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Do you not like going to bars and clubs? Or do you worry about feeling anxious and stressed? Or do you constantly care about the hygiene of such places? If your response is yes, and you enjoy some best pool games, but you cannot go owing to these different factors, don't fear. People can now play pool games online as well. 

Billiards, often known as "pools," have been a popular pastime for many years and are still enjoyed by many today. This activity is not only entertaining to play with friends but all with family members. It is a top-rated game, particularly in pubs and clubs. People like socializing while playing pool and drinking beer or a simple cocktail to spend some time with their loved ones or even relax on their own.

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Best Pool Games to Try Right Now

The pool has always been an exciting and unique sport. But there are many places in the world where pool lovers do not get to play pool physically due to the lack of pool tables. However, some games give the fans a different level of joy when playing pool games on their phone. Here are some best pool games you can easily find online, and you must try these games if you are a core pool fan.  

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

When it comes to pool games, no other game can beat 8 Ball pool. This pool game has over 500 million downloads and has been loved by everyone since it launched. The game went viral, and everyone started playing this game. It allows the player to play with players from all over the world and compete in various championships, which is very exciting. 

8 Ball Pool was released in 2010, and since then, players have loved the game and kept playing it. You can play 8 Ball Pool on both Android and iOS phones. Many players do not know that 8 Ball Pool was released in 2008 and released as 8 Ball quick fire pool, which later became 8 Ball pool.

If you are looking for a pool game that allows you to win real money, you should play Pool Master on Frolic.

Pooking - Billiards City 

Pooking - Billiards City 

If we go to the play store and search for pool games, this game comes on top, and this game has been loved the most by all the pool players. This game has over 100 million downloads and provides the player with the best pool experience. 

This game allows players to play pool but in very different conditions. In this game, the players play pool on tables of different shapes. This game is more of a story-based game where the players have to precise each level and move to the next level, and after some levels, the city is changed, giving the players a whole new experience of playing pool, and one can enjoy playing pool in a completely new way. 

Real Pool 3D 

Real Pool 3D is also an exciting game as it provides the players with a completely new experience as they play pool in 3D on their mobiles. This game has over 50 million downloads, showing that people have loved the game. Many people gave an excellent review and mentioned that the game is best as it passes their time which serves excellent for them. 

Real Pool 3D is an exciting game as players can challenge other players worldwide, which is terrific. In this game, players get to create their club, which engages them and helps them to pass their time if they need to. Players can also sign into their Facebook accounts and enjoy the game with their friends. If you love 3d games, you should explore the best 3D games for android

Kings of Pool 

Kings of Pool 

It is one of the most well-known games in the field, and many of us have played it. It offers an incredible gaming experience with various colored tables, an online multiplayer feature, and stunning graphics. You can engage in a championship in this game with up to 8 players at once, whether they are online buddies or people you have invited via a link. 

Once you progress on the list, you can unlock new pull modes in this game. Fantastic elements in this game are the sound, simple controls, and classic artwork. If we talk about how this game is rated on the Play Store, it has 1 million downloads and approximately 50 thousand reviews, demonstrating how wildly popular it is among teens and how it has been trying to carve out a niche for itself since it joined the market.

Pool Stars

Pool Stars

Another one of the most accessible and most convenient pool games available, this one has all the graphics and content you could want. Additionally, it has a two- and three-dimensional perspective, giving players who want to play the game advantage. 

In this game, you can choose between a single-player mode, a multiplayer mode, and leaderboards. However, the custom Challenge mode is the game's most attractive original feature. Users can design their challenges and send them to their online communities or links. Users also enjoy the challenge creation mode's originality and the features mentioned above. 

If we talk about the pool stars' performance, it has a rating of four stars on the Play Store and has been downloaded five million times worldwide, which indicates that it is becoming more popular with users and has excellent potential in terms of features.

The Real Snooker 3D

The list of the best pool games is incomplete without mentioning this game. The Real Snooker 3D game combines three-dimensional graphics and content with traditional arcade snooker. In this game, you can improve your pool skills if you don't already have them and learn how to conduct yourself appropriately. Either you or anybody can participate in this game. 

The only issue you might encounter is that the rules aren't fully enforced, which can annoy you occasionally. This game contains three challenging levels and five different table patterns with many helpful features for users learning the fundamentals of Snooker games. 

