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MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) are the trend in the video gaming world, and it has been so for almost the past decade. And one key title that has never stopped making giant strides since its inception is the Destiny franchise. While the original Destiny ended up revolutionizing this genre, its second instalment, Destiny 2, has only furthered the legacy of its name in that direction. 

Its constant quest for improvement and evolution makes the game what it is today. More features, mostly newer weapons, are added to the game through every update, ensuring the audiences are continually interested in the gameplay. And there is a truckload of weapons on display here, which attracts the players to give this game a shot. 

Exotic weapons are the most powerful ones in Destiny 2, but they are challenging to obtain. So, the next best thing is the Legendary weapons, and they are, on the contrary, widely available and huge in volume. Hence, the following list features the best handpicked Legendary weapons in the game.

Best Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2

Probably the most widely used and also one of the best weapons a player can ever get their hands on; there are so many Legendary weapons in this game that they can even be subcategorized into Energy, Kinetic, and Heavy as per their slots. Some of the best Legendary weapons that are available in Destiny 2 right now are as follows:

1. Fatebringer


First up in this coveted list is probably the most iconic weapon in the history of the Destiny franchise - Fatebringer. It is also one of the most powerful Hand Cannons in the second instalment of Destiny 2. 

And what adds to its legacy is that it is equally massive in both PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment) modes. Of all the weapon perks available for it, just like in the first instalment, the combination of Explosive Payload and Firefly makes this weapon all the more dangerous. 

There are also a few other significant roles, such as Osmosis + Kill Clip when it comes to PvE and Opening Shot + Killing Wind in the case of the PvP mode. It has got terrific stats to speak for it too.

It is one of those weapons that appeal to almost all types of users, especially those who are into Hand Cannons. More importantly, Fatebringer can be unlocked at the Vault of Glass raid after the completion of its third and fourth encounters. 

2. Salvager's Salvo

Salvager's Salvo

Being a grenade launcher, one of the game's most excellent and popular weapons, Salvager's Salvo is a player's absolute delight. When used with its perk of Chain Reaction, every time a shot is fired from it, a chain reaction of explosions is set off if it ends up being a kill, and then the subsequent explosion happens, and if it is a kill again, the subsequent explosion and so on. 

And when it is coupled with either Demolitionist or Ambitious Assassin, it turns out to be one of the game's most effective ad-clearing (additional enemies) machines. This weapon also has a considerable reserve of ammo that can go long periods using just the Primary itself.

One more worth mentioning about Salvager's Salvo is that it is the go-to weapon to seize any quest from the infamous Abandoned Quests helmed by the Postmaster. Also, it can be purchased either at the Monument of Lost Lights or the Exotic Kiosk, both located in the Tower.  

3. Deliverance


A Fusion Rifle is a Destiny-exclusive version of an energy gun that shoots out bursts of energy instead of ammo at short, regular intervals.  The good thing about these rifles is that they are in the Kinetic slot by default instead of the usual Energy slot, so a high-end Primary such as the Igneous Hammer or the Palindrome can be used in the latter. As a Fusion rifle, it is undoubtedly one of Destiny 2's best weapons.

It may not be the ideal option to take down the big guns, but when rolled with some of the best perks available, it is a highly potent weapon for tackling groups of enemies. Especially when it is modded with Deepsight Resonance, it becomes the much more powerful God role that one wants it to be. 

Some of the best and the most common perks for this Stasis would be Perpetual Motion + Chill Clip and Successful Warm-Up + Demolitionist. Deliverance can be obtained at the Vow of the Disciple raid. 

4. Heritage


On the PvE side, Heritage is most likely a must-have weapon. A shotgun that stands out from the rest does exceptional damage and has a tremendous one-on-one range. When rolled with the perks Hip-Fire Grip and Moving Target, it becomes one of the most consistent PvP weapons in the Legendary Shotguns category. 

And for PvE, the combination of perks that makes it all the more remarkable is Reconstruction + Recombination. These two perks are highly exclusive and usually come with weapons found at the Deep Stone Crypt raid, which is also where Heritage can be obtained.

Reconstruction, as the name suggests, basically doubles up your magazine, enabling extended shooting time with much more ammo at one's disposal. Whereas Recombination does the heavy duty of increasing its level of damage, it is responsible for taking down the more powerful targets. When these two perks are put together, Heritage becomes a beefed-up weapon capable of taking down bosses and Champions.  

5. The Palindrome

The Palindrome

Another hand cannon that deserves a place on this list is the Palindrome. For no reason, it is not the most well-rounded hand cannon in the legendary weapons category. When it comes to PvP, it is right up there with the best, featuring an impeccable stat and the availability of certain top-tier perks such as the Killing Wind, Quickdraw, and Rangefinder. 

It also has a near-perfect recoil direction and an incredible aim assistance stat, making it a desirable weapon in one's armoury. But it suffered one major blow when the Rampage perk was removed from its pool, and it was quite significant, especially in the PvE mode.

