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Most people browse their application stores when bored and are lazy to hunt for entertaining games to pass the time. However, there are times when nothing there can hold our interest or quench our desire for the meager amusement we seek. 

Just for a moment, put both Playstation as well as Xbox away. Today's topic is the best games to play when bored from the Google Play Store. There is nothing like playing mobile games, whether alone or with others worldwide, on the bus, or in your living room. Because of how addicting they can be, they are a convenient and constantly available option to satisfy your video game craving.

You don't need to look any further since this great list will provide you with the most engaging and fun AndroidAndroid and iOS games you can play until you get bored with them.

Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey

The most recent offline game that does not require Wi-Fi is Alto's Odyssey. Its gameplay is a side-scrolling infinite sprinter. You earn money while bouncing over obstacles and rolling down multiple slopes. The game takes place in a wilderness with never-ending obstacles. After a brief introduction to the fundamentals of such an offline Mobile game, you'll find yourself immersed in a stunning setting with a serene backdrop.

The fundamental mechanics of Alto's Odyssey involve jumping, backflipping, or trampling on ropes to collect coins that might leverage to advance your character. On the list of the best games to play when bored, this is among the most incredible games.

Angry Birds

angry birds

Angry Birds may be of interest to those who desire to destroy castles. It's an excellent game to play on a lazy day, and you may play it in teams. You command the eponymous Angry Birds while playing the game. They are birds avenging themselves for the pigs stealing their eggs. That is the game's whole plot. However, you're popping horrible green pigs and destroying castles with birds launched from a slingshot. Why not just adore it?

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When it first launched, Minecraft was a Computer game that quickly lost popularity. In recent years, it has evolved into a multi-console phenomenon. It underwent many changes throughout its 11-year existence and is now among the most popular games. It is partly due to how imaginative the game can become in the right hands. Do you want to test your wits and see how long you can go without supplies? Survival is the only option. Creativity is more your style if you want to make pixel art such as frescoes. However, whatever you choose to be doing in Minecraft, you'll have quite a great time living in this world. 

Bloons TD 6

bloons Td 6

The most recent installment of the illustrious strategy game series is Bloons TD 6. In terms of gameplay, it is pretty similar to its earlier attempts. You put up fortifications along the way and destroy them as the awful men come. Superheroes, 22 strong monkey towers, 56 different sceneries, five development tiers, and three upgrading pathways are all included in the gameplay. Additionally, you get a varied dynamic with a selection of unique tower enhancements for various conditions. 

Finally, gamers have a variety of difficulties and play styles to pick from. The game must be listed among the best games to play when bored for Android users offline because of its fantastic gameplay and superb handling. And yes, you can play this game offline for sure.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About time

plants vs. zombies

People who played the original Plants vs. Zombies may appreciate the sequel's existence. It's unquestionably the idleness-inducing game. It's About Time from PVZ 2 places the player back in one's backyard. But Crazy Dave causes an accident that sends you back in time. You must return to your starting point—battling zombies dressed in period-appropriate garb. 

You're in pre-dynastic Egypt. You are up against mummies. When did exploration begin? PIRATES. The upcoming? Zombie machines and robot zombies are to be expected, a crazy game that adheres to the original's spirit.

Pokemon Go

pokemon go

The popularity of this augmented reality (AR) application has increased since its initial release in 2016. Your objective is to locate, catch, and train Pokémon. Pokémon are figures from the first television program and video games. You can train them to fight other Pokémon after preparing them. You can use your phone to find people in the real world. They resemble digital beings. 

You are familiar with the message if you have watched the series or played video games. The game is excellent to enjoy while commuting because it requires a lot of movement. Make sure you do it stationary, whether standing or sitting. Avoid attempting to cross streets or navigate through traffic while having fun!

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Subway Surfers

subway surfers

You are a surfer who surfs on tracks and trains in the subway. After all, you're a graffiti artist, and you've been caught tagging, so you're surfing the subways to escape trouble. Subway Surfers is another game that never ends and may keep you entertained. Similar to Temple Run in idea, but you're riding a surfboard. The maps in the game are based on various locations. They've just included maps of some different areas as well. Be careful since tricky twists, leaps, and obstacles can hurt you.



Deemo is a mysterious man who lives by himself in a castle alone. Unaware of her identity or origin, a little girl plummets to Earth. Deemo learns that a tree continues to expand taller on the pinnacle of a piano when it plays, which he uses to help the young girl return to her world. What might Deemo do after it felt at ease with the company it had never experienced? What if, when the little girl finally recovers her allegedly lost memories, she cannot handle the truth?

