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27 Best Game Apps to Win Real Money in 2022 (Instant Cash Out)

27 Best Game Apps to Win Real Money in 2022 (Instant Cash Out)

Making money is a crucial part of surviving and meeting specific financial goals. People run businesses, do jobs, and participate in different activities to earn money. What if I tell you that you can earn a handsome amount of money just by playing games. Yes, you read it right. There is a wide range of gaming apps that pay money for playing games and participating in certain activities. In this article, we have rounded up a list of the best game apps to win real money instantly. Most of these apps are free and easily available.

Best Game Apps to Win Real Money Instantly

The real-money gaming market is growing rapidly. There were around 80 million paid gamers in India, in 2020 and this number is anticipated to reach 235 million in 2025. The data reflects that it is an exciting time not only for the gaming industry but also for gamers. These apps can help players to monetize their gaming hobby and put a good amount of money in their pockets.  

Now, you must be thinking, what game can I play to win real money? Or What games can you play for free and win real money? Relax! We have answers to all your questions.

Here are some of the best game apps to win real money instantly.


best apps to win real money instantly

Frolic is the latest and one of the best game apps that pay real money instantly. This platform was introduced by Reliance Backed Fynd and is perfect for players to play different games, compete, and win real money.

The platform features 25+ action, puzzle, sports, arcade, and adventure games. Moreover, it offers a great combination of social media, live location, live-streaming, and real-time interaction, making it more appealing to the players.

The best part of this app is that you do not have to stick to card games or fantasy sports to win money. It offers a gamut of best games to win real money, making it exciting and engaging. You can play any game you like and win real money while having fun.

In addition to this, the platform announces amazing offers frequently to ensure players’ engagement. For instance, in one bumper offer, the platform announced to give iPhone 13 to one lucky winner.

One of the most enticing features of the app is that you don’t have to wait to withdraw your winnings, you can do that instantly through different platforms like PhonePe, Google Pay, UPI, Net Banking, and Paytm. User-friendly UI, appealing graphics, and hypnotic sound effects are some appealing features of this platform.

Download Frolic right now, and let your real-money gaming journey begin.

Solitaire Cube

What games can you play for free and win real money?

A lot of people look for ‘Solitaire cash reviews’ and google questions like ‘Is solitaire cash legit’? The question to these answers is ‘Yes .’This app offers addictive games that pay real money. On this app, you can play solitaire using your phone and compete in exciting cash tournaments.

You can easily start playing solitaire here and participate in head-to-head battles with other players. The app matches you up with other registered players having the same level of skills and expertise at the same time. Some intriguing features of the app include free game pay, a clean interface, and transparency.

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What games can you play for free and win real money?

This one is both an app and website offering exciting games and real money. It has the best games to win money. That’s not it. The app pays you amazingly to play games, watch videos, search the web, and save money with different coupons.

Moreover, Swagbucks allows you to take paid surveys that win you real money and gift cards. All you need to do is sign up on the app and participate in the online surveys with different payouts. So, if you are tired of playing real games, you can earn money on this app in different ways.


What game apps pay you instantly?

If you are new to the gaming world and all set to play real-money games, then InboxDollars is the best app for you. You can easily register on this app in just 2 minutes and earn a bonus of $5 just to sign up and play the games.

Now the question is: what games can you play for free and win real money? Making money is too easy on this app. You get paid for all things that you do in your free time, like playing games, taking surveys and polls, watching videos, and other similar easy tasks. That’s not it. The app allows you to choose from different arcade games and win real money.

Blackout Bingo

What game apps pay you instantly?

In the gaming world, Bingo is considered a game of chance. If you are really lucky, you might win. But this is not the case on Blackout Bingo. On this app, you are the king of your destiny, and you get to decide how much you can make by playing Bingo.

Blackout Bingo is easy to use, and all the players see the same cards and balls. You need speed, strategy, and concentration on this real money app to be a bingo master. It only takes two minutes to play these games, so you can play whenever and wherever you want. Some of the highlights of this game app to win real money include entertainment, a clean track record, and a smooth user interface.