Nevertheless, even when an amateur in the game gets their hands on it, it still feels compelling enough purely because of its stats. Moreover, the combination of perks is the best fit for this weapon, Outlaw + One for All. The palindrome can be obtained after completing Nightfall: The Ordeals. 

6. Forbearance


Forbearance was probably added to the mix of weapons in Destiny 2 because it could be called a direct competitor to Salvager's Salvo. It is a wave frame grenade launcher that specialises in inflicting arc damage. It makes use of special ammo, and is known for its ad-clearing abilities. 

Even concerning its perks, this weapon shares a rivalry with the Salvo because Forbearance, too, can be rolled with Chain Reaction and Ambitious Assassin. This shines brighter than the salvager's salvo because this is much easier to handle. It has a high blast radius, which is very handy mainly because its God roll has a chain reaction in it. 

Probably the only downside to it is that it needs considerable reload time, and it is not ideal in a high-stakes situation. It can be obtained through the Vow of the Disciple raid, but since it is just a random drop, one may not get it for sure, even over there. 

7. The Hothead

The Hothead

The Hothead is a rocket launcher, and is one of those weapons carried on from the original Destiny. It features a mighty perk pool, one of the best for a rocket launcher. Amongst them is Explosive Light, which is probably the best damage perk a rocket launcher can ever possess. It intensifies the damage of the rocket that is about to go next when it collects an orb of power on its way. 

On the other hand, when The Hothead is rolled with Clown Cartridge, it can deal more damage than most other Exotic rocket launchers. The other perks, such as Tracking Module and the newly updated Vorpal Weapon, when put together, can destroy every Super that stands in its way. 

However, the God roll for this weapon has got to be Tracking Module + Clown Cartridge. But if a grenade is what one is going after, then Demolitionist must be rolled with any of the perks mentioned above to get that done with every kill. 

8. Stormchaser


Stormchaser is a Linear Fusion Rifle that was brought into existence in the second instalment of the Destiny franchise. It is, of course, the first of its kind to fire in the pattern of three-round bursts, giving this weapon a massive edge over the other Linear Fusion Rifles available in the game. Especially with this archetype, it has a ridiculous DPS (damage per second), which is also probably the highest in the game.

To reduce the downtime that comes with firing a weapon with such long bursts, it can be meddled with, even in the middle of it. And this has got a fantastic perk pool, which helps in reducing that downtime even further.

The God roll for this rifle is the combination of Firing Line and Clown Cartridge, which enables extended shots with an added damage bonus. As expected, with these perks added, no other standard LFR even comes close to Stormchaser. This can be obtained from the final encounter of the Duality Dungeon. 

9. Thoughtless


It is no surprise that Sniper Rifles are always a go-to option for high-stakes encounter situations, and so it is high time one such weapon has featured in this list. It is none other than Thoughtless itself. Just like Deliverance, this is also a Kinetic weapon and uses special ammo. Be it for quick burst damage or a sustained fight against a boss, Thoughtless is suitable for almost any situation in the game. 

Focused Fire and Overflow is the best combination of perks for making this a more effective weapon than it already is. While the former doubles the size of the magazine, the latter increases the level of damage it inflicts. 

For users who are more into PvP, the perk Snapshot Sights can come to the rescue, and it is perfect for outright snappy gameplay, but that is what it is called for. To get their hands on this weapon, one has to either reach season pass level 30 or through the PsiOps Battlegrounds Runic Chest.

10. Half-Truths


If there is one sword that every player needs to have as a part of their collection, it is the Half-Truths. It is only one of the two swords which can be rolled with a perk called Eager Edge. As soon as one switches to this weapon, this perk enables the player to lunge at astonishing speeds by increasing the distance almost entirely. 

Therefore, it has become a fan favourite. Half-Truths can also be coupled with abilities such as Icarus Dash, Shatterdive, or Well of Radiance to reach insanely high speeds. All of this makes it a legendary option, especially in PvP.

It is to be noted that the Eager Edge perk is also helpful for navigating through jumping puzzles, and that is why it is always better to have one in the armoury when faced with such puzzles.

There are a few downsides to this sword as well. It can not be rolled with those core sword-exclusive options such as Surrounded or Whirlwind Blade. And it is also an adaptive archetype sword, which means it has some meagre DPS stats, and the level of damage is also not as good as some others. 

11. Falling Guillotine 

Falling Guillotine

The Falling Guillotine is one more sword that cannot be overlooked in this list. It is the best Vortex sword in the game, which also means it is the best of all legendary swords out there simply because the Vortex frame is the strongest of all the sword frames. 

Swords, in general, can inflict much damage on lighter targets but with a strong health pack. The God roll for this sword combines Relentless Strikes + Whirlwind Blade. That makes it two of the four top-tier perks available for a sword. This is a good pick for those who can not afford a Lament Exotic sword because it is budget-friendly and nearly as good as the Lament variant. 

