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It's not entirely difficult to understand why there are so many great games like Pokémon. After all, since the release of the first Pokémon game in 1996, the popular RPG series has delivered many adventures, from core series to memorable spin-offs. 

With a wide variety of creatures to choose from and his signature quest to collect them all, one can't help but compare similar adventures to where it all began. With the recently released Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you might be looking for a Pokemon-like game to keep you busy. From Ooblets to Temtem to Slime Rancher, here's a generous helping of Pokémon-like games for discerning trainers.

Along the way, many developers have developed game mechanics or incorporated them into their titles, inspired by the global sensation. So, to change your mood or uniquely relive your childhood gaming memories, check out our list of tags similar to some best games like Pokemon games.



Temtem is a Pokemon MMO. It's still in early access, but it's enough to give you a taste of life while exploring the floating islands of Omninesia, catching Temtem, and battling other players. It's all about catching teams of creatures, training them, competing against them, and finally battling the archipelago's eight tough dojo trainers. 

This is a chance for PC players to catch the creature collecting bugs. For players who have already mastered Pokémon, it's another chance with the addition of actual people running around the world for additional fighting opportunities. The game is constantly being updated with new events, new missions, new cosmetics, new Temtem, and more regularly.



Ooblets is a small game about breeding and collecting adorable little creatures called Ooblets. These little beasts will accompany you as you explore Oob's world and can be used in dance battles with other of his Ooblet collectors. 

With farm elements, Animal Crossing-themed home designs, and a cast of characters to help and befriend, Ooblets has a little bit of everything. Still in early access, but regular updates and additions have been made, making it an idyll that's a little more fun to escape to regularly.

World Of Final Fantasy Maxima

world of final fantasy

World of Final Fantasy shares many similarities with the classic Pokémon RPGs we know and love. You follow the journey of twins Ran and Rain, who suffer from amnesia and remember nothing about their past. They are greeted by someone who tells them she is the Mirage Guardian of Grimoire. Mirage is a monster similar to any Pokémon that the Twins can catch, train, and fight.

This land is inhabited by chibi-like humans known as the Lilikin. As such, they all look like cute Final Fantasy characters. The twins pass through a portal to Jimoir to help fight the Bahamut forces that seek to destroy it. 

Released in 2016, World of Final Fantasy received a minor update and re-release last year along with Maxima. The updated version adds more Mirages to encounter and more familiar Final Fantasy characters such as Noctis, Lightning, and Yuna.

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Yokai Watch 3

yokai watch 3

We're waiting for Yo-Kai Watch 4 to come to Nintendo Switch later this year, but Yo-Kai Watch 3 is the latest in a localized version of the long-running franchise. Similar to Pokemon RPG. Yokai are all kinds of spirits, from adorable cat creatures to fairies and rabbits.

The story is divided into two hemispheres, with players alternating between St. Nate, who lives in the new town of Peanutsburg, and Haley. She runs a Yokai Detective Agency in Springdale. The third in the series features over 600 Yokai, including fun Merica-style spirits like cowboys and cheeseburgers. 

Instead of catching Yokai, you have the option to befriend Yokai after the battle. Yokai does the same as you train, evolve, and fight with your best Pokémon companions, but with its grid-based combat system instead of movement commands.

Digimon World: Next Order

Digimon world

Players have been comparing the two for as long as Pokémon and Digimon have existed, so you can't go wrong with any Digimon title. Digimon World: Next Order focuses more on raising and training Digimon than other entries in the series, making it an excellent option for those who love raising Pokémon. Based on the Digital Monster, a Tamagotchi-like digital pet that gave birth to 2 Digimon can evolve and grow in the open world. 

Suppose you enjoyed the interactive aspect of Pokemon Let's Go, where you can pet and feed Eevee and Pikachu. You can interact with your friends by providing and praising your Digimon friends and giving gifts to various Digimon. 

You will surely enjoy deepening the bond between you. As you explore the world, you'll meet other owners who develop their Digimon skills and fight to level up and digitize them. Instead of a turn-based combat system, Next Order changes from other entries with real-time combat.

Slime Rancher

slime rancher

Slime Rancher still has to catch them all. Explore the land as rancher Beatrix LeBeau in her trusty backpack. The goal is to see different kinds of cute slimes. You can watch them suck up and bounce around the ground. Lucky little blobs are then dropped on the ranch and fed until they drop profits, the slime droppings that serve as the game's currency. There are quite a few slimes, each with its plot and different stats.

Slimes also evolve and grow, so if a pink slime eats a plot of another type of slime, it will develop and become a unique slime. If you think about it, it works like hitting Eevee with a specific evolution stone, for example. 

So by experimenting with plots and slimes, you can create your particular slime, find different variations and earn big money. But be careful. Some creeps will attack you. Create too much, and you'll bomb and cause your adorable death trap.

