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A role-playing game or RPG is one in which each player transports to the world of fantasy or a science fiction setting in which they can interact with the game’s fictitious world and be a part of it. RPGs have one of the most devoted fan bases of any game genre. If you love such games, you are at the perfect place. The article lists down several best RPG games that you must try.

The games act as mental exercise as people spend dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands of hours building a character, playing tales, and having fun in games. When the individual characters decide, it stimulates our brain to act for the character.

The games transport us into the world of imagination and immerse us in a virtual environment with various equipment, spells, weapons, and armor. Some games have higher replayability since you may pick between mage, warrior, and thief characters. All the choices determine the consequences of the game.

Best RPG Games

RPG games provide us with a fascinating digital world to venture into. The gaming environment is based chiefly on speculative fiction, which allows players to accomplish things they would not be able to do in real life and allows players to suspend their disbelief regarding rapid character development.

The games allow us to enjoy characters that are serious, humorous, or as required by placing themselves in the required scenario. We encounter unexpected twists and turns as the game progresses, and the plot or storyline provides most of the game's amusement. 

These games may typically use recorded dialogues and voiceover narration since they feature powerful narratives. The article reviews 30+ best RPG games to offer you the best entertainment.


The RPG game was developed by Dream Primer and published by Making Fun Inc in 2012. The game was lovingly created by a small group of old-school RPG fans who wanted to make the perfect game they always yearned to play. 

Players enter the dark caves, dungeons, forests, villages, and graveyards in the form of mages, warriors, or bounty hunters wielding a sword, axe, gun, or staff to fight against the demons controlling the castles, brave the snowy mountain tops, and travel to the moon to slay strange creatures among craters and canyons and beyond to the red planet's deserts, pyramids, and jungles. It is among the best open world games to nurture your exploration spirit. 

Players loot gold, gemstones, and battle gear from treasure chests as they equip themselves with gleaming breastplates, helmets and hoods, spiked shoulder pads, and enigmatic cloaks or capes. 

Players get to enjoy the visceral satisfaction of fast-paced combat with incredible special effects, pleasing sounds, and rewarding damage numbers, all set against an enchanting backdrop and enthralling music.

Doom and Destiny

When it comes to the best RPG games, this one has to be on the list. Doom and Destiny were released in 2007 by Heartbeat Interactive. Doom and Destiny is a role-playing adventure game that allows one to experience the adventures of Mike, Jhonny, Francis, and Nigel, four friends who were unintentionally summoned to a fantasy realm teeming with Magic and monstrous creatures.

The game is a hilarious turn-based RPG in which players control a group of four ordinary friends. They explore an unpredictable story full of parodies and cameos. The adventure begins in a classic dungeon with dragons. The storyline revolves around saving the princess with the assistance of a green-clad elf and then flying to a manga-themed city with the aid of a famous Italian plumber. 

The game encourages exploration by providing several optional areas and sun scenarios. Moreover, the game's turn-based combat is executed very well after the training wheels come off in the first town. On the surface, it functions similarly to any other turn-based system, with actions unfolding based on the speed of each unit- but only after you confirm the actions. 

The game allows us to be as slow and methodical as we want, which is sometimes necessary when dealing with dangerous opponents.

Pokemon Quest

Pokémon Quest is a free-to-play Pokémon series action-adventure game developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. In the game, we explore Tumblecube Island while beating foes, collecting evolution stones, and gathering new Pokémon. 

In each level, players can pick three Pokémon to move automatically. When you encounter aggressive competitors, your goal is to manage each one's specific abilities. If you triumph, your animals will get stronger.

Aside from the action stages, players can manage their own base camp, where they may create structures and gadgets that will provide benefits, such as cooking recipes that attract particular Pokémon to the 'natural reserve' for Pokémon.

Pokémon Quest is a delightful spin-off that fans of the brand will undoubtedly enjoy. Its cheerful aesthetics using cubes make it a distinctive concept that joins the expanding number of titles for mobile devices starring Pikachu and the rest of the crew. Make sure to collect mythical pokemon to level up your game. 

Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online 2 game is an action role-playing game developed and distributed by Sega. It was designed as a sequel to Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe. It contains gameplay concepts and graphics reminiscent of its prequels while integrating a few original twists on the formula.

The gameplay is mostly action-oriented with a vast and diverse array of weapon styles and playstyles to pick from. Players use multiple attacks to confront foes in real-time in the game arena, chaining strikes for increased damage. Combos can be supplemented with strong strikes known as Photon arts which require a resource known as Photon points. 

Players immerse themselves in a foreign space fantasy universe with many planets in this game. The actual goal of the game is to allow the mother to communicate with the ARKS dimension while utilizing earthlings as unsuspecting puppets in her schemes. 