The game's overall quality is excellent and runs smoothly, although consumers feel that the soundtrack could be a little better and want to see more precise sound control. It has 5 million downloads and a 4.3-star rating on Play Store.

Pool Break Pro 

Pool Break Pro 

Pool Break Pro is amongst the most well-known and one of the oldest smartphone games available. Many of us are familiar with it. You can choose various game types, which set this game apart. 

The game looks quite decent to learn and play, and the mechanics are sufficiently straightforward. This game will improve your concentration and teach you how to develop strategies. It has 100K downloads and a 4.4-star rating.

Pool Tour 

Pool tour 

Pool Tour is another of the most intriguing pool games with distinctive features. Rather than just offering the standard pool experience, this game provides a variety of complete puzzles. 

This kind of gaming requires you to improve your mental clarity and provides an excellent opportunity to unwind and relieve tension in such a stressful setting. This one has solid gameplay, and everything about the user interface is ideal. It is a developing game that has potential for future success.

8-Ball Billiards

The general rule of this game is that each player has nine chances to score as many points as possible, which sets it apart from other pool games. It has a very long and respectable history. The rack of 21 balls is typically used to play this game. 

You needed excellent hand-eye coordination to play these games successfully, which included choosing which object ball to try, aiming for it, and determining where to start the cue ball. Each ball in this game has a numerical face value. This game has a rating of 4.6 stars and 500k downloads on the Play Store, indicating its popularity. If you are new to the billiards world, check out the How to play Billiards. It is a perfect guide for beginners. 

9-Ball Pool

Played with 10 number balls, 9 Ball Pool is one of the best games you'll ever play on your smartphone. Although you might assume that ball number 9 is the shot ball, you can pot any ball at any time throughout the game's playing period. You may become more effective and develop your game plan more precisely and quickly if you play pool games.

You get another turn in the second inning when you miss every attempt to scratch the ball. From then on, at break out, the ball with the lowest number on the table should make contact with the cue ball. Regarding ratings, it has a play store rating of four stars.

Bumper Pool

It is one of the most ambitious varieties of pool games, giving teenagers a fantastic experience. Unlike most other types, bumper pool is played on a standard pool table and only has two compartments, which are situated in the middle of the two rails that are directly across from one another. Bump Stops, often known as bumpers, make up the table's interior. 

Playing these games improves your concentration and hand-eye coordination. Playing this game would help because it will teach you how to recognize and overcome barriers. If we talk about the game's performance, it has thousands of downloads and a four-star rating on the Play Store.

Baseball Billiards

Baseball Billiards

The overall purpose of this game is to be in the market, which has been around for a very long time on the Play Store, is for players to score as many points as they can in the nine innings they have available. By knocking in as many balls as possible before missing or scratching the ball, the user will earn points for each inning.

Playing the game of pool increases your ability to formulate strategies quickly and encourages you to pay attention to details. If you hit all ten balls on your first attempt, it is a strike; if you hit all ten on your second attempt, it is a spare. It is a well-known game in the field with a rating of four stars or more.


This pool game, which borrows certain aspects from 10-pin bowling, is sometimes employed as a training exercise. Online pool games allow players to immerse themselves entirely while disengaging from their busy lives. It is impossible to overstate the therapeutic benefits of focusing all of one's energies on a game of online pool. 

Playing a ball pool game is one of the best ways to unwind and maximize your free time. Regarding ratings, the game has had a high number of downloads across the network and has a rating of 4 stars on the Play Store.

Cutthroat Pool

Playing cutthroat in a pool game with friends is enjoyable. Each player is assigned a group of numbered balls at the beginning of the game. The next step is to attempt to pocket the balls of your rivals before they do the same to you.

For instance, if there were three players, you would form the following groups:

  • One through five balls is given to player A.
  • 6 through 10 balls are given to player B.
  • 11 through 15 balls are given to player C.

Following the intermission, the groups are chosen. You can claim a group once you've fired your first shot. The team with the fewest (or no) balls in the pockets would be your choice. When you steal an opponent's ball, you can continue shooting until you miss or foul.

Once all of a player's balls have been deposited, they are out. The final player with any balls still on the table wins the game. The pool game Cutthroat can be exciting and competitive for teams of three to five people.

One Pocket

The pool game "One Pocket" only uses two pockets for each player to score points. The two-foot corner pockets are located at the table's end. The corner pocket is picked by Player A. The other bag and opposing corner belong to Player B. The pocket in your corner serves as your target, and any object ball you throw must land there.

