to it. You can teach it how to live in this world. 

That's how we grow in our lives and careers. Make it a married person, and take it up to its real-life simulation game where you can have your own life and make your character live it. This game will excite you and make you feel good while playing it.

Stardew Valley

stardew valley

If you like farming and agriculture or learning about agriculture, then Stardew Valley is the best game for you. You have to maintain a farm without having much knowledge and without knowing anything in the small town. 

You will come across repair and maintenance work types, and sometimes you have to go fishing or mining. It is an entirely farming-based game. You will gain human values and learn ethics in your life. You can participate in events or find customers that reveal personalities. 

You can experience a real-time simulation game here. The game is available in the play store and other platforms also. We can easily access this game and experience the world through simulation.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch

rollercoaster tycoon touch

All of us have a childhood dream of building a roller coaster because the experience is fantastic, so if you have that desire and you want to run a theme park, then don't get disappointed. It's impossible in the real world, but it will happen in the Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch world.

It's a simulation game where you can build your theme park and roller coaster. To allow players to enjoy every roller coaster part, you can design every layout you want. It's a simulation game; by playing this game, you can have an authentic experience like the real-life management of a theme park.

You will take the entire refund if it has any trouble or maintenance issues. This is a very real-time experience, and it is hilarious while we are playing. This excellent simulation game is available in the play.

Mobile The Sims

mobile the sims

The sims mobile is one the most popular games on Android and also the most popular in the simulation industry because many. In this game, we have to create or customize our sims, and we can assign the work for them and help them to meet their goals. The best thing about this game is you can customize your sims.

There will be other players who will create their sims, so the game universe is vast; we will have a lot of sims to communicate with, so we can assign our sims to talk and get the work done. This fantastic game is available in the play store. We can easily download it from the play store.

Plague Inc.

plague inc.

If somebody asks us what the most dangerous virus in this world is, the reply would be coronavirus. Because we have experienced the danger, just think if you become a virus and try to infect people. That sounds weird, right? But in the simulation world, plague is such a game that you can become a very harmful virus and infect people. 

Your job is to infect as many humans as you can so that you can give birth to a new virus. Humans will also have drugs, and you must make them take medicine to cure themselves. This fantastic particular game is available in the play store to entertain all types of audiences.

Game Dev Tycoon

game dev tycoon

Games have created a revolution. There is a lot of fun on the internet, and many companies have thought about how game developers will develop a game. If you thought about becoming a game developer to run a startup, then the Game Dev. 

Tycoon will allow you to make your dream come true through this game. You can form your own game and run a startup in this game. You can hire employees and freelancers and manage the startup. This will be a real-time simulation game. 

You can run your startup, and you should manage it. You will have real struggles and competition with how you behave in real-time. All you need to do is manage everything, and sometimes you can attend events.

A good experience, and there are a lot of good reviews for the game. You can experience the real startup world, so if you are interested in this game, you can download it from the play store.

Home Street

home street

The Home Street is a game that is similar to the Sims game, but here in this game, you can entirely focus on decorating houses and making all the arrangements for the homes. Once you finish all the decorations and everything, you can hang out with your friends and do some partying. 

Or if you don't like any of that, you can sell your home to buy a much bigger one. This is one of the best games on Android, where you can focus on your own business, change, and focus on your career. This game will give us a good experience while playing. 

You will manage your money and hang out with friends at your home. Also, one important thing is that you can make good friends here, have fun with them, and enjoy the moment. Once you have completed your work, you can sell your home to anyone, as long as you can buy a good home. This excellent game is available in the Android Play Store.

Pocket City

pocket city

The name itself will tell you that it's a pocket city. All you want to do is to create your city. Another essential thing in this game is to work for the permissions and get them accepted. You should communicate appropriately with all the townmates and make them take the plan.

Sometimes you have to arrange parties and events to attract customers to your site. There are many building sites where you must expand your business by constructing the buildings. You have to plan things prior and make the customers satisfied. 