Indeed, the conclusion of this game made me cry uncontrollably. It is comparable to a game's level. There are chapters in it that you can buy the rights to play. A tree's growth will be increased once you complete a song. You'll appreciate its immense beauty as you advance via the game and its tale.

Crossy Road

crossy roads

Crossy Road has been accessible through the Google Play Store for a considerable time, and a good reason. You play as a rooster in this Android offline game as you cross roads, railway tracks, and waterways.

Playing Crossy Road is relatively easy. The game has no real time limit, but a hawk constantly flies above the area, waiting to pounce on you. The player must tap the screen to control the rooster in different directions. Be careful; your downfall will be the intense activity and lightning-quick trains on Crossy Road.

Features of a winding road Akin with what you might see in Minecraft, buildings, cars, and trees are all represented by polygonal models. The game must be listed among the best games to play offline when bored on mobile phones because of its fantastic gameplay and superb handling.

Dead Cells

dead cells

Dead Cells is a dungeon video game. You can go anywhere you want because of its non-linear gameplay and interconnected universe. Additionally, there is a chance for emergent gameplay, in addition to some monotonous gameplay and thrilling slash elements. 

Dead cells are one of the most incredible games on the list of the top most incredible Android games available offline. One of the most challenging games on the list, Dead Cells is nevertheless a lot of fun. Two game modes (automated strike and conventional), one-of-a-kind settings, interoperability with external devices, and complete offline capability are also included.



One of very few free software RPGs that performs best offline is Eternium. Eternium is a role-playing adventure game. You traverse the globe using spells, eliminating sinister villains and exploring graveyards and catacombs. Of course, there is a plot, a massive amount of treasure to find, and a shedload of stuff to do. The gameplay is comparable to that of the majority of mobile combat RPGs. On the list of the top amazing Android games available offline, this is one of the best games to play when bored.

The freemium nature of the game is subtle. You do not need to access the server to play anything. You must, however, make sure the data is downloaded. The game may not function properly.

Dead Rain 2

dead rain 2

In this Android game, you play as a brave father looking for his infant girl in a dangerous environment full of bandits and the undead. Dead Rain 2's core mechanics revolve around hunting the undead, perfecting new equipment, and surviving in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The game must be listed among the top Android Games offline because of its fantastic gameplay and superb handling. It's a shooter that moves quite quickly and includes some acrobatics for good measure. Because you can simply fire straight, you may focus more on the motion and free up your energy from having to target. The undead in this shareware offline game is a marathon runner who will always have you on the back foot. Modern graphics in Dead Rain 2 contribute to the game's dark, ominous, and contradictory atmosphere.



From the opening song to the chapters, pieces of the branches, and themes within the chapters, Cytus is a masterpiece. The majority of the music, which has over 200 tracks and 400 versions, was written by many artists, ranging from sweet ballads to extreme rock. Robots are the only sentient beings on Earth in the far future. They represent the last of the remaining human spirit.

However, humanity is still alive. This post-apocalyptic timeline's technology allows for the transfer of memories to these robots. However, due to a lack of storage, fresh memories will eventually replace old ones. The robots turned human memories' emotions into music and stored them in a thematic called Cytus to keep those memories from dissipating. The robots use certain songs to simulate human feelings and to dream that they all have souls.

Pocket City

pocket city

Sim City and Pocket City are similar to a city-building simulators. You build the homes, roadways, and other things a town needs. Players often experience good and negative things like parties and wildfires.

You must keep an excellent balance to earn money, advance, gain access to more structures, and explore more land. The basic version includes adverts in addition to the main gameplay. The premium upgrade includes more features, a playground option, and no advertising.

Rayman Adventures

ramayan adventures

Anyone who wants to play home console games on their Android smartphone must have Rayman Adventures. It draws inspiration from the much bigger Rayman Chronicles adventure, which is playable on consoles and Windows.

You have a choice between two primary characters in Rayman Adventures. After making your choice, the game captivates you in a meticulously created world full of treasures, hidden spots, and different bosses. Additionally, there are rush phases in the gameplay where a powerful boss will approach you; your only option is to maintain a polite distance.

In Rayman Adventures, you may also significantly speed up the cinematic cutscenes, which is helpful if you would not want to miss any important information but still want to stay up with the gameplay.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

candy crush friends saga

Due to its success as a highly addicting game remains one of the best-known mobile games today. It almost seems appropriate for some sort of game-wall of fame. The game's developers also produced Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga from their original, entertaining franchise. Your voyage to the world of yummy and sweet continues with this new tale, including pals and more stunning and updated graphics.

Your choice of which "buddy" you want to support you as you go through the game's levels is up to you. However, before a story began, they placed a "recommended" icon on top of it. That is your new game, whether you're seeking something easygoing that doesn't require much movement or effort or maybe to pass the time.

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Endless Nightmare

endless nightmare

In Endless Nightmare's tactical horror game, you play a detective looking into a crime in a spooky home. The main game mechanics involve finding evidence and solving a murder, but avoiding a ghostly wicked woman is crucial. This gameplay has some elements that bring to mind Playable Trial, or PT, from the PlayStation 4, especially those in the hallway.

You had two options: either get away from her or forge a weapon and fight her with the parts you discover lying around the house. You can play the game late in the evening to get the most enjoyment out of its unique dramatic vibe. Since the game's terrifying sound effects and top-notch graphic effects create such an intense atmosphere, I'll be honest and say that your heart will miss a beat at this moment.

Bug Butcher

bug butcher

Moving from history to tomorrow, where people can now establish new colonies and travel thousands of lightyears via space, you have a video game that will "niggle" you each time you lose.

Timing and quick reactions are essential in the frantic action shoot-them-up game The Bug Butcher, which is wrapped in stylish 2D visuals and smeared with childish comedy.

The game has a very straightforward fundamental mechanic that is simple to grasp but arguably challenging to master. Plus, who doesn't love a world where you can obliterate various alien bugs and insects with a vast military-grade weapon?

The Fisher Cat

the fisher cat

Are you up for something sweet, cuddly, and fun? The Fisher Cat can help you in that case. In essence, the Fisher Cat is a cat with a hook that travels through many stages to go fishing. You can grade your boat, purchase new projectiles, and level your harpoon to change levels. The game's controls and features are straightforward and fun. You won't even realize how long you've been playing it. 

There are several fish you may observe and catch, and they recently introduced an "Atlantis" level that most gamers haven't yet completed. Additionally, they added a fantastic aquarium that you can customize.

Happy Mall Story

happy mall story

Have you ever imagined owning your mall? If that is the case, then this game is undoubtedly for you!

In the simulation game Happy Mall Story, you can administer your mall by growing it, installing more stalls as you level up, unlocking new, adorable mallgoers, and visiting your friend's store for inspiration or "advice." Using your diamonds, you can enhance your mall or stall with the coins you gather from the stalls and accelerate upgrades. The "fever" you get from collecting stars is a surprise after you start the game.

This game is ideal for those bored and seeking something to occupy their time for hours. Play when it's convenient to play while you watch your mall expand and become something substantial and opulent. Additionally, it isn't idle, and installing this game is entirely cost-free.

LAB Escape

LAB Escape

Have you ever imagined yourself as a creature trying to flee from a lab home to hazardous military personnel, crazy scientists, and other potential threats? LAB Escape is the game for you: LAB Escape!

You receive mutation points whenever you ingest scientists or their meat. You can choose a mutant from three types of mutation each time one of your mutation points is full to aid your creature in escaping the facility.

Additionally, if you have access to the internet, you can collect boxes that, when opened, reward you with headgear or gold, allowing you to increase the attributes of your specimen. Each hat in the game has a different quality that may use to equip it.

Plague Inc.

plague inc.

Have you ever considered developing a sickness that may obliterate the whole human population? You get that type of fulfillment from Plague Inc. This real-time strategic simulation game will challenge your abilities of world domination to effectively wipe off the whole human species on various levels of difficulty or lose when its finest physicians and scientists have managed to develop a cure for it. The game involves gathering DNA points to modify your disease's genetic makeup, symptoms, and talents and determining what sort of strain your sickness will be.

Sky Force Reloaded

sky force reloaded

The Polish video game company Infinite Dreams Inc developed the vertically running shoot-them-up video game franchise Sky Force Reloaded, a follow-up to Sky Force. This game is excellent for a single-player computer game. It includes gorgeous graphics, an intriguing storyline, difficulty levels, and simple-to-use autocratic leadership features and upgrades. This game is excellent if you enjoy holding your fingers on your mobile while dodging bullet showers and destroying foes and bosses.