To score eight points, you must place all eight object balls in your opponent's target pocket before they do. Any object ball that is pocketed in the target pocket on a legal shot scores one point, and you have the option to shoot any object ball.

You can play this game solo or on two-player teams. You will spot the ball, and your opponent will be up, for instance, if you hit a non-target pocket (i.e., any pocket other than your designated corner pocket). Using difficult shots is a fantastic way to exercise your creativity!

Seven Ball

Seven Ball

Although it has a few different rules from 9-Ball, the rotational pool game 7-Ball is very similar. The balls are initially stacked hexagonally. You can play the hexagonal rack using either a unique (and somewhat elusive) hexagonal 7-ball rack or a standard 9-ball diamond rack.

The remaining numbers should be arranged around the seven balls, with the seven balls going in the middle. The first ball is positioned at the peak (apex) of the rack. After the break, your adversary will select three pockets from either the table's long right or left rail. The third pocket across the long fence goes to the player who breaks next.

To get into any of your designated pockets, once you have your target pockets, you must attempt to sink the ball that is the lowest. Everything else is subject to the same rules as 9-ball. Therefore, you must strike your object ball first (lowest number). Furthermore, you lose if you scratch the 7-ball; this is a complete show-stopper!

Fifteen Ball

Fifteen Ball

On a pool table, there are several ways to play the billiards game of 15-ball. The most basic option is to play it similarly to 9-ball. The distinction is that you use all 15 balls when playing. If you were to play 9-ball usually, you would do so. 

For instance, you must strike the ball with the lowest number first. And the winner is the one who sinks the 15-ball on a legal call. Rotation is a different game because you must hit the ball with the lowest number on the table, and your point total determines the outcome. Every ball from 1 to 10 is worth one point. Each of the balls 11–15 is worth two points.

The standard set of balls (numbered 1 through 15) and a cue are used in this game. The 15 ball is in the center of the rack, and the one, two, three, and 15 balls are all situated in the back corners, respectively. Before the start of the game, you should choose how many points you will be vying for.

You might decide, for instance, that the winner is the first person to reach 150 points. Whoever breaks first receives the next shot ball in hand is the winner. Once more, you must pocket the lowest number first. 'Call all the shots' is required!

Bank Pool

Bank Pool

Each ball that is legitimately pocketed earns one point in this point-based game. It is necessary to bank each ball neatly. Because of this, it can't make contact with another ball before dropping into the pocket.

Additionally, if you sink a ball after pocketing the target ball, the subsequent ball will not count. One point is awarded to the shooter only if the object ball is used. Moreover, for a shot to be considered legal, you must call all pockets and balls.

When playing at the bank pool, if you foul (i.e., fail to make a clean bank or fail to call that pocket), you must pay the table a ball. The location of a ball sunk on a foul shot is also necessary.

Playing bank pool requires two players or two-player teams. The cue ball and balls 1 through 15 are in play. While requiring a lot of patience and skill, this billiards game gives you the desired rush!

Cue Billiards Club

Cue Billiards Club

The realistic 3D pool simulator game Cue Billiard Club features entertaining gameplay and many challenging levels. The user's mouse is used as a controller in Cue Club, which uses a fixed overhead view of the table.

Multiple game modes are available, including a tournament mode, practice mode, quick game, two-player head-to-head, and a bonus "slam" mode where you can throw the balls around with the mouse.

Winners gain more reputation, which enables them to play opponents with higher rankings and advance through the game's various levels. A loss typically results in a drop in reputation, which makes it harder to get matches in the future and forces the player to challenge opponents of lower skill levels. 

The "boss" of the chat room will typically allow the player to play once they reach the maximum 5-star reputation. By eliminating the boss, the player's membership in that room is upgraded from standard to silver, giving them access to additional benefits.

Players compete in tournament mode for eight trophies (one for each chat room) that are up for grabs. The player then competes for the Grand Cue Club Trophy, the hardest tournament and one that includes all of the bosses, once all eight trophies have been won.


The list includes the best pool games of all time. Make sure to try them all out because each is genuinely fantastic. As a different creator created each game, parts of the game's rules may vary, but the core concepts will remain the same. Enjoy these best pool games at the convenience of your home. 

You can play these pool games from your device anywhere and anytime, so have fun using them. So take a moment to unwind while playing these games, improve your talents while having fun, and relax a little.


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