This is the best game in the play store. You can easily download the game and enjoy its user interface. If you are interested in this game straight away, go to the download section and download the game to have a better experience with this game.

Cooking Simulator Game

cooking simulator game

The cooking simulator game is handy if you are fond of cooking or want to learn to cook, the cooking simulator game is handy. In this game, you will have a master chef and all things you need to do; the master will do a variety of cooking, and all this will be taught to you.

You should learn step by step very carefully, and once you have the confidence to do it yourself, you unlock a lot of stuff. With that stuff, you can start cooking various items, and with experience, you can become a master chef and cook a variety of cooking stuff then.

If you are interested in cooking and are willing to do a new variety of food items, then the cooking simulator game is one of the best games. Since it's a simulation game, you have to experience the real world of cooking. Then, if you want to share the natural world, go to the play store and download the cooking simulator game from your mobile.

Real-Time Flight Simulation

real time fight simulation

Have you ever played this game? It's a viral simulation game that everyone with an Android device plays. This is very much different from the other flight simulation games.

You first have to learn the game, and you have to take the first training flight, then you have to take the final flight, you not only travel in one climatic condition, but you also have day and night in both climatic conditions.

One more exciting feature is that customers need to book this flight in advance and plan their journey to take control of the flight. This game has so much excitement that all the players can feel like pilots. So if you are interested in playing as a pilot and want to experience real-time flight, get it on the play store.

Doctor 911 Hospital Simulator

doctor 911 hospital sim

If you're interested in or willing to learn medicine, you have come on the right path. The Doctor 911 hospital ambulance is one of the best apps in the medical field. The one important thing about the game is that you must undergo a preliminary test if you want to use it. 

This test is all about you playing the role of an ambulance driver. There will be patients who have an emergency, so you have to catch them, take them in your ambulance and provide first aid.

You will not get bored because all the equipment and all the devices in the ambulance will keep you busy. At every stage, you will learn new things about the medical field. This app will give a wonderful experience to all the players, and it will be hilarious and exciting.

You will not get bored. Also, you will not know how fast time is going. If you want to install it, go to the play store and download the game. This game is available in the play store for every user of Android.

SmartCity Buildit

smart city buildit

Did you ever live in the village? Have you ever thought of making your town a top city? If yes, you are in the right place now. The game is one of the best on Android and in the simulation industry. 

In this game, you will be given small villages and non-developed cities, and you must find the real-time problems in those villages and develop everything there, like the metro, skyscrapers, and many more.

Your task is to make the village into a fully developed city; in other words, you have to be the mayor of the town every time you have to find the problem faced by the people, and you have to solve them in this game, you will be undergoing into construction and building and architect field. This game is available to all users of Android.

Raft Survival

raft survival

Survival on a Raft embodies one of every person's fears. The protagonist survives a plane crash. However, his good fortune has run out, as he finds himself in the middle of an endless ocean teeming with sea creatures eager to devour him. The player must survive on a raft while gathering resources, crafting, and building. 

This game will provide the best thrilling experience as it is a simulation game. You will feel that you are playing the game. If you have a love for thrills and if you want to play games like thrilling, then you have come to the right time. 

This is a suitable game. This game, raft survival, will give you the most thrilling experience you have ever had. If you want to download the game and have some thrills, then go to the play store and download it from there.

Prison Empire Tycoon

prison empire tycoon

Have you ever heard of the name prison? Yes, it is one of the most avoidable names because nobody wants to go there, but have you ever thought if you became the prison owner and managed everything about it, how would it be? Yes, you heard correctly that there is the best simulation game.

You are the prison empire tycoon and must take charge of the entire prison and manage everything. You have to hire people to make sure everything is correct, and you have to invent new technologies to make the place more reliable and neat, and you have to make prisoners in such a way that.

You have to rehabilitate yourself, and if you make them do so, you can become a master in the game. If you are interested in the game and able to manage the prison, then why are you waiting here? Go straight away to the play store and download the game.