Players can join ARKS, a space-traveling organization committed to combating the Darker, terrible monsters created by the Dark Falz, and go throughout the galaxy to end the darker danger.

The game provides an inter-dimensional link between the dimensions where Earth and the ARKS are located. The game allows humans with level 2 Ether potential to go to the ARKS dimension. The game happens to be extremely popular and well-loved by gamers; hence considered one of the best RPG games.

Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II is a fantasy realm of cats and dogs developed by The Gentlebros and published by PQube. The game is simple to be hooked on, with a lovely tale at its center, surprisingly good fighting, and tons of fascinating mysteries to locate spread around the landscape. It's a fantastic little RPG that never overstays its welcome, providing bite-sized yet compelling adventure.

CAT QUEST II is a 2D open-world action game set in a cat dog fantasy universe. Under threat from a protracted conflict between Felingard's cats and the encroaching canines of the Lupus Empire, CAT QUEST II chronicles the story of two monarchs forced together on a voyage of astonishing discovery to restore their throne. 

The game indulges players in a cat adventure in a realm packed with Magic and fascinating monsters, battling against demons and acquiring riches.

CAT QUEST II is an excellent action game with a captivating journey. Its primary gameplay results in a game that everyone can pick up and play, backed up by some fantastic design work and contagious comedy that never fails to put a grin on your face.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Gameloft developed and released Dungeon Hunter 5, a 2015 hack and slash adventure game. It was made available for Android in 2015. Picking up loot, utilizing skill attacks, and using potions are all part of the gameplay. 

The game contains a series of level-based dungeons with varying levels of difficulty. Players will face increasingly tricky foes as they continue, putting their talents to the test.

The game is phenomenal, with excellent graphics, and all loot is obtained in the form of cards. Essential stats and levels are related to weapons and armor. 

Equipment cards may be improved by fusing them with others, which results in raw experience being applied to the card players wish to enhance. If players have the correct evolution tools, "cards" can become powerful. 

In addition to single-player quests, the game includes a social 'stronghold' mode in which, when you compete against other players, you will collect minion cards to place in your fortress as you compete with single-player objectives. These minions earn cash which may be used to purchase improvements. 

Other Players can raid your stronghold and kill your minions and an AI-controlled version of yourself to steal any money your base keeps. It's a fun method to gain extra currency, and the option to earn, improve and position foes in missions within your fortress is a neat feature. In all, the game is quite wholesome and satisfying. 

Stardew Valley 

Eric "ConcernedApe" created the simulation game Stardew Valley. Players assume the role of a character who inherits their deceased grandfather's rundown farm in Stardew Valley. 

The game's world might not be significant, but the activities make up for it. The game is peaceful and enjoyable to play.

The game is influenced by classic farming simulators such as Harvest Moon. However, it's not just a nostalgic vacation but a beautiful, joyful game that combines unique concepts with familiar cliches, and it's sure to put a smile on your face. 

While it is designed for casual gamers, developing the most successful farm will take many hours. But whether you enjoy forming connections, running efficient crops, or competing in battles, the game offers something for everyone.

The music and sound effects are great for the game's design, allowing for a highly pleasurable experience. 

Players shall lose track of time without even realizing. It is also accessible on a desktop if players wish to play it on a larger screen and with a keyboard and mouse, which simplifies things constantly. Therefore the game is worth giving a shot at and is fun to play.

Exiled Kingdom

Exiled Kingdom, or EK, is a single-player action game developed and published by 4 Dimension Games. The game has a plot where players must rescue the world from horrors left over by a previous cataclysm. It carries the appearance and gameplay of older games such as Diablo II and Baldur's Gate. 

The game is not free; it contains a free version that offers a reasonably significant trial period with two characters to choose from. Everything remains unlocked in the full version.

The game is isometric and derives inspiration from some of the best games in this genre from the previous decades, producing a labyrinth of the classic old spirit in a modern frame. It includes a challenging environment, choices with consequences, and a solid game system with multiple paths to develop your character. The game allows players to explore the world and takes them toward the best-kept secrets. We talk to different characters in their dialogue and complete many quests. It will enable us to customize our characters with other skills and items. It is among the best exploration games to have a unique gaming experience. 

The game is astounding, with monsters and antagonists to be fought against amid death traps all around, creating a sensation of a real-life hero in us.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is a significant experience raveled expedition set in a fantastical world populated with lore, heroes and monsters straight out of Norse mythology, and boss fights galore. The game, published in 2006 by THQ with all its charm, will keep us busy for several hours. 

On the quest, players shall help the Olympians fight the deadly titans, hunt mythical beasts, and battle foul legions from the underworld. The main game has the hero fighting titans wreaking havoc across the land. Players get to travel throughout ancient Greece in search of a solution to the titan threat. 