The gameplay, also available for PS4, is similar to Seibu Kaihatsu's Raiden and Capcom's 19XX series and features a weapon upgrade system.

Stack: Focused Time Killing Game


The game's objective, which goes by the name "Stack," is to stack objects as high as possible. As you stack more blocks, the game becomes more and more exciting. You'll need only skills to succeed in the game: strategic thinking, dexterous hands, and laser-like eye focus. The fundamental goal of the game is to divert your attention and make it enjoyable; if you don't, you will lose each time.

The game is generally great to play when you're feeling down. When you start stacking up blocks with high points and fast-moving blocks, the game becomes very addictive. To break records during this nerve-racking phase, you must have extreme attention.

Helix Jump

helix jump

If you think you are the best, you should at least attempt this game. The game is played by simply bouncing the puck to the bottom without hitting the red area. As with every game, as you go, the difficulty and difficulty level increase, which is where the actual addiction begins. In addition, the Helix Jump includes fantastic images and music that instantly alter your mood. Additionally, as you complete stages, you will earn points for challenges with a companion.

The real difficulty begins on a problematic level when your sole goal is to win and set a new record score. Playing the game alone or against a friend can be addictive and a great way to pass the time.

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Smash Hit

smash hit

Most likely, you already know about the well-known, wildly successful android game, but just in case, allow me to introduce it. The most well-known glass-breaking game is called Smash Hit, which aims to smash glasses via iron balls to advance. If you cannot shatter glass, you will be forced to leave. 

Smash Hit's glass-breaking sound and distinctively complex levels keep you interested until you're not out by a wall or a glass, and this is what makes the game popular and intriguing. Because the game is always fascinating, you should include it on your list of the top time-killing games.

Duet: Ultimate Challenging Game


Besides obstacles and visual effects, Duet is among the top Android idle games that could draw criticism. It also has the ideal soundtrack for each stage of the play. The exciting and engaging part of the game starts when two balls are faced with obstacles and must dodge them. To achieve the highest score, you must traverse obstacles by weaving them without touching any of the balls.

Without a doubt, one of the best games to play when bored and to play a duet.

Chain Reaction: Multiplayer Fun Game

chain reaction

Are you looking for something fascinating to do with your friends? Are you searching for the top android multiplayer game to kill time? Well, one of the finest choices available to you is this one. You could play chain reaction with up to 8 friends; the game's simple rules require each player to form a chain of balls to launch other small balls into responses. Ultimately, the player with the longest chain wins.

Play chain reactions to kill time. It is an offline time-killer game that you may play with your pals without needing internet connectivity. In addition, there is a choice to play a computer game here if you're alone and bored.

Worm Zone.io

worm zone.io

As the name implies, it's a worm battle game and undoubtedly the most addicting, excellent time pass game on the list. You must grow your worm more giant than any other to win or conquer to the top. The gameplay is challenging since there are many other worms in the combat; if you contact one of them, you lose. So the best way to fail is to expand the worm to its most considerable size. You can also use strategy to defeat an opponent's worm to become a champion.

To score and create the giant worm in the group is quite exciting and addictive, but you can also modify the worm's skins here to make them different colors and shapes. Worm Zone.io is an all-around intense action and survival game for Android that you may play.


While consoles and PCs undoubtedly dominate the gaming industry, it would be a mistake to dismiss mobile gaming as inferior. Give the games listed above a pretty sight since many of them can be enjoyed at any time offline. Don't forget to look at the top gaming smartphones and the fun small games you can access right from your Android browser.

Suppose you desire different entertaining games. Whether you own an Android or an iPhone, either of these quick and enjoyable games will keep you entertained when you've got a few minutes to kill. Install one of these best games to play when bored the next time you feel you're growing weary of keeping yourself occupied and mentally active.


Certainly, games are only available on each platform, which is also positive. Because cross-platform compatibility is vital, the games on this list are available on both platforms.

  • Alto's Odyssey.
  • Minecraft.
  • Pokemon Go.
  • Subway Surfers.
  • Candy Crush Friends Saga.
  • Bug Butcher.
  • Happy Mall Story.
  • Sky Force Reloaded.

You can play several games offline in the App Store and Play Store. Tens of thousands exist. While some need a purchase, others can be played for free. They include anything from fast games to ones you can get lost in for hours, and they cover a vast range of genres and age groups.

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