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Choosing the best racing games for android is no easy task. We need to consider a wide range of elements as this genre is not only about sound effects and graphics. Though these elements play a crucial role, this genre is more about providing the feeling to the players that they are in the driver's seat, driving their car, and racing against others.

The racing genre is all about pulling the players into action and offering them a lively gaming experience. With a wide range of racing games available in the gaming world, it becomes difficult to pick the best ones. Therefore, we have rounded up a list of the best racing games for android to help you get the best racing experience.

Best Racing Games for Android

In the modern-day gaming world, racing games are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most of the racing games will throw you on the driving seat and behind the wheels, but there are amazing games in the market that will put you on snowboards and motorcycles. Continue reading the article to explore the best racing games.

Car Drifter

 Car Drifter

Car Drifter is one of the most exciting and amazing car racing games for mobile. The game features a classic car, excellent control schemes, and mesmerizing graphics. The level of customization and quality of content in the game will make you fall in love with it. Car Drifter is the best car racing game for android that allows you to flaunt your drifting and driving skills.

Race, drag, shoot, hit and cut across furiously on the rugged terrains. That's not it. Be in the driver's seat and wreck your opponents at a lightning-fast speed. This game offers you a platform to showcase your madness for racing in full throttle and drive in an era of non-stop racing. Download Frolic right now and enjoy the best racing game.

You can also try Police Chase on Frolic. In this game, you sit on the driver's seat as a police officer and help the city in maintaining the peace by catching the law breakers. Try this game for a unique gaming experience.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

‍Beach Buggy Racing 2

This one is a kart racing game with a wide range of special abilities that will give you an edge. In this game, you have to race across various tracks available in different locations. Sounds easy, right? Trust me, it is not. Each racing track has its own obstacles to boost the difficulty level. You not only collect cars and drivers but there's also a lot to explore.

This game features 45 power-ups, multiple customizations, online PvP, more than 40 karts, and different gaming modes, including the online competitive multiplayer gaming mode. It is a fun racing game and is free to play. However, you might have to pay to speed up your in-game progress.

Grand Prix Story

‍Grand Prix Story

This car racing game was developed by Kairosoft. They are famous for developing simple simulations and quirky games with amazing mechanics. In this game, you get to be the boss of your racing team. It means you become in charge of getting the sponsors, training other drivers, and winning the races.

It is the best racing game for people who love racing. Grand Prix Story is a pay-once game, and there are no in-app purchases. It is a cute, fun game and not too serious. This game is less about realism and more about having a fun time with an amazing art style.

CSR Racing 2

‍CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is one of the top-grossing mobile racing games across the world. It is a drag racing game, and trust me; you will have fun playing this one. You will be adding upgrades, buying superb cars, and then racing sitting at the driver's seat.

That's not it. You can also participate in online racing with other players and compete against them. You can collect plenty of cars, and trust me, you will love the hypnotic graphics. In this drag racing game, you don't need to worry about the steering; instead, you need to focus on gear changes. It is a freemium game and is perfect for having a good time with your friends.

Hill Climb Racing 2

This one is new in the list of best racing games for android. Featuring a simple premise, effortless controls, and colorful graphics, it is winning gamers' hearts. In this thrilling game, you have to race up and down adventurous hills against other racers. This racing game for mobile sounds easier than it is.

You can customize your vehicles as you wish, modify them to suit your style and function in a certain way, and you can do a lot more in this game. Moreover, this game comprises an online multiplayer mode, challenges, daily tasks, and achievements. It is a freemium racing game and is also available for offline mode.

GRID Autosport

‍GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is one of the best racing games for android and is highly popular in the gaming world. It features 100 cars and 100 action-packed races. The game focuses on a single-player experience, and you get multiple racing styles. Moreover, you also get hardware controller support to enhance your gaming experience.

GRID Autosport features alluring graphics, a dynamic physics engine, and stirring sound effects. The features of this racing game do not end here. You get to race across different disciplines like open-wheel circuits, streets, and touring circuits. Moreover, it has smooth touchscreen controls to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Top Speed 2

‍Top Speed 2

It is a successor of the popular racing game Top Speed and is among the best mobile games. Top Speed 2 features 70 unlockable cars, different single and multiplayer modes, top-notch tuning mode, splendid customizations, leaderboards, and more. You have to play this game as a cop who gets involved in a drag race with people of the mafia world.

Now you must be thinking, what is so special about this game? Let me tell you. The graphics are hypnotics and boast minor details, which makes it profoundly appealing for car fans. Moreover, the gameplay and mechanics are not too difficult, and you can play them effortlessly.

Horizon Chase

‍Horizon Chase

When it comes to the best racing games for android, Horizon Chase is a must. It boasts retro-inspired graphics, and you get a lot to do. Moreover, it has multiple racing tracks, tons of cars that you can unlock, and more. The soundtrack of this game is awesome and will make you fall in love with it.

Another captivating feature of this game is that it supports Android TV, and you can also play it using most of the game controllers. Moreover, there are leaderboards and an online multiplayer mode to provide you with an amazing gaming experience. That's not it. You can also play this game offline.

Final Words

Racing games are the most lively, and competitive genres in the gaming world. Whether you are looking for arcade racer games or street racing games, the best racing games for android in this list will definitely satisfy your cravings. These games will boost your adrenaline rush, and you will find yourself spending hours playing these addictive racing games for android.


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