Playing it transports players to the role of a classical hero from one of Homer's myths, fighting mythical foes. The game is refreshing with a hack and slash style action, and we shall get the all-encompassing experience of an unbridled, truly heroic journey through the worlds of the Titan Quest.

The game provides a fully packed experience for any fan, whether veterans or newcomers.

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is a port of the 2016-2017 Nintendo 3DS game. It comprises turn-based mechanics, good graphics, and an excellent storyline to follow. Players can still hunt, capture, and fight monsters in this horror game.  

It is a port, but it performs admirably for a mobile port. Furthermore, the demo is one of the best we've ever seen. Essentially, we play the prologue in the demo and then import our save into the main game in the premium version.

Monster Hunter Stories has a unique gameplay structure compared to the previous titles in the series. The player takes on the role of a Rider who befriends monsters by stealing and hatching monster eggs. 

The player can then name their companion monsters or 'monsters,' ride them around the overworld and have them fight alongside them in battles. The player will be able to explore various environments, encounter and battle monsters in the field, collect items, and steal eggs from monster nests.

As the story progresses, we will encounter many side quests and hours of challenging turn-based battles in which one must coordinate monster skills, rider skills, and enemy attack patterns. 

The series' first instinctive rock-paper-scissors combat system is a breath of fresh air for veterans and newcomers alike. It's an excellent introduction to the popular Monster Hunter Universe and a game unlike any other in the series. You can even compete against other players online, locally, or through StreetPass.

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is a 2020 action role-playing video game published in 2020 by Kakao games and developed by Kong studios. On February 24th, the game was soft-launched in positions of Southeast Asia. In this game, we see a beautiful journey across a land ravaged by the invaders and destined to be saved by the legendary guardian. 

The game has a variety of worlds to explore, from the lush, majestic greenery of Canterbury to the mysterious and dreadful classrooms of Magic school. The classic adventure begins in Canterbury, where players are required to lift enormous boulders, detonate powerful explosives, and sling themselves past barriers to find hidden passageways to incredible treasures. 

Along the journey, players will make many friends who will help them save the world from chaos and destruction. The game is a relic from the past. It allows us to relive our most exciting adventures.

From solving challenging puzzles in epic dungeons to strategic action combat, embark on this legendary quest to save Canterbury with over 50 different heroes to collect, master their abilities, and maximize their stats to overwhelm the opponents. Players need to synergize to amplify their team's overall damage.

PostKnight 2

PostKnight 2

PostKnight 2 is the recent installment in the popular series. Malaysian studio Kurechii has developed it. The game's premise is unique as we play as a mailman, and our adventure takes us all over the game's world, delivering people's packages. 

The journey takes us to several locations where we can level up and become more powerful. 

The story focuses on a post knight; the report within the gameplay is segmented into distinct plot threads that typically begin and end with the introduction and completion of their respective village. 

There are also different characters to interact with, a simple but effective battle system, and other features. The ultimate goal is to advance to the rank of S-rank Postknight. It is not as traditional as our typical RPG or JRPG, but the game is entertaining and has enough role-playing elements to warrant inclusion on this list. 

The game's design is alluring as each of the characters has their own story, which adds to the game's appeal, and when we switch weapons, our abilities change, and the growth of our capabilities is non-linear. There are various regions to explore and learn about their cultures. 

Overall, the gameplay is simple and compelling, the story is good, the character design is excellent, and it perfectly fits the game's aesthetics. The game combines RPG, idle and endless runner mechanics with fast travel mechanics, intuitive controls, roguelike dungeon modes, etc.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a Japanese real-time game developed by Cygames where players can form a party of up to five members to participate in various modes.

The game contains over 50 heroines available for the player to collect and play within the game. Players can also spend time with their heroines to strengthen their bonds, making them more powerful.

It is an action-based game in real time where players can form groups of up to five people to participate in modes such as main quests and player-versus-player arena modes. New characters are obtained through a gacha mechanic or by exchanging character-specific memory pieces. 

Players can also form clans to qualify for clan battles similar to raid battles. The game provides the option for in-game or clan room chatting. 

Every playable character has one union burst or a powerful skill, also known as TP in-game, an EX skill, and an automatic regular attack. All PVP arena modes, on the other hand, are strictly autoplay.

The game is one of the world's most popular anime franchises. It has excellent graphics with beautiful animations, which shall ease our stress as we make our way into the digital world to join Pecorine, Kokkoro, Karyl, and others on an exciting adventure.

Summoner's War

Summoner's War

Summoner's War is a mobile turn-based strategy online game developed by Com2uS in South Korea. Players take on the role of a summoner, opening scrolls to acquire monsters for turn-based battles. Even though the main storyline is single-player, Summoner's War includes a variety of cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Summoner's War is a pioneering mobile game. Players begin with a small group and work their way up to more powerful characters. The game features over 1000 characters, a series of activities, temporary events to keep things interesting in the endgame, and smooth gameplay. 