What game apps pay you instantly?

This one is among the best apps where you can find amazing real-money games. Here you can play casino games. The most appealing part of this app is that the game list here changes frequently, allowing you to explore a wide range of games.

Drop is different from other real money gaming apps. It helps you to find games on Google Play and iTunes App Store, and all the games have different tasks. You need to complete the task to earn points that you can encash or use to get free gift cards. Moreover, you can also redeem your points on Starbucks, Amazon, and Netflix.

21 Blitz

What game apps pay you instantly?

If you are looking for a platform that organizes online gaming tournaments, then 21 Blitz is the best pick for you. The app includes a head-to-head competition where you can compete with other players and win real money.

21 Blitz is one of the best and most exciting game apps to win real money. It is a superb combination of 21 and Solitaire. Here you need to practice 21 skills and train yourself to be the master of the game. That’s not it. You can practice by playing against real people for free and then start playing cash games when you are ready. Participate in different multiplayer tournaments and earn money by playing your favorite games.


What game apps pay you instantly?

Lucktastic is neither a rewards site nor a multiplayer gaming app. Instead, it is a simple free app where you can play games and win money. Moreover, you can also earn money and real rewards by scratching scratch-offs.

If you love buying lottery tickets and scratch-offs to win money, then you will fall in love with Lucktastic. It offers amazing scratch-off cards, free games, and a handsome amount. The enticing features of this real money gaming app include a proven track record, different ways to win money, and exciting offers.

Pool Payday

What game apps pay you instantly?

This real money gaming app is straightforward, fun, and easy to control with the exciting options to win real money. It is one of the exciting hyper-casual games that can help you win real money. You can either deposit some money or start free to win big. The process of encashing is really easy. All you need to do is install PayPal, and you can easily withdraw money.

That’s not it. The features of this game are highly realistic, which will make you fall in love with it. Moreover, on this real money gaming platform, you can compete against different players from all around the globe.  

Dominoes Gold

What game apps pay you instantly?

What game apps pay you instantly? Dominoes Gold, is indeed the best answer to this question. It is a real-money gaming app that allows you to win money instantly by playing dominoes. This classic board game is literally fun, where you can challenge opponents and showcase your skills.

It is a fast-paced game which is played in real-time and the goal here is to get the highest score in a fixed time period. The app is available for both android and iOS. That’s not it. Dominoes Gold is free to download making it more appealing. The chances of winning cash are really big here, making it a good pick.


What game apps pay you instantly?

Real money gaming apps are one of the best ways to make money by playing games. When it comes to the best game apps to win real money instantly, Mistplay is a must on the list. It is not only one of the most popular but also among the best games to win real money. And for good reasons. The primary features of the app include different games, alluring rewards, and a proven track record.

On this splendid app, you can earn free gift cards and discover different games that you will definitely love playing. It offers a loyalty program for players who recommend this app to others. You can use the app to play games and collect “units” that can be used to redeem rewards.  

Cube Cube

What games can you play for free and win real money?

This is another game from the same company as Solitaire Cube. If you are a fan of puzzle games, then Cube Cube is the right answer to your question: what games can I play to win real money fast?  

This one is a simple puzzle game but you need a strong game strategy to be a master in it. You need to fill the board, clear it, and score more points to win. In order to win exciting cash prices, you need to participate in head-to-head competitions where every single second matters. In each match you get 3 minutes to score and win.

The feature of limited time makes this game more interesting. You can win cash and even other items valued over hundreds of dollars. Moreover, there are moderators present in the app that can help you go in the right direction.


What game apps pay you instantly?

If you are a fan of mission games, then you should try Cashyy. Here you can discover free games, complete missions and win coins which you can exchange with amazing gift cards. All you need to do here is to complete missions and you get free money, making it one of the best apps to win real money instantly.