Tap !! Dig!! My Museum

tap!! dig!! my museum

A colorful simulator with pixel graphics allows you to play the owner of an abandoned museum. If you love animals and enjoy dealing with different animals in the zoo, or you want to find extinct animals, this will be a good game. You must maintain the site and travel to distant locations for excavations.

In search of rare exhibits. This game will give a lot of excitement as we can travel worldwide where there is an exhibition. We all need that job! The Gameplay is divided into two parts. The player must manage his museum, which includes serving visitors, creating exhibition stands, and collecting money to help the business grow.

Aside from that, you'll go on excavations and collect the bones of extinct dinosaurs. This will be the most exciting game in the play store for those who love travel and managing roles well, so go to the play store and download the game fast.

Farming Simulator 20

farming simulator 20

This is one of the best simulation games for Android and pc, but it is more popular on Android. There are a lot of games on Android, the same as farming, but this game is entirely different from others. Here you have to play the farmer role, managing your economy and investing in your crop, all the machinery, and equipment.

In this game, all the crops and fields look very realistic. One excellent and exciting thing about this game is that you can buy and sell the seeds from the market. Your crop market will be dynamically changing in an exactly real-life situation so you can manage the entire harvest from start to end.

You can have a loss or profit. The more you work, the more you earn. It's all about your interest in crops. If you are interested in such games, go to the play store and download them from there.

Wildcraft: Wild Sim Online


WildCraft is one of the most exciting games in the entire Android Playstore. If you are interested in an animal game and willing to live a life in the wild, this is the game for you. In this game, you have to play the role of any one of the wild animals like a fox, lion, tiger, etc.

This game is developed in such a way that they not only give you the role of the animal, but also you have to live exactly like that animal. You should take care of your family, protect them, bring food, and live beside other wild animals. 

This will give you fun, and you will know how exactly the wild animals will live and their daily life strategy. If you are interested in the game, go to the play store and download the game now.

Hotel Empire: Tycoon

hotel empire tycoon

In Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will rule an entire hotel empire while attempting to build the best hotel in town. This game is specially designed for students pursuing hotel management and interns who want to have any experience about how a hotel works and how they will manage it.

To give you all the information regarding hotel management, you can learn how exactly one hotel will make rum with all losses and profits. The variety of the gameplay is impressive. In addition to building various rooms, you must equip them, hire staff, keep everything clean, organize entertainment, and solve multiple problems.

As a business head, you should take care of all the stuff, from room cleaning to the last customer satisfaction. Everything should be taken care of by you. If your visitors are satisfied, you will earn money that you can use to expand your business. If you are interested in this game, go to the play store and download it from there.

Idle Supermarket Tycoon

idle supermarket tycoon

It is a simple but addictive game. This is the variety of types of simulation games on Android. If you want to start a business or are interested in running a supermarket, this game will be best suited for you. 

The player is responsible for various tasks in the supermarket. You have to take care of all the management and employees. You need to assign them to work and train them on how to deal with customers and other things. This will be one of the best simulation games for Android available on the play store

The Trail

the trail

"The Trail Mine" is a dynamic pioneer simulation. Have you ever heard the name Alexander? If not, you should know, or if you are interested in exploring things, this game will be the right choice. The player will aimlessly travel worldwide and enjoy fantastic views while visiting the distant past. 

When America has not yet been discovered, while discovering the places, you will get real excitement inventing things that will give a lot of thrill and entertainment. The gameplay includes the development of your town in the New World. You will be involved in trade, manufacturing, and colonization.

The game was created by Peter Molyneux, the man behind Black & White, Godus, Theme Park, and other unusual projects. If you want to explore and invent hidden places in the world, this game is a must-have, so go to the play store and download it from there.

The War of Mine

the war of mine

This simulator is not as straightforward as the previous games in the collection. You may get frightened because, as the player, you will be thrown into a dark world torn apart by civil war, controlling a small group of civilians whose only goal is survival. 