Combat is turn-based, with up to six of our characters battling the bad guys. The game has its ups and downs, owing primarily to its age. However, when writing, the game is on a roll, and it's easily one of the best when it's on a roll. 

The game has monsters classified into five elements: water, fire, wind, and darkness, and each have a distinct class, such as support, defense, health, points, and attack.

The game takes place in a fictional fantasy world populated by various monsters and a group of humans known as Summoners who control these monsters in battle, sometimes in sanctioned arena matches and other times for power and control. 

The gameplay revolves around collecting these various monsters, leveling them, and growing them to compete against other players.

Iron Blade Mediaeval Legends RPG

Iron Blade Mediaeval Legends RPG

Gameloft has developed the Iron Blade Mediaeval Legends RPG. The game takes place in a medieval alternate reality fantasy Europe, complete with castles and gargoyles, stone figures used to decorate historical monuments.

The game pits you against a swarm of gargoyles. Iron Blade is about Damien, a professional monster slayer and totem destroyer who joins forces with other monster killers to keep their world from falling into eternal darkness. 

It tells the story of a brave band of Templar Knights who defend humanity from the evil schemes of the demon lord. Not surprisingly, he accomplishes this by fighting non-stop against his evil forces. 

The game's main aim is combat, with supporting activities such as resource collection, attacking or defending against other online players, and upgrading your hero's armor and weapons. 

In this war game, action employs a two-finger tap and holds system that is simple to learn but challenging to master. The game occurs in medieval Europe, plagued by War, Magic, and discord. The game's graphics are stunning, and the characters are well-designed. 

Players need to slay enemies with brilliant combo attacks and cast magical spells to defeat enemies while exploring the fantastic locations in-game. Players can also tailor their strength and combat style to use personal preferences.

Soulcraft 2

Soulcraft 2 was developed and created by Mobile bits, a tiny Indie gaming firm, and the Delta Engine still powers it after more than ten years. It is the sequel to the already excellent RPG title "Soulcraft" the action is gripping, and the hack and slash game will have players riveted to their smartphones.

SoulCraft 2 is a 3D-action RPG in which you play as one of the seven angels destined to protect Earth against the armies of Hell bent on bringing about the apocalypse. 

At first, players must select one of the seven playable characters: a gladiator, swordmaster, and barbarian. Depending on the character players pick, they must modify their gameplay style. 

The game also has a multiplayer league where players can compete against other players or simply where they can compete against other players, or you can merely play the single-player campaign to defend the world from bloodthirsty demons. You may choose from seven distinct hero classes, ranging from mage warriors to melee masters.

The primary campaign in SoulCraft 2 allows you to play the game in single-player mode, confronting a slew of opponents in tightly packed stages. To beat your adversaries, you must employ your hero's powers, which vary depending on your chosen angle. 

Aside from the single-player campaign, SoulCraft 2 allows you to compete against other players in asynchronous multiplayer mode to be crowned the world's most powerful angel.

Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is a massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Jagex. It has a persistent universe where players may interact with one another and with the environment. 

Because many things can provide more than one interaction option, the player controls a single (human) character who can interact with NPCs, objects, and creatures in the game environment by left-clicking or picking an option from the object's right-click menu. 

Users may earn experience points (exp.) and level up individual talents, which makes their playable character more solid or capable of performing that skill.

There can be no most excellent MMO gaming list without including RuneScape. The game was one of the most popular MMO games ever made and may be the most OK MMO game ever made. 

RuneScape is a large open environment in which players must level up their talents in various skill categories like woodcutting, fletching, mining, crafting, and many others. The game has around 200 million registered members, making it one of the largest and most often updated MMORPGs. 

The ancient interface and aesthetics of Old School RuneScape transport you back in time. If you've ever played RuneScape previously, then Old School RuneScape on Android is well worth the in-game.

Wars Dino Age

As the name implies, the game is set in the early ages. You, as the Chief, must train units, build structures, set traps, and even tame dangerous dinosaurs to battle other players, as well as cannibals and terrifying dinosaurs, all while exploring the large map filled with treasures and valuable resources. 

The game features a vast world filled with huge lands crammed with resources and gems to encounter cannibals and dinosaurs.

Primal Wars Dino Age is the epic dinosaur-themed MMO strategy game provided to us by 37Games; it pits us against players worldwide in a fierce real-time war for domination. 

As the Chief, players aim to expand their area by erecting structures, training equipment, producing lure crops, and even taming fearsome dinosaurs. Players sharpen their swords and release the creatures! It is time to develop a force to be reckoned with to reclaim the tribe members' lost territories and glory.