You can download this app any time for free. The best part is that this real-money gaming app has no advertisements, no in-app purchases, and no deposit, which makes it highly engaging. In order to start earning, you can choose your mission and pick up your favorite game from a versatile list of games. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for something to make real money.  


best game apps to win real money

This one is a free android app that allows you to earn money instantly just by playing games, referring friends, and taking surveys. It has some of the best games to win real money, and the longer you play the more rewards you get. By playing the games on this app, you can earn around 30 to 70 coins per minute. Later on, you can encash these coins using PayPal or get gift cards. 

On this real-money gaming app, the minimum payout is $10, however, it takes a lot of time to reach that goal. Though the earning potential is low, this app has exciting real money games to enjoy and several fun ways to earn money. 

Cash’em All

best game apps to win real money

If you are thinking about the best game app to win real money instantly, then you must try Cash’em All. This super-amazing gaming app allows you to play different games and earn coins for every second you play. 

Yes, you read it right. Every second you play games on this rea-money app counts and can pay you a good amount of money. You can use these coins either to get gift cards or receive money via PayPal. 

Long Game

Long Game

Though Long Game is a fun way to pass time, it is also among the best real-money games apps that can help you earn a handsome amount of money. First of all, you need to verify your identity and then link your account details. 

The next step is to set your saving goals like savings for your bike's down payment. Then you have to decide how much money you want to add to your bank account and you are all set to start exploring the app. 

The only drawback of this app is that it is not free. You need to add money in order to get coins and play different games to win cash prizes. The money you put into your savings account in this app completely belongs to you. Moreover, your account is FDIC-insured to ensure security. 


real-money gaming app

If you are a fan of trivia and love to show off your knowledge, you should definitely try HQ. It is a fun, fast-paced app for real money in which you have to complete trivia games to win splendid cash prizes.

You can also play live games on this app. All you need to do is answer 12 questions and the person who answers all of them correctly wins a grand prize. However, if more than one person answers all the questions right, the total prize amount is split among all respective winners. 

Daily prizes on this real-money gaming app go even up to $5000 on weekdays and up to $25000 on weekends. This app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. 

Swag IQ

Swag IQ

Are you among people who love the thrill of an exciting game show? If yes, you should try Swag IQ. It is indeed among the best apps for real money, which allows you to test your knowledge while playing a live trivia game. You can earn a good amount of money for playing and also a grand prize if you give the right answer to all the questions. 

In the game format, you get a series of trivia questions with multiple answers for each question. Sounds easy? Nope, it is not, as you get only ten seconds to answer the question. If you do not answer in 10 seconds, you get out of the quest for the grand prize. 

But you never lose anything. Yes, you read it right. You get the app’s digital currency for all the questions you answered correctly. You can use these coins to redeem cash or can also participate in the next quiz for the grand prize. 

Brain Battle

Brain Battle

When it comes to the list of best game apps to win real money, Brain Battle has to be on the list. They have already given out dollars to many lucky players. The best part of this real-money gaming app is that there is no in-app purchase and also you do not have to play any game. 

All you need to do is download this app and get one lucky ticket in order to enter the super-exciting cash prizes. The more tickets you collect, the higher the chances of winning the bumper prize. You get the money through PayPal.  



If you love trying new games, then Banantic is your go-to place. This real money gaming app is popularly used by game developers to test their games and get reviews or suggestions for improvement. 

Bananatic is like a fun community where gamers look for testers to test their games, discuss bugs, game development features, and so on. On this app, you get virtual currency for testing games, writing reviews, and advancing levels in different games. 


real money gaming app

Another interesting game app to win real money is Givling, which gives you 4-5 digital cashouts just for playing free trivia games. You only get 10 seconds in which you have to answer the question. Therefore, there is no chance of cheating, which makes it a fair game. 

If you are successful in playing a minimum of 10 times in a period of 30-days, you will be made a part of a $10,000 random drawing. If you get the chance to be at the top of the queue, you have a shot at winning $50,000. There are many exciting features in this app if you have a mortgage payout or student loan. Check out this app right now to explore all the opportunities. 