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! 

chocobo's mystery dungeon

In the latest installment of the Mysterious Dungeon series, Chocobo and his sidekick Cid travel the dungeons as treasure hunters and help the town of the Lost time. The townspeople lose their memory thanks to the Bell of Oblivion and forget each time it rings. 

As the adorable Final Fantasy bird and his sidekick, you must restore their memories and recover what was lost. Each person's memories are trapped in various randomly generated dungeons, so you never know what kind of traps and trials await. 

The dungeons and battles aren't all that different from those in Pokémon RPGs. As you move through the dungeons, you'll meet various monsters and befriend them with the buddy system. After that, the monsters will fight you in jail and help you overcome some tough battles. So if you like this, you will like the game just as much.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon story

We've already added one Digimon title to our list, but Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth is worth mentioning because it's different from Digimon World: Next Order. Rather than raising only two Digimon, you can submit an infinite number of Digimon and advance the story while battling them.

Again, no real-time combat. Sleuth's turn-based system is closer to Pokémon's fighting style. Whereas Next Order took place in a green open world, Cyber ​​Sleuth's story is primarily in his EDEN, the digital cyberspace used by hackers. 

You join the digital community and play as an amateur hacker who gets the chance to tame and fight a Digimon. But things change when EDEN is infected with a virus that affects all its users. Just like Pokemon, he can choose one out of her first three Digimon to start and capture another Digimon or travel to the Digital World to find the source of the virus.

Nexomon: Extinction

nexomon extinction

Nexomon: Extinction is another title that The Pokemon Company's legal team should probably pursue, but it stands out for its unique stamina system that inherits the Pokemon formula. Your monsters beat each other, so you'll need to change parties regularly. 

But that system aside, it's a Pokémon clone, and you wear it with pride. Combat The design, Tamers Guild, and many other elements are straight out of the Pokemon series, so they're great to explore. Especially if you're not a Switch player.

Nexomon: Extinction is a throwback to classic monster-catching games, with a brand new epic story, exotic characters, and over 380 different Nexomon to collect and tame. As mighty Tyrant Nexomon fights for dominion over humans and monsters, the world is on the verge of extinction.

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Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals


Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals is the sequel to the popular action RPG and fossil monster fighting experience called Spectrobes. While the sequel has many of the same mechanics, some new features will give fans of the original a unique experience. It is recommended to play the original game before the sequel. 

After saving the Nanairo planetary system in the first game (and a few peaceful months later), the player discovers that his friend Aldous has been kidnapped by one of the Kroll's leaders' girlfriends.

Along with his disappearance, several portals were discovered, revealing a potent Dark Spectrob seed. Recalled back into battle, Laren and Gina save the galaxy by defeating the Kroll bosses and their leader to stop them for good. 

From a gameplay point of understanding, the game is very similar to the original game, with the player again taking on the character of Laren and sometimes of Gina in puzzle situations.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

dragon quest monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker is a version of the terrific Dragon Quest Monsters series that started in 1999 on Game Boy Color. The game is available for the Nintendo DS and sticks to the traditional gameplay while adding many new gameplay features.

New features Joker brings to the series include switching to 3D graphics, online play, and removing encounters from the game (players can see all enemies on the map). Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker - control a teenager who dreams of becoming a scout of famous monsters.

These scouts are known and admired for their ability to tame wild beasts and monsters and use them in battle. Travel to seven different islands and explore what they have to offer. Much like the Pokémon game series, players rely on groups of monsters to fight instead of fighting themselves. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker allows groups of up to 3 monsters.

Monster Sanctuary

monster sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary started as a Kickstarter project and has come a long way. Like Pokémon, create a team of monsters to face wild demons. You can also have one of your friends drag you behind you, much like the old Pokemon Yellow (or the more recent Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee titles). 

However, these pendants embody the traversal elements first captured by HM in the Pokémon series. It's not the same, but it adds an exciting difference to Monster Sanctuary. It's also a beautiful side-scrolling 2D pixel art adventure that offers something different for Pokémon fans.

Disc Creatures

disc creatures

This Gameboy monster-taming game came out in the 90s before Pokémon conquered the videogame market. This game was developed by a Japanese company named SATTO, which is quite famous for making indie games. But this game looks like an exact carbon copy of early Pokémon Gameboy games. 

There are more than 200 monsters you can collect, train, and battle. This game has 2v1, and 3v1 battle modes, which are pretty unique as most Pokémon games still don't have these. The creatures look a lot similar to Pokemons.

The gameplay is quite good, considering it came out almost 3 decades ago. The game's storyline is not so simple but profound and extensive, attracting adult players.  It starts with getting your starter creature from your town's expert; then, you leave home to say goodbye to your mother. Then you travel town to town, battle many foes on the journey, and use your DiscKid to catch new wild creatures.