The visuals are good, and the gameplay should be reasonably fluid on virtually all Android smartphones released in the last several years. To combat dinosaurs, you may also join forces with pals orally with people worldwide.

HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales

HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) is a mobile hack-and-slash action RPG with high-quality graphics created with the Unreal four engine, fast-paced action combat, many stages of fighting through, four different classes, a large amount of equipment to collect, real-time PVP and Co-op Boss Raids, and additional modes such as Tower of Trials and Sanctuary. 

NEXON, the famous publishers behind Pocket Maplestory and Legion of Heroes, created HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales), a 3D dungeon crawler action RPG. Players can enjoy stunningly detailed and realistic graphics made with the latest Unreal four engine. 

Using fast-paced action combat and the ability to apply abilities, block, dodge, and counterattack, defeat hundreds of creatures and bosses in over 100 stages. 

Take part in an epic adventure to save the world from the God of Chaos. Real-time combat against other players in the deadly arena or real-time co-op with up to four other players to take down strong monsters. Choose one of four distinct classes, gather and improve various items, and improve your skills for optimal efficiency.

HIT is one of the most well-rounded and visually appealing MMO games on the Google Play Store. Players may team up in a friendly duel, compete in a six-person brawl arena, or face legendary bosses with their strong weapons. 

They may also choose from various characters with varying powers to engage their opponents. Players can also unleash deadly combination strikes, slash, and subdue enormous enemies in the game. You may also avoid and block enemy assaults by merely touching a button.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a fun game that allows you to show off your talents to the rest of the globe. Become a hero and save the universe from destruction. It is a 3D online RPG fighting game that extends the Shadow Fight universe's tale with new characters. 

Players get to embrace the excitement, cool brawls with strong combatants, and an exhilarating journey throughout the realm where mysterious powers reign.

The Shadow Fight games are among the greatest Android games ever created. If you consider yourself an enthusiastic mobile player, we doubt we need to introduce you to Shadow Fight 3 because you've probably already played it many times. 

If you haven't heard of Shadow Fight 3 or any of the other Shadow Fight titles on Android, then here's why you should install and play the game as soon as possible. If you've ever played Tekken on an arcade machine, this game will undoubtedly bring back memories because it provides the same combat technique but with different characters. Equip a wide range of weaponry and battle opponents to the death.

Shadow Fight 3 does not use flat 2D black shadows to portray warriors like its predecessors. They are now represented as lifelike three-dimensional figures in a dynamically animated three-dimensional setting. 

The shadows, on the other hand, remain and may be accessed through a new mode known as Shadow Form. While in this state, the characters can transform into shadows and perform stunning physics-defying movements based on the Shadow Abilities of the associated item.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is an iOS and Android free-to-play fantasy role-playing game (RPG). The game's brutal violence and blood are continuous, with characters being stabbed, shot, or burnt by Magic or flamethrowers. 

Darkness Rises is a groundbreaking Action RPG that combines stunning graphics, unique gameplay, and fierce boss battles in the palm of your hand.

Players can compete online (individually or in teams) and participate in co-op missions and raids with other players. They may also buddy each other and communicate in a virtual community. Players can enter public or guild chat rooms and whisper to other players. 

Players may access the app's Facebook page/community via an in-game link. If you're a lover of War, you'll feel right at home in this substantial Android game. To win, behead adversaries and hack and slash away at opponents. The blood and gore game will leave you wanting more action.

The game's plot is also not sinister, and you'll love completing chapters and defeating bosses to put your talents to the test. You might even create and modify your character. Darkness creeps across the country, bringing a swarm of terrible demons eager to penetrate our defenses. The route will be challenging, but you must endure and go into Hell itself to eradicate this evil before it plagues our globe. Legendary heroes await you, from the earth-shattering Berserker to the magic-wielding wizard. 

Character customization allows you to select from various classes that best suit your playstyle and create your character in any way you see appropriate, beginning a thrilling journey for players.

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival

Robert Kirkman's comic book series The Walking Dead, along with the story The Walking Dead series by Jay Bonansiaga, culminated into the game The Walking Dead: Road To Survival designed by Scopley in collaboration with IUGO mobile entertainment.

The app includes a story mode that chronicles the adventure of an unidentified protagonist (controlled by the user) and a small group of survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The player's decisions will impact the tale, and they will be offered several options during the game.

Characters from the comic series, the novel series, and Telltale's video game series, as well as wholly new original characters unique to the app, are encountered by the player character. Players get to create their survivor team to stave against the onslaught of the zombies. 

What makes the game even more exciting is that you must defend yourself against other survivors in-game and combat mindless zombies. Continue to level up your survivors to improve their fighting abilities and equip them with more lethal weapons. 