But it is no good in the PvP mode, as it adds no additional value without rolling with the all-important Assassin's Blade. It is also a Void weapon, which makes a case for it because being one is always an advantage. Falling Guillotine can be obtained randomly as a post-match activity or with the help of prime or legendary engrams. 

12. Funnelweb


SMGs (submachine guns) are an integral part of any shooter game, and it is no exception in the Destiny universe, either. Funnelweb is one such weapon. This game is considered the successor to the renowned, legendary, and strongest primary of this franchise, The Recluse. 

The two are identical in almost everything usually associated with such a machine. Funnelweb only goes on to push the boundaries of the Recluse with its inbound traits and perks, making itself all the more powerful of the two options. Veist Stinger, one of its original traits, enables the weapon to automatically reload whenever it hits a target.

And coupling it with subsistence makes the funnel web a weapon that rarely even needs reloading. While pairing it with damage perks such as Frenzy or Adrenaline Junkie, the players have got themselves an ad-clearing beast. 

This stands out, especially in the Crucible. With the help of Killing Wind and Rangefinder as its additions, it can take down targets from a relatively long distance. It is also more straightforward to manoeuvre than most other SMGs. Funnelweb can be obtained through the Legendary Engrams. 

13. Krait


After stasis rifles became a thing in Destiny 2, it was only inevitable for some newer weapons to follow suit. Krait is one such rifle that sits in the Kinetic slot. Thanks to its incredibly high fire rate and considerable magazine size, it has undoubtedly attracted fans all across the board.

It has a wide range of perks in its pool, and the most notable names are "One for All," "Subsistence, Headstone, and "Overflow." Most of these make Krait an absolute monster in the ad-clearing business, and some help reduce the reload time drastically. But the level of damage it is capable of inflicting is marginally low.

This weapon can only be obtained from the gunsmith, who is usually in the Tower, and only then will the players be able to get their hands on it, as Krait usually drops as one of the weapons from the world pool. 

14. Snorri FR5

Snorri FR5

What good is this list if it does not feature the best Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 right now? The undisputed king of Crucible at the moment, Snorri FR5, is that one and rightly so. It is a Precision Frame Fusion Rifle with some of the most impressive stats and an incredible perk pool to match up to it. 

At any given time in the game, almost every player is bound to have this weapon in their arsenal, sometimes without even knowing it, because it is one of the most accessible weapons in the game.

It is best suited to PvP mainly because it possesses a great recoil pattern, providing excellent control to the player. Adding perks such as Arrowhead Brake and Firmly Planted only makes it even better to fire perfectly at the targets with minimal chances of missing out. 

It has an impeccable range and, coupled with easy handling, makes it a force to reckon with. Also, Snorri FR5 is one of the most accessible weapons to obtain as they are most likely to lie around almost everywhere. 

15. Empty Vessel

Empty Vessel

A grenade launcher, which is also one of the best utility weapons in the game, is immediately a player's delight. Empty Vessel is the one that hits that perfect balance, and it proves to be beneficial in so many aspects of the gameplay. 

It not only does the regular damage that grenade launchers usually do but is also capable of debuffing the enemies with shields and exposing them to increased levels of damage, besides providing the player added mobility and speed.

It is also capable of disrupting the AI and blinding the enemies when it comes to the PvE mode. And it is calculative with the usage of the ammo while still providing the player with all the abilities mentioned above. One must work on the art of auto-detonating the grenades, which is all that matters.

The perks that come into the picture are Blinding Grenades, Disruption Break, and Auto-Loading Holster, which are responsible for destroying enemies even with a single shot. And this weapon also generates something called Warmind Cells, basically glowing orbs.

They tend to explode and inflict extreme damage on the enemies inside the blast radius when they are continuously shot at. With such a unique trick up its sleeve, it is one of those most desirable weapons in the circuit. Empty Vessels can be obtained via Strikes and Vanguard Engrams. 


From shotguns to SMGs to grenade launchers to rocket launches to even swords, this list has covered almost all kinds of Legendary weapons in the game. It all eventually comes down to every player's preferences and liking as to what weapon they are looking to acquire and why. 

They can have several weapons in their inventory, but it also depends on the game situation they are faced with at the given moment. However, this list could act as a potential guide to direct the players in the right direction if this is what they are looking for, which is prevalent in the case of new players. 


As with any sequel, it is advisable to play the original Destiny first, get used to the gameplay, see if you like it, and then give Destiny 2 a try. Only then will you become familiar with the world itself and the characters and weapons involved, so you will be better prepared to face what is in store in the second instalment. 

In simple terms, Kinetic weapons fire bullets, and they do the most damage. Energy weapons fire beams of energy mostly and bullets of an elemental type, such as ice and fire. They are the most suited to take down shields. Heavy weapons are launchers, either grenades or rockets, that mainly cause explosions. 

Initially, it was a pay-to-play game, and that move was not welcomed. And then, the developers decided to make it free, which has been so with the latest additions. 

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