On the other hand, food shortages, disease, and marauders will significantly impede this goal. This War of Mine is relatively brutal and vividly depicts the horrors of war that ordinary citizens face.

However, we strongly recommend playing it because it has many positive reviews even though it is not free. This game suggestion will be the best for you no more waiting to go to the play store and download it.

Smartphone Tycoon 2

smartphone tycoon 2

We all love smartphones and keep up with the new products that well-known manufacturers release regularly. But how about pretending to be a businessman and running a company that develops new mobile phones? Yes, you heard correctly. Will you know how an honest smartphone company works?

In the game Smartphone Tycoon 2, you will have such an opportunity. This Android simulation game with exciting gameplay allows you to develop advanced smartphones and sell them, building your brand from the ground to achieve global market leadership. 

Furthermore, you can hire people to make the brand of the American phone and help the American phone brand reach more customers. The Smartphone Tycoon 2 simulator lets you compete against Samsung and Apple. If you are interested in building a smartphone company and willing to run your own business, then you can choose this game by downloading it from the play store.

Epic Battle Simulator 2

epic battle simulator 2

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is the sequel of Epic Battle Simulator, which is regarded as one of Android's most realistic battle simulators. Have you ever heard about the game Bahubali, where real war will occur? 

You can form your troops, upgrade units, strategize, and manage your army to win epic battles against bots or other online users. This game's advantages include realistic physics and an excellent opponent selection algorithm. This game will provide entertainment and much more. As a result, each battle will become an actual test for you, making it difficult to win but extremely interesting to watch.

Each battle is designed with excellent graphics. The graphics improved in the second part of the game, and the wars have become even more spectacular. You can download it from the store.

Taxi Sim 2022

taxi sim 2022

Taxi Sim 2022 is the latest game to join the ranks of Android emulators. Have you ever played the role of a taxi driver? If yes, then more excitement is here. If not, then you are going to excite more people. They will think a taxi driver is a difficult job, and they won't have any respect in society, but this game will give you the opportunity and 

It will transport you to the role of a taxi driver, performing various tasks in the city. You will have access to over a dozen cars and deal with different types of customers. New vehicles are added to the game regularly. You'll drive through New York, Miami, Rome, and other major cities. 

Because customers vary, you will need to adapt your driving style constantly. Some will be concerned about their safety and become irritated when the driver runs a red light, while others will simply want to get to their destination as soon as possible.

Euro Truck Driver

euro truck driver

There are numerous driving simulators available in the play store. We all know a lot of games similar to Euro Games because, in simulation games, the first most popular game is the Euro Truck Game. But now, what the game shows are much different from the others. 

Euro Truck Driver invites you to become a truck driver and master the trucking profession. With a massive vehicle and views of European cities ranging from Madrid to Prague, you're in for a truly immersive driving experience.

The game features over 20 different European cities, but you will not only travel through them. You'll encounter country roads and massive tracks along the way, which you'll have to navigate on iconic trucks from various brands. 

The developers made your task more difficult by including realistic weather conditions, so be prepared for challenges. You will be assigned various tasks that need to be accomplished to earn some reward points. If you want a good driving experience, go to the play store and download from there.

Mini Metro

mini metro

The Mini Metro is a subway simulator in the style of the 1950s. This is the most thrilling and exciting game, where you will come across different types of hurdles. Players spend their time creating a subway map for a rapidly expanding city. To create something that runs smoothly and on time.

You must overcome some challenges. Because the city you're building grows randomly. The game also includes a variety of upgrades, an endless mode where you can just relax and chill, and a revolutionary mode where you can face some extra challenges.