Building dwellings might give refuge to more survivors. The more survivors you maintain alive, the better your prospects of survival and triumph.

The game's grim look mirrors the difficult decisions you'll have to make as you scheme for survival. Join Michonne, Rick, and other The Walking Dead survivors in the epic struggle against the deadliest villains, from the Governor to Negan.

Questland: RPG Heroes Quest

RPG adventure and hero quest game with a dynamic storyline. In this immensely passionate turn-based 

action with CCG components, fight epic monsters (PvE), and duel other players online (PvP) 

Questland is a first-person role-playing game in the style of dungeon crawler cRPGs. Join a growing community of fans of classic-style RPG games. 

It is a pretty excellent RPG project in which players assume the role of a steep hunter against evil. The world of the game is fantastical and alive with animals and monsters. 

Players should be ready to anticipate thrilling combat in Pvp and Pve modes, comprehensive character growth, strength, the hunt for unique weapon and artifact models, and many other exciting features. 

The game is an absolute pleasure for gamers as they have first-person perspective or FPP with dynamic, fast-paced battles, a linear fantasy plot with engaging narration from other NPCs, and a card-driven combat system with 30 abilities, each with 3 excellent skill levels.

In this tactical RPG game, you must choose a turn-based strategy. Use talent talents such as Sword Wielding, Noble Charge, Spectral Energy, Elemental Wisdom, Divine Force, White Witchcraft, and Sorcerer's Shield to get an advantage in the battle against swarms of enormous spiders, imps, skeletons, assassins, barbarians, dragons, and more and be wary of the Monster's abilities.

Blade Bound: Immortal Hack and Slash Action RPG

Blade Bound: Hack and Slash of Darkness Action game are developed by Artifex Mundi. The hero awaits an epic quest in a fast-paced online game. Players shall discover the dark fantasy-free action and immerse themselves in the gameplay. The mysterious world teems with hunters, dungeons, and ferocious beasts while the game has high-definition graphics of console quality and a simple hunter guide tutorial helps us get started with the game quickly.

Players can compete in the Champion's Contest, pit themselves against other mighty warriors in the PVP arena, and battle their way to the top ranks. They can fill their inventory with weapons, armor, artifacts, and various loot from their battlefields. 

Improve their gear by fusing it with the hearthstone and a wide range of mystical ingredients. Further, they have to gather enchanted amulets, scrolls, and other powerful charms. 

Making a true wonder, such as the sword of eternal flames or the necklace of eternity. Players can select their own emblem and master the forces of fire, water, and other natural forces. They get to learn one-of-a-kind, lethal skills tied to hundreds of different weapons, armor, etc. and combine to create an incredible set of equipment.

Players can explore several locations, running through forests, marshlands, ice caverns, abandoned mines, ancient ruins, and many other diverse environments. 

They can also boost their experience and claim unique rewards by participating in daily and weekly events and accepting challenges. Players get to battle waves of diabolic hordes on the monster hunt to hone their combat skills. Therefore, all in all, it is an exciting game.

Age of Magic

Playkot Ltd. created Age of Magic, a mobile collectible RPG; the age of Magic is a turn-based fantasy mobile game about epic heroes battling on the ruins of an ancient magical world.

In the play store, the game has one of the highest ratings among all games and applications. The turn-based RPG game has stunning graphics for a mobile game, and the controls are relatively simple to master.

The story takes place in a dying magical world where countless shards smolder in the starlit void, inhabited by the creatures who survived the cataclysm. Players traverse the shards, collecting heroes and fighting hideous monsters. 

The shards of an ancient world became home to strange creatures. Players need to defeat enemies to gain coins, potions, experience points, and so on. They need to level up the hero in order to make him or her stronger and faster in combat. Age of Magic has over 50 heroes to collect, so there remains absolutely no room for boredom within the game. 

The game welcomes us to the age of mages, knights, and dragons. Players get to form their own groups of five heroes and allow us to discover their stories in campaign mode, defeating other players in unforgettable PvP battles to reach the top of the arena or tournament by proving their skills.

We get to explore the vast world of Magic, which is pierced by the powers of light and darkness, meeting legendary heroes and engaging in epic battles against terrifying foes. 

We get to step into the shadows to meet challenging assassin Sharazar and completely indulge ourselves in the fantasy world filled with turn-based battles and role-playing elements to collect all of the magical heroes, battle epic bosses, and rule the PvP arena.

Wizard's Wheel 2

Wizard's Wheel 2, developed by Iron Horse Games LLC, Wizard's Wheel 2 is a brand new idle game which is a free mobile incremental role-playing game with retro- RPG graphics and turn-based gameplay, as well as idle and auto-battling features that allow players to set it and forget it. Various upgrades and prestige systems are in place, allowing for continuous power growth.