Monster Crown

monster crown

Only the monster collecting part is similar to Pokemon, but even this is different enough. The monster designs of this game are fabulous. You can catch 'shiny' creatures with varying abilities from the normal ones. The environmental design is simple but on point; each zone is distinctive and different, mixed with some puzzles and secret areas, making exploration fun and rewarding.

The combats are turn-based. The party-based buffs and de-buffs can make and break a battle. Each monster has its talent trees, some of these talents are passives that can completely revamp generic skills into something unique, and other passives can synergize with other monsters/skills. 

This makes combat that much more fluid and customizable. The game is smooth, and the mechanics are innovative yet easy to understand. If you enjoy a lot of in-depth RPGs, Monster Sanctuary is a great way to take a break and kick back to relax and have fun.


doke v

People say it will be the best monster hunting game with an open-world game when DOKE-V comes out. This game is currently being developed by the tech-giant PearlAbyss and will be released in December 2022.

The developers are making the gaming compatible for all platforms PC, XBOX, PS4, and Nintendo, as the pre-orders already exceeded their expectations. There is little information about the gameplay and the storyline. But the pre-game releases show a wide array of customizable things. 

The player can control pretty much anything: their avatar looks and how they speak. The team is putting tremendous effort into small details. The battle animations will surpass any other game of the genre.

The game is going to have a multiplayer battle royale mode too!! You can assemble your squad and compete with other teams. The game will allow you to even clan up and trade monsters with other players. If this alone doesn't make you excited, we don't know what will.

Fossil Fighters

fossil fighters

Take Jurassic Park and Pokemon, then combine them, and boom!! You have Fossil Fighters. It may seem lame, but the gameplay has a lot of depth behind its cartoon-like funny outer side.

Ride your vehicle to various dig sites around the vast open world maps and collect dinosaur fossils. The new creatures you get are given a fancy name, 'Dinosaurs.' The premise of this action-RPG monster training game has no connection with Pokemon. But the battle mechanism is quite similar, almost copied. This game has a campaign, free play, and several multiplayer modes.

The real fun of this game comes mainly in the battle arenas. You must choose the right move at the right time to inflict heavy damage to your rival's health. Dinosaurs are categorized into five different categories -- Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Neutral --and each possesses a unique ability to assist it in battle. It's essential to understand your dinosaur's strengths and weaknesses.

Nights of Azure

nights of azure

Are you tired of the same Pokemon-like adventure games? Here is your cure!!. This action role-playing adventure game even contains adult elements like Human sacrifice, religious taboos, and demon hybrids.

Apart from the monster collecting, training and combat, the main story has a romantic arc between two women. This is a dark role-playing game with equal parts fluff and dramatic sequences. The game's dynamic combat system is fun, thanks to multiple weapons and transformation modes.

It looks like an action RPG on the surface, but with the keen ability to summon creatures unlocked through cursed items by blood infusions, this game is unique.

The game is known for its pretty visuals, ample backtracking, and brutal difficulty at times. Though totally, it isn't perfect. However, those who fancy frantic action gameplay containing partner monsters should find a good time with this one.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

kingdom of hearts

Kingdom Hearts 3D is a game from the early days of the Nintendo 3DS, so it strove to take advantage of new features, including StreetPass, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more.

This is simply a fantasy role-playing game with cartoony looks. Most of the gameplay is third-person combat, yet it isn't violent or gory. Do not be deceived by the adorable Disney characters; magic and sword (Keyblade) attacks are used to defeat foes.

This game combines third-person action with fantastical settings and well-known characters. Numerous Disney villains and symbols are also present in the game. You can play as one of two spiky-haired youths, Sora or Riku, in their quest to master the Keyblade, a magical key-shaped weapon used as a sword, depending on your chosen mission. 

The game has non-stop combat, beautiful environments, and a stellar orchestral score. The game's charm and action outweigh the same typical monster-collecting storyline.

Shin Megami Tensei V

shin megami tensei v

The game is a problematic JRPG that makes you reflect on life. The play's main idea investigates what would happen if the world ended and how those trapped on earth would survive.

The game throws players into the center of an end-of-the-world conflict between angels and demons that poses a threat to all of humanity. Players ultimately strike bargains with some of the "devil" creatures, enlisting them in their cause, improving their skills, and merging them with other species to produce even more potent ones.

It has a very dark story and lots of violence and rough language. This is the perfect game for you if you are a teenager who can handle mature themes and any adult who enjoys an excellent dark account and challenging gameplay.

Castlevania Advance Collection

castlevania advance collection

This is another Castlevania series game, previously released on Nintendo's Game Boy Advances and Virtual Console platforms. The game has a lot of exploration, platforming, and constant combat.

This is the first game in the franchise which adapted the Super Metroid formula while keeping its entity by infusing RPG elements, thus creating the Metroidvania genre.