The graphics aren't spectacular, but this game is otherwise outstanding. It costs $0.99 and has no in-app purchases or advertisements, making it ideal for simulator fans on a tight budget. Using Google Play Pass, you can also get this one for free. So if you are interested in this type of game, go to the google play store and download it.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

motorsport manager mobile 3

We all know we have more interest in racing games and racing things. Just imagine you are the guy who can manage the racing team. How great will that sound? Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is a racing simulation game. Players create a team and a race car and manage upgrades and improvements. 

Then you race against the competition. This one also gets quite granular. Pit stops, weather changes, rule changes, and random crashes on the tracks must all be considered by players. This game's graphics are excellent, and can experience real-time climatic changes. Your driver and crew gain levels and become more skilled. 

It's a relatively new, more in-depth racing game on Google Play. It costs $3.99 with some optional in-app purchases. This game will give more excitement and thrill while racing, and you should encourage your team and help them succeed in the race. If you can do that, you are the winner—no more waiting. 

My Time in Portia

my time in portia

My Time in Portia is a simulator similar to Stardew Valley. Players inherit a workshop and begin creating items for the town. Here in this game, you will get a lot of customized tools just in one tap and an excellent user experience. Also, you will have a small responsibility on behalf of all the tasks. 

There's also a farm to look after, workers to hire, NPCs to meet, and ruins to explore. Exploring the ruins introduces new combat mechanics to the game. Overall, it's a versatile game with many mechanics for the players. The game begins with only a few tools. You eventually get a lot of cool stuff, and a lot of the fun plays itself. 

Because it is a premium game, there are no in-app purchases to annoy you. Despite its youth, it is unquestionably one of the best simulation games of 2021. So why still wait? If you feel this game is interesting, go to the play store and download this on your Android. You have to pay for some features; initially, the game is accessible to all.

Rebel Inc

rebel inc

in this game, you will be treated as heroes, and how you should play everything is given below. Rebel Inc. is a relatively new simulation game. It's made by the same people who made the insanely popular Plague Inc, and we recommend both.

Rebel Inc places you in an area rife with unrest. Your mission is to defeat the insurgents, restore peace to the region, and assist the party in growing and prospering. There are seven regions to stabilize. The game will simulate insurgent tactics for you to deal with.

The graphics are fantastic, and you feel authentic while playing this game. Every option is user-friendly. No more strikes and no more waiting. So, if you are interested in this type of adventure, this game will be your best suggestion. Go to the play store and load the game. Enjoy the adventure.

Star Traders-Frontiers

star traders

Have you ever been to space? If not, have you ever considered living in the area? If not, then I have the best suggestion in the simulation gaming industry for you: Star Traders: Frontiers is a strategy game in the traditional sense. 

We included it because it contains simulation elements. You are simulating the life of a space dweller. You'll travel to new planets and sectors. You will get a lot of thrill from forming alliances with various factions or working as an independent contractor.

The game has a lot of depth and lets you play in multiple ways. You can be a pirate, a military combatant, or trade goods. It's a vast and exciting world to explore. The game costs $6.99 and contains no in-app purchases or advertisements.


If you're a true lover of playing simulation games, you must check out each game on the list above. These games are frequently updated, and new features are added to enhance your gaming experience. The games we've featured are the best ones available right now on the internet. We have provided you with a list of some best simulation games for android listed above. 


Microsoft Flight Simulator, to start. When actual travel was heavily discouraged, if not outlawed, the introduction of Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020 was the first time the series appeared on a console. It gave us all tickets to clear skies and exotic locations.

Small, realistic details draw you into the event and tempt you to believe that you are 'really' carrying out what you are essentially 'pretending' to do. Because of this, many fans of simulator games prefer to like a wide range of franchises.

Stardew Valley is a fantastic game like The Sims and is regarded as one of the best Android games you can buy. The game is somewhat more specialized because it is a farming life simulation game, even if it belongs to the general "life simulation" genre.

Simulated reality is the idea that reality could be reproduced in a way identical to "actual" reality, as by quantum computer simulation. It may contain conscious beings who are either aware or unaware that they are living in a simulation.

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