In the game, players need to recruit heroes, clear waves of enemies in the forest, defeat the boss in each area, and battle the undead in each region. The gamer needs to assemble the best team of heroes as they explore dangerous dungeons and defeat monsters and steal the treasure from the monsters to empower the heroes. 

Players need to spin the wizard's wheel to accelerate time and find hidden treasure in a pixel dungeon and help the heroes survive. Unlike other idle games, this one is highly addictive, time-killing, and unique. 

What's more is that heroes will continue to level up even when they're not playing the game, which is ideal for those who don't have much time to remain hooked up to the game.

Wizard Wheel 2 challenges players to lead a group of adventurers against hundreds of monsters such as trolls, fierce wolves, giant bears, skeletons, leeches, and many more. Wizard's wheel2 is an enjoyable game with simple gameplay and a plethora of different monsters and heroes, as well as charming pixelated visuals.

AION: Legions of WAR

The game is one of the best hack and slash games for Android developed by NCSOFT games. The incredible graphics will leave players wanting more. They can create their own powerful team of heroes to defeat their enemies and deadly monsters.

Aion: Legions of War is regarded as the most difficult RPG of all time. The game contains the perfect balance between vengeance and redemption in a rich storyline with incredible visuals and intense characters to choose from. 

We have over 100 heroes, including armored warriors, monstrous beasts, and colossal cyborgs. Players need to construct their ultimate legion and simply amass their enemies in a completely open world waiting to be explored. 

They can choose their path, hone their skills, harness the power of the awakening, and unleash the full power of the hero, complete with amazing transformations and hidden abilities just waiting to be discovered. 

The combat has been described as a smooth blend of timing, strategy, and team composition. The game takes us on the journey of Ren, a silver legion cadet who follows his half-brother and silver legion commander, Candour, into the abyss in search of Priestess Astria. 

The game has over a hundred heroes to discover and collect. As we delve into the game, the more abilities and items we unlock, it enhances our equipment to deal with more damage in the battle. 

The game brings in a revolution to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience on our device by combining visceral gameplay, breathtaking console-quality graphics, and massive-scale battles.

Battle Heart 2

Battle heart 2 was developed by Mika Mobile. Similar to the prequel of the game, there isn't much of a plot in this game. There's some flavor text for each character that can be used in the party, but other than that, players get to participate in a variety of mini-battles. 

The world of the game is absolutely lovely. As we explore the world map, we shall notice that it takes place in the typical medieval setting found in such kinds of games.

The different stages of the game have their own environment, which include lush forests, hot deserts, icy tundras, and more. Each area also appears to be quite detailed, giving the game a more polished and modern appeal than the first. The game played on a touch screen device works extremely well. 

When we enter the game, save the file or return from a battle, we shall see the world map, with information such as level and rewards displayed. Before each fight, players can select up to four characters from a pool of 12 for the team. Unlike most games of this genre, players can select any character they want, as they're all unlocked and available from the get-go. 

The symbol next to their class type indicates whether they specialize in tanking, damage, or healing. Players will have their own spells and abilities to utilize in battles, but stronger ones need to be purchased with skill points that they earn.

The game is extremely fun to play and can be listed as the best RPG game with cute cartoonish characters, soothing music and polished graphics, gorgeous textures, etc., and it provides us with the opportunity to play around and experiment with what works the best.

The World 3: Rise of Demon

The World 3: Rise of Demon has been developed and published by Good Games. The World 3: Rise of Demon is a 3D action game about monster hunting. You will take on the role of a fearless explorer in pursuit of ancient treasures and unknown regions while fighting evil powers. 

You will fight giant corrupted creatures and charismatic adversaries on this epic voyage, but don't worry; you will gain experience, acquire new destructive talents, and build strong equipment to help you win it all.

Based on Unity technology, this game has stunning 3D visuals for ideal slicing action. Battle mobility is unrestricted, and combat is fast-paced, featuring slick skills and combination animation for a fluid fighting experience. There are numerous and diverse large enemies for you to chase, hack, slash, knock out, and eventually destroy. 

There are several Epic Bosses to choose from! Kill them all, collect loot, and level up. Good Games and Oxon studio bring us smooth fight action and rich visuals. Blasting impact from real-time fighting, differentiating every move from routine strikes to hefty strikes, new combination breaking. 

You have to take on the role of a fearless explorer in pursuit of ancient treasures and unknown regions while fighting evil powers. You will fight giant corrupted creatures and fascinating adversaries on this epic voyage, but don't worry; you will gain experience, acquire new destructive talents, and build strong equipment to help you win it all. The system allows us to break boss combo moves and counter them with powerful strikes. 