The game allows players to choose between the original American, Japanese, or European versions of the games.

Violence is one of the most critical aspects of the game, with players fighting against armies of monsters. While some blood and gore are shown on screen, the retro and pixelated art style of the game makes it eligible for kids to play.

It has a few gameplay features that make playing these classics much more user-friendly. The Rewind option is excellent as you don't have to go back if you mess it up.

Dark Cloud 2

dark cloud 2

The art direction of the game is superb. The gameplay is so deep with features like a synthesis, Weapon tree, Fishing, Town building, etc. You can build a town, take a photo of something you made, and use that as an idea in another invention! 

You start as a boy who works as a helper at a mechanic's. One day you set out on an adventure with a girl you like, trying to change past events to improve the future. You can buy monster badges in shops or unlock them via the story. 

Only twelve badges exist in the game. Each monster represents a type of class pattern. The game cleverly adds depth and expansion by focusing on two party members with various abilities. It also brings the fairy tale to life.

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Suikoden: Tierkreis


This game revives the charm and dignity of the "golden age" of the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. A strong narrative, compelling characters, and a meaningful story keep you coming back for more.

One of the game's core themes is the idea that there could be an infinite number of worlds, many of which are only marginally distinct from the world we live in, and that some fate influences everything that happens.

It has gorgeous, hand-drawn backgrounds and dozens of high-quality and pretty anime cutscenes. Moreover, the characters who populate these scenes are generally quite likable. The narrative has toned down violence and sexuality.

This game's battle system involves simple turn-based attacks and defensive posturing and will be instantly recognizable to anyone with previous experience with this traditional Japanese role-playing game. The coins you acquire can be used to buy new gear. The play's two main components make up the majority of it.

Monster Rancher 1 & 2

monster rancher

Running a ranch where you train various odd and distinctive creatures to compete against other players in significant tournaments is the game's fundamental premise. The gameplay involves a lot of micromanagement, including minute details like discovering monster summoning albums in a database, fusing existing monsters to create new ones, feeding and training them to improve their stats and gain new skills, and employing them in particular situations for the fight.

Combat includes flashy effects and occasional weapon use without blood or gore. Some monsters look like humans. This game fuels nostalgia; Pokemon is like a game released in the 90s.

You can search for your favorite albums and artists and use that information to bring new, unique, and possibly even one-of-a-kind creatures to add to your team. And if local competition bores you or your team. You can combat online by downloading and fighting against monsters raised by other ranchers from around the globe using the multiplayer mode. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

monster hunter world

This game is rich, deep, and very well-made, which can keep players occupied for hundreds of hours once they get into it. Players hunt various fantasy creatures in the game by trapping or killing them and getting materials as rewards. It has some complex but fun controls.

Despite its title, there is no actual violence or gore. The monsters presented are giant, fantastical beasts rather than real realistic animals. Both male and female characters can have costumes that players can create. 

Characters can unwind in some spa hot springs because the gameplay is robust. Alcohol consumption and the creation of potions provide players an advantage in combat. Take short naps, nevertheless. There is constantly new prey to seek and tasks for hunters to complete.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

monster hunter stories

You play as a rider in the game. Being a Rider is in your blood. In the game, you are the grandchild of the hero named Red, whose Rathalos serve as the protector of Hakolo Island.

In the main story, you will have to collect and raise your stable of Monster partners as you set out on the journey to uncover the trustworthy source of the recent unfortunate events.

Before leaving your legacy, you will also need to learn about the gift your grandfather left behind and forge deep friendships with the allies and creatures known as Monsties you encounter along the way.

You can team up with players online and explore for rare monster encounters and eggs in different modes. Battles of multiplayer are played just like in single-player. There are options for Versus battles if players want to test their Monstie team against others.


Finding games that fulfill every requirement Pokémon meets is difficult, but franchise lovers should adore these games. It makes sense that something as thrilling as Pokémon over the past few decades would have a lot of influence. Pokémon is the direct inspiration for many games, which is advantageous if you're looking for the best games like pokemon; those mentioned above are the best. 


Temtem. If you don't have a Nintendo console, Temtem is the next best thing to Pokémon, and it might even be better. The game is currently in early access, is a quote-unquote clone of the iconic franchise, and includes a massively multiplayer online system.

While any Digimon game should appeal to Pokemon fans, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth has the most gameplay in common with Pokemon. Players assume the role of skilled hackers who can move between the real world and cyberspace.

Rescue Team in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX brings fantasy to life by allowing players to wake up as a Pokémon. Dungeon exploration can be terrifying, but at least you get to work with a group of Pokémon. In addition, mega Evolutions are added to the game by DX.

He is loyal to King Drasil, but he is more of a malicious sociopath who believes the Digimon are being enslaved by humans and oversees the plan to destroy the humans by absorbing their world into the Digital World.

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