Lucky Day

Lucky Day

Looking for gambling apps? If yes, the Lucky Day app is the best pick for you. This real-money gaming app brings the casino to your mobile screen. Here you can choose from a wide range of casino games, including scratch-offs, raffles, and even slots. You can win super-exciting cash prizes by playing your favorite casino games and have fun. 

If you do no win the grand prize here, you still get the coins that you can use to get gift cards for popular shopping platforms like Amazon. Moreover, you can also use these earned points to be a part of lottery drawings, sweepstakes, and raffles. 

You can find new scratch cards every day on this real-money earning platform, so you can try your luck every day. 


real money gaming app

PCH stands for Publishers Clearing Gouse. It is one of the game apps to win money with a wide range of instant win games and scratch cards, and you can win up to $2500 here. Some of the most exciting games on this app include solitaire, Mahjong, and slots. 

If you are lucky enough, you can win really big cash prizes here. The best part is that here you can play for free and win tokens, which you can use to get fun giveaways like merchandise and gift cards. The more you play on this real-money gaming app, the more drawing you can make.



This game app for real money is a mix of both paid and free gaming options. Here you can find different gaming choices, from arcade games to card games. You can play various exciting games on the free version to earn points and participate in drawings. 

On the other hand, in the paid version, you can participate in tournaments and compete to earn additional points. Using both versions, you can enter a drawing of $50 every day. Moreover, you can also score around a $500 jackpot by playing different games. On pogo, you can instantly play free, exciting online games, including Mahjong, word, casino, puzzle, and card games. Moreover, you can use this app on your tablet, computer, or smartphone. 

Big Time Cash

best game apps to win real money

This gaming app is heaven for core gamers. With more than 600 games, Big Time Cash has got something for everyone. Here you can collect tickets by playing games and use them for cash prize drawings. The more tickets you earn, the more money you can withdraw. 

One of the biggest advantages of this app is that it has no in-app purchases or upgrades. Moreover, you do not need to pay any money to participate in drawings - everything here is free, making it an exciting game app to win real money instantly. 

The app uses advertising dollars for prizes; therefore, the more people play on this app, the higher the payouts. The apps get updated faster to make it more reliable and faster for players.  



Another app on the list of best gaming apps to win real money is the Blast. It allows you to earn, save, and win big cash prizes for playing games. You can earn money by playing games or completing different fun missions. 

In addition to this, you can also earn Xperience Points here for completing missions and saving dollars. When you earn more points, you climb on the leaderboard, which increases your chances of winning big prizes. The first-place winner gets $1,000, the second one gets $50, and the third one wins $25. 


best game apps to win real money

This one is an amazing real money gaming app to fill out surveys, play games, and make Youtube videos to earn precious crypto gems. Later, you can convert the gems into money in the Stem wallet. 

The number of games on this app is endless; most games take around 20 minutes. There are different gaming categories here, from virtual reality games to mobile games to puzzles. So this app has unlimited fun ways to make some good money. 

To Sum Up

Imagine being paid for playing games? It would obviously be fun. All you need to do is register on these platforms, and you are all set to earn money just by playing your favorite games. The best game apps to win real money instantly that are mentioned in this post are reliable and have a proven track record.

You can compete against different players, participate in tournaments, and even play alone to win real money on these platforms. Now what are you waiting for, try these apps and start your journey for making real money while having fun.


What games can I play to win real money?

You can play different games to win real money like Solitaire Cube, Poker, Carrom, and Ludo. Check out more real money games here.

What games can you play for free and win real money?

There are different real-money gaming apps like Frolic, Cashyy, Cube Cube, and more where you can play for free and win real money.

What game apps pay you instantly?

Frolic, Blackout Bingo, Swagbucks, Mistplay and there are many such apps that pay you instantly.

Which game app is best for real money?

Frolic is the best game app for real money.

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