The game is superbly intense with battles and, epic bosses, stunning graphics. Players need to defeat enemies to collect loot and level up their character to deal with more challenges.

Maze: Shadow of Light

When it comes to the best RPG games is this one. Maze: Shadow of Light is a third-person action RPG that stands out from the pack because of its stunning visuals. Here, you'll witness spectacular real-time battles in which any opponent who gets in your way is quickly dispatched. The game has stunning aesthetics and is absolutely commendable.

Players get to choose from up to three different sorts of characters. The main draw here, though, is that in Maze: Shadow of Light, each player has a 'guardian' figure that may replace them in combat and unleash unique offensive skills.

Plus, you may switch out characters at a whim and employ them to conduct combinations. Maze also has a clever "tag action" system that allows you to switch between your main hero character and the special guardian that follows them in order to pull off fantastic double-team combinations. 

However, you will have to wait for a certain amount of time beforehand. Campaign mode in Maze: Shadow of Light has 50 phases, and you follow along in the classic story of good vs. evil. 

The game has jaw-dropping and flawless visuals and proves to be one of the best RPG games. Its scene set-up and character presentations are out of this world, falling between cartoons and cell shading. Overall, we're looking at a game with all of the genre's standard components (leveling up, etc.).

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a free-to-play action role-playing game published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It is a sub-series of The Elder Scrolls. 

The game is developed exclusively for mobile devices in the first person and involves practically inevitable one-on-one combat, which is engaged by tapping, swiping, or utilizing virtual dual-stick controllers through the touch screen.

Because of the restrictions and limits of mobile devices, the game's general architecture is linear. Another difference is that the game does not have the powers of creeping around non-playable characters, moving corpses, and hiding/storing/stealing goods. Melee weapons, magic spells, and ranged assaults are all used in combat. 

Regarding the usage of Magic, the player can only equip up to three distinct magic spells to employ during combat. Dungeons in the game are both hand-crafted by creators and randomly generated. 

Characters can be customized and leveled up to improve their abilities. Blades has three different game modes: Abyss, Arena, and Town. Abyss is a roguelike game in which the player must strive to get as far as possible across an endless dungeon. 

Despite being unrelated to the game's plot, the infinite dungeon is great for the player to earn experience and strength. The arena is a multiplayer mode in which two players compete against one another.

The graphics of the game are mind-boggling for a smartphone game, and it takes players through dangerous dungeons, castles, ruins, caves, and forts in order to complete the game.

Monster Legends 

Monster Legends is a multiplayer role-playing game and is one of the best RPG games where you nurture an army of monsters from unhatched eggs into fearsome combatants, preparing your animals for the battlefield from the beginning. 

With hundreds of monsters to choose from (each with their own set of skills) and the ability to breed and create new hybrid species, nearly every player in this comprehensive RPG controls their elite force.

As you advance in your capacity as Monster Master, you'll be able to create your own Monster Paradise, where your animals will live in carefully designed habitats. It is on this island that you feed your monsters, train them, and breed them in between battles or missions and other mini-games to acquire experience and valuable prizes. 

The Monster Legends is a simple game in which you acquire and domesticate fascinating animals of all types, which you may also evolve: red fire dragons, huge apes, massive sea serpents, and many more. 

In Monster Legends, players must construct the ideal environment for their monsters to live and grow organically. This means you'll need to build structures not only for the monsters to reside in but also for resources and food (both of which are necessary for your monsters to evolve)

Monster Legends' evolution mechanism, of course, is quite similar to that of the Pokemon saga; that is, as your monsters progress through the stages, they can change their look and gain new powers. 

As is customary in such games, you may put your monsters against those of gamers from all around the world online. You can strive to climb the worldwide leaderboards by participating in these matches.


Things are changing, though, as smartphones are becoming nearly as powerful as mid-range laptops, and there are a plethora of spectacular games available that provide gorgeous visuals and console-like gaming experiences.

The best RPG games for Android and iOS give players complete control over their experience. They allow you to build and customize your character in a variety of ways. While this is an important aspect of the game, the flexibility and player options available to you make or break the game. There's no purpose in playing a game that just allows you to customize your character and then provides you with a few options for plot development.


RPG games help us to consider other people's points of view, increase the tolerance of players or gamers towards frustration, improve the capacity and capability to resolve problems and queries of players, and lastly, it helps to develop their communication skills and teamwork abilities.

RPGs, in addition to physical demands, train the brain for cognitive skills and social circumstances. When role-playing, players learn social relations by asking villages for information, organizing their next move with fellow players, and practicing diplomacy with foes.

RPGs also provide people with greater control over their surroundings. People who become hooked on games like World of Warcraft may do so as a result of uncontrollable stress in their real life. Living life like a game might make them feel strong and distract them from their other concerns.

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