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Skyrim has some of the most beautiful homes, and it is simple to understand why so many gamers want to live in them. However, with so many awesome places to choose from, it cannot be easy to know where to begin.

You have many options to find the best house in Skyrim. But not every house is right for you. The right house will make the game more enjoyable and easier for you. This blog will introduce you to the best house in Skyrim. 

Best House in Skyrim 

Skyrim is one of the best action role-playing games with an open world and unlimited adventure. Owning a house in this game allows players to store their items and weapons securely. Moreover, it offers a welcoming vibe after dungeon crawling. Check out these best houses in Skyrim for a fun gaming experience. 

Heljarchen Hall

Heljarchen Hall

Heljarchen Hall is a serene place to relax and unwind after battling dragons or to get a good night's sleep. It has everything you need for your stay: clean rooms, an attentive staff, and a delicious dinner awaiting your arrival.

You can also enjoy the lotus gardens outside your room as you work on your tan or take in the sights of Skyrim from the balcony overlooking the waterway. With its elegant turrets and arched windows, Heljarchen Hall is a testament to the architectural prowess of the Nords. The hall is a beautiful blend of stone and wood, with a warm and welcoming interior.

The garden outside is lush and verdant, filled with flowers, bushes, trees, and mossy rocks. There are numerous locations to discover, and the main building has a large central courtyard where you can walk around or relax on one of the stone benches. In addition to this courtyard, there's also a small area with a fountain that sits between two statues, one holding up a bowl of water while the other holding a torch.

If you're an avid hunter looking for fresh meat for your cooking pot, Heljarchen Hall should be on your list of stops! You'll find plenty of animals roaming around the grounds.

Lakeview Manor

Lakeview Manor is the best house in Skyrim, and it is easy to see why. It has a beautiful view of the lake, with a small island in the middle. The interior is full of comfortable furnishings and lots of storage space.

The house also has a small garden, meaning you can grow your food! There's even a small area to cook on top of the fireplace. You'll want to ensure you keep up with your cooking skills if you're going to live here because this place is perfect for cooking! If you'd like to stay here forever, it is recommended that you find some way to get yourself a job as a guard or something else that pays well (and lets you sleep in a bed). 

Lakeview Manor is a mansion in disguise, and it will make any player feel like royalty when they arrive at this magical place. It includes an enormous ballroom, dining hall, guest rooms, and suites. And if you're feeling particularly regal, it includes a private garden that overlooks the lake. 

Winstead Manor

Winstead Manor

Winstead Manor is the best house in Skyrim. It is big, beautiful, and has all the amenities you'd expect from a grand estate. The manor has plenty of guest space: a large dining room with a long table, a kitchen, and an office/library area. 

There are several bedrooms in the manor—one for each family member. You'll also find an upstairs library with bookshelves lining all four walls; this is where you can spend hours reading about magic and history.

The manor also has a stable area where you can keep your horse or mule stable. Please don't want to use Hearth fire or are planning on selling your horse once you've finished with it, and you can keep it at Winstead Manor instead!

Winstead Manor is the best house in Skyrim. It is a beautiful, serene, and magical place full of history and intrigue. This house is a great place to call home; it has an amazing view of the mountains from the front lawn and plenty of places to get cozy.

Breeze home 

Breezehome has many cool features, including a cosy fireplace, a basement full of loot, and an amazing view—not to mention its location on the cliffside above Riverwood.

This house also has some great storage options: tons of chests, lockers, and shelves. Plus, it has a great big kitchen with all the essentials, an oven, an island with seating space for six people, and even a well-stocked pantry. The Breezehome is a great home for any aspiring adventurer. It is well-lit, has plenty of storage space, and can hold up to ten people. It also comes equipped with a forge and an alchemy lab. 

This house is not for those who prefer a secluded spot to call their own; the Breezehome is located in the heart of Whiterun, an open town that sees constant activity from travellers and guards alike.

Proudspire Manor

Proudspire Manor

This Skyrim house has everything you need to create a life of comfort and luxury, from fine food and drink to elegant furnishings and stunning views. The manor's master, Lord Harkon, is a skilled mage who will help you easily create your own home. He also offers advice on best using your new wealth in Skyrim.

You'll find Proudspire Manor in Markarth, just north of the city's walls. Proudspire Manor is located in the modest red building on the left after you pass the main gate and continue walking along the road. This house is one of the most cost-effective in all of Skyrim because it has many free amenities. It is home to the Proudspire family and their servants. You can buy this house for 17,000 gold.

You'll get access to a dining room, kitchen, library, crafting room (with lots of storage space), bedrooms for your family members if they join you there, and even a secret passageway leading outside into Skyrim. Proudspire Manor is the ultimate home for those who like to live largely. It is a sprawling, majestic castle with a great view of the surrounding area, and you can get lost exploring its many nooks and crannies.


Hjerim is an ancient building that's been restored and updated to its original glory. It sits on the outskirts of Whiterun; consequently, it is a fantastic place to stay if you're seeking a peaceful retreat to a place away from the commotion of the metropolis. Its location has also made this home a popular meeting place for adventurers who need somewhere to stay while exploring the world of Skyrim.

The house itself is well-furnished and decorated with antiques collected over time by the owner, who has lived there since childhood. The main floor includes two bedrooms and a large living room, which serves as a dining area and parlour when necessary. 

A small kitchenette is off to one side of the living room, including a staircase leading up to another bedroom. There's also a small bathroom with toiletries provided by Hjerim's owner, though you'll probably want to bring your toothbrush! The second level features three more bedrooms: one for guests and two more bedrooms for yourself (or whoever else might be staying with you).

The house is furnished with everything you'd expect to find in a home: beds for sleeping, chairs for sitting on, tables for eating at (and even some cooking equipment), closets for storing clothes and other things; it is all here! But what makes this place special is how amazing it looks; the lighting throughout the house is perfect!

Hjerim is the house of the Dragonborn, and you will find a lot of kinds of stuff and followers like slaves or followers.

Vlinderl Hall

Vlinderl Hall is the best house in Skyrim because it has all the best features. It has a library, which is always a good place for kids to hang out. The bedrooms are all nicely decorated, and so is the kitchen. The dining room has all of the best furniture and decorations, plus some nice paintings on the walls.

If you want to live the good life in Skyrim, look no further than Vlinderl Hall. Located in the beautiful city of Solitude, this impressive home is a beautiful place to live. It boasts many amenities that make it possible to experience the best of what Skyrim offers.

Severin Manor 

This Skyrim house has the most luxurious decor and furnishings of any house in Skyrim. The appearance reveals that this manor has money behind it. Moreover, the owner of this house is an amazing person. You won't find a friendlier person than its owner anywhere else. He'll tour his home, answer your questions (on the spot, no less), and give you some extra gold to help you get started if you need it (which we'd highly recommend). Finally, the location is amazing; it is right beside a mountain overlooking Skyrim.

You can see where everything is from inside this manor, so it is an excellent way to start your adventure in Skyrim and an interesting starting point for further exploration into Tamriel.

In addition to being gorgeous, it is also in a great location and is owned by a family that has called the area home for three centuries. The family is well-known in Skyrim, and they are known for being kind and generous to those around them.

In addition to being stunning, it is also in a prime location and is owned by a family who has lived there for three centuries. It also comes with an oven and other cooking utensils to cook your meals whenever you like. 

The Severin Manor is one of the best houses in Skyrim. It s a beautiful place to live, filled with all sorts of amenities, and it is just beautiful. There are gardens, fountains, and a great deal of space to run around.

Shadowfoot Sanctum

Shadowfoot Sanctum

I'm going to start with Shadowfoot Sanctum because I've had so many people ask me where they can find the best house in Skyrim.

Shadowfoot Sanctum is a small house that is tucked away in the mountains. It was once a watchtower and has now been converted into a home by its owner, Henrik. The home is cool looking, with various things hanging from the ceiling and walls. 

If you wish to discover more about Skyrim's past or culture, there are many bookshelves throughout the home that you can read. While in the house, you might see some villagers milling about or visiting Henrik for advice on how he rebuilt his home after it was destroyed during the Dragon War. You might also meet random characters who will give you quests for whatever part of Skyrim. 

The Shadowfoot family is one of the oldest in Skyrim, and they have long had their sights set on becoming the richest and most powerful. They have a long history of taking over what they want, and this time they want to take over the home of the wealthiest family in all of Skyrim.

This house is the most beautiful in all of Skyrim. It is located on a small island and surrounded by water and trees. The mansion features four roomy areas, including an opulent throne room and dining room that can serve as an inn. There's also a large indoor pool and hot tub, plus lots of outdoor space for relaxing or hunting. 


In the city of Whiterun, there is a small house on the southern side of town that houses three people. The young woman, her mother, and her sister owned the house. This house is called Honeyside, and it is not just a house but a haven for those who need it most.

The three members of this family are all friendly and helpful, but they also have their jobs to handle. Their mother works as an alchemist in Windhelm, while their sister works as an innkeeper in Markarth. The young woman takes care of Honeyside and ensures everyone has what they need when they visit.

It is located directly south of Riften and is home to the Honeywine family, who are the main residents of this location. It is spacious and comfortable, but not too big or too small to make it difficult to get around. The location is also great; this house is near the city but far enough away to get quiet if you want it.

Arch-Mage's Quarters

Arch-Mage's Quarters

Arch-Mage's Quarters is one of the best. The Arch-Mage's Quarters is a house in the College of Winterhold, located in the College of Winterhold. It is owned by the Arch-Mage himself and contains several of his chambers.

It is one of the best houses in Skyrim because it features several great features. It includes a large living area with two bedrooms, an office, and a study area. 

Moreover, the house also has plenty of storage space, with six cupboards and two drawers for each room. In the game, the Arch-Mage's Quarters is a manor holding one of Skyrim's most powerful mages. This house has been polished to look like an old castle and has a lot of history.

It is a small, cosy home that you can customise to your heart's content. There is plenty of crafting stations and storage space, plus a few hidden places you can explore if you're bored. You'll find a lot of containers with clutter (and some even have containers with loot!) in this home. There are beds, weapons, bookshelves—everything you need to make your living quarters feel like home.

Castle Volkihar 

As you explore Skyrim, you'll find yourself in a battle, trying to escape a dragon-breathing fire all over your city. You might think It is time to run for your life, but then you notice a castle nearby, which looks pretty nice.

You decide to make it your home base for exploring this dangerous land, and soon enough, you've got everything you need: a bed with a soft feather mattress, plenty of bookshelves for storing your magic items and other loot, and even a pair of dog beds for when the dogs come over. That's right, and you can have pets in this house. Few things can compare to that in quality.

Plus, the castle has plenty of storage space: chests scattered throughout it hold up to five thousand gold pieces each (that's $5 million!). If you're wondering how much money is worth in Skyrim, if your house is overflowing with gold and gems, then it means you're doing something right.

The castle of Volkihar is one of Skyrim's most beautiful and important places. The castle is home to a vampire lord who controls the region of Falkreath Hold. It is also a place where many great people have lived, including Ulfric Stormcloak and Ralof of Riverwood. The castle has been abandoned for centuries, but now it stands empty.

Castle Volkihar is the perfect spot for a cozy home. This amazing house is located in the mountains of Skyrim so you can enjoy peaceful solitude in a beautiful setting.

Aerin's House 

We know what you're thinking: "Why would anyone want to live in a house much smaller than the average home?"

Well, Aerin's House is different. It is tucked away in the mountains of Skyrim and will give you the feeling that it is the perfect place to go when things get stressful. The house is cosy and quiet but also surrounded by nature. The best part is that it has only one location on the map. You can't miss it!

The inside is decorated with wood furniture, so it feels like you're on a forested island rather than a city. You'll find yourself nesting here as often as possible when you need some time off from doing all those chores around Tamriel.

Not only is it the best house in Skyrim, but it's also the most comfortable one. This little shack is where you'll want to stay if you're looking for a place that feels like home. And with all its upgrades and renovations, Aerin's House will give you all the warmth you need when winter is here.

In addition, there are two enchanting tables: one on the floor and one on the table. Aerin can be found upstairs in her bedroom.

Braidwood Inn

It is one of the best houses in Skyrim. It is a small, friendly tavern that welcomes all, regardless of race or creed. The innkeeper is a bit gruff at first, but once you've been welcomed in and told how to get something to eat or drink, he'll be happy to tell you all about his favourite local stories and rumours.

The Braidwood Inn is one of the best houses in Skyrim because it is always open for business, 24/7. You can visit this location if you're hungry or thirsty after spending a long time exploring Skyrim's numerous dungeons or if you want to unwind with friends over a couple of glasses of wine after spending a lot of time in the field gathering rare materials (or maybe even rarer).

The Braidwood Inn is one of the best houses in Skyrim because it offers impressive accommodation: rooms have beds, tables, chairs, chests, you name it! And if you need anything else during your stay there, ask for it. They'll bring it right up; they're that kind of place.

It is a cosy little place with a huge library that contains all kinds of books on the history and culture of Skyrim. It also has a nice garden that makes you feel like you're living in a fairy tale.

Ilver-Blood Inn

If you're searching for somewhere to stay while visiting Whiterun, the Ilver-Blood Inn is the first house you'll come across.

This house is located on the outskirts of town, which means it is quiet and has plenty of room to explore around it. The building is small, but with a few upgrades, it can accommodate up to ten guests. While this might not seem like much at first glance, and it doesn't have an in-depth story, it has one of the best storylines in Skyrim! You start as a guest at the inn, so you don't know who owns it or what they do there. 

But as you work your way through its many quests and stories, you'll learn exactly who owns the place and how they came to own it. It is a story that involves warring clans, vampires, murder mysteries, and dragons. It is a bit of a mystery wrapped up in several layers of intrigue, and everyone loves mysteries. 

This house is a great place to visit whether you're searching for a relaxing spot or want to learn more about the neighbourhood. It is also home to the best food and drink. This house is also one of the best inns in Skyrim, so they'll be able to provide you with a clean bed and good food.

Traitor's Post 

Traitor's Post

Traitor's Post is one of the best houses in Skyrim, and it is easy to see why.The house is in the Rift District, so you can travel there from Whiterun or Riften. It also has a unique underground area that makes it the perfect place to set up your home base if you want to get away from other players.

The house has plenty of space for you to store all your items and equipment, as well as a meeting room where you can plan out how you will take on the world of Skyrim. Traitor's Post is great because it allows players to explore a new location without worrying about being attacked by dragons or raiders who want their gold back, a common occurrence in other houses throughout Skyrim.

This Skyrim house has everything: beautiful views of the forest and water, a convenient location (you can access it from the city of Markarth), and it is a nice place to stay when travelling around Skyrim. It is a pleasant place to spend a few nights and enjoy the surroundings. In addition, there are plenty of other locations nearby for you to explore, including the Imperial Prison and Fort Neugrad.

Faendal's House

Faendal's House

Faendal's house is a cosy little place to hang out. This building has a great view of the mountains and the river and has many bookshelves full of useful knowledge. The only drawback is that it is not the most convenient method of transportation within Skyrim; if you need to go elsewhere, you'll need to use a horse or a boat.

The distance from Whiterun to the residence at the end of the road to Windhelm is merely a short stroll.

Faendal's house has everything you need to survive in Skyrim and then some. It includes a bed, an alchemy table, an enchantment table, a tanning rack, cooking pots, food storage containers, plenty of cloth ingots for crafting armour and clothes, two chests for storing loot and gold or valuables, a grindstone to make steel weapons or arrows (or both), weapons racks so you can display your favourite weapons without taking up valuable space on your person or in your inventory; even a place for your horse (though buying one won't be necessary if you're using one).

This house has everything you need. It has a well-stocked kitchen, a working forge, and enough beds for everyone who lives there. The forge is also where Faendal makes his weapons and armour out of iron ore he collects from the nearby mines.

Anise's Cabin

The one thing that makes Anise's Cabin such an amazing house is that it is completely furnished with all the cooking supplies you will ever need. The residence also contains a bed to unwind in after a strenuous day of exploration.

There will be less worrying about running out of food or sleeping on a chilly floor. Plus, Anise's Cabin is right next to Riverwood and Whiterun, so if any quests take you southward, this would be the perfect place to stay while they happen.

Anise's Cabin is a cozy little place to stay if you're looking for a place in Skyrim that's close to Riften and relatively safe. It also has a nice view, and the owner is always sweet and friendly. Anise's Cabin is one of the more affordable options in Skyrim's houses. It is a great place to start your adventure, but you may have some trouble with the game's mechanics.

Riverside Shack 

Riverside Shack

Riverside Shack is a cosy little house in Whiterun. It is a place where you can stay for a few days without feeling cramped, but it also makes you want to remain for an extended period.

There are two beds inside and a bedroll outside, so if you need somewhere to crash after adventuring, this is the perfect spot. The only real drawback is that it is not far from town, you're going to need to walk about 40 seconds or so everywhere, but you can't beat the view: peaceful river and forest views from every window. It also has a cooking pot, so you can cook some food while exploring. The hut is situated on the outskirts of Riverwood in a peaceful area.

Riverside Shack is the best house in Skyrim because it is full of character. This house has a cosy fireplace and some lovely flower arrangements on the walls, but it also has character. The little wooden shack is the perfect place to stay in Skyrim while exploring the province.


Skyrim is home to various interesting and luxurious homes, making it difficult to decide on the best house in Skyrim. Choosing the right house depends on the player's preferences, but some contenders stand out. 

The Winstead Manor provides several features, including a large garden, two wings, and a smithy. The Hjerim in Windhelm is another great option, boasting a spacious trophy room and multiple bedrooms.

The Proudspire Manor in Solitude is the most expensive house, but it is also the most luxurious and offers a library, alchemy lab, and several other features. Conclusion: The best house in Skyrim is a matter of personal preference, but Windstad Manor, Hjerim in Windhelm, and Proudspire Manor in Solitude are all excellent choices.

Each house offers something unique and provides a sense of luxury, making it a desirable home. Ultimately, the best house in Skyrim is the one that best suits the player's needs and preferences.


Breezehome in Whiterun costs 5000 gold.

Yes, you can acquire a free house in Skyrim by joining the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood and completing certain quests.

Yes, you can upgrade your house in Skyrim by purchasing furnishings from various merchants